First Data’s Western Union Commercial Services is introducing this week ‘Western Union SwiftPay’. The new service is a card-based payment solution that facilitates consumer pre-payment for any services or products where pre-payment is a requirement or an option. The card program is especially suited for local dial tone and cellular phone service, insurance premiums, gas and electric utilities, and Internet services. Consumers using ‘Western Union SwiftPay’ are issued a card, which can be used to make a simple remittance for pre-paid services, when presented at any of Western Union’s U.S. agent locations with their cash payment of up to 200 dollars for a $6.00 fee.The ‘SwiftPay’ service will initially be offered to consumers at 7,853 Western Union agent locations in 10 states and will become available to all 26,000 Western Union locations by the end of 2Q/00. The company said this morning it has already signed its first ‘SwiftPay’ client, Boston Communications Group Inc.


Chase 3Q/99

The third quarter was essentially flat for Chase Manhattan as the issuer’s account base shrinks but receivables and volume held steady. According to data gathered by CardData (www.carddata.com), Chase’s account base declined by 100,000 gross accounts and 200,000 active accounts during the third quarter. Receivables logged in at $32.2 billion, the same as 2Q/99 and 4Q/98. However chargeoffs and delinquencies improved. Net chargeoffs, as percentage of average receivables, declined from 6.19% one year ago to 5.53% for 3Q/99. Delinquency (90+ day) also decreased to 1.80% for 3Q/99 from 2.14% for 3Q/98. For more current and historical data on Chase Manhattan’s credit card portfolio visit CardData ([www.carddata.com][1]).


3Q/99 2Q/99 4Q/98
Recv: $32.2b $32.2b $32.2b
Q-Vol: $13.4b $13.7b $13.1b
Accts: 20.2m 20.3m 21.0m
Actives: 12.4m 12.6m 12.8m
Cards: 28.3m 28.4m 29.0m

Source: CardData (www.carddata.com)

[1]: http://www.carddata.com


eBay VISA – Top Ad

The following Internet audience and advertising information is from Nielsen//NetRatings, the Internet measurement service from Nielsen Media Research and NetRatings, Inc.

The information includes: Top 25 Web Properties, Top 10 Internet Advertisers, Top 10 Ad Banners and Average Internet Usage statistics for the week ending October 24, 1999.

Noteworthy this week: — The active Internet universe (those who actually
increased 4.3% this week, growing from 47.7 million users to 49.8
million surfers. — The top site this week for females was iVillage’s
health site,
AllHealth.com. Of those Web surfers visiting the site, 92.3% of
them were female. The top site for males was NetTaxi.com, an
online community. Men accounted for 91.0% of those visiting the
site. — No. 1 clicked-on ad banner with an 8.7% click rate was Direct
Hit’s ad, which was advertised solely on Netscape.com’s home
page. Direct Hit is a search engine.

Nielsen//NetRatings: Top 25 Web Sites by Property
October 18-24, 1999
Ranking of the Most Visited Web Properties

Property (Ticker Symbol) Unique Audience Time Per
(000) Person
1. AOL Websites (NYSE:AOL) 21,676 0:09:22
2. Yahoo! (NASDAQ:YHOO) 19,622 0:25:47
3. MSN (NASDAQ:MSFT) 12,711 0:18:21
4. Lycos Network (NASDAQ:LCOS) 10,167 0:07:38
5. GO Network (NASDAQ:SEEK) 7,063 0:13:48
6. Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) 5,559 0:06:45
7. Excite@Home (NASDAQ:ATHM) 5,170 0:15:31
8. Time Warner (NYSE:TWX) 3,770 0:08:34
9. AltaVista (NASDAQ:CMGI) 3,578 0:05:40
10. eBay (NASDAQ:EBAY) 3,347 0:58:33
11. Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) 3,266 0:07:46
12. Blue Mt. Arts 3,146 0:09:42
13. Go2net Network (NASDAQ:GNET) 2,483 0:06:41
14. Snap 2,365 0:07:26
15. Xoom (NASDAQ:XMCM) 2,116 0:06:24
16. LookSmart (NASDAQ:LOOK) 2,110 0:05:58
17. CNET (NASDAQ:CNET) 2,103 0:06:17
18. ZDNet (NYSE:ZDZ) 1,903 0:07:44
19. About.com (NASDAQ:BOUT) 1,737 0:06:04
20. AT&T (NYSE:T) 1,655 0:08:44
21. Real Networks (NASDAQ:RNWK) 1,621 0:04:23
22. CBS Sportsline (NASDAQ:SPLN) 1,609 0:11:42
23. GoTo.com (NASDAQ:GOTO) 1,511 0:02:24
24. American Greetings (NYSE:AM) 1,486 0:06:14
25. CNN (NYSE:TWX) 1,449 0:10:43

Example: The data indicate that approximately 1.5 million home
Internet users visited at least one of the American Greetings-owned
sites during the week, and each person spent, on average, a total of
six minutes and 14 seconds at one or more of their sites.
Notes: Rankings are based on audience measurement of people who
have access to the Internet from home. A property is defined as a
consolidation of multiple domains and URLs owned by a single entity.
Reach is a measure of the unduplicated audience that visits a
property. The data are expressed as the percent of the total universe
of Internet users who logged onto the Internet at least once during
the reporting period.

Nielsen//NetRatings: Top Ten Advertisers
October 18-24, 1999

Top advertisers, ranked by banner impressions, are based on data
from BannerTrack(SM), Nielsen//NetRatings’ syndicated advertising
research report. An impression is counted each time an ad banner is
fully loaded onto a user’s screen.

Advertiser(a) Impressions (000) Reach %
1. TRUSTe 278,828 13.5
2. Microsoft 102,335 24.6
3. Yahoo! 66,123 18.8
4. Amazon 57,874 19.6
5. Next Card (NASDAQ: NXCD) 38,814 13.7
6. TD Waterhouse (NYSE: TWE) 38,748 3.4
7. E*TRADE (NASDAQ: EGRP) 36,973 7.4
8. Wingspan Bank 34,734 15.2
9. America Online 33,059 12.8
10. SexTracker 29,769 3.8

(a) Impressions reported include house ads, which are ads that run on
an advertiser’s own web property.

Example: An estimated 33.1 million America Online ad banners were
completely loaded on users’ computers during the surfing week. These
banners were delivered to 12.8% or 6.4 million home Internet users.

Nielsen//NetRatings: Top Ten Ad Banners Viewed
October 18-24, 1999

Top Banners, ranked according to reach percent, are cited from
BannerTrack(SM), Nielsen//NetRatings’ syndicated ad research service.

Advertiser(a) Reach % Creative
1. Wingspan Bank 4.0 Clue: If your bank could start
over, this is what it would be.
2. KB Kids 3.9 Win a Maiden Voyage for Four!
Click Here! KB Kids
3. Lowestfare 3.8 Lowestfare.com. So You wanna
Discount or what?
4. Lowestfare 3.7 You want cheap and easy? Get it
with LowestFare! Save 25% on a
5. KB Kids 3.7 Win a Maiden Voyage for Four!
Click Here! KB Kids
6. Sprint (NYSE:FON) 3.5 The point of contact. Sprint.
7. Bonzi Software 3.4 Speed Up Internet Connection
8. PageNet (NASDAQ:PAGE) 3.4 You@airport.com. PageNet.
9. Wingspan Bank 3.3 WingspanBank.com. The competition
just doesn’t fly.
10. eBay/First USA 3.3 eBay Visa; Apply now!

(a) Ad banners that run predominantly on an advertiser’s own property
or house ads are not included in the above.

Nielsen//NetRatings: Average Internet Usage
October 18-24, 1999

Data below represent activity for the average Internet user
during the designated weekly period.
Current Week Last Week Change
Number of Sessions per Week 5 6 -16.7
Number of Unique Sites Visited 6 6 0.0
Page Views per Week 166 173 -4.1
Page Views per Surfing Session 31 31 0.0
Time Spent per Week 2: 37: 26 2: 42: 57 -3.4
Time Spent per Surfing Session 0: 29: 14 0: 29: 19 -0.3
Duration of a Page Viewed 0: 00: 57 0: 00: 57 0.0
Average Click Rate for
Top Banners 0.39 0.36 +8.3
Active Internet Universe
(actually surfed) 49.8 million 47.7 million +4.3
Current Internet
Universe Estimate (had
access, but did not
necessarily go online 113.6 million 13.1 million +0.4

Nielsen//NetRatings, the audience measurement service from Nielsen Media Research and NetRatings, Inc., collects data from more than 36,000 panelists as they surf the Web at home. The Nielsen//NetRatings panel is the largest media research sample of at-home Internet users currently being measured in real time. Nielsen//NetRatings uses unique technology capable of measuring both Internet use and advertising to provide the most timely, accurate and comprehensive Internet usage data and advertising information in the industry. For more information, please visit [www.nielsen-netratings.com][1].

[1]: http://www.nielsen-netratings.com/


eFunds Corp

eFunds, a business unit of Deluxe Corporation, announced that it has renamed Deluxe Electronic Payment Systems, Inc., as eFunds Corporation and has completed several key steps necessary to launch eFunds as an integrated electronic payment business.

“Today marks a key point in the progress eFunds has made since April 22, when Deluxe announced it would combine six previously separate businesses into a new electronic payment and electronic commerce powerhouse,” said Debra Janssen, president and CEO of eFunds. “Among other things, we have established a common sales, marketing, product management, information technology and administrative team to guide eFunds in accomplishing its goal of becoming a leading provider of electronic payment solutions. eFunds is a great name representing the great opportunity we have in the world of electronic payments and payment management.”

The building blocks of eFunds eFunds combines:

* DEPS, one of the nation’s leading third-party processors for electronic payments;

* DebitBureauSM, a unique decision-support capability and the most comprehensive source of debit data available;

* Chex Systems, Inc., the nation’s leading applicant verification network for financial services companies;

* Deluxe Payment Protection Systems, Inc., which provides SCANSM, the nation’s leading check authorization network serving retailers;

* an electronic check conversion business, which converts paper checks into electronic transactions at the point of sale;

* and Deluxe Data International, Ltd., the international affiliate of Deluxe Electronic Payment Systems, which provides EFT processing software, middleware and home banking solutions to financial institutions outside the United States and Canada.

Opportunity from combined strengths

eFunds’ payment processing and information strengths are already resulting in products and services that can help financial services companies and retailers manage, secure, and process debit transactions, while helping them fight fraud, manage risk, and maximize their opportunities with consumers. In addition to financial services companies and retailers, eFunds’ markets include electronic funds transfer networks and emerging opportunities with insurance companies, brokerages, telecommunications companies, utilities, and electronic commerce merchants and businesses. eFunds’ capabilities extend from traditional payment systems like the automated clearing house to the Internet and other e-commerce applications. For e-commerce, one of eFunds’ goals is to help make debit payments – which are under-represented on the Internet as a payment option for consumers and merchants – safe, easy to use, and widespread.

“We can help merchants and financial services companies at every step of an electronic debit transaction – from fighting fraud and verifying a payer’s identity when a payment is tendered, to processing the transactions, to actually moving the money,” Janssen said. “What sets us apart is our transaction processing strengths combined with our robust data sources and data analysis capabilities that result in payment management solutions that we can provide to our customers.”

About eFunds

eFunds provides leading electronic payments solutions, helping financial services companies and retailers manage, secure and process debit-related transactions while minimizing risk and optimizing customer opportunity. End-to-end solutions include customer and identity verification; and transaction authorization, capture, conversion, processing and settlement.

About Deluxe

Deluxe is a holding company composed of four business units: eFunds, Deluxe Paper Payment Systems, iDLX Technology Partners and Deluxe Government Services. Deluxe is a Fortune 1,000 company headquartered in St. Paul, Minn. It was founded in 1915.


Aero Corp VISA

Corporate credit cards offering frequent flyer miles have spread north as Canada’s CIBC unveils this week the new ‘CIBC AeroCorporate VISA’. Under the program cardholders earn one ‘Aeroplan’ mile for every two dollars spent for eligible travel and entertainment expenses. These miles can be redeemed for free travel on Air Canada and its airline partners. The annual fee for the ‘CIBC AeroCorporate Card’ is $60. Companies may select a card without the air miles program for an annual fee of $30. Aeroplan is Canada’s leading frequent flyer program with more than 4 million members. The program offers free travel to destinations served by Air Canada, its regional airlines and its worldwide partner airlines via the Star Alliance. CIBC offers VISA cards in ten flavors including: Aerogold, Purchasing, Gold, Vacation Gold, Classic, Dividend, Dividend Platinum, Select, Club Z and U.S. Dollar.


Euronet Expansion

Europe’s largest independent ATM network, Euronet, has quietly penetrated the U.K. market. The company’s success throughout Europe has spawned at least six more independent competitors. In the U.K. Euronet began installing ATMs ten months ago in cooperation with the British bank Woolwich plc. Since then, Euronet has installed over 130 ATMs throughout the country. The firm confirmed this morning it has signed an agreement with a second U.K. bank sponsor, Northern Rock, and has begun installing ATMs under the Northern Rock name as well. The U.K. is a key part of Euronet’s pan-European network because of the already high usage of ATMs in Britain and the introduction of surcharging for cash withdrawals. Euronet’s network is comprised of 1,700 ATMs in 7 countries, including Hungary, Poland, Germany, Croatia, the Czech Republic, France and the U.K.


FDR Gets Egg

First Data’s U.K. subsidiary, FDR Limited, has signed a long-term contract with Egg, Britain’s first Internet bank. FDRL will provide several new Internet card-based products, including Egg’s new credit card launched in September. Egg, a direct division of Prudential-Banking Plc, launched in October 1998, offers customers a range of products including deposit accounts, mortgages and personal loans. Since its launch, Egg has amassed 600,000 customers and 6.7 billion pounds in funds under management. Egg ‘s Internet credit card offers a 9.9% APR and up to 2% rebates on online purchases.


FDR Consumer Loan Processing

First Data Resources, a subsidiary of First Data Corp. announced it will expand into the consumer loan processing market through a licensing agreement for SuperSolutions Corp.’s Daybreak -The Big PictureT application software.

First Data Resources, the leading provider of card transaction processing and card portfolio management services for credit, debit, commercial, oil and private-label card issuers, and SuperSolutions, an enterprise-wide solutions software developer, agreed that First Data may use the software to provide consumer loan processing services. The agreement also includes a minority equity investment in SuperSolutions by First Data.

Daybreak – The Big PictureT is a relational data-base management system with a graphical user interface for consumer lending, including automobile, recreational vehicles, boats, motorcycles, home improvement, and specialty finance requests. SuperSolutions will add line-of-credit and home-equity loan functions to its software, allowing full integration of a wide variety of loan portfolios.

“Combining a unique consumer lending application with our card processing expertise is a natural step for us to take as lenders look for a one-stop solution for their loan servicing needs,” said David P. Bailis, executive vice president of First Data Corp. and head of its worldwide card issuing operation. “Delivering a complete loan processing package through a service bureau gives our clients a new, dynamic option for managing their loan products.”

The software gives First Data a completely integrated product line, including loan origination, loan servicing, collections and securitization and offers clients a flexible client server environment. The product line will be available in 1Q 2000. “This allows First Data to enter the market quickly with a completely integrated product,” Bailis said.

“This relationship does many positive things for our company as well,” said Darshan Karki, president and chief executive officer of SuperSolutions Corp. “Adding additional functionality to the software for First Data will also make it more attractive to other customers. It gives us more penetration in the market, and the First Data Resources agreement is a strong endorsement of our loan-portfolio management solution. We expect to increase the size of our operation as a result.”

The new package of consumer loan services also fits strategically with First Data’s objective of working with its clients to enable them to take advantage of opportunities provided by the Internet.

“Since the newest version of the software is Web-enabled, it fits well with our e-commerce commitment to our clients. Integrating this functionality with our card transaction and portfolio management solutions allows us to offer a complete service bureau solution,” Bailis said.

First Data Resources processes transactions for more than 260 million card accounts around the world. Based in Omaha, Neb., First Data Resources is the leading global provider of card transaction processing and card portfolio management solutions that enable credit, debit, commercial, oil and private label card issuers to enhance their portfolio growth, increase market share, reduce risk and improve profitability.

Atlanta-based First Data Corp. (NYSE: FDC) helps move the world’s money. As the leader in electronic commerce and payment services, First Data serves more than two million merchant locations, 1,400 card issuers and millions of consumers, making it easier, faster and more secure for people and businesses to buy goods and services. For more information, please visit the company’s web site at [www.firstdatacorp.com][1].

Based in Eden Prairie, Minn., SuperSolutions develops enterprise-wide software applications for both the Internet and traditional platforms.

[1]: http://www.firstdatacorp.com/


Mondex Scores

The Australian government announced early this morning it has selected ‘MULTOS’ as the standard operating platform for multiple application smartcards. ‘MULTOS’ was in fierce competition with Microsoft and Sun Microsystems and won out primarily because it is the only system that can prove its security. In addition, ‘MULTOS’ is well supported by Australian industry and was seen as the most privacy friendly. ‘MULTOS’ was recently awarded the highest level of security compliance with the ‘ITSEC E6 Certificate’. The ACT government also said this morning it wanted an open system which would let different organizations develop their own applications but share a card with others. The Australian government provides services to 8-10 million Australians and it is envisioned that the majority of these will now migrate to ‘MULTOS’ smart cards.


3Q/99 Update

Bank One/First USA declined by more than one million cardholders during the third quarter according to data gathered by CardData. CT-based People’s Bank had a relatively flat quarter, adding less than 20,000 accounts. For more 3Q/99 details on Bank One/First USA and People’s Bank, visit CardData ([www.carddata.com][1]).


3Q/99 2Q/99
RECV $69,990,000,000 $68,981,000,000
Q VOL $29,577,300,000 $28,712,300,000
CARDS 64,523,000 65,620,000
Source: CardData


3Q/99 2Q/99
RECV $3,624,802,332 $3,644,068,362
Q VOL $1,812,545,349 $1,856,407,999
ACCTS 2,821,093 2,805,674
ACTIVES 2,086,078 2,040,241
CARDS 3,279,043 3,307,223

Source: CardData (www.carddata.com)

[1]: http://www.carddata.com


Diebold ATM

Diebold revealed Thursday it has added the ‘AllBrite PanoBrite’ sunlight-viewable LCD display as an option on its ‘ix Series’ ATMs. The large display will improve readability and add impact to the advertising, promotional messages, and other color graphics presented on Diebold ATMs.The new sunlight-viewable color monitor is available on all Diebold ‘ix Series’ ATMs that support a 15-inch monitor. Diebold also introduced new design and color enhancements for its ‘1064ix’ cash dispenser yesterday. Diebold says cash dispenser deployers seeking to build brand awareness can select the ‘1064ix’ in colors that will complement their logos or color schemes to promote visibility and customer loyalty. The new sunlight-viewable LCD display and the re-designed ‘1064ix’ will be available in the first quarter.



NCR yesterday launched a complete standards-based family of software solutions for ATMs. With NCR ‘APTRA’, companies can more rapidly develop and use business applications across multiple electronic channels through Web-enabled ATMs. The new software allows financial institutions to link all aspects of the transaction cycle, from gathering information at the ATM to delivering back customized messages to the consumer. ‘APTRA Edge’ is an open architecture and a comprehensive set of components supporting a fully integrated Web-enabled application. ‘APTRA NDC’ is a plug and play application, which emulates the legacy NCR application currently running on OS2. ‘APTRA Studio’ is an NT based workbench that allows the novice to define, build, edit and deploy targeted marketing, advertising, and survey campaigns for ATMs. ‘APTRA Link’ is an NT server-based tool used to download files to ATMs. It can track, inquire, and report status and fault management via the electronic journal feature.