Taking Hart

Destiny Software Corp. announced Friday that Alex “Pete” Hart has joined its Board of Directors. Mr. Hart formerly served as CEO of Advanta and prior to Advanta, as CEO of MasterCard International for six years. Hart serves on the Boards of several financial services technology companies including HNC Software, Sanchez Computer Associates, Who?Vision Systems and GetSmart.com. GetSmart.com was sold to Providian last week for $33 million.


Making Most of Scorecards

Credit analysts and senior managers in organizations already using application scoring models from Fair, Isaac and Company, Inc. will learn how to maximize the effectiveness of those models at company-sponsored seminars scheduled throughout the year. “Making the Most of your Scorecard” is a two-day, comprehensive training seminar offering strategies and tips from Fair, Isaac experts in interactive group exercises and mini-clinics. The first seminar this year was held in New Orleans. The remainder of the 1999 seminar schedule is as follows:

* April 15-16, Sheraton Centre Toronto, Toronto, Ontario

* August 12-13, Clift Hotel, San Francisco, Calif.

* November 10-11, Sheraton World Center, Orlando, Fla.

Fair, Isaac model developers and project managers, with years of experience in diverse kinds of credit operations, will explain:

* How to adjust the score thresholds to maintain acceptance rate and desired level of risk.

* How to make effective use of applicant demographic data for policy setting and marketing.

* How to produce and interpret reports to track population changes, scoring model effectiveness and account performance.

* How scoring models are developed and why they work.

Fair, Isaac ([www.fairisaac.com][1]) helps businesses worldwide maximize the value of data to make more profitable decisions about their customers, operations and portfolios. Known for its pioneering work in credit scoring and its use of data in transaction-level decisions, Fair, Isaac now delivers data management services, analytics, software, and consulting to the financial services, direct marketing, personal lines insurance, retail, and healthcare industries. Headquartered in San Rafael, Calif., Fair, Isaac employs 1,500 people in 17 offices worldwide. For the fiscal year ended September 30, 1998, the company reported revenues of $245.5 million. For more information, call Fair, Isaac at 800-999-2955.

[1]: http://www.fairisaac.com


Triangulating the Euro

CitX Corporation of Quakertown, PA, Friday announced a new Internet Electronic Commerce service called IntraEuroX. The new service will enable individuals, businesses, and financial institutions to automatically triangulate, convert, and exchange financial transactions in the form of the Euro and/or other mixed currencies.

To facilitate secure transactions worldwide, theIntraEuroX service will use a new enhanced version of CitX’s proprietary Secure Electronic Transaction Exchange system (SETX), Intrapay – EDI / XML-enabled EFT / ACH E Commerce processing platform, and the Internet.

CitX is initially implementing the IntraEuroX service in two vertical applications. The first application will enable individuals and businesses to use the IntraEuroX service as a multi-currency exchange Portal to securely triangulate payment collection and settlement of financial transactions via EFT and Internet-based E Commerce.

The second application of the IntraEuroX service will enable individual and institutional securities investors, and financial intermediaries to triangulate between multiple currencies and settle individual, and/or block trades, securely, throughout the world, via EFT and Internet-based E Commerce.

The IntraEuroX services are delivered through Intrapay, CitX’s Internet-based E Commerce Platform that collects and disburses funds using the bank EFT process, facilitated by CitX’s sister company Priority One ECC of Akron, PA. IntraEuroX features a new enhanced version of the CitX SETX system that enables secure international transactions across the Internet, while protecting the personal financial information and anonymity of its users. The requirements for using the new IntraEuroX service are Internet access and a JAVA-enabled Web Browser.

“We are excited about the relationships we are establishing with businesses and system integrators who desire to integrate the IntraEuroX service into their products and services,” said Bernie Roemmele, CEO and founder of CitX Corporation. “We feel that the IntraEuroX service will help our partners create new solution opportunities in international B2B transactions and further differentiate their products and services from competitors”.

About CitX

CitX Corporation is a privately-held, leading high-tech company that primarily develops and markets B2B Electronic Commerce solutions, Community-Centric Portals, and Network-Centric (Web-Hosted) software applications, delivered securely across the Internet and private heterogeneous networks.

Most of CitX’s products and services are provided on a fee-for-use basis and are available through its many strategic partners, system integrators, independent representatives, and direct online users.

CitX’s management team has more than 8 years experience in providing Web-Hosted software applications, Electronic Commerce solutions, and Community-Centric Portals for Medical Societies, Hospitals, Physicians, and others in the Healthcare sector. CitX has developed a specialized medical Community-Centric Portal and Extranet called HCSIN.NET that currently services more than 50,000 healthcare professionals throughout the United States.

CitX has formed strategic partnerships with Redix, NCR Corp., Priority One ECC, Bell Atlantic, Alternative Link, and others to effectively deploy secure Internet-based, Business-to-Business Electronic Commerce, Community-Centric Portals, and Web-hosted software applications, for small businesses as well as the corporate enterprise.

Primary markets serviced are B2B, Healthcare, Insurance, Banking, Retail, Organizations, and the Government. For more information, contact CitX Corporation at 215-538-3535, by email at bernie@citx.net, or visit the CitX Web Site at .


iChargeit Goes WINR

Para-Link, a Texas corporation who recently announced an agreement in principle to merge with iChargeit Inc., Friday announced that iChargeit has signed an exclusive two year agreement with Winners Internet Network to build and maintain a series of Global Shopping Malls utilizing the WINR credit card processing and proprietary currency conversion software.

This partnership with WINR, empowered by Netgateway, will enable iChargeit Inc. to reproduce the iChargeit.com and Cyberswapmeet.com cybermall sites thoroughly translated and priced in the targeted country’s language and monetary system.

Coupling these features with WINR’s powerful global currency conversion features and the anticipated mass appeal of the iChargeit sites should allow the Company to meet their goal of opening 1,000 e-storefronts during the life of their previously announced agreement with Netgateway.

Jesse Cohen, CEO of iChargeit, stated, “This agreement with a fine-tuned organization like WINR represents a significant milestone in the Company’s development and in making global shopping a simple and cost-effective process. iChargeit and WINR have already identified several key areas for potential joint ventures which are presently being explored.”

“Our software was developed for diversified applications. This venture opens the “global door” for the utilization of our proprietary software products and furthers WINR’s reach into Internet shopping,” concluded David C. Skinner, Jr., CEO of WINR.

iChargeit Inc. is an Internet based company whose iChargeit.com Cybermall and Virtual Arcade, as well as the iChargeit Cyberswapmeet.com web sites, are set to launch March 1,1999. iChargeit Inc.’s key partners and anchor tenants include, but are not limited to, Preferred Voice International (OTC BB:PFVI), Winners Internet Network (OTC BB:WINR), Internet Media Corp. (OTC BB:USRF), Innovative Holdings and Technologies Ltd. (OTC BB:IHTL) and Pacific Medical Group (OTC BB:PMGI).

iChargeit has several key agreements in place with Netgateway which utilize Netgateway’s talented and diverse staff of programmers and web site designers to incorporate many of the unique features of Netgateway’s ICC (Internet Commerce Center) into iChargeit’s web sites and product lines.

Statements made in this news release that relate to future plans, financial results, market growth, or other projections, events or anticipated results are forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended and Section 21E o the Securities and Exchange Act of 1934, as amended. Actual results may differ materially due to a variety of factors, including competitors with more resources available to them.


Got Sold

GetSmart.com got sold yesterday to Providian Financial for $33 million in cash. GetSmart.com is a free, on-line marketplace for home loans, personal loans, credit cards, student loans and auto leases. The company offers loan products, via performance-based contracts, from more than 100 lenders. GetSmart’s revenues are derived from approved applications it produces. While the company promoted itself as a source of objective and unbiased loan info, the firm simply refers visitors to loans products offered by its participants. GetSmart.com offers no educational content. The company says it attracted eight million visitors last year producing nearly 450,000 completed applications. GetSmart’s traffic was generated from paid banner ads on so-called portal sites such as Yahoo!, Lycos, Wired Digital, InfoSeek, DoubleClick and CBS MarketWatch. The two-year old company spent $13 million for banner ads during 1998. GetSmart.com was founded by a group of executives from Wells Fargo and ex-McKinsey partners from the Mitchell Madison Group. Former Wells Fargo executive Bill Fisher lead the group and served as CEO. Capital partners included Reuters, Goldman Sachs, Robertson Stephens and technology investor Roger McNamee. Fisher indicated yesterday he is leaving the firm after the buyout, which is expected to close by March 1.


ARKSYS Honduras

ARKSYS announced an agreement with Banco Atlantida of Tegucigalpa, Honduras to provide its Integrated Transaction Management solution to manage the bank’s network of ATMs, its database of debit cards, and an online EFT connection to the Visa/Plus international network.

Banco Atlantida, established in 1912, is one of the largest banks in Central America. Banco Atlantida sought to increase its base of ATM machines and grow their card base. ARKSYS provided its products of Gold-Net and ATM device drivers to interface with the bank’s core banking software supplied by DATAPRO Inc., the largest provider of AS 400 core banking software in Latin America. ARKSYS’ Gold-Net will enable Banco Atlantida’s subsidiaries to issue cards and authorize transactions on their own host computers, streamlining their operating costs. Gold-Net will provide Banco Atlantida with increased credit card management performance, enabling the bank to offer additional services to individuals, merchants and other financial institutions.

According to Mr. Francisco Zelaya, General Manager of Infatlan, the Information Services company owned by the bank, “We were looking for a vendor with a strong presence in the region which could offer us a very functional ATM management solution. Also, we needed a vendor that could provide us the capability to introduce new products and services in the future. We chose ARKSYS for these reasons.”

Banco Agricola Comercial of El Salvador, along with Credomatic of Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Costa Rica, and Guatemala are among the growing list of Central American clients for ARKSYS.

Founded in 1975, ARKSYS, located in Little Rock, Arkansas, is a premier provider of effective payment and financial transaction delivery systems, including card systems, payment systems and operations solutions. ARKSYS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Euronet Services Inc. (Nasdaq: EEFT).

For more information contact Tom Kleinsorge, Manager of Marketing, Voice 501-218-7188 (USA)/ Fax 501-218-7302 (USA)/ E-mail tkleinsorge@arksys.com or by mail at 17500 Chenal Parkway, Little Rock, AR USA 72211. ARKSYS’ home page address is . You may also contact Nicholas Valls, Vice-President of Marketing at DATAPRO Inc. at Voice 305-374-0606/Fax 305-377-3282.


PayPoint Gift Cards

PayPoint Launches Prepaid Gift Card Program

PayPoint Electronic Payment Systems, Inc. has introduced three innovative gift card programs to retail merchants this past holiday season.

Merchants currently issuing proprietary gift cards under this program include CEC Entertainment, Inc., Operator of Chuck E. Cheese restaurants headquartered in Irving, Texas.

The PayPoint Prepaid Gift Card is a magnetic stripe stored-value card that is processed electronically at a retailer’s point-of-sale for consumer purchases of products and services. The prepaid gift card allows merchants to eliminate the costly and administratively cumbersome practice of issuing paper-based gift certificates with easy-to-use and process magnetic stripe plastic cards.

The gift cards are being sold in various denominations including $15, $25, $50, and $100. Under the program, consumers will be able to purchase gift cards at participating retailers as gifts for holidays, birthdays, special occasions, incentives for contributions.

‘We selected the PayPoint Prepaid Gift Card because we felt that this innovative product could drive incremental sales and greatly enhance security over our current paper-based gift certificate program. This product has greatly exceeded our expectations. Since launching the gift card in December 1998, our same-store gift certificate sales have dramatically increased over last year,’ stated T. J. Schier of CEC Entertainment.

‘PayPoint is pleased to offer these merchants our Prepaid Gift Card product. This product is the latest in innovative payment offerings that PayPoint has developed for our customers. We are confident that this innovative Prepaid Gift Card product will help our merchants lower their current paper-based gift certificate program costs as well as provide their customers with an innovative and timely gift or inventive,’ said Fred Coblentz, Vice President of Sales at PayPoint.


FUSA Signs Consumer Financial Network

Consumer Financial Network, Inc. announced Thursday it has joined forces with First USA to offer corporate employees a high-quality credit card product with a competitive interest rate, backed with superior customer service and benefits.

CFN is a sophisticated e-commerce platform for marketing financial services and employee benefits over corporate intranets and the Internet, as well as through a telesales center.

According to Lisa Peddy, executive vice president of CFN, “First USA chose us as their partner because they value the exciting distribution channel being developed by CFN,” said Peddy. “In turn, we believe First USA is positioned to become a significant player in the credit card e-commerce marketplace and that Bank One – First USA’s parent company – is a primary distributor of new products geared toward employees in the workplace. We’re eager to take advantage of the opportunity to assist First USA in bringing a valuable and meaningful service to corporate employees.”

Peddy added that CFN’s alliance with First USA also provides added online capabilities. Eligible card members may apply for the First USA Platinum Visa Card through CFN’s secure Internet site, while First USA provides the option of servicing through the Internet. “Employees will enjoy a credit card product that may afford them increased purchasing power and financial flexibility, coupled with the privileges and protections for which First USA is well known,” said Peddy.

“First USA is extremely excited about our new partnership with CFN and the opportunities that it presents to us and CFN member employees,” said James Grant, senior vice president, marketing, First USA. “First USA strives to provide consumers the absolute best credit card product available. Through CFN we are able to reach and deliver quality credit card services through the worksite to consumers actively seeking the best products in the marketplace today.”

The First USA Platinum Visa card features a low introductory rate for five months, followed by a competitive annual percentage rate on purchases and balance transfers. Additional features include money-saving balance transfers and exclusive employee discount buying services, among others.

First USA ([www.firstusa.com][1]), a subsidiary of BANK ONE CORPORATION, is the largest Visa and MasterCard lender in the nation. First USA offers credit cards for consumers and businesses under the First USA, First Card and Bank One names, and on behalf of over 1,500 marketing partners.

CFN has contracted with competing providers of financial services and employee benefits to create a platform for the comparison shopping and purchase of these services. CFN is provided at no cost to large companies and associations (typically 5,000 or more employees) for distribution as a human resource benefit to their employees or members.

[1]: http://www.firstusa.com


Media Advisor

MasterCard’s Transactional Data Solutions company announced the official launch of its ‘Media Advisor’ service Thursday. ‘Media Advisor’ is a marketing tool aimed at advertising agencies and media companies that provides competitive intelligence on consumer spending behavior. TDS was formed as a joint venture between MasterCard and Symmetrical Resources, Inc.. ‘Media Advisor’ is built on aggregate MasterCard transactional data and survey response data gathered through the Simmons National Consumer Survey. The transactional research collects anonymous information from previously conducted transactions to aggregate buying behaviors based on demographics, lifestyle and media preferences.


decisioning.com, inc

Affinity Technology Group, Inc. announced Thursday the formation of decisioning.com, inc., a new subsidiary that will deliver outsourced Internet loan decisioning services and license Internet users of Affinity’s patented technology.

“On-line loan application volume is exploding, but most applicants are frustrated by the lack of an immediate response,” said Murray Smith, Affinity’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “With our new service, applicants will get on-line decisions – a clear competitive advantage for lenders in the growing e-commerce channel.”

Real Time Decisioning Service

decisioning.com’s real time decisioning service, “RTDS,” is an outsourced service enabling lenders to deliver decisions to web applicants when they apply. RTDS decisions are based on the specific credit policy of each lending institution using the service. When decisioning.com receives an application from a web site, RTDS accesses the applicant’s credit report, calculates a credit score, calculates other financial ratios, and applies the institution’s decision rules, returning an automated decision in about two minutes.

RTDS will be available for decisioning unsecured loans and lines of credit within the next several weeks. Extension of the service to cover home equity and automobile loans will follow.

Information on RTDS is available over the Internet at [www.decisioning.com][1].

decisioning.com Subsidiary Assigned Affinity Patent Rights for Internet

The granting of Patent No. 5,870,721 on February 9, 1999, gives Affinity an ownership claim on systems and methods for loan processing that include the entry of data by applicants from a remote location (such as the Internet or an Automated Loan Machine); access to databases for information on the applicants’ creditworthiness; automated decisioning to approve, reject, or possibly refer applications to a human underwriter; and real-time responses back to the applicants.

In order to increase the financial potential of the recently issued patent and to market RTDS, Affinity has organized a wholly owned subsidiary, decisioning.com, inc. Affinity will assign to decisioning.com the exclusive right to exploit the patented technology on the Internet, including the right to sub-license the technology. Affinity will retain the right to the patented technology for use with kiosks such as its Automated Loan Machine.

decisioning.com will direct its marketing of RTDS toward financial institutions and financially oriented Internet sites. decisioning.com will also license companies who choose not to purchase RTDS, but who will require a license under the Affinity patent to continue to operate.

The recently issued patent is one in a family of patent applications filed by the Company. Additional pending patent applications would extend the Company’s proprietary position in the United States and include an extensive portfolio of foreign counterpart applications in most major financial capitals of the world.

Affinity’s technology enables financial institutions to link their dealers, branches, call centers, and Internet customers electronically to their credit departments, providing fully automated lending – and, if necessary, connectivity to a loan officer – through every channel. For financial institutions, Affinity’s solutions expedite loan decisioning and processing and increase productivity and capacity of branch personnel, call center agents, loan officers, and indirect agents, while improving the overall customer experience. Affinity is located on the World Wide Web at [www.affi.net][2].

Forward-looking statements in this news release, including statements regarding the coverage of any patents that have been or may be issued to the Company and the projected use of the Internet to process financial services transactions and auto loans, are made pursuant to the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Investors are cautioned that forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties, including those related to the proprietary and other rights of third parties who may challenge the Company’s patents, delays and risks associated with the development of new technologies, consumer and industry acceptance of automated delivery channels, regulatory risks, and general economic conditions, that may cause actual results to differ materially from those projected. Further, although the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued a patent for certain claims covered by one of the Company’s patent applications, such action is subject to challenge by third parties, and no assurance can be given that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office will issue additional patents to the Company, or that any such patents will have any commercial value.

[1]: http://www.decisioning.com
[2]: http://www.affi.net


Home Banking’s Killer App

According to a new study by Killen and Associates, providing the consumer with ways to easily make payments for repetitive bills such as utilities, credit cards, and insurance and real estate-based premiums is the key to robust growth in home banking.

By YE2000, the banks’ revenue streams attributable to Internet-based billing, payment, and related financial services will reach nearly $50 billion, growing to more than $155 billion by 2005.

“Everyone is looking for the key driver that will provide the explosive growth in home banking,” stated Michael Killen, president of the research firm. “Internet Payments is the answer: It is a win-win-win situation for the consumer, the bank, and the biller. The consumer saves time; the bank enters the age of electronic commerce, reduces costs, and retains customers; the biller receives a cleaner, more reliable payment stream, lowers costs, and also enters the age of the Internet.”

“In the next two years retail banks must offer Internet payments if they want to have a chance to provide services to the growing multitude of Internet customers,” says Jules Street, VP, financial services.

The report states that retail customers will switch banks, if necessary, to obtain the payment services they demand.

The study forecasts the Internet payment market on a worldwide basis. It reports on how Barclays Bank (BCB), Chase Credit Card (CMB), NatWest (UK), First Union (FTU), Wells Fargo (WFC), and other banks are pursuing Internet billing and payment opportunities.

Killen & Associates’ study, Consumer and Wholesale Banks: Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment Opportunities and Threats, is the second in a set of three focused on the EBPP marketplace. This volume provides insights that wholesale and retail banks can use to leverage this major change in the business model.

It also alerts financial institutions, IT providers, and billers about the strategies of major players including American Express (AXP), Banc One (ONE), GTE (GTE), First Union, and Wells Fargo. Detailed worldwide and regional forecasts of the marketplace for EBPP service revenues are included as well as insights contained in personal interviews with industry executives.


MAC 1998

Electronic Payment Services reports its MAC EFT network, processed 1.491 billion switch transactions in 1998, an 18.3% increase over 1997. Other 1998 stats: 146.7 million POS transactions, an annual increase of 26.5%; the addition of 185 new financial institution members last year; more than 80 merchants and retail ATM deployers signed with MAC in 1998. Money Access Service, which operates MAC, currently drives 33,500 ATMs, over half of which are dial-up ATMs located primarily in retail and other remote locations and, as of year-end 1998, there were 42,500 ATMs and over 40 million cards in the MAC network.