Micro Fingerprint Security

Two semiconductor firms are joining together to create the world’s smallest and most inexpensive fingerprint capture and verification system. Thomson-CSF Semiconducteur Specifiques and Oxford Micro Devices announced yesterday this new system would potentially be smaller than a credit card-sized calculator or smart card. The key to reduced size is the marriage of the TCS’ ‘FingerChip’ thermal fingerprint sensor chip and Oxford’s ‘A236 Video Digital Signal Processor’ chip. Under current solutions an external CPU is needed with the ‘FingerChip’. Oxford’s ‘A236’ chip is fully programmable, inexpensive and requires few, if any, support chips.


Authorizer Goes Multi-Merchant

Atomic Software, Inc. has announced the release of it’s new Multi-Merchant Module add-on for it’s Authorizer for Windows 95/NT Payment Software. The Multi-Merchant Module enables doctors, mail order companies, Internet service providers, and other environments the economy of sharing the same PC based billing resources, but authorize and deposit credit card transactions separately into their individual checking accounts. The initial module offers up to ten separate merchant numbers with supplementary increments of ten available at additional cost.

Authorizer for Windows 95/NT is certified to perform credit, debit, and check authorizations for retail, mail order/phone order with address verification, and other transactions on the Windows 95 and Windows NT platforms. Companies can use their existing PC-based systems and standard payment peripherals such as magnetic card readers, MICR check readers, and a plethora of receipt printers. Mail, phone, and Internet merchants can also verify their customers’ addresses to further reduce the risk of fraud. Authorizer also complies with the latest security requirements from Visa and MasterCard and is year 2000 compliant.

“The Multi-Merchant module is just the first of our value added products that plug right in to our Authorizer for Windows 95/NT Payment Software,” says Thomas McCole, President of Atomic Software. “We will soon be releasing other plug-in’s to leverage our electronic transaction engine as well”. Atomic’s focus is and has been on operational simplicity for non-technical merchants, and the Windows 95/NT environment enhances that substantially.

Atomic Software, Inc. is a privately held corporation specializing in contemporary electronic payment solutions for merchants in North America, Europe, and Asia. Atomic products are used in retail stores, mail order/phone order companies, Internet merchants, kiosks, medical practices, home businesses, and other transaction environments. For more information, contact Glynda Murphy at 770 417-1228 or visit our Web site .


uniView OnSale OnLine

Curtis Mathes Holding Corp. (NASDAQ:CRTM) announces that uniView(tm), its innovative set-top box launched in May, can now be purchased via the company’s home page at beginning today for a limited time.

This offering enables consumers across the nation to easily and quickly order and receive the latest technology that delivers an unprecedented array of Internet, on-line, telephone, and entertainment features to consumers via their own home televisions. UniView is also available through Miami-based BrandsMart, Dallas-based Communication Expo, and San Jose-based Fry’s.

![][1] UniView is priced at only $399 plus shipping and handling. Unlimited Internet access is available through the Curtis Mathes Xpressway(tm) service for $19.95 a month.

“We are pleased to add the Internet as a distribution method in response to the high volume of requests from individuals across the nation who want to purchase uniView,” said Patrick Custer, chairman and CEO of Curtis Mathes. “Now you can have the latest integration of television, Internet and telephony technology in your home with the ease of touching a button.”

UniView’s easy-to-use technology leapfrogs the mere web offerings of the competition. With uniView, users can not only surf the net, but also talk on the phone, send and receive faxes and e-mails, conduct on-line banking, access TV program guides and parental control features, and program their VCRs. Another unmatched feature is the unit’s printer port for printing Internet searches, faxes and e-mails. And, home shopping just became easier via a credit card reader that, with one swipe, automatically sends encrypted credit card information for purchases.

The Curtis Mathes Xpressway, the company’s proprietary Internet access and on-line network, has already-established hubs located throughout the country to provide seamless service for uniView users. Each hub can accommodate 10,000 subscriber requests at one time and all that is needed in the home for access to the Curtis Mathes Xpressway is existing cable and phone lines.

Curtis Mathes has established an advanced standard for connectivity to Internet appliances by adopting leading technology from Sun Microsystems, Inc., MCI Telecommunications Corp., and Cisco Systems, Inc. It also has developed proprietary software enabling users to access the unique features of uniView. Curtis Mathes is a Dallas-based electronics engineering design and marketing company. The company also specializes in advanced television solutions as well as other new interactive and connectivity technologies. For more information, visit the company’s Web site at .

[1]: /graphic/curtismathes/uniview.gif


VISA-Deluxe Settle

Deluxe Electronic Payment Systems, Inc., a subsidiary of Deluxe Corporation and Visa USA Inc. today announced the friendly settlement of a lawsuit pending in Milwaukee County’s circuit court. Details of the settlement were not released.

Visa will continue to license Deluxe Electronic Payment Systems’ proprietary software for electronic funds transactions. The software routes and settles transactions for financial institutions’ automated teller machines and retailers’ point-of-sale debit-card systems.


Low Cost E-Commerce Solution

Breakthrough Software, Inc., today announced Internet Business Breakthrough, the online industry’s first complete, turnkey electronic commerce solution. The product is priced at a very affordable $249, making it possible for even the smallest businesses to create sophisticated and dynamic electronic commerce Web sites. Other solutions on the market provide the same functionality for $1000 or more.

![][1] Internet Business Breakthrough is the first electronic commerce solution specifically designed to simplify the ability for small and medium size businesses to conduct commerce on the World Wide Web. With Internet Business Breakthrough, business owners and Web site developers can now build fully-functional, commerce-enabled online stores in a matter of hours — a task that previously took days or weeks of complicated and expensive coding, page design and testing to accomplish.

“As Internet technologies proliferate, it is no longer necessary for business owners to settle for Web sites that offer little more than static pages to generate sales,” said Trevor Stout, chief executive officer of Breakthrough Software. “Internet Business Breakthrough is the next-generation solution for the business community to leverage the dynamic capabilities of the Internet, quickly, simply and inexpensively.”

Internet Business Breakthrough provides 50 pre-designed, graphic-rich templates that business owners or Web developers can use to create, organize and publish their sites directly to the Internet. Software wizards automate the process of designing a complete online store, discussion groups and survey forms. Internet Business Breakthrough’s WYSIWYG HTML editor allows users to customize their pages, preview the site and test the online store before publishing to the Web to ensure a quality and professional image.

The built-in relational database provides the backbone for high-performance, robust order processing, searching, and dynamic page updates and enables the importation of ODBC-compliant databases.

“Internet Business Breakthrough could change the industry. Never before has so much power and functionality combined with such ease of use been available at an affordable price,” said Randall Schmitz, president of Breakthrough Software. “This is a product every small to medium business should have.”

Internet Business Breakthrough Booth Demonstration – Compaq Booth no. 3937

Breakthrough Software is demonstrating Internet Business Breakthrough in the Compaq booth (no. 3937) at the Seybold Exhibit area.

Internet Business Breakthrough Beta Customers

“With Internet Business Breakthrough, I not only created my home page but also added an online store to sell specialty items. I was surprised to see that after adding my products in the store, my Web site automatically included an order form complete with shopping cart and credit card processing,” said Dann Davis, President of San Diego-based Off Premise Catering. “Internet Business Breakthrough is very logical — I never even used the manual, and I was impressed with how quickly I accomplished tasks that seemed impossible before.”

“After the initial installation, it took me about 10 minutes to create and upload an online store,” said James Lawrence, president of San Diego-based GrepNet. “I’ve evaluated a host of other applications that don’t come close to the Internet Business Breakthrough development environment.”

Breakthrough Software’s Preferred Provider Program

To broaden the reach of Internet Business Breakthrough and make it easier for users to post their site via Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Breakthrough Software has established its Preferred Provider Program in which the company has partnered with qualified ISPs. These ISPs are authorized to sell Internet Business Breakthrough and they are also listed as preferred providers with their access and FTP settings pre-configured into the Internet Business Breakthrough product. Users can get their newly created Web sites posted automatically by these preferred providers with a simple click of a button.

Breakthrough Software’s Preferred Providers include Sirius Connections, getus.net, WebUSA and Creative Business Solutions. For more information on the Preferred Provider Program, see separate press release, “Breakthrough Software Announces Preferred Provider Program for its Internet Business Breakthrough Product,” dated October 1st, 1997.

Pricing and Distribution

Internet Business Breakthrough will be marketed and sold direct from Breakthrough Software’s Web site (http://www.breakthroughsoftware.com) and through its certified preferred ISPs. The product is priced at $249.

Breakthrough Software, Inc.

Breakthrough Software, founded in December 1996, is the first Internet software company focused exclusively on developing and marketing point-and-click electronic commerce solutions for small to medium businesses. The company is headquartered in Mountain View, Calif. Telephone: 650/967-3400. Fax: 650/967-3735. Web site:

[1]: /graphic/breakthroughsoftware/internetbusiness.gif


New Mondex Execs

Mondex USA named Henry Polmer president of Mondex USA Originator and general counsel of Mondex USA yesterday. Polmer will replace James Rudd who was named yesterday as chief technology officer of Mondex USA. Mondex USA is comprised of two companies: Mondex USA Services and Mondex USA Originator. Mondex USA Services is responsible for commercial development and implementation of the Mondex e-cash and smart card platform in the U.S. Mondex USA Originator is responsible for issuing and redeeming Mondex cash and provides oversight of risk management. Polmer comes from a Major Washington, DC law firm while Rudd worked for Wells Fargo before joining Mondex earlier this year.


e-Commerce Setback

Yesterday’s stunning announcement of a possible MCI-WorldCom merger could raise the price tag for e-commerce participants and could slow down consumer Internet traffic. With the merger WorldCom would carry more than half of the nation’s Internet traffic in addition to becoming the second largest long distance carrier with revenues exceeding $24 billion. WorldCom began levying fees to some Internet service providers this year and has indicated it intends to collect fees from all Internet traffic flowing through its network. Yesterday’s bid would essentially place control of the Internet in the hands of the merged company.


Datacap Aces US Open

PAYNET! Transaction Services and Datacap Systems swept the 1997 U.S. Open Tennis Tournament for the second consecutive year, providing 145 Datacap DC2860 ECCR registers for fast, easy trasactions with integrated credit and debit card payments and automatic, accurate reporting of critical item movement information, and the services to make it work. This allowed U.S. Open merchandise shops to keep up with the non-stop sales and card payment activity during prime sales periods and strict inventory management with overnight replenishment to insure the right items were on the shelves at all times, with very little merchandise left at the end of the tournament.

Paynet!’s event services include providing registers, installing and set-up, training hundreds of cashiers in a few days, and support of the cashiers, registers and information flow for the tournament duration. “This is an intensive micro-study of effective retail business management and what it takes for retail success in the ’90’s”, reflected Kevin Colaco, Paynet! Vice President. “Quickly satisfying customers ready to purchase merchandise, making sure the merchandise they want is available and managing operating and inventory investments is what it is all about. We provide the tools, training and support for optimum retail operation for special events lasting only a few days to a few weeks. The registers are easy to to learn, easy to support, and do the job.” “Datacap 2000 Series registers are designed for simplicity, supportablility, and automatic information capture”, added Gale Peters, Datacap Vice President.

The special event business is a recent addition to Paynet!’s financial service sales business that is paying big dividends, and with tremendous growth potential. Paynet! started in the event service business in 1991. A successful Datacap DC2860 test program at the Atlanta Olympics was followed by successful 1996 and 1997 U.S. Open Tennis Tournaments, the 1997 All-Star Baseball Game and several other similar events. Paynet! saw the opportunity, and put together the program and products to address it effectively. What’s next? According to Kevin, “We’re just getting our breath back, and planning for the Rolling Stones Tour and several other near-term events”.


LinkShare Net Up & Running

LinkShare Corporation announced today the official release of its LinkShare Synergy™ software and The LinkShare Network™, after a two month long beta test period. LinkShare offers the first transaction-based solution for marketing products and services on the Web. LinkShare Synergy is based on the company’s patent-pending Referral Tracking and Payment (RTP™) technology which facilitates and manages commission-based agreements between online merchants and site owners. The LinkShare Network provides opportunities for such revenue sharing partnerships within a network environment.

LinkShare Synergy software takes the basic affiliates program and brings it to a new level. It empowers every site owner, for the first time, to profitably open an online storefront. Every site owner can now sell products of various online merchants, without having to purchase and inventory products or invest in costly technology. Likewise, the software allows online merchants to place their products/services on thousands of sites, creating a sales channel with limitless consumer reach potential. With LinkShare Synergy, site owners volunteer to become a “virtual sales force™” for online merchants. “Site owners know their audience best,” says Stephen D. Messer, CEO and founder of LinkShare Corporation. “As part of The LinkShare Network online merchants can target these niche markets with their products and services.”

Thus, the Synergy software produces a win-win-win situation. The site owner benefits from an additional stream of revenue in the form of commissions on all leads that result in a transaction. The online merchant benefits through an expanded distribution channel to help increase sales of its product. The consumer benefits by having products/services of specific interest brought directly to them through the sites they visit, instead of having to spend tedious extra time locating such items online.

LinkShare has dedicated the beta test period not only to ensure a quality management tool, but to build and expand The LinkShare Network. With online merchants such as FAO Schwarz, Reader’s Digest, Avon, Omaha Steaks, and L’Eggs, LinkShare has enabled any site wishing to establish a virtual storefront for their audience to do so with a myriad of the most popular offerings, from golf clubs to tickets to toys to cigars. Correspondingly, with site owners such as Virtual Emporium, Moms Online, Market Central, and Community Connect, LinkShare is providing merchants with access to an online distribution channel for their goods. To encourage widespread site participation, membership in the Network is offered to site owners free of charge.

For merchants like FAO Schwarz, the software and the Network provide the missing link necessary to create sales, marketing and distribution networks on the Internet. “The key to selling online is finding a viable distribution channel,” says Nicole Ornstein, New Media Production Manager for FAO Schwarz. “LinkShare provided us with all of the tools we needed to do this in time for the Christmas season.”

LinkShare Synergy takes the current referral model to a new level by helping online merchants and site owners to establish viable business relationships using the common links (icons, banners, text-based, etc.) that are so prevalent on the Internet. In a move beyond banners, LinkShare encourages adding value for consumers by creating content around products/services. For example, a site could feature or review a product at its site, and allow its visitors to purchase the product immediately, unlike traditional mediums such as television commercials or magazine articles which do not allow for interactivity.

LinkShare Synergy also offers merchants and site owners the ability to track all leads and sales, including data relating to transaction amounts, time of day and site origination. The LinkShare Network organizes this sales information while maintaining and managing link-based referral commissions between various merchants and site owners. Reports of such data are subsequently available to both merchants and site owners for analysis so that both parties may work together in optimizing sales and profits. As part of the Network, member merchants and site owners can view transactions and access reports from the Web site on a daily basis. At the end of each month, merchants and site owners receive statements detailing either the commission payments due each participating site owner or the commissions earned from each participating merchant. Furthermore, the LinkShare Web site is dedicated to facilitating and establishing business relationships on the Internet, and assists in matching member merchants with the most compatible sites in the Network, and vice versa.

Interested site owners and merchants should visit the LinkShare Web site at http://www.linkshare.net to download the LinkShare Synergy software and become a part of The LinkShare Network. Site owners and merchants may also contact LinkShare Corp. directly for more information.

According to Forrester Research, online shopping revenues are expected to grow from the current annual expenditure of $518 million to $7 billion by the year 2002. Messer says, “We are confident LinkShare is the best answer to the plaguing question of how to make money on the Web. Experience shows that consumers are less likely to pay for the privilege of viewing content on the Web but are increasingly willing to purchase products and services online. LinkShare breaks new ground with a system that expedites the readily accepted concept that profit sharing arrangements can actually generate revenue on the Internet.”


Smart Card Banks a Reality

Managers from Santander, Telefonica, VISA, and other companies can gain valuable insights into the emerging opportunities in financial services by attending a special seminar to be presented by IEGDE (Spanish Institute of Business Management) in Madrid on Oct. 27, 1997.

Michael Killen, President of Killen & Associates, a Silicon Valley based market research firm that specializes in analyzing the opportunities created by advances in computer and communications technology, will share his thoughts and answer questions on the financial services market. Killen, who has recently addressed similar audiences in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, South America, and the U.S., will explain why he thinks:

— The smart card will become the bank of the future

— The Internet and smart cards will enable merchants and telephone companies to offer financial services that previously only the banks could think of offering

— Banks and other organizations must think clearly about business-to-business and business-to-consumer opportunities that arise from technology advancements

Killen plans to focus on business opportunities such as Internet banking, smart card payment systems, and secure electronic transactions (SET). He will also share his insights on the impact of the Euro and the Year 2000 date change on MIS budgets. Killen will also identify the key management processes we need as we face the challenges of the 21st century.

Killen will draw on his work with bankers and telephone executives worldwide, and on Killen & Associates studies such as:

— Non-Banks’ Smart Card Strategies: New Sources of Revenue

— Hewlett-Packard’s Electronic Commerce Strategies: Tilting the Playing Field

— Personal ATM Services: Opportunities for Financial Services, Telephone Companies, and Merchants

— IBM’s Strategies for the Payments Market

Antonio Lopez de Avila Munoz, Director of IEGDE, said, “We selected Mr. Killen to address Spain’s financial companies because he is a leader in understanding the impact of high technology on financial institutions, and Spanish financial managers and executives want to add his insights to their own.”

The seminar, titled “Impact of High Technology on Banks: Card Issuing, Merchant Acquiring, and Retail Services Lines of Business,” is ideal for everyone who has questions about the opportunities in financial services created by advances in technology.


UK Bill Pay Network

A new bill payment network went on-line this week in London after seventeen months of development by several U.K. utility concerns. The ‘PayPoint’ network consists of 7,300 U.K. retailer locations, most with 24 hour operations, and is primarily aimed at the 20% of British households who are unbanked. Utility and other service companies participating in the service will issue payment cards or bar-coded bills for use in the special ‘PayPoint’ terminals. There will be no service charge for using the network however consumers may also purchase meter tokens or reload smart cards via ‘PayPoint’.


VISA Explores Web Advertising

ASI Market Research Inc., a leading advertising and marketing research firm, announced today that its Interactive Division has organized the ASI Consortium of Interactive Advertisers (ASI CIA) which consists of leading companies such as: Chevrolet, IBM, Kodak, Levi Strauss, Procter & Gamble, Sprint and Visa. Participating as content providers are HomeArtes, Geo Cities, Starwave and Time Warner, and as technology providers Web TV, @Home, Unicast, Yahoo and others. The goal of the ASI CIA is to study and truly comprehend the nature and effect of advertising on the Internet.

The ASI CIA represents the first time that these major players in Corporate America have come together to discuss learnings about advertising on the Internet. Over the next six months the ASI CIA will conduct ground-breaking research of Internet advertising by testing 150 to 250 different Internet and interactive advertisements covering a wide variety of brands and techniques.

“When we first started to organize this consortium, we listed the companies that we felt were the leaders in their respective markets in terms of advertising creativity and influence, and worked to bring them together,” said Marianne Foley, vice president of ASI Interactive. “The information that comes from the ASI CIA will be the most expansive and comprehensive available, setting the baseline for advertising on the Internet for years to come.”

ASI will help ASI CIA members with copy testing, attitudinal tracking and web site evaluations. They will be using ASI’s specialized techniques to judge the actual usefulness of advertising on the Internet for advertisers.

“This is the first time that someone has tried to bring together a group of major companies to truly study the effect of advertising on the Internet on a large scale,” said Dennis Murphy, director marketing communication research at IBM. “Other studies have looked at this topic from various points of view, but this is the first time that someone will be looking from the advertisers point of view. The quality and quantity of advertisements that will be studied will finally apply many traditional advertising testing and research techniques to the Internet. We expect to gain invaluable data and real knowledge on how to effectively advertise in this burgeoning medium.”

“Everyone keeps talking about the Internet as the medium of the next century,” Foley said. “But we realize that in order for the Internet to become truly pervasive, it must have the content needed to attract the majority of the general population. And until advertisers really know what they can accomplish by using the Internet, they will not support it like they have other major media such as television and radio.”

ASI Market Research Inc. has headquarters in Stamford, Conn. and additional offices in Cincinnati, Ohio and Glendale, Calif. Though best known for its industry-leading advertising testing services, ASI is also heavily involved in measuring in-market advertising response, brand equity and in providing research for interactive media.