UbiQlink in FARGO

UbiQ Inc. () announced today that its UbiQlink smart card personalization software is being integrated with FARGO Electronics’ new Professional Series ID card printers, including the Pro and Pro-L models. This new compatibility allows card issuers to easily personalize and print smart cards with one system. FARGO is demonstrating the new printers at the CardTech/SecurTech trade show beginning today in Washington DC.

“This is an enhancement of our year-long relationship with FARGO, a recognized leader in the printer business,” said David Tushie, president and co-founder of UbiQ. “It’s a further indication that our software is a key component in helping their customers meet needs for smart card issuance around the world.”

“We are extremely pleased to provide our customers with the flexibility to print and personalize their smart cards with the FARGO Professional Series ID card printers,” said FARGO’s general manager, Gary Holland. “The Professional Series’ unparalleled reliability and performance, combined with UbiQ’s easy and feature-rich personalization software, creates an efficient and effective system for high-volume smart card issuance,” said Holland.

Available in different configurations to meet individual customer needs, UbiQ’s software simplifies the process of personalizing smart cards. The software integrates what until now has been a complex, time-intensive process for card issuers. It allows card issuers to personalize large quantities of smart cards at significantly higher through-puts and with even greater security using the FARGO Pro and Pro-L ID card printers.

Developed to support all smart card operating and application systems, UbiQ software provides a universal front-end to the Direct Smart Card Interface, which performs the smart card initialization and personalization process in the FARGO printers. The software is compatible with all types and models of smart cards, from manufacturers worldwide.

Designed for users who require heightened reliability and durability, the FARGO Pro and Pro-L ID card printers produce professional-quality, dual-sided ID cards with any combination of full-color photos, text, graphics, and bar codes. In addition, the Pro-L features a built-in lamination station capable of printing highly secure, tamper-resistant overlaminates. The Pro is available for $5,495 (MSRP), the Pro-L for $7,495 (MSRP).

The FARGO Pro and Pro-L ID card printers are available through FARGO’s worldwide dealer network. For more information on FARGO’s Professional Series ID card printers and the UbiQ software solution, customers may call FARGO at 800-459-5636, or UbiQ Inc. at 612-912-9400. Outside the USA and Canada, call FARGO at 612-941-9470 or fax 612-941-7836.

CardTech/SecurTech () is the world’s leading card and security technology conference and exposition, with more than 8500 professionals from 70 nations attending. It is being held at the Washington DC Convention Center, April 27-30, 1998.

About FARGO:

Headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minn., FARGO Electronics () is the leading developer and manufacturer of ID card printers. Its popular ID card printers are the best-selling card printers in the world today. FARGO does business in more than 90 countries worldwide and maintains the largest sales and service network in the color printer business today. For further information, call FARGO at 612-941-9470.

About UbiQ:

UbiQ Inc. () is a privately held software firm that has developed proprietary, patent-pending technology for high-volume smart card personalization. It was founded in 1994 and is based in suburban Minneapolis, Minnesota. (The company’s name is short for “ubiquitous,” a reference to the rapid proliferation of smart cards worldwide.) UbiQ’s mission is to be the highest value integrator in the smart card issuance process, reducing the time and cost necessary for secure, faultless “mass” card issuance. The company’s worldwide customers include smart card issuers such as American Express and member institutions of the Visa, Mastercard, and Mondex networks. It has relationships with card service bureaus, smart card manufacturers, and card personalization & printing equipment manufacturers. Markets or applications targeted by UbiQ include electronic commerce, Internet, travel and entertainment, stored-value cards, pay phone, digital wireless and GSM, national ID cards, and healthcare.

A U.S. Patent is pending for the UbiQlink software solution. UbiQ is a registered trademark of UbiQ Incorporated and UbiQlink, UbiQware, UbiQard, UbiQlite, UbIQuickStart, and UbiQsuite are trademarks.

FARGO is a registered trademark of FARGO Electronics, Incorporated. Prices quoted in this news release are Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Prices in the USA. Actual dealer price may vary.

All other trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


Galactic Card

De La Rue Card Systems announced the ‘GalactIC Card’ yesterday — a new range of multi-purpose smart cards based on the Java card platform. The GalactIC range is optimized to allow multiple applications to be loaded onto one card – including debit, credit, loyalty, pay TV, electronic commerce, identification and healthcare — even after the card has been issued.  GalactIC is based on the Java Card API. The company has already delivered GalactIC cards to Visa International for testing as part of the Visa International Partner Program and will formally release the product in July.


MCPA – Multos

MasterCard announced Monday the successful testing of the ‘MasterCard Chip Payment Application’  on the MULTOS operating system.  MCPA is a chip-based application that enables an issuer to support MasterCard-branded credit and debit transactions as well as Maestro and Cirrus-branded debit transactions on a chip card.   This first ever test of a debit/credit application on a truly global platform is an important milestone in the evolution of a smart card industry looking to embrace open industry standards. The MasterCard Chip Payment Application or MCPA was tested on the MULTOS platform in order to demonstrate the global interoperability of both the payment application and the operating system itself. U.K.-based Midland Bank announced yesterday it will be the first bank to commence a live trial of MCPA, planned for late summer 1998, in over 400 retail outlets in that country.  Meanwhile, MasterCard recently completed an upgrade of the BankNet authorization and clearing network to support chip-based debit and credit transactions.


ICVERIFY For Windows

ICVERIFY and First Data Merchant Services Corporation announced yesterday their joint release of ICVERIFY for Windows, merchant software enabling acceptance of business-to-business purchasing cards. FDMS will make ICVERIFY Purchasing Card capable software immediately available through their alliance bank partners and other merchant processing clients. The ICVERIFY for Windows Purchasing Card Capable software, which runs on Windows 95 and Windows NT, enables merchants to accept Visa and MasterCard purchasing cards, as well as other credit cards, ATM/debit cards and check transactions. ICVERIFY for Windows Purchasing Card Capable is the only purchasing card product sold by FDMS, which will provide 24-hour help-desk support for merchants using the product.


Padres Smart Cards

Fans at San Diego’s Qualcomm Stadium will spend less time waiting in concession lines and more time enjoying Padres games thanks to a new smart card system installed by Diebold and Glendale Federal Bank.  At the April 7 home opener, fans were able to purchase disposable, stored-value cards and use them instead of cash when making purchases, greatly reducing the time spent waiting in line.

“No one likes to stand in line, especially when they know they might miss a big play,” said David Bucci, group vice president, North American Sales and Service, Diebold, Incorporated.  “This card system gets fans back to the action more quickly since stored value cards can shorten transaction time to less than 5 seconds.  When you add that up for every person in line, that is a tremendous time savings.”

The decreased service time also increases concession sales since more people can be served in less time.

When making a purchase, the customer places the card in a reader at the concession stand.  Food service personnel ring up the purchase and the sale amount is displayed on a reader facing the customer.  The customer presses a button to indicate that the amount is correct, completing the sale and deducting the amount from the card.  Diebold’s iqStored Value Software drives the transaction processing network and collects the data on each purchase for settlement purposes.

For the initial installation, 20,000 smart cards were ordered and all concession areas on the field level were equipped to accept them.  The team store in the stadium and a second store in Encinitas, approximately 20 miles away, also accept the cards.  There are several terminals located throughout the stadium where patrons can check the value remaining on their card.  The Diebold installation was part of a complete renovation of the field level area which was made to enhance the fan experience.

The disposable cards can be purchased at locations on the field level in denominations of $25 and $50.  There are four different cards, three with individual photos of Padres team members and one with a team photo, making them collectors items.  All season ticket holders were issued a $5 team photo card to encourage them to try the new system.  To promote the system and their banking services, Glendale Federal offered a $25 card to bank patrons opening a new checking account.

In addition to sports stadiums, Diebold smart card technology and system integration expertise is also used in a variety of other settings including the 1996 Olympics, college and corporate campuses, community libraries and financial institutions to automate transactions and reduce cash handling.

Glendale Federal Bank is California’s leading community bank, serving the business and consumer banking needs of Californians through 191 banking offices and 26 loan offices.  Customers can reach the bank by calling 1-800-41FEDUP, or get information through its Internet site at .

Diebold, Incorporated, headquartered in Canton, Ohio, is a global leader in providing card-based transaction systems, security and service solutions to the financial, education and healthcare industries. Founded in 1859, the company develops, manufactures, sells and services automated teller machines, electronic and physical security equipment, automated medication dispensing systems, software, supplies and integrated systems solutions.


Brazilian Smart Cards

The City of Curitiba, Brazil has chosen Schlumberger Smart Cards & Terminals to provide 30,000 municipal employees with a smart card which functions as a local government ID and access card, a payment card for retailers, and a passport to preferential services with a participating bank. These applications will be followed by electronic ticketing for local bus services, which will operate in contactless “walk by” mode. Starting in 1999, the program will be extended to families of municipal employees, and then to the city’s entire urban population of 1.5 million citizens, making Curitiba the world’s first city-wide showcase for the convenience and flexibility of smart cards.


Soccer Smart Cards

Schlumberger Smart Cards & Terminals and Cyberpro Technologies announced Monday the launch of North America’s largest smart card sponsorship program. About 120,000 members of the amateur Quebec Soccer Federation will be given a Schlumberger smart card loaded with promotional offers from McDonald’s restaurants and other QSF partners. At registration, all soccer players, coaches, referees and volunteers from over 400 clubs across the province of Quebec will be issued individual cards valid for a year. The cards will also be used by players to register at selected tournaments. These cards will be accepted at all 210 McDonald’s restaurants in Quebec, as well as at participating movie rental outlets from the Super Club Videotron chain, a hotel chain, various sporting goods stores and other local sponsors across the province. All participating outlets will be equipped with a Schlumberger MagIC 9000 card reader which will process the cards, select promotions and keep track of members’ purchases.



Twelve industry leaders yesterday released a new technology specification that helps software developers create smart card applications that can be used across a variety of business and consumer devices such as PCs, network computers, ATMs, POS terminals, set-top boxes and emerging handheld devices. The new technology, ‘OpenCard Framework 1.0′ , resulted from work done by an ad hoc industry group committed to simplifying the use of smart card technology across different manufacturers’ systems. This working group has now formalized its relationship as the OpenCard Consortium, whose initial members include: Bull Personal Transaction Systems; Dallas Semiconductor Corporation; First Access; Gemplus; IBM; NCI; Netscape Communications Corp.; Schlumberger; SCM Microsystems; Sun Microsystems, Inc.; UbiQ Inc.; and Visa International.


PaylinX Site Server 2.5v

PaylinX Corporation announced yesterday the availability of PaylinX for Site Server V2.5, a BackOffice-compatible Internet payment solution for Microsoft Site Server 3.0, Commerce Edition featuring a tightly integrated payment component, payment server, multi-merchant bank/merchant account support and a robust reporting engine.

Site Server 3.0, Commerce Edition enables companies to build cost-effective eCommerce websites, automate corporate purchasing and supply chain management and establish distinctive Web storefronts for business-to-business and business-to-consumer applications.  Microsoft BackOffice-compatible and field-proven in production environments like Best Buy () and Aerial Images (), PaylinX for Site Server simplifies Site Server 3.0, Commerce Edition order processing and facilitates achievement of critical time-to-market goals.  “The integration of PaylinX with Microsoft Site Server 3.0, Commerce Edition has provided an incredible advantage in bringing credit card verification to multiple Site Server Commerce Edition websites in a timely, secure and highly scalable manner,” says Russell Stockdale, Group Product Manager, Applications Group, Microsoft Corp.  PaylinX seamlessly spans call center operations with sites using Site Server 3.0, Commerce Edition.

John Fox, PaylinX – Director, Product Management reported, “PaylinX V2.5 strategically complements Microsoft Site Server 3.0, Commerce Edition with unparalleled functionality including PaylinX as an Windows NT-based Service, ActiveX, COM and ASP support, remote server administration and user level security.”

PaylinX securely manages real time authorizations, settlements and reporting for conventional credit, corporate or GSA purchasing card transactions concurrently originating from any mix of Site Server 3.0, call center, interactive voice response or point-of-sale purchasing venues.  In single node configurations, the scalable architecture reliably delivers multi-threaded performance of 3-7 second authorization response times and throughput of 8,000 to 10,000 transactions per hour.

Through direct, high speed access to Visa’s backbone network, the PaylinX ISDN Payment Pipe notably equips Site Server 3.0, Commerce Edition end users and Internet service providers with the leverage to establish flexible, iCommerce operations plans featuring unlimited merchant bank and merchant account structures.  Bob Lozano, PaylinX President stated, “This approach shifts control of credit card management and associated interchange overhead to the merchant … delivering unprecedented choice in merchant bank relationships … while driving down the cost of doing business over the Net and other client interaction venues.”  Market introductions for SSL3, EDS, American Express, MAPP and other international gateways are slated to extend the portfolio of PaylinX Payment Pipes(TM), as well.

PaylinX for Site Server and the PaylinX V2.5 family of payment servers are generally available and currently shipping.  PaylinX Corporation is an innovator in the field of electronic commerce and the leader in enterprise payment servers.  PaylinX software is available from PaylinX Value Added Resellers, PaylinX OEM Partners or directly from the company.  PaylinX Corporation is a privately held corporation headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri USA and can be reached at 314-692-0929 or [http://www.paylinx.com][1].

PaylinX is a registered trademark and PaylinX for Site Server, Payment Pipes and “Electronic Commerce. Today.” are trademarks of PaylinX Corporation. Other trademarks, service marks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners.

[1]: http://www.paylinx.com/


Eltron – UbiQ

UbiQ Inc. announced Monday its UbiQlink smart-card personalization software has been selected by Eltron International. The Eltron P300 card printer will print full-color images on the Payflex microprocessor card and encode data through its ‘smart card contact station’ option.  UbiQlink software automates and simplifies the process by managing the interfaces between Eltron’s card printer contact station, the card-creation application software, and Schlumberger’s electronic purse stored-value function within the Payflex operating system.  For card issuers around the world, UbiQlink software simplifies the process of personalizing smart cards in a multi-operating system, multi-personalization equipment world.


IVI & Datagrams

International Verifact Inc. announced Monday that its Latin American joint venture, IVI Ingenico Inc., has entered into a strategic alliance with Datagrams S.A. to market Datagrams products in Latin America through IVI Ingenico’s distribution network.

Under the terms of the agreement, IVI Ingenico will become Master Distributor of Datagrams products – Dataloyalty and Datacash – in Latin America, while providing marketing, support and maintenance services on a local basis.

Dataloyalty is a smart card based turnkey system that allows a retailer or financial institution to implement a loyalty program. The Dataloyalty system includes all the logical components of a system, including host software, terminals, communications and cards.

Similarly, the Datacash system was designed to be a closed electronic purse scheme with targeted markets such as stadiums, parking garages, home delivery and tourist resorts. Like Dataloyalty, the Datacash system includes all the necessary components for operation. Both products run on Microsoft Windows 95/NT platforms.

Jorge Fernandez, Executive Vice President and General Manager, IVI Ingenico commented that the agreement with Datagrams is consistent with the company’s vision of providing turnkey systems and solutions, rather than just being a terminal vendor to its customers. “Our company is a world leader in providing smart card based systems, and we believe that this alliance establishes further our leadership in the fast growing market of smart card based applications,” added Mr. Fernandez. “We already have a very successful working relationship with Datagrams in Europe. We know their products well and believe this partnership to be a great opportunity for IVI Ingenico to penetrate new markets and expand our growth in the region, while providing loyalty solutions that are not available from any other vendor.”

Bruno Zysman, President of Datagrams, commented that his alliance with Groupe Ingenico has been very successful in Europe, and that he looks forward to extending this relationship to IVI Ingenico in Latin America. “IVI Ingenico brings to us a great deal of value, including their extensive network of distributors and their years of experience in the Latin America marketplace,” added Mr. Zysman.

Datagrams S.A., based in France, is an integrator and designer of software for smart card solutions. Setting standards for the electronic purse and loyalty field, Datagrams’ expertise also includes the design of database systems, communications protocol transferring data on products and developing interactive touch screen kiosks using smart card readers.

Groupe Ingenico is engaged in the design, development and sales of secured terminals and complete systems dedicated to electronic payments, loyalty and electronic benefits transfer and is the recognized leader in smart card technology in Europe, Africa and the Asia-Pacific areas. Further information is available at [http//www.datagrams.com][1]. ivi ingenico inc., based in miami, florida, is a joint venture between ivi and its strategic alliance partner, groupe ingenico, of paris, france.

IVI is engaged in the design, development and sale of electronic payment solutions for retailers, financial institutions, governments and other businesses. The company’s hardware and software products include solutions for point-of-sale debit/credit/EFT/EBT terminals, check readers, smart card readers, POS printers and secure PIN entry devices. Additional company information is available on IVI’s website at .

[1]: http://www.datagrams.com