Extensity Signs Sara Lee

Extensity, Inc., a leading e-business applications company, Tuesday announced that Sara Lee Corporation, a global packaged goods company with more than $20 billion in annual revenues, has chosen Extensity Expense Reports to manage and automate its business travel expense reporting processes. Sara Lee will introduce Extensity’s Web-based expense reporting solution to its North American travelers. Extensity Expense Reports is part of Extensity’s suite of e-business applications designed to help enterprise customers use the Internet to transform business processes for maximum operational efficiency and optimal financial performance.

![][1] Currently, employees use a variety of in-house and commercially available applications, as well as paper-based methods, to prepare expense reports.

Extensity Expense Reports, designed for today’s highly mobile employees, lets travelers complete expense reports using an intuitive browser-based interface that can be accessed online or offline for greater convenience. The application will integrate data feeds from the corporate charge cards issued to Sara Lee employees. This data pre-populates the expense reports with charges incurred during travel, simplifying administrative work while preventing costly errors and rework. Reports are audited automatically according to customer-specified parameters, routed to managers for approval, then fed seamlessly into the company’s existing financial systems.

“Extensity Expense Reports enables our employees to access and prepare expense reports through the network, over the Internet, or offline, and works the same way no matter how people access it,” said Patricia Comboy, project manager, Sara Lee Corporation.

Through its use of Extensity Expense Reports, Sara Lee will reduce the labor and expense associated with preparing and processing expense reports, while maintaining a low total cost of ownership through centralized administration and maintenance. Extensity’s open Web-based architecture enables Sara Lee to integrate the application easily with existing IT resources.

Said Extensity President and CEO Bob Spinner, “Sara Lee is in front of the curve of companies moving administrative tasks to the Web, helping employees be more productive. Extensity Expense Reports is built to allow businesses to leverage the power of the Internet and Internet technologies and will help Sara Lee maintain efficient and closely managed business travel practices throughout its diverse and geographically dispersed organization.”

About Sara Lee

Sara Lee Corporation is a global consumer packaged goods company with more than $20 billion in annual revenues. Its leading brands include Sara Lee, Douwe Egberts, Hillshire Farm, Hanes, Coach and Playtex.

About Extensity

Extensity is the leader in Internet applications for the e-business employee. Extensity radically transforms the way companies do business by automating everyday processes to optimize employee productivity and business results. Today Extensity addresses expense reporting, business travel, billable time capture and procurement. Established by Scopus Technology co-founder Sharam Sasson, Extensity is funded by premier venture backers including Hummer Winblad Venture Partners, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers’ Java Fund, Weiss, Peck & Greer Venture Partners, and Visa International. Extensity customers include Franklin Resources, Incyte Pharmaceuticals, Nationsbanc Montgomery Securities, RELTEC, the University of California, and the @Home Network. For more information on Extensity, go to http://www.extensity.com.

[1]: /graphic/saralee/saralee.gif


Providian Spruces-Up

In the wake of recent cardholder and shareholder lawsuits over its credit card practices and an investigation by the San Francisco District Attorney’s office, Providian announced Tuesday it is creating a public policy office. The sub-prime card specialist said it has hired Konrad Alt to serve as SVP and Chief Public Policy Officer, a newly created position. Providian says Alt will coordinate the company’s federal, state and local legislative and regulatory analysis and strategy, in addition to overseeing the company’s service, community affairs and public relations programs. Alt joins Providian Financial from World Savings Bank, where he had responsibility for budgeting and government relations. From 1989 to 1993, Alt was Counsel to the Senate Banking Committee.


NextCard Chats-Up

NextCard says it now offers live chat for online customer sales and support. At the click of a button, customers can initiate an interactive conversation with NextCard customer service representatives and get immediate answers to all their credit application or account questions. NextCard, using technology provided by LivePerson, is the first Internet credit card firm to use real-time online chat for sales and customer service. ( http://www.nextcard.com )

“The customized nature of the NextCard requires rich customer interactions,” said Tim Coltrell, chief operating officer of NextCard. “With live chat, we are now able to provide customers with an even more convenient and effective user experience. This breakthrough,” added Mr. Coltrell, “represents yet another step in NextCard’s technology strategy of ‘taking Internet innovations as they occur and transforming them into enhanced customer functionality far more rapidly than our competitors.'”

Click to Chat!

At the touch of a button, customers can connect with a NextCard representative online, without having to disconnect from their Internet connection. The real-time service enables NextCard customers to ask questions about new credit applications or existing accounts and receive answers immediately. Live chat is completely secure, compatible with any Web browser and requires no special software. NextCard representatives are available online between 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. PST to ensure the highest levels of support during this introductory period. http://www.nextcard.com/frame_contactus.html

“With the addition of live chat, NextCard customers never have to be a prisoner of telephone calls again,” said Robert LoCascio, president and CEO, LivePerson. “We’re excited that NextCard is taking advantage of our easy-to-use solution to give customers instant answers to all their questions about the NextCard Internet Visa.”

NextCard, Inc.

NextCard, Inc., creator of the First True Internet Visa, is considered the industry’s leading issuer of consumer credit on the Internet. Since its launch in December 1997, over 2 million people have applied for the NextCard Internet Visa, making it one of the premier online credit cards. NextCard continues to innovate with its Double Rewards program, GoShopping! tools, original PictureCard design, one-click digital wallet and exceptional online customer service. NextCard was recently named a “HOT 100” company for 1999 by UPSIDE Magazine.


Smart Card Loyalty

Gemplus SCA said Tuesday it is well on its way to developing strategic alliances with major card issuers to brand 100 million smart payment cards by 2002. Yesterday the company signed a market development agreement with Welcome Real-time SA, a loyalty software provider for smart cards. Gemplus says magnetic stripe credit cards, linked to a loyalty function like airline mileage programs, have long been a profitable segment for banks. Card issuers seeking to further differentiate their products now expect smart cards to open new markets, currently dominated by cash and checks, where merchants tend to use frequent customer cards that are punched or stamped at each visit. Welcome Real-time’s ‘XLS’ (eXtended Loyalty System) allows the card to store and process the electronic equivalent of punch cards, paper loyalty cards used by sandwich shops and other small retailers to encourage repeat visits. ‘XLS’ also offers the opportunity to create large-scale acceptance brands for merchant loyalty, allowing customers to know which merchants offer rewards, and merchants to know which payment cards can participate in their e-punch card loyalty program.


Gas Card Online

TX-based billserv.com, Inc. signed a major agreement with Ultramar Diamond Shamrock Corp. yesterday to provide an electronic bill presentment and payment system, enabling Diamond Shamrock customers to receive and pay their monthly gasoline credit card bills online. Diamond Shamrock currently mails about 825,000 consumer credit card statements each month and becomes billserv.com’s largest client to date. Under the agreement, billserv.com will be the exclusive provider of EBPP services to Ultramar Diamond Shamrock. billserv.com will provide end-to-end electronic billing services, which includes receiving Diamond Shamrock’s customer billing data, delivering it to electronic billing payment front ends such as CheckFree, NetDelivery and Cybercash, and then processing customer payments back to Diamond Shamrock. billserv.com will begin processing Ultramar Diamond Shamrock’s billing data following completion of a pilot program, scheduled to begin shortly. Diamond Shamrock operates about 6,000 retail locations in 18 states and six Canadian provinces and generates $11 billion in annual revenues.


BP Amoco Deal

Associates First Capital confirmed Tuesday afternoon it has completed its agreement to manage the combined proprietary credit card program of BP Amoco in the USA. The deal follows the merger of BP and Amoco in December of last year. The Associates has managed and issued Amoco’s co-branded credit card program since 1984 and purchased its proprietary oil card portfolio in September 1994. There are about 16,300 BP and Amoco branded retail stations in the USA and roughly 12,000 additional retail locations worldwide. According to CardData (www.carddata.com) Associates has about $5.8 billion in bank credit card receivables and $4.5 billion in private label card receivables at the end of the first quarter 1999.


Sub-Prime Bank

MD-based Creditrust Corp. said yesterday it has decided to renew its efforts to obtain a national bank charter for Creditrust National Bank, NA, to be located in Delaware. The collection firm said due diligence in its efforts to acquire United Credit Card Bank, N.A. led Creditrust to the conclusion that this independent charter application would result in a much more timely and cost effective way to obtain a charter. Creditrust says it intends to leverage its extensive database of detailed information on its 1.7 million customers nationwide. The company intends to model and apply this information to market additional products, such as VISA and MasterCards to specifically targeted market segments.


Fee Driver

Cardholder fee income continues to outpace interest income in annual growth according to final figures compiled by CardData (www.carddata.com). Based year-end 1998 data, cardholder fee income grew three times more than interest income last year. Over the past five years, cardholder fee income surged by nearly 160%, from $7.3 billion in 1994 to $18.9 billion in 1998. Meanwhile cardholder interest revenues grew 67% over the same period, from $34.8 billion to $58.1 billion. Late payment fees and over-limit fees have been the driving force in the increased fee income. Since 1994, late fees and over-limit fees have doubled in actual dollar averages. Late fees averaged $11.97 in the summer of 1994 and hit $24.02 this summer. Over-limit fees have grown from an average of $12.57 in June of 1994 to $23.44 for June 1999. Additionally most major issuers have reduced the late payment grace period from 14 days to 0 days. Five years ago about 70% of the industry imposed late fees and over-limit fees. Today more than 90% of the industry charges late fees and about 85% charge over-limit fees.

1998: $18.9B (+28.0%) 1998: $58.1B (+9.4%)
1997: $14.8B (+48.0%) 1997: $53.1B (+1.5%)
1996: $10.0B (+20.5%) 1996: $52.3B (+23.9%)
1995: $ 8.3B (+13.7%) 1995: $42.2B (+21.3%)
1994: $ 7.3B NA 1994: $34.8B NA

Source: CardData (www.carddata.com)


Bull CC 200 Plus Certified

Bull and Proton World have announced that Proton World has certified the CC 200 Plus card, the latest in the Cash Card range from Bull, world leader in the field of the e-purse. The CC 200 Plus incorporates all Bull’s know-how in terms of security and can be used for a variety of other applications. It provides a processing speed in the region of 115,200 bits per second, 12 times faster than that of previous smart cards.

“Proton e-purse technology is the most widely-used smart card technology in the world,” said David Levy, managing director of Bull Smart Cards & Terminals. “With the CC Cash Card range, Bull has made it possible for banks to fully adapt to the needs of their customers at optimal cost. As the first and largest supplier of this technology, since 1995, Bull offers a very diversified and flexible range of products. The Proton experience with which Bull provides its customers is unique in today’s market.”

“Electronic payment card issuers demand a high level of security and flexibility, which is why Proton World has already had a great deal of success throughout the world,” said Armand Linkens, managing director of Proton World. “It is continuing to expand its licensee network by offering smart card solutions that satisfy the needs of all sorts of licensees. We are pleased to add Bull’s new card to our existing range of ‘new generation’ Proton cards.”

The CC 200 Plus card completes a range of smart cards that are fully compliant with Proton technology and used by more than 500 issuers throughout the world:

–CC 1000 — top end multi-application card. In the Netherlands, the CC 1000 is used as an e-purse, loyalty card and for a variety of other applications by 15 million users of the “Chipknip” cards issued by Interpay Nederland, a Proton World licensee.

–CC Duo — Contact/contactless card, launched last year, which combines the advantages of both Proton and contactless technologies.

The CC 200 Plus is fully compliant with Proton R3.1 specifications. Files are managed according to the rules defined by EMV 96 (Europay-Mastercard-VISA). All members of Bull’s CC card family are accepted in existing terminals without the need for any modifications.

Renewed Customer Trust

A large number of banks, particularly in Belgium, Sweden and Mexico, have already renewed their trust in Bull by ordering the CC 200 Plus, thus confirming their confidence both in Proton technology and in Bull’s CC Cash Cards used in national scale roll-outs in Australia, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Sweden.

Maximum Security

Using its unrivalled experience in the banking sector, Bull has incorporated its most recent security research into the CC 200 Plus. The CC 200 Plus records the complete history of the card’s content-sensitive access operations in order to detect any possible attempts at fraud.

Powerful and Multi-functional

With 2 KB of memory, the CC 200 Plus is the ideal platform for additional applications such as customer loyalty schemes, transport ticketing, telephone services, security access and payment over the Internet. Apart from its memory capacity, there are no limits as to the number of applications that can be loaded.

With an operating speed of 115,200 bits per second, the CC 200 Plus can be used easily to encrypt and decrypt data for secure messaging. Finally, the CC 200 Plus makes it possible for merchants to load new applications directly at the point of sale (i.e., “dynamic” loading).

Acknowledgement of the Cash Cards Range

Bull’s CC range received the European Information Technologies Prize in 1997. Awarded by the European Commission, this prize is a recognition of technological innovation in response to market requirements.

About Proton World

PROTON WORLD was created by major smart card players (American Express, Banksys, ERG, Interpay and Visa International) to give a boost to common smart card and electronic purse standards. Proton World is a high-technology company that delivers global smart card solutions worldwide. It continues the development and licensing of Proton smart card applications, which have already been licensed in 16 countries.

The Proton technology is the most broadly implemented in national roll-outs and is the most actively used worldwide. The Proton-based smart card schemes have together performed more than 92 million purse transactions since they have been introduced. It also has the largest acceptance base, with more than 247,000 terminals.

Multiple applications are available today on the Proton platform, including electronic commerce, access control, loyalty schemes, telecommunications services, mass transit, university campus cards etc.

Proton will support a variety of technologies and specifications to deliver open, interoperable and global smart card solutions. It will support and implement the Common Electronic Purse Specifications (CEPS) to ensure interoperability of electronic purse schemes worldwide.

For more information, please visit www.protonworld.com.

About Bull Smart Cards & Terminals

Bull Smart Cards & Terminals is the industry leader in the field of secured financial transactions. Bull designs, develops and markets global smart card solutions for financial, loyalty, transport, telecommunications, healthcare and other applications. Products include contact-contactless cards plus a full range of general purpose and EFT/POS terminals (in partnership with Ingenico), automated teller machines, as well as associated software and services.

Bull Smart Cards & Terminals is the acknowledged industry leader in research, development and security related to smart cards and related terminals. The company is also the worldwide leader in electronic purse cards. Since inventing the microprocessor smart card in 1976, Bull has obtained more than 1,200 patents in the field, and has received certification for smart card security that is the highest level ever achieved by a smart card.

In 1998, Bull Smart Cards & Terminals earned revenues of $210 million. Through the Bull international network, the division achieves 80 percent of its revenue outside France.



IC One, Inc., a Delaware corporation based in Salt Lake City, Utah and SCHIMATIC Cash Transactions Network.com, Inc., a Florida corporation based in Los Angeles, CA, also known as SCHIMATIC Technologies, Inc. Tuesday announced a merger of the two companies. The new company will maintain SCTN’s stock symbol and name until closing of the transaction on July 12th, 1999. At that time, the new company will retain the name IC One, Inc.

IC One, Inc. has long been a leader in integrated smart-card loyalty and fundraising solutions. SCTN is developing a multi-language touch screen, Internet enabled system of kiosks which provide a multitude of services including cash wire transfers to other kiosks or approved agents worldwide, currency exchange, ATM services, online shopping featuring 3-D Preview Marketing(TM) and virtual tours, e-mail and video conferencing services purchased with cash, credit cards or smart cards. With worldwide connectivity and electronic commerce breaking through traditional retail barriers, IC One, Inc. and its customers will profit from the new retail paradigm.

IC One offers smart-card solutions based on a unique loyalty patent, and fundraising opportunities for schools and non-profit organizations both in the traditional retail marketplace and on the Internet. With this merger, IC One will immediately become one of the chief private-sector-based public fundraisers in the United States, based on the existing success of the IC Kids Card(TM), now in its second year of deployment in Utah.

IC One’s President, A.D. (Skip) Bennett, will remain as President of the new company. Mr. Bennett commented, “We saw a great chance to extend our marketing base while giving our shareholders an immediate public footprint. The combination of our forces had too much upside for us to pass on the deal.” David Simon, Chairman and CEO of SCTN will accept the responsibility as Senior Vice President of Technology, reporting to Mr. Bennett. “On the eve of the new millennium,” Mr. Simon said, “IC One offers an unparalleled opportunity to capitalize on the convergence of proven technology and global consumer acceptance.” Mr. Simon will also move to a seat on the Board of Directors of IC One, Inc.


Mellon in NACHA Debit Pilot

Mellon Global Cash Management Tuesday announced it will participate in a nine-month pilot sponsored by the National Automated Clearing House Association that will allow participating companies to more easily obtain customer authorization to debit accounts.

Beginning Thursday, July 1, 1999, the pilot allows companies to obtain authorization for nonrecurring debits via the telephone, as long as the call is recorded or written confirmation is promptly mailed to the consumer. Currently, consumers must sign and return authorization documents before companies can originate a debit to an account.

“The NACHA pilot provides an opportunity to streamline the consumer payment collection process, significantly reducing authorization time and increasing the number of collections that can be handled via ACH,” said Robert W. Stasik, executive vice president and head of Mellon Global Cash Management. “We look forward to using this pilot as a tool to better serve our customers.”

“The pilot provides ACH originators with expanded opportunities that currently may be unavailable to them because of authorization requirements,” said William Nelson, executive vice president of NACHA. “The procedure allows participating banks to process ACH debit transactions in a controlled environment that preserves consumer confidence.”

Several customers have already enrolled in the pilot with Mellon and many others currently are finalizing their decision. While the pilot can be useful for many types of companies, it offers the greatest advantage to those with sales and collections functions serving consumers via the telephone. Participating companies can begin obtaining consumer payment authorization on July 1, and companies wishing to sign up with a pilot bank, such as Mellon, can do so until July 29, 1999, at which time enrollment will be closed for the duration of the pilot.

Mellon Global Cash Management, an industry leader known for its innovation and expertise, designs complete solutions through its comprehensive line of cash management services to meet the specialized treasury needs of middle market to large multinational corporations, government agencies, nonprofit organizations and financial institutions.

A broad-based financial services company with a bank at its core, Mellon Bank Corporation (NYSE: MEL) ranks among the nation’s largest financial services companies in market capitalization. With more than $2.3 trillion in assets under management, administration or custody, including more than $400 billion under management, Mellon provides a full range of banking, investment and trust products and services to individuals and small, midsize and large businesses and institutions. Its mutual fund companies, The Dreyfus Corporation and Founders Asset Management in the United States, and Newton Management Limited in the United Kingdom, place Mellon as one of the world’s leading managers of mutual funds. Mellon also is a global leader in benefits consulting through its Buck Consultants, Inc., subsidiary in New York. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Mellon’s principal subsidiary is Mellon Bank, N.A.


ATS Signs Tops

ATS Money Systems, Inc., announced Tuesday it has entered into a contract with Tops Markets, Division of Ahold USA, to provide its grocery stores with the ATS-601 Electronic Coin & Currency Counter. The “mini-settlement system” is expected to result in labor savings and reduced counting errors. The total amount of the contract is in excess of $130,000. Rollout of the ATS-601 is currently underway.

Tops Markets, headquartered in Williamsville, New York, is one of the Divisions of Ahold USA, the American Division of Royal Ahold, one of the world’s largest food retailers. Tops Markets operates about 240 stores in New York and Ohio. Mr. James H. Halpin, Executive Vice President of ATS Money Systems, Inc., commented, “We are encouraged about the continued acceptance of the ATS-601 Electronic Counting Scale in the supermarket and other retail markets. We are delighted to add Tops Markets as an ATS client and are excited about the potential for the use of our electronic counting and check encoding technology in the supermarket industry.”

The ATS-601 has been installed in other companies such as: Wendy’s, White Castle, Nash Finch Company, Musicland, Arby’s, Ames Department Stores, T. J. Maxx, Carson Pirie Scott & Co., Pilot Corporation and The Kroger Company.

ATS Money Systems, Inc., is engaged in the development, sales and service of currency counting systems running on DOS, UNIX, Windows 95 and Windows NT platforms for department and chain store cash offices. Its wholly owned subsidiary, Innovative Electronics, Inc., is a major supplier to the retail marketplace, providing an end-to-end solution that integrates point-of-sale, in-store processing and host applications in a distributed computing network.

Statements made in this Press Release, other than those concerning historical financial information, should be considered forward-looking and subject to various risks and uncertainties. Such forward-looking statements are made based on management’s belief as well as assumptions made by and information currently available to, management pursuant to the “safe harbor” provision of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. The Company’s actual results could differ materially from those expressed in or implied by such forward-looking statements as a result of a variety of factors, including, among others, those identified in the Company’s Annual Report on Form 10-KSB for the fiscal year ended December 31, 1998. A copy of such Annual Report is obtainable from the EDGAR database Internet web site maintained by the Securities and Exchange Commission at http://www.sec.gov/edgarhp.htm. Additional factors that could cause or contribute to such differences include general economic conditions, economic conditions in the industries in which the Company’s customers compete, a determination by the Company’s customers to prolong the test cycles of the Company’s equipment, software and software support services and a determination by the Company’s customers to modify or change their underlying computer and cash reporting systems. The Company undertakes no obligation to release publicly the results of any revisions to its forward-looking statements that maybe made in this Press Release to reflect events or circumstances occurring after the date of this Press Release or to reflect the occurrence of other unanticipated events.