LivePerson Up To 50

LivePerson, Inc. ( announced that 50 leading Internet commerce sites are using its technology to provide real-time sales support to their customers, changing the face of e-commerce today. LivePerson has added sixdegrees to its growing list of impressive clients. Solidifying its position as the leader in online customer service, LivePerson is making e-commerce a more user-friendly experience while maximizing Web site profitability.

LivePerson’s technology allows visitors to e-commerce sites to engage in real-time text conversations with customer service representatives, providing shoppers with a secure, Web-based forum for questions and assistance. By providing e-commerce sites with the ability to directly interact with their customers at the point-of-sale, LivePerson enables these sites to increase average order sizes, online conversion and customer retention rates. Furthermore, LivePerson is the most cost-effective customer service solution available, as it significantly reduces telephony charges and requires no hardware or software installation.

“Signing 50 major e-commerce sites in only our first few months of business is a remarkable achievement,” remarked Robert LoCascio, CEO of LivePerson. “The rapid pace of our growth is a testament to the quality of the service we offer our clients, as well as an indication of the e-commerce market’s need for dependable customer service something we provide quickly and affordably.” The addition of clients such as sixdegrees positions the company as the most rapidly expanding force in live customer service. These new clients, along with LivePerson’s existing client base which includes CBS SportsLine’s,, NationsBank’s, Find SVP, 9Net Avenue, and, highlight LivePerson’s ability to provide the nation’s most trafficked e-commerce sites with an immediate and innovative solution to their customer service needs.

About LivePerson

With headquarters in New York City, LivePerson is a privately held, venture-backed company whose mission is to bring dependable, real-time customer service to the e-commerce marketplace. Founded in 1998, the company’s initial financing was led by Dawntreader, and included FGII, Sterling Payot, and Silicon Alley Venture Partners. Additional financing was provided by Allen & Company, Sculley Brothers, and Alan Braverman.


Sun-Netscape & Equifax E-Commerce

The Sun-Netscape Alliance and Equifax Secure, the e-commerce privacy and security division of Equifax, Tuesday announced plans to provide security infrastructure for large-scale e-commerce applications based on their combined Internet security solutions. Under the agreement, Equifax Secure will use Netscape ‘Directory for Secure E-Commerce’, which includes Netscape ‘Certificate Management System 4.0’, as part of its multiple directory and digital certificate services offered to e-commerce providers such as banks, credit card companies and consumer retailers. Equifax Secure will also offer its patent-pending remote consumer authentication technology for use with Netscape ‘Certificate Management System 4.0’. At the same time, Netscape will include Equifax Secure as a Certificate Authority in its client products.


Amex Says Visit Florida

VISIT FLORIDA, a private/public partnership to promote Florida tourism and American Express announced yesterday a deal to promote tourism in the sunshine state. The plan will include nationwide television, newspaper, magazine, direct marketing to AmEx cardholders. All marketing efforts will include the listing of a toll free number that will link consumers directly to travel counselors who can book travel instantly instead of just sending information of different destinations and packages. This advertising campaign will be available to select AmEx merchants giving them the opportunity to maximize exposure and drive business to their establishments.


Schlumberger Honored

Air Cargo Security Access System Combines Technology-Leading Smart Card and Biometric Technology to Win Innovative Security Application Award at CardTech/SecurTech `99

Schlumberger, the world’s leading provider of smart card-based solutions, was honored as the provider of smart card technology for Chicago O’Hare International Airport’s Universal Air Cargo Security Access System, which won this year’s annual Larry Linden Innovative Security Application Award at CardTech/SecurTech’99.

With sixty percent of air cargo shipments occurring on passenger planes, Chicago O’Hare, the world’s busiest international airport, implemented a first-ever security program which combined smart card and biometric finger print technology. The innovative application authenticates both the truck drivers making the deliveries, the attendants receiving the cargo and the manifests which itemized the cargo being delivered. The system, which was integrated by SecurCom, Inc., uses biometric finger print technology from Identix, Schlumberger smart cards and smart card readers, and Oracle database technology to replace the earlier authentication method that depended on a written manifest and copied drivers license. The pilot phase of the program, which ran from January 1998 through March 1999, included 700 truck drivers, 25 trucking companies and 22 airlines, making it one of the largest single biometric finger print pilots to date. In the award-winning application, Schlumberger smart cards and readers are used as the platform for secure, easy-to-use authentication and data management. The cards enable cargo drivers to carry a high tech form of ID that can be biometrically verified. At the same time, the cards’ memory capacity allows them to also store information about the shipper, the truck’s cargo and the driver.

“For twenty years Schlumberger has been a leader in the evolution of smart card technology,” stated Tom Lebsack, director of Associates and Partner Programs for Schlumberger Smart Cards & Terminals, North America. “We are pleased to participate in this innovative pilot, which clearly demonstrates the high value of using a single, multiple application smart card for ID and data management.” On arrival at the Chicago O’Hare field, drivers simply present their smart cards to the cargo attendant, place their fingers on the scanning device, and the verification process takes place within a few seconds. Upon authentication, the manifest is downloaded from the smart card for the cargo attendant to review. The attendant, along with the driver, then biometrically stamps the transaction as completed. All of the steps involved are stored in a log file that can be reviewed at any time. The newly created smart card-based solution illustrates technology’s evolving role in maintaining the security of passenger airline flights.

CardTech/SecurTech, presenter of the award, is the world’s largest conference and exhibition covering card and security technology.

About Schlumberger

Schlumberger Smart Cards & Terminals is the leading provider of smart card-based solutions worldwide, shaping the new world of smart solutions by providing leading-edge technology to enable innovative smart card and terminal applications that enhance the security and convenience of businesses and communities of all kinds. Schlumberger smart card solutions encompass a wide range of cards, terminals, development tools and support in open configurations for operators, developers, integrators and distributors worldwide. As part of the Smart Village vision, the Schlumberger offer includes the milestone Cyberflex card, the industry’s first Java-based smart card. The Smart Cards & Terminals group operates 45 facilities in 34 countries across the globe. Additional information is available on the World Wide Web at cards.

Schlumberger Test & Transactions is the parent division for Schlumberger Smart Cards & Terminals and Schlumberger Automated Test Equipment, leveraging the combined strengths of the two business units to provide leading-edge, cost-effective solutions to customers. Schlumberger Test & Transactions is a business unit of Schlumberger Limited, a $11.8 billion global technology service company providing oilfield services, natural resources management, transactions-based technology and associated systems, and semiconductor test equipment.

Cyberflex and Cardlet are trademarks and Smart Village is a registered trademark of Schlumberger. Java and Java Card are trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc.


eN-Counter 4000 Certified

IVI Checkmate Corp. announced this morning that Paymentech, certified the IVI Checkmate ‘eN-Counter 4000’ POS terminal, formerly known as the DataCard Jigsaw, for release to its ISOs and agent bank clients. Paymentech’s ISOs and agent banks will be able to purchase the ‘eN-Counter 4000’ POS terminal directly from IVI Checkmate for resale to retailers and restaurateurs. The ‘eN-Counter 4000′ is certified for use with Paymentech Network Services’ authorization and electronic draft capture processing platform. IVI Checkmate’s ‘eN-Counter 4000’ POS terminal can be configured as an “all-in-one” Electronic Funds Transfer POS solution or installed modularly and both configurations offer smart card and magnetic stripe capabilities.


Wave Direct E-Commerce

Hauppauge Digital Tuesday announced the launch of an updated broadcast receiver board that incorporates the ‘Wave Direct’ secure client-side e-commerce transaction system. This updated model enable uses to purchase everything from software to music online. It also has the ability to securely meter transactions down to a fraction of a cent. The customer only has to go the Wave System’s Website, load their receiver board with electronic cash using their credit card and they are ready to make online purchases.


HNC and Join

HNC Software Inc., the world’s leading provider of Predictive Software Solutions Tuesday announced that it has formed a strategic partnership with Inc., a rapidly growing e-commerce company.

Through the partnership, HNC has made a minority equity investment in and will provide with a broad range of real-time e-commerce solutions including pre-sales target marketing, during-the-sale fraud detection and post-sale customer support. “HNC’s partnership with signifies a move toward Web-based commerce support,” said Michael Thiemann, president and chief executive officer of HNC Internet Solutions. “HNC has over a decade of credit card fraud detection experience and is trusted with more transaction data than any entity in the world. Companies like are choosing HNC’s superior suite of personalization, fraud detection and customer support services to support their mission-critical online commerce transactions.”, one of the Internet’s largest shopping portals, houses over 20,000 diverse merchants and companies and hosts more than 1 million visitors each month. HNC will provide with a complete suite of Internet solutions including:

— eFalcon, for real-time e-Commerce fraud protection

— SelectResponse, for intelligent email routing and response

— SelectCast for Commerce, for personalized, targeted offers and promotions

— SelectCast for Content, for individually personalized content

— SelectCast for Advertising, for direct, targeted banner ads.

This offering will provide with real-time prevention of credit card fraud on the Internet, powerful case management strategy tools to boost overall order acceptance, flexible customer service tools to help “rescue” high-value orders identified as high-risk and precision offer targeting. customers will benefit from enhanced security and protection when making online purchases, as well as responsive, personalized service that delivers individually tailored products and promotions and real-time customer service.

“We are excited to be partnering with HNC,” said Dwayne Walker, president and CEO of “HNC’s predictive software solutions and superior fraud detection technology will offer a better and more secure shopping experience for our customers.”

About HNC Software

With headquarters in San Diego, HNC Software Inc. is the world’s leading provider of Predictive Software Solutions for service industries, including financial, retail, insurance, Internet and telecommunications. HNC’s suite of Predictive Software Solutions can provide real-time insight into customer relationships based on transaction-level data, helping business-to-consumer companies manage their relationships with individual customers.

By accurately predicting customer behaviors, these companies can create initiatives to mitigate risk and attrition; improve customer service; develop marketing programs to enhance profitability; optimize store replenishment activities, and detect fraudulent customer transactions.

For more information, visit HNC’s Web site at or contact Jane Leonard, HNC Software Inc., 5935 Cornerstone Court West, San Diego, CA 92121, 619/799-3880. For the investor relations hotline, call 800/396-8052.


Established in 1994, () is a leading electronic commerce company dedicated to making e-commerce a reality for all businesses. Through its full suite of e-commerce solutions, helps customers and merchants safely and easily buy and sell merchandise online. With offices in Seattle, Wash. Sausalito, Calif., provides electronic commerce technology services to thousands of companies.


Visa & Trintech Align

Visa U.S.A. yesterday announced a new relationship with Trintech to develop Visa’s new Internet Payment Gateway service offering Acquirers and merchants secure and rapid real-time processing of online payment card transactions. The relationship was created to enable Acquirer banks to supply their merchants with a cost effective and secure bank branded e-commerce transaction processing package. Built with Trintech’s ‘PayGate’ NetAcquirer software, the Visa Payment Gateway will authorize, capture, route and settle all Internet-originated financial transactions and will support both SSL and SET security protocols. Trintech’s ‘PayWare’ Net solution is an additional enhancement which will allow for quick and easy merchant account set-up, bank branding and customization.


Frisco Bay Provides

Frisco Bay Industries Ltd. , an international provider of automated financial transaction and integrated security systems for financial institutions, government agencies and major industrial corporations, Tuesday announced that it has received a contract to supply thirty (30) ATMs to the Societe de transport de la communaute urbaine de Montreal (STCUM) subway stations. The order will be installed and serviced through Frisco/ATMS, Frisco Bay’s recently announced joint venture, and is scheduled for completion by the end of June 1999.

“With annual foot traffic exceeding 72 million people passing through the subway system, we anticipate these machines to generate in excess of several thousand transactions each per month,” stated Greg Mitelman, President of Frisco/ATMS.

By providing on-going support and processing facilities for its ATM network, Frisco Bay generates a recurring revenue stream based on the transactions at each machine. Upon completion of this contract, Frisco Bay anticipates that its ATM network in Canada will be producing in excess of 5 million transactions annually. Frisco Bay Industries Ltd. markets its products throughout Canada, the United States and Latin America where it is recognized as an integrated solutions expert.



Edify Corporation, a leading global provider of Internet and voice e-Commerce portal solutions, announced yesterday that SAFECO has achieved an important milestone using an e-Commerce interactive voice response (IVR) application built on Edify’s Electronic Workforce. The application enables SAFECO’s customers to pay their personal lines insurance policy premiums over the phone using their credit card. SAFECO is one of the first insurance companies to offer its customers an IVR-based e-Commerce application. The number of customers using this application has tripled since the application was fully rolled-out nationally in Aug. 1998, validating the use of IVR for e-Commerce. In March 1999, the application was responsible for approximately 19,000 credit card transactions amounting to $6.5 million in premiums. The application, which is part of SAFECO’s e-Commerce initiative, has accelerated cash flow at SAFECO, and has helped reduce some of SAFECO’s payment handling costs, as well as the number of cancellation notices it sends to customers who are delinquent on their payments. This application is one of several SAFECO has successfully deployed leveraging the application development and multi-channel capabilities of Edify’s Electronic Workforce.

“The number of SAFECO customers using our Automated Payment Line has exceeded our expectations,” said Lisa Brogden, assistant director of SAFECO Property and Casualty Administration. “This is a clear message that our customers appreciate the convenience of using their VISA, MasterCard or Discover Card to pay their Personal Lines policy premiums. SAFECO’s Automated Payment Line enables our customers to make a payment without the bother and expense of writing and mailing a check. In addition, it gives our customers peace of mind knowing precisely when their payment will post to their policy.

Customers also enjoy taking advantage of promotions offered by their credit card company. We see trends that many customers choose to pay their premiums in full with their credit card rather than in installments, which help reduce the number of billing statements we print and mail. Overall, we feel this is a win-win payment option for both our SAFECO customers and our internal operations.”

SAFECO queried customers before developing the credit card application and found strong interest in electronic payment options. In the next six months, the company plans to leverage Edify’s multi-channel capabilities to enable customers to pay via the Web.

“We are seeing an increasing number of companies use IVR for e-Commerce and we anticipate this trend to accelerate with innovations such as speech recognition,” said Francisco Kattan, product line manager for voice e-Commerce at Edify. “The broad spectrum of self service applications at SAFECO is a testimony to their corporate vision of using technology to build strong and enduring relationships with their customers. Edify is in the business of leading the pack with powerful Internet, voice and telephone-based e-Commerce solutions for consistently higher customer satisfaction.”

SAFECO is using Edify’s software for Web-based and IVR customer service applications for its life insurance and retirement products. These applications enable customers to get quick answers to a variety of commonly asked questions such as prices, rates and account balances, as well as allow customers to make transactions and move money between accounts any time of day. Because the applications were built on Edify’s platform, SAFECO customers experience consistent service when using either IVR or the Web.

A second Edify-based application enables prospective employees to call the SAFECO jobline to hear about jobs currently available at any SAFECO office. Callers can request a fax with a map and directions to any of SAFECO’s offices.

Edify’s Electronic Workforce is a robust, application development and runtime platform that allows enterprises to create and deploy e-Commerce applications for building stronger relationships with customers. These applications can be delivered through multiple channels such as the Internet, telephone, e-mail, fax, pager and personal financial management software. With support for natural speech recognition, Electronic Workforce offers the convenience of Web e-Commerce applications to telephone users. Electronic Workforce provides exceptional connectivity to back end mainframe and client/server applications as well as databases. The built-in COM support eases integration with COM-compliant applications and is a distinctive capability of Edify’s open systems, software-only architecture. This approach gives enterprises the flexibility to take advantage of best of breed innovations providing superior cost of ownership over proprietary solutions. Electronic Workforce is designed for Microsoft Windows NT and is scaleable, secure and Y2K compliant.


SAFECO, the premier company selling insurance and financial products through independent agents, was founded in 1923. Its operations include property and casualty insurance, life insurance, surety, commercial credit, asset management and financial services distribution operations. SAFECO employs more than 12,000 people nationwide and is represented by more than 8,000 independent agencies and brokerages across the country. Additional information about SAFECO may be found on the World Wide Web at .

About Edify

Edify Corporation is a global leader providing Internet and voice e-Commerce portal solutions to intelligently manage customer relationships. The company’s software offers organizations the means to automate, integrate, and personalize interactions with customers through multiple channels, yielding stronger, more profitable relationships. The company’s software has been licensed to more than 1,250 organizations worldwide. Edify software is distributed directly and through leading solutions providers, application partners, and distributors around the globe. With more than 470 employees, Edify Corporation is headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif. with international headquarters in London, England. On May 17, 1999, Edify Corporation announced that it has entered into an agreement to be acquired by Security First Technologies of Atlanta, Georgia. Additional information about Edify may be obtained by calling 408-982-2000 (USA) or +44-181-263-2710 (Europe, Middle East, Africa) or via the World Wide Web at .