Adams Re-Joins AMS

American Management Systems announced Tuesday that Paul E. Adams re-joined the company as vice president of strategic business ventures within the Consumer Financial Services Group. In this capacity, Mr. Adams will develop new ventures and opportunities synergistic with the group’s focuses in customer relationship management, electronic commerce and consumer credit management, as well as develop wholly new targets of opportunity.

“In the last two years, we have successfully launched several new ventures and partnerships, strongly positioning AMS in new growth areas in financial services such as the ASP market,” said Sandra L. Devine, general manager of the firm’s Consumer Financial Services group. “We have an explosion of ideas in incubation stages, and Paul’s leadership and forward thinking perspective will enable us to rapidly get the best of these new ventures to market.”

One of Mr. Adams’ initial focuses will be to expand AMS’s leadership in the area of online consumer credit. “The financial services industry is poised for explosive growth in the area of interactive credit,” said Mr. Adams. “AMS has already made great strides in meeting these new demands for its clients and has strategic partnerships in place to capitalize on this trend. This, coupled with the terrific team AMS has in place, made the decision to return to the company an exciting one.”

Mr. Adams has more than 20 years of experience in the financial services industry. He first joined AMS in 1987, where he focused his business development efforts on the company’s strategic clients and was instrumental in building AMS’s Credit Risk Management Practice. Most recently, Mr. Adams was Director of Sales and Marketing with Affinity Technology Group, Inc. Prior to joining AMS, Mr. Adams led the sales efforts for automated credit systems at the Fair, Isaac Companies. Mr. Adams is a frequent speaker at industry conferences on the subject of credit management and the application of new technologies.

About AMS

AMS is an international business and information technology consulting firm — one of the 20 largest such firms worldwide. AMS is the premier provider of next generation enterprise business and technology solutions that dramatically improve business performance and create value for clients. AMS’s suite of eBusiness strategy, management and technology services make business reinvention possible in Internet time for large organizations. Founded in 1970, AMS is headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia, with over 8,000 employees and 57 offices worldwide. AMS had 1998 revenues of $1.06 billion, with eBusiness- related revenues representing 20%, an increase of almost 150% over 1997. Forbes magazine ranked AMS among the best-performing big companies in the U.S. in their “Best of the Biggest,” and FORTUNE magazine placed AMS on its list of the “100 Best Companies to Work for in America” in 1999.

AMS is traded in the Nasdaq over-the-counter market under the symbol AMSY. AMS can be found on the World Wide Web at



National InterBank began full operation of its online, Internet-based consumer bank yesterday. The new Internet bank offers no-fee banking which includes no-fee interest checking accounts, no-fee Money Market savings accounts, free online bill payment services and a no-annual-fee credit card. Additionally, the bank provides free ATM/Debit card replacement, free cashier checks, free stop payments, and free account research services, such as past statement reprints and copies of cleared checks. National InterBank also reimburses customers $6 per month for fees incurred during any ATM transaction.


Hitachi Employee ID Cards

Mondex International announced Tuesday that the Japan Mondex Consortium has joined forces with Hitachi Limited to carry out a corporate campus project, rolling out thousands of MULTOS cards to the employees of Hitachi System Plaza Shinkawasaki in Kawasaki City. The Employee ID Card system is a card that acts as a staff ID and payment card, and has been on limited trial within Hitachi’s company complex since April last year. The cards are being issued by Hitachi Credit Ltd. The aim of the cards is to regulate company infrastructure and to enable employees to make cash-less payments within the facility.

The new Hitachi Employee ID Card System will mark the first phase of the full-scale launch of the Hitachi Employee ID Card System and the first large-scale deployment of Mondex cards in Japan. This initial phase will include up to 100,000 users within the Hitachi Group, and this figure is expected to grow to approximately 300,000 users in the near future.

Like the trial cards, the new MULTOS cards will be used for Mondex electronic cash and also for other functions such as employee ID. There are plans to introduce a building access function by April of this year that utilises the Mifare contactless module of the cards. Employees may also soon be able to make use of the secure sockets layer (SSL) encryption function for the secure transmission and authorisation of information.

“This initial implementation is known as the ‘Hitachi Core Project’, and it represents the first major deployment of Mondex in Japan,” said Yuko Ochi, Mondex International. “This is a very exciting development for Mondex, and we expect to see many other multi-application projects launching in Japan in the near future.”

MXJ was launched last October to encourage the spread of Mondex electronic cash and MULTOS in Japan. At of the start of this year, the list of member companies participating in the Consortium reached 134. MXJ is seeking to make Mondex the de facto standard for smart card payment functions in Japan by working with Japan’s key manufacturers and service providers.

“We plan to introduce the Mondex application system in other companies of the Hitachi group in the future,” said Mr. R Satoh, Hitachi Ltd. “Through the knowledge we gain from our own Employee ID Card System, we will be able to deliver the best solutions to clients wishing to utilise either Mondex electronic cash or the MULTOS card.”

Companies involved in the Hitachi Employee ID Card System Implementation project include the following: Apex Co., Ltd.; Sapporo Breweries Ltd.; Sanwa Bank; National Vending Co., Ltd.; Hitachi Credit Co., Ltd.; Hitachi Kyoushou; Honda Foodland Co., Ltd.; and MasterCard International

About Hitachi

Hitachi, Ltd., headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is one of the world’s leading global electronics companies, with fiscal 1998 (ended March 31, 1999) consolidated sales of 7,977 billion yen ($65.9 billion*). The company manufactures and markets a wide range of products, including computers, semiconductors, consumer products and power and industrial equipment. For more information on Hitachi, Ltd., please visit Hitachi’s Web site at * At an exchange rate of 121 yen to the dollar.

About Mondex International

Mondex International Limited (MXI) is a world leader in the provision of a global, multi-channel, electronic payment system for the real and virtual worlds. Headquartered in London, the company is a subsidiary of MasterCard International. MXI products are being developed in over 80 countries around the world. Mondex electronic cash is a cost-effective, secure, and immediate payment tool, which can be used across open networks such as telephony or the Internet. Mondex is ideal for high volume, low-value payments for arenas such as digital television, Internet payments, and closed-campus sites.

In September 1999, Mondex? and the MULTOS? operating system became the first commercial products ever to be awarded ITSEC Level E6 (Information Technology Security Evaluation Criteria), the highest ITSEC security rating level available. Further information regarding MXI, Mondex? electronic cash and other MXI products is available at: [][1] or [][2].

MasterCard International

MasterCard International has the most comprehensive portfolio of payment brands in the world. With 23,000 member financial institutions, serving consumers in 220 countries and territories, MasterCard is the industry leader in quality and innovation. Nearly 700 million MasterCard, Maestro, Cirrus and Mondex” cards are in circulation today. With more than 16.2 million locations, no card is accepted in more places and by more merchants than the MasterCard Card. In 1998, gross dollar volume exceeded $650 billion. MasterCard can be reached through its World Wide Web site at [][3].



Kroger U-Scan Suit

Neldon Johnson, president and chief executive officer, International Automated Systems, Inc. announced Tuesday that the company has filed a civil action complaint in the United States District Court for the District of Utah Central Division against The Kroger Company alleging patent infringement arising under the patent laws of the United States, and more specifically, under Title 35, U.S.C., section 271, 281, 283, 284, and 285.

“We are disappointed in what we believe to be an intentional disregard of IAS’s U.S. patent rights. After reasonable notice to Kroger, we believe that by its continued use of the U-Scan system, we are left no choice but to pursue our rights under the law,” said Johnson. “We are confident in our ability to establish ourselves as the first to develop an automated checkout lane that specifically and individually identifies each item by its recorded weight.”

The automated express lane industry offers an estimated $3 billion in equipment sales. This calculation is based upon the assumption that only 25-30% of the total checkout lanes of each store could be automated. Since the IAS automated system gives the option of toggling between self-service and full-service with a simple push of a button, 100% of a supermarket’s checkout lanes could be replaced with the IAS system. Hence, the company’s potential market could be expanded three- or four-fold.

In addition, IAS’s system is designed to facilitate a fully automated store. The company estimates, based upon projected cost reduction, that this format can profit in approximately 17,000 new locations throughout the United States where a traditional supermarket would find it cost-prohibitive.


Mobile VISA

E-commerce via mobile phones took a closer step to reality this morning as VISA International and Nokia announced a cooperation agreement to introduce payment solutions for mobile electronic commerce. Under the agreement, Nokia and VISA will introduce a standardized means of making secure payments using a mobile phone, meeting different market requirements for security, risk management and dispute resolution. As well as conducting joint marketing and business development activities, Nokia and VISA will collaborate to simplify the payment process by developing a mobile e-wallet. Nokia will also provide server applications based on WAP which will transmit payment data securely over wireless networks to financial institutions. A pilot of the technology will take place later this year with MeritaNordbanken in Sweden and Finland. Nokia is developing and testing various implementations of secure card payments in the mobile environment, including a pilot of VISA card payments via the dual-chip GSM mobile phone.


Bank of America confirmed this morning it was the winning bidder in the online auction for the domain name: [][1]. BofA paid $3 million for the rights to the World Wide Web address on Jan 28. The domain name was owned by Marcello Siero. The promotion and sale of the name were handled by of Universal City, CA. BofA says it will use the domain name to market loans and lending services to millions of new customers over the Internet. The bank currently has $370 billion in outstanding loans and more than two million online customers.



Winners Acquires CyberLink

David C. Skinner, Jr., President and CEO of Winners Internet Network, Inc., [][1], announced that the company has completed negotiations to acquire the entire e-commerce “-Plus” Network from CyberLink Monetary Systems, Est., a Liechtenstein company.

WINR has been working with the CyberLink Group over the past year and will continue to receive their full support in the processing, handling and administration of these sites. According to the President and CEO of WINR, David C. Skinner, Jr., “The acquisition is dynamic for e-commerce since WINR now has full and unrestricted ownership of all domains including the exclusive processing for all sites expected to be added very quickly. CyberLink has been registering sites under the name including domains such as cyberbank-plus, commodities-plus, mortgages-plus, loans-plus, mutual funds-plus, eshop-plus and over 30 other registered sites.”

“This contract virtually allows WINR and its affiliate SupraNet AG, the largest Internet Provider in Liechtenstein that WINR holds a significant ownership as announced last week, to have complete hands on with the marketing, processing and administration of the “-Plus” Network,” Skinner continued.

According to Ronald Oehri, the CEO and President of SupraNet AG and a Liechtenstein native, “We already have contracts in active negotiation and sites will be added very soon. We will have a significant share of the European e-commerce market since we are the only ones that will be able to offer the new 448 bit key standard for encryption that is our proprietary technology. Our new encryption will become the worldwide Business-to-Business standard. Encryption coupled with the secure and safe processing of WINR adds a new dimension of safety for both the Internet Merchant and the Vendor. Add to this,” Oehri continued, “WINR has the new e-swipe TM technology which they developed that provides a seamless connection to the Internet Customer, Merchant and Financial Institutions.”

WINR and SupraNet have combined forces to not only process transactions in a safe and secure environment, but to provide host services, leased lines, and expanded Internet and communication services to merchants, customers and financial institutions.

Mr. Oehri and Mr. Skinner said, “We have been receiving inquiries from worldwide markets who want to locate their servers with us, but were concerned about transaction safety. Our new package offers the highest level of security for the transaction, in addition to communication between customers and merchants, stockbrokerage houses, trust companies, attorneys, and all others with a secure e-mail that guarantees privacy not only for messages, instructions or orders, but also the sender’s name and the recipient name as well. This is a new era and with our combined technology we will be able to fulfill the customer and business needs.”

Oehri and Skinner continued, “One of the main problems with security breach is that Internet customers are forced to use their credit card each and every time they make a transaction, thereby increasing the risk of theft dramatically. With the “-Plus” Network, the customer has a seamless connection to all merchants who are using our processing and encryption package. They also have the option of using Western Union and wire transfers. Merchants and customers who use the “-Plus” Network will have the advantage over the traditional e-commerce methods that are currently in use. We are the protection that the customer has needed and deserves. Best of all, SupraNet AG has hosted the WINR processing system for some time and knows that it works.”

According to the market analysis based upon the Gartner Group’s Dataquest, the worldwide market for e-commerce is expected to grow over 1,000% from approximately $35 billion to $400 billion from 1999 to 2003. Also according to another reliable source, Forrester Research, e-commerce revenues are expected to grow over 1,000% from less than $100 billion to approximately $1,200 billion from 1999 to 2003. Within this rapidly growing e-commerce area, WINR is a leader in the safest technology and software for processing all kinds of transactions. WINR has been recognized by leading credit card companies for their efforts in this regard. According to David Skinner, Jr., “The valuable “-Plus” Network will enable WINR to obtain a significant market share of this emerging e-commerce sector. So WINR is very well positioned already in this early stage and will have the distinction of sole use of this safe and secure “-Plus” Network in the e-commerce environment to be competition free in the Global Marketplace.”

About Winners Internet Network, Inc.

Winners Internet Network services the explosive e-commerce sector with advanced and secure online financial transaction software and provides safe, secure and confidential online financial transactions for its vendors and customers. Winners Internet Network develops and owns proprietary software and technology that enables this secure processing of financial data over the Internet.

Winners Internet Network recently acquired a significant interest of SupraNet AG. Both companies jointly market the Supra Secure Mail (SSM), the highest encryption technology available. The protocol for security gives the user the ability to have 448 bit key which exceeds any available encryption in the world.

Winners Internet Network, Inc. is a publicly traded company with the trading symbol OTC BB: WINR and has filed its application for a Listing in Germany to introduce the WINR stock on the European Stock Market.

About SupraNet AG

SupraNet AG is an affiliate of Winners Internet Network and one of the few profitable Internet Service Providers (ISP) in Europe. SupraNet AG has been in business since 1995. Since its inception SupraNet AG had experienced average annual growth of over 80% and expects the same continued growth pattern in the future.

Services rendered by SupraNet AG include: Dial-Up Internet Access (serving private and business customers), Leased Lines (e.g. serving major banking customers), DSL Connections, Hosting and Venue (virtual and or physical servers), Email, and encryption technology and software (e.g. SSM) . SSM technology provides the most secure and encrypted transaction technology in the world. SupraNet AG is a private company based in Liechtenstein.



Mondex Beenz

Mondex is showing this morning that it is full of beenz. Mondex and demonstrated in London this morning, the first smart card to combine the web currency beenz with Mondex’s electronic cash application in a single user interface. With the beenzcounter smart card application, Mondex consumers will now be capable of carrying their beenz alongside Mondex and other complementary e-commerce services on a single card for purchases in the physical world or on line. The companies view their products as complementary but distinct: Mondex is cash in electronic form and is particularly suited to high volume, low-value payments in the real and virtual worlds. beenz is a universal web currency, a marketing tool designed to attract and maintain the attention of online consumers. beenz cannot be bought directly by consumers, but are earned on line by consumers visiting, interacting with, or shopping at web sites, and, as a result of this deal with Mondex, high street shops.


Net.B@nk Prez

Net.B@nk, Inc., the holding company for Net.B@nk (, Member FDIC, Equal Housing Lender and the world’s leading Internet bank with more than $1.3 billion in assets, Monday announced the appointment of Michael Fitzgerald as president.

Fitzgerald, who has more than 20 years of experience in the banking industry, reports to D.R. Grimes, Net.B@nk chief executive officer. He joins Net.B@nk from Massachusetts-based Salem Five Cents Savings Bank, where he most recently served as the president of, its electronic banking division. In that position, he created one of the first bank Web sites in the world and the first virtual branch offering a complete home banking program.

“Net.B@nk is experiencing phenomenal growth with more than 5,000 customer accounts per month,” Grimes said. “With the addition of Mike’s experience, we are in an even stronger position to increase those numbers. Mike is known in the Internet banking world for his early and innovative product development skills, his commitment to building an infrastructure to support rapid growth, and his accomplishments in cultivating strategic partnerships that add greater value to the customer’s home banking experience. Like Net.B@nk, Mike has accomplished a great deal in proving the viability of the Internet banking model. I am confident that Mike will help us achieve even greater success in the future.”

Fitzgerald earlier held senior management positions at Century Bancorp, Inc., Mellon Bank and Merchants National Bank. Fitzgerald holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and a graduate degree from the University of Colorado School of Bank Marketing.

“With 80 percent of households expected to be banking online this year, my mission is to educate them about the strengths of Net.B@nk — our services, our online banking philosophy and what we uniquely can offer them,” Fitzgerald said. “Online banking has achieved considerable momentum among consumers, and that trend will only continue. Net.B@nk is strongly positioned, and I’m very pleased to be part of a management team that is driven to bring the advantages of Internet banking to its customers.”

Net.B@nk, Inc. (Nasdaq: NTBK), is a financial services company whose sole subsidiary, Net.B@nk, Member FDIC, is the first profitable pure Internet bank in the country, having achieved profitability in the past seven successive quarters. With over $1.3 billion in assets and customers in all 50 United States and 20 foreign countries, Net.B@nk is the largest FDIC-insured bank operating solely on the Internet. In addition to free checking and money market accounts and certificates of deposits with exceptional interest rates, Net.B@nk offers its customers the ultimate convenience in banking. Products and services include free online account access, free unlimited online bill payment, free checks, unlimited ATM use, VISA(R) Check Card, VISA(R) credit cards, online brokerage services, mortgage lending, home equity lines and loans, and business equipment leasing services. Net.B@nk is a member of the Cirrus, Honor/Star, and AFFN ATM networks. For more information on Net.B@nk, its products and services, visit the Web site at [][1], or call 888-256-6932.



Input Japan Deal

San Jose-based Input Software announced an agreement with Japan’s Wanbishi Archives Co. Ltd. whereby the two companies announced full-scale deployment of InputAccel for a project to digitize more than ten million credit card applications for Japan’s largest credit card company. The result is instant information access online, allowing customer service representatives to quickly verify customer seals, signatures and other personal writing descriptions, and respond instantly to customer inquiries by phone.