Goes Online

SAFLINK Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of The National Registry Inc. (NRI) Thursday announced the availability of a new Web site, ( ), that offers a live demonstration of the Company’s SAFsite Internet security tool. The site, which simulates a typical Internet banking/brokerage destination, requires that users present a biometric credential, or SAFtyPIN, created from an individual’s unique biological or behavioral characteristics, instead of a password, to positively identify them as authorized account holders. was designed using Sausage Software’s HotDog, built with Pervasive Software Inc.’s Tango Development Studio, and features downloadable speaker recognition modules from Lernout & Hauspie Speech Products NV (L&H) that work with browsers from Microsoft, Netscape, and America Online to capture, enroll and verify a user’s voice SAFtyPIN at the host site. First time visitors may open a new account and enroll their voice SAFtyPIN from any home, office, or mobile workstation equipped with a microphone and soundcard. Once enrolled, authorized account holders may return at any time to the demonstration Web site and use their voice to access account balances, pay bills, and transfer funds. Each new account is maintained for 60 days and users may establish as many accounts as they wish.

“The recently reported incident of a boy using his father’s password to bid on millions of dollars worth of merchandise at a leading Internet auction site could have been stopped with a SAFtyPIN,” said Jeffrey P. Anthony, chairman and chief executive officer of SAFLINK Corporation. “Passwords are too easily forgotten, hacked, and transferred between individuals and our resellers and technology partners have been asking for a sophisticated, maintenance-free SAFsite demonstration that is available around the clock for presentations to web administrators, content providers, and e-commerce suppliers. lets everyone test drive our state-of-the-art Internet security solution in a real-time production environment without having to purchase any software or special purpose hardware.”

SAFsite is part of the growing family of SAF multi-biometric security software products that have been seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Windows NT server platforms to address specific areas of network authentication. SAFsite is a software development tool that inter-operates with leading Internet application development tools, such as: Pervasive’s Tango, Microsoft’s Visual Interdev, Netscape’s SuiteSpot, and Allaire’s Cold Fusion to provide a more positive means of authenticating the identities of individuals seeking access to secured web pages. SAFsite provides browser extensions, ActiveX controls for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and JAVA Applets for Netscape’s Communicator, that lead users through the biometric enrollment and authentication process. All enrolled user information is stored in the SAFserver using Microsoft’s SQL Server Database and RSA’s RC4 encryption. SQL Server replication and Microsoft’s Cluster Server provide scalability and resiliency for high traffic Web sites.

Priced at $199.95, the base version of SAFsite includes the SAFserver, built-in support for ten enrolled users, and downloadable modules for three leading biometric technologies including speaker verification from L&H, facial image recognition from Visionics, Inc., and fingerprint verification from Cogent Systems. SAFsite is fully compliant with biometric industry standards including the Human Authentication – Application Programming Interface (HA-API), developed by SAFLINK under contract to the US Department of Defense, and Intel’s CDSA User Authentication Service (UAS) draft specification. Optional database expansion packs can be separately purchased to increase enrollment capacity of the SAF Server into the millions of users. Biometric technologies from other HA-API compliant vendors are also available.

SAFsite’s multi-biometric architecture dramatically expands the universe of hardware components that can be used to capture SAFtyPINs from individuals over the Internet. With the expected growth in IP telephony and video conferencing, more and more computers will be configured with microphones and video cameras making implementation and administration of this proven technology a more ubiquitous, convenient, and cost effective means of establishing positive one-to-one relationships with customers, employees, and other users in a variety of Web based business-to-consumer and business-to- business applications. SAFsite currently supports most Microsoft audio/video compliant products and a growing number of low cost finger imaging scanners.

The National Registry Inc. and SAFLINK Corporation, based in Tampa, Florida, bring the Power of Biometric Identification to enterprise networks and the Internet. The Company provides cost-effective multi- biometric software solutions to verify individual identity, to protect business and personal information, and to replace passwords and PINs in order to safeguard and simplify access to electronic systems and enable new online services for customers. The Company’s Secure Authentication Facility (SAF) suite of multi-biometric network security products deliver enterprise-level secure access control to a growing list of software platforms and network applications, including Microsoft Windows NT and Internet Information Server, Novell NetWare and Computer Associates Unicenter TNG and its Single Sign-On option. Further information is available through the Company’s World Wide Web site .


NYCE Stays

NYCE Corp. and Magic Line confirmed Thursday morning they will operate under the single brand of ‘NYCE’ for all products and services when they complete their merger. Dennis Lynch will continue as President and CEO of NYCE Corp. with corporate headquarters in Woodcliff Lake, NJ. John Bascom, will serve as an EVP of NYCE and President of its Midwest Regional Business Unit, based in Dearborn, MI. When the merger is closed, NYCE will have 12 principal financial institution owners whose representatives will serve on the Board of Directors. In addition, the Board will have four seats for regional representatives from among the 240 financial institutions throughout the Northeast and Midwest regions. Bascom and Lynch are also on the Board. The branding decision followed a Midwest research plan designed by The Interbrand Group. Following the closing of the merger, NYCE will serve over 45 million cardholders in 15 states, through a network that includes 35,000 ATMs and 185,000 POS retailer locations.


Smart Corp Card

CyberMark, the leading developer and supplier of smart card solutions for education, corporate, stadium, and government markets announces it will deliver a multi application smart card initially targeted at the corporate market based on Microsoft’s Smart Card for Windows operating system. The first release of SmartWorld for Windows Campus ID Card will include debit, electronic purse, loyalty, and logical and physical security applications. The logical security application will include digital certificates and will be used to both authenticate individuals on the Internet and to provide a secure environment for Internet banking or secure other e-commerce activities.

“CyberMark has worked closely with Microsoft and is now ready to deploy the first multi application smart card based on the Smart Card for Windows platform,” said Thomas K. Burke, Vice President of Marketing for CyberMark. “We believe the dynamics of the smart card market are about to dramatically change as Smart Card for Windows gains market share. We are excited to be among the first to deploy a multi application card based on this revolutionary technology,” he stated. The CyberMark SmartWorld(R) Campus ID card will be available through CyberMark authorized resellers.

CyberMark teams with industry leading electronic commerce organizations like Microsoft, Gemplus, and First USA, via the SmartWorld(R) Partnership Program, to offer comprehensive smart card solutions. Focusing on core competencies — delivering and supporting smart card infrastructures, while integrating a variety of partner products — allows CyberMark to provide industry-leading solutions.

Founded in 1996, CyberMark is a leading electronic commerce company, specializing in the creation of smart card communities on the Internet and in closed campus environments. Cardholders conduct smart card based transactions using their cards at sites displaying the SmartWorld(R) logo. SmartWorld(R) is a registered trademark of CyberMark. To learn more about CyberMark, visit .


Amtrak AFCS

Amtrak and Motorola’s Worldwide Smartcard Solutions Division signed an agreement yesterday to introduce a state-of-the-art ‘Automated Fare Collection System’. The $24 million contract calls for the implementation of the fare collection system to begin with introduction of Amtrak’s new ‘Acela Express’ high-speed rail service between Boston-New York and Washington later this year. In Oct. 2000, it will be implemented throughout Amtrak’s nationwide rail network. On the ‘Acela Express’, conductors will use a hand held device configured with the train’s passenger manifest to read the ticket barcode, process ticket sales using credit cards, checks, cash or smart cards, and issue a receipt or seat check utilizing a separate printer that fits on the belt. The information captured by the HHD will be transmitted to an on-board computer via a HHD docking station. Once the train reaches a designated station, the data will be transmitted to a station information computer via wireless LAN technology, which is linked to Amtrak’s ‘Arrow’ reservations system. When operational nationwide in October 2000, data will be transmitted while the train is in motion via a wide-area, wireless communications network. The contract also calls for Amtrak and Motorola to test two smart card applications and eventually roll them out system wide. In one pilot project, frequent customers of Acela Express’ first-class service will be able to use the Motorola ‘M-Smart’ smart card as an e-ticket. In another pilot, the smart card will be used to track on-board meals on Amtrak’s long-distance trains.


The Exchange

Chase Manhattan, First Union and Wells Fargo announced Wednesday they are forming a new company to exchange electronic bills. The new company, to be called ‘The Exchange’, until the naming process is complete, will begin operating by year-end. The three banks said the new company will be the first organization to provide an open, interoperable mechanism for exchanging online bills, regardless of the technology employed by the individual members. The group points out that other players in the e-bill market use proprietary systems. ‘The Exchange’ will use Sun Microsystem’s ‘SunConnect’ open systems architecture to build the operating platform. VISA U.S.A. will also supply several software components and related support as part of the bill presentment solution. Integrion, governed by Bank of America, Bank One, Washington Mutual, and VISA, also plans to use ‘The Exchange’ as a component of the electronic bill presentment and payment services offered to its owner financial institutions and clients. The three founding members of ‘The Exchange’ have a combined customer base of nearly 60 million consumers and small businesses, relationships with more than 59,000 corporations and institutions nationwide, and issued nearly 300 million mortgage and credit card bills last year.


NextCard Ties The Knot

NextCard, Inc., and The Knot, the #1 online wedding resource and gift registry, announced today a joint Internet marketing agreement to offer unique card products and services specifically for newlyweds, to-be-weds and their guests at The Knot ( Under terms of the three-year agreement, the NextCard Internet Visa ( becomes the exclusive credit card at The Knot.

“Weddings represent one of life’s most significant financial commitments,” said Rebecca Miller, director of affinity programs at NextCard. “As the leading online issuer of consumer credit, NextCard is excited to work with The Knot to provide a completely customized card product to help relieve some of the stress and cost of wedding planning and purchasing. The Knot’s discriminating audience is a perfect fit for NextCard’s products.”

“Our mission at The Knot has always been to provide the greatest value and service to our users,” said Michael Wolfson, vice president of business development of The Knot. “By combining the leading online wedding resource with the leading online Visa card, we are able to offer a completely customized e-commerce solution to help make wedding planning and shopping easier, more fun and more affordable.”

In collaboration with The Knot, NextCard will design a credit card specifically tailored to the needs and interests of newlyweds and to-be-weds. >From the online application process to the actual plastic, the product will reflect the look and feel of The Knot. Cardholders who apply for the card at The Knot will be able to personalize their credit card online with their wedding photo and benefit from valuable online shopping and reward features.

About NextCard, Inc.

NextCard, Inc. is considered the industry’s leading issuer of consumer credit on the Internet. Since its launch in December 1997, over 2 million people have applied for the NextCard Internet Visa(R), making it one of the premier online credit cards. The Company continues to innovate with a Double Rewards program, complete GoShopping! tools, original PictureCard design, a one-click digital wallet and exceptional online customer service. NextCard was recently named a “HOT 100” company for 1999 by UPSIDE Magazine.

About The Knot

The Knot is the #1 online wedding planning resource and gift registry, offering content, commerce and community to the millions of newlyweds and to-be-weds who seek real-world wedding advice. Located on the Web at, The Knot is also the premier wedding destination on AOL (keyword: knot). In addition to being online, The Knot brand extends into the real world, including The Knot Complete Guide to Weddings in the Real World, the first in a three book series by Broadway Books; a television series on wedding planning; and a national print magazine in development. Based in New York City, The Knot is 100% free and open all night.



Major League Baseball and MasterCard announced a joint promotional program this week that celebrates the legendary baseball players of the past 100 years by giving fans the opportunity to select Major League Baseball’s ‘All-Century Team’. The ballots will be available at participating MLB stadiums, in special MasterCard advertising inserts in Sports Illustrated and TV Guide, online through MLB’s web site, and at participating Kmart stores. As part of the support program MasterCard will run a card usage sweepstakes offering fans a chance to win a “Priceless Moment” at the 1999 World Series. From Jul. 13 thru Sept. 10, consumers who use their MasterCard card will be automatically entered into the “MasterCard All-Century Team Sweepstakes.” Five winners will be randomly selected to win an all expenses paid trip for four to the 1999 World Series to sit with select living members of the ‘All-Century Team’ at a World Series Game.



Dallas-based Affiliated Computer Services signed a five year agreement with American Express yesterday to provide transaction processing for more than 400 retail-based ATMs. The agreement also includes the sale of the ATMs to American Express. Under terms of the contract ACS will provide comprehensive turnkey services to AmEX including ATM installation, driving, monitoring, and maintenance of devices; vendor management services; ATM transaction processing; cash management services, settlement transactions, and information management services. AmEx say Wednesday’s agreement represents its fifth acquisition to date and brings its network to a total of 4,035 ATMs. Since announcing in January that its ATM network had grown to nearly 3,000 machines, AmEx purchased and deployed more than 700 additional ATMs during the first and second quarters of this year. ACS provides transaction processing and services for more than 16,000 ATMs throughout the USA.


Not Worried

CheckFree said yesterday the formation of ‘The Exchange’ will have little or no impact on its business. However Wall Street reacted differently as CheckFree’s stock price slid nearly $9.00 to close at $28.75 per share. CheckFree says the three banks involved are simply creating an electronic look-up facility to connect bills with their intended recipients and are not creating a pay-anyone capability. CF also said the look-up directory that ‘The Exchange’ seeks to create mimics a function CheckFree maintains today for 21 billers distributing to consumers through 20 Web-enabled institutions. CheckFree says it understands that on the commercial side of ‘The Exchange’, banks view CheckFree as a competitor for electronic bills, and the banks did not give CheckFree any advance notice of their plans or their announcement. Nevertheless CheckFree says it is prepared to compete vigorously with anyone that attempts to sign up billers.


CyberCash CFO

CyberCash, Inc., a world leader in e-commerce technologies and services for merchants, Wednesday announced the appointment of Dennis N. Cavender to the position of chief financial officer, effective July 6. Cavender joins CyberCash from Gooitech, Inc., a wireless data communications start-up in Schaumburg, IL where he served as president, chief operating officer and chief financial officer.

“CyberCash is most fortunate to have attracted a CFO with Dennis Cavender’s broad experience and financial expertise,” said Jim Condon, president and COO, CyberCash. Condon served as CyberCash CFO before being named president and COO in January. He also has continued to perform the day-to-day duties of CFO during this period.

“Besides providing strong financial leadership for the company, Dennis will actively communicate with the financial community to make sure that analysts and investors understand the goals and objectives of CyberCash as the company continues to manage its growth,” Condon said.

In addition to positions at Gooitech, Cavender has more than 25 years of experience in senior financial management at companies, including Aksys, Ltd., a publicly traded development-stage medical device company in Lincolnshire, Illinois, and Promega Corp., a biotechnology firm in Madison, Wisconsin. He also served in management positions at Amdahl Corp., a computer company, and Syntex Corp., a pharmaceutical company, both located in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Cavender is a graduate of the University of Northern Colorado, where he received a B.S. in Accounting. He earned a M.B.A. at the University of Santa Clara.

About CyberCash, Inc.

CyberCash is a world leader in e-commerce technologies and services, enabling commerce across the entire market spectrum from electronic retailing environments to the Internet. CyberCash provides a complete line of software products and services allowing merchants, billers, financial institutions and consumers to conduct secure transactions and other e-commerce functions using the broadest array of popular payment forms. Credit, debit, purchase cards, cash, checks, smart cards and alternative payment types (e.g., “frequent buyer” or loyalty programs) are all supported by CyberCash payment solutions. Leading brands of CyberCash include InstaBuy(TM), AgileWallet(TM), ICVERIFY(R), PCVERIFY(TM), CashRegister, NetVERIFY(TM), CyberCoin(R) and PayNow(TM).


Comdata Calling Card

Comdata officials announce the formation of a strategic business alliance with Ponte Vedra, FL-based ILD Telecommunications, Inc. The agreement states that ILD will become Comdata’s pre-paid calling card and on-site technical service provider for over 500 truck stop and travel plaza customers. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

“Teaming up with a leading service provider like ILD is an excellent fit for Comdata,” said Frank Adelman, Comdata Merchant Services Senior Vice President and General Manager. “ILD’s progressive network capabilities and nationwide service organization compliments our mission to remain the trucking industry’s single source solution.”

ILD began serving the growing pre-paid phone card industry in 1997, providing a variety of private-label and branded retail vending programs and over the counter cards. As part of its agreement with Comdata, ILD will assume vending machine installations, card stock and customer relations responsibilities at each of the truck stops and travel plazas Comdata currently services.

“This will be a win-win situation for our pre-paid calling card customers and the drivers who rely on our cards,” said Adelman. “Almost immediately, you’ll see our product set grow, offering a greater value for the driver and a more competitive product for the travel plazas who sell them.”

ILD Telecommunications CEO and Chairman Michael Lewis added: “With this partnership, ILD extends its reach within the trucking industry and aligns us with a proven provider of quality services to this important market,” As the nation’s leading provider of financial and information services to the transportation industry, Comdata ( ) provides funds transfer, fuel purchase, cash advance and permit services, as well as fuel optimization and routing software to the trucking industry; point of sale and data collection services to the truck stop industry; and long-distance telecommunications to the transportation industry.

Comdata is a business unit of Minneapolis-based Ceridian Corporation (NYSE: CEN), a leading information services company that serves the human resources, transportation and electronic media markets. Ceridian’s human resources businesses include Ceridian Employer Services, a provider of human resource management systems and payroll and tax filing services, and Ceridian Performance Partners, a provider of fully integrated workplace effectiveness solutions. Ceridian’s electronic media sector includes Arbitron; an international media and marketing research firm.

ILD ( ) is a diverse, full-service facilities provider of pre-paid phone services and telecommunications outsourcing services to customers ranging from national long-distance and local phone companies to individual phone card consumers.


Talking ATMs

Wells Fargo and the California Council of the Blind announced Wednesday the first plan in the nation for developing and installing talking ATMs. The plan calls for Wells Fargo to pilot 20 talking ATMs in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles County and San Diego County. After the pilot Wells Fargo will begin to install a talking ATM at each of the more than 1,500 Wells Fargo ATM locations in California. The technology, still in development, will give voice instructions to users who cannot read information on an ATM screen, on how to deposit money, withdraw cash, transfer funds and buy stamps. The ATMs will have audio jacks to deliver voice information privately to protect the security of blind and low vision users.