Pinnacle Cash Card

Pinnacle Business Management Inc. has now launched its advanced Intranet and Internet technologies. PCBME has now expanded its mini-loan service to the global market through the Internet with its electronic multi-lingual funds tracking and transfer technology at [][1].

PCBME’s aggressive expansion should have an exponential effect on the company’s bottom line as it now has access to the billions of customers around the globe.

This move will far exceed any past expansion in the company’s two-year history, which currently has over 1,000,000 locations worldwide, including facilities at MailBox ETC, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase Manhattan, Citibank, 1st Interstate, Washington Mutual and all major banks worldwide. In addition to PCBME’s new Internet service, the new Pinnacle Cash Card also allows customers to convert their monies in bank accounts into instant cash for anyone anywhere in the world. PCBME’s Cash Card is the equivalent of a “plastic wallet.”

PCBME’s popular mini-loans are used for advances on salaries for the purpose of providing for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. Clients get what they need and repay it through their next paycheck.

Financial analysts feel this system is not only convenient to millions of customers around the world but also a very positive application of the loan process to establish a sense of financial responsibility for younger clients and others who wish to develop a positive credit history.

PCBME’s proprietary technology base takes advantage of the ongoing growth of E-commerce popularity by enabling merchants and clients to be paid faster, and goods to be shipped sooner and more efficiently. PCBME expects extremely rapid and aggressive growth in the next few months to establish itself amongst the Internet giants.



Jan Net Effect

January proved to be the most active month to-date for Internet surfing. NextCard continued to rank among the top advertisers on the Web, ranking #7 overall. However, among top banner ads last month, Providian held the #2 and #3 slots with GetSmart ads, while NextCard’s banner ads ranked #5 and #7. According to the latest report from Nielsen/NetRatings, the average click rate for top banners during January stood at 0.47%, a 2.2% increase over December. Meanwhile, reports daily traffic consistently exceeded 10,000 visitors per day during January. According to Nielsen/NetRatings, overall surfing time rose 14% during January, from an average time spent online of 8 hours and 17 minutes in December to 9 hours and 27 minutes in January. Women accounted for the majority of the time increase by spending an hour and 22 minutes more in January than they did in December. Men surfed 55 minutes more in January than they did in December. Men, however, still logged in more time than women, spending an hour and 44 minutes more than women in January. The rise in surfing time can be attributed to the simple fact that people tend to stay indoors during the winter months and occupy themselves with indoor activities. The research firm noted that people’s attention turned away from shopping and more toward sites that focused on self-improvement and home improvement.


Internet FraudBuster

TrustMarque Canada Ltd., a leading provider of e-commerce services, announced Tuesday the launch of FraudBuster, its new Internet fraud detection service. Launched by trusted and secure e-commerce specialist, TrustMarque Canada Ltd., FraudBuster effectively reduces fraud risk to less than 1-percent of transacted revenues. The entire process is completed in less than 3 seconds and is transparent to the consumer.

FraudBuster controls an e-merchant’s exposure to charge-backs and potential losses through credit card acceptance or merchant accounts. Not only does the solution minimize the risk of fraud, it ensures credibility and avoids expensive diversion of resource — key factors for success in the digital economy.

“We are extremely pleased with the development of such an important risk assessment service”, stated John Giannatsis, vice-president, Information Technology, TrustMarque Canada Limited. “Industry averaged results for credit card purchases show that up to 30 percent of transactions are at risk. This high rate of fraud continues to plague e-businesses despite traditional credit card authorization verification methods. This is the reason that our IT team worked incessantly to develop this new technology. We are now in a better position to answer the needs of so many online businesses that are being robbed of their profits by fraudsters, ” commented Giannatsis.

Fraud screening technology must be integral to any e-commerce business strategy. If it isn’t, e-merchants are leaving the door wide open for Internet fraudsters. “Few e-businesses realize that even when the bank has authorized a transaction, they are still 100% liable for “card holder not present” charge-backs,” stated Mike Di Domenico, executive vice-president, TrustMarque Canada Ltd.

The FraudBuster application forms part of TrustMarque’s secure payment service. This is just one of the services available through TrustMarque’s Trusted Trading Platform (TTP) and the core infrastructure for trusted and secure information, digital and payment commerce.

The company also develops trusted e-commerce back office systems and a portfolio of Internet transaction applications and services including payment and order processing, intellectual property rights distribution and auditing, and document delivery and certification.

About TrustMarque Limited

TrustMarque International Limited, headquartered in the UK, is one of the leading global services providers of e-commerce solutions. TrustMarque offers innovative technology and superior and secure services that give merchants more control over the management of their online business.

TrustMarque’s global network consists of subsidiaries in North America, Singapore and South Africa. Founded in 1997, TrustMarque International Limited, now with more than 60 employees worldwide, is the online back-office solutions leader and one of the world’s largest e-commerce service providers. The company’s clients include some Fortune 500 companies. TrustMarque’s temporary web site is located at


Solaris PayGate NetAcquirer

Trintech Group PLC, a leading provider of secure electronic payment infrastructure solutions announced that the Trintech PayGate NetAcquirer solution is immediately available for Sun Microsystems Solaris Operating Environment, Sun’s industry-leading enterprise network computing technology.

Financial institutions, merchants and other customers can now leverage Sun’s highly scalable and reliable Solaris Operating Environment deploying PayGate to authorize, capture, route and settle Internet-originated financial transactions. PayGate also provides Sun customers with the greatest security by allowing them to utilize Secure Electronic Transaction(TM) (SET) and/or Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocols.

“Now more than ever financial institutions require a robust and flexible development and deployment platform for solutions that perform business-critical, high margin and secure electronic transactions,” said John Hake, Sun’s director of Worldwide Financial Services at Sun Microsystems. “The Solaris Operating Environment coupled with Trintech’s PayGate NetAcquirer helps Sun fulfill its commitment of providing financial institutions globally with the technology environment necessary to excel in the Internet economy.”

PayGate is an enterprise transaction platform that provides merchant acquirers and third party processors with the technology framework they require to take advantage of emerging business opportunities in global electronic commerce. PayGate’s modular architecture allows true extensibility supporting multiple card types, multi-currency, layers of security and core payment functionality. PayGate also supports multiple payment protocols, including SSL, SET, Visa II, EMEA, ISO 8583, APACS and GICC and works on a variety of NT & Unix platforms.

“We are excited to make our Internet payment technology available to Sun customers on Sun’s Solaris Operating Environment,” said John Harte, EVP of Sales and Marketing. “PayGate is the culmination of Trintech’s 13 years in creating technology for electronic payment processing. Customers demand products that are easy to use, highly secure and seamlessly integrate with existing systems, all core competencies of Trintech products.”

About Trintech

Founded in 1987, Trintech Group PLC is a leading provider of secure electronic payment solutions for card-based transactions in the physical world and over the Internet. The company offers a complete range of payment software products for credit, debit, commercial and procurement card applications, as well as being a world leader in the deployment of payment solutions for Internet commerce that are fully SSL and SET(TM) compliant. Trintech’s range of scalable open systems architecture solutions for UNIX(R) and Windows NT(TM) platforms covers consumer, merchant and financial institution requirements for physical payments and the emerging world of electronic commerce. Trintech can be contacted in the U.S. at 2755 Campus Drive, San Mateo, CA 94003 (Tel: 650-227-7000) and in Ireland at Trintech Building, South County Business Park, Leopardstown, Dublin 18 (Tel: 353-1-207-4000). Trintech can be reached on the Web at [][1].



Rapid Link Prepaid Chief

Rapid Link, a worldwide leading provider of international Internet-based communications services, hired Dave Goeppner as vice president/general manager of prepaid card services to manage the greatly expanding prepaid division of Rapid Link.

Rapid Link chose Goeppner to head the prepaid business in response to its steady growth over the past 14 months. The prepaid division contributed a significant percentage of revenue in 1999 for Rapid Link and will continue to build momentum as new product development, sales and marketing options take place.

“With the emerging developments in the prepaid industry, Dave will use his expertise to keep Rapid Link in front of our competitors by increasing profitability while continuing to offer quality products and services in the highly competitive prepaid industry,” said Scott Fogle, senior vice president of marketing and sales with Rapid Link. “Dave’s has an outstanding history in the prepaid industry that will take Rapid Link’s prepaid services to the next level.”

Goeppner has numerous years of experience in the telecommunications industry with concentrations in the retail, wholesale and direct-to-consumer markets. He has also spent considerable time designing, launching and marketing new prepaid products such as cellular and paging. Prior to joining Rapid Link, Goeppner was senior manager for business development of the prepaid sector at MCI WorldCom. He holds a BS in Accounting and an MBA from Northern Illinois University and has developed his career through positions in finance, operations, business development and marketing.

“I am very excited about being part of the Rapid Link team, as I believe we have an impressive combination of prepaid programs, service and leadership – all of which has enabled Rapid Link to accomplish an amazing amount of success in a short period of time. As we look towards the future, I am extremely optimistic about our ability to expand the prepaid product portfolio, grow our distribution base and capitalize on Rapid Link’s IP infrastructure,” said Dave Goeppner, vice president/general manager of prepaid services.

Rapid Link’s prepaid calling card programs offer both domestic and international long distance services. Using a global IP telephony and switch-based network, Rapid Link delivers toll-quality long distance services with competitive pricing and excellent customer service. Rapid Link has built strong relationships with top card distributors such as Clifton Digital to provide marketing, distribution, call routing and customer support to the Digital Advantage, Metro Card and the Links series of prepaid cards.

About Rapid Link

Founded in 1993, Rapid Link(R) provides affordable, high-quality Internet-based communications services and excellent, around-the-clock customer service to individuals and small businesses in the United States, Asia and Europe. Rapid Link offers international direct dial services, pre- and post-paid calling cards, toll-free, Internet access and carrier services to more than 65,000 customers and 500,000 prepaid card end users worldwide. As an Internet telephony service provider, Rapid Link routes voice, data and fax traffic over switched and IP networks, offers an Internet telephony exchange carrier program and serves as an official VoIP carrier for Korea Telecom and Telekom Malaysia. In 1999, Rapid Link was honored as a Top 500 firm by Telecom Business magazine. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Rapid Link has operations in Atlanta; New York; Mannheim and Frankfurt, Germany; Okinawa, Japan; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Prague, Czech Republic. and Seoul, Korea. For more information, please call 800.732.5465 or visit the Web site located at [][1].

Rapid Link is a registered trademark of Rapid Link, Inc., in the United States and other jurisdictions. All other company or product names mentioned may be trademarks or registered trademarks of the respective companies with which they are associated.



LaserCard Boost

Drexler Technology announced Tuesday it is expanding its ‘LaserCard’ production capacity from 7 million digital optical memory cards per year currently to about 11 million cards per year by March 2001. The firm said it is preparing for the possibility of a significant increase in ‘LaserCard’ sales in FY2001, substantially above the 4.5 million optical memory cards being shipped in FY2000 ending Mar. 31. The need for this expanded card production capacity in FY2001 stems from anticipated card order increases from existing customers including the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service, the U.S. Department of State, and VISX, Incorporated, and also from possible new card orders from potentially significant customers in Asia, Europe, and North America. The ‘LaserCard’ is a credit-card sized optical memory cards, which store up to 4 megabytes of data.


Creditrust Delay

Creditrust Corporation announced late Tuesday that it was delaying until Monday, February 28, 2000, its results for the fourth quarter and year ended December 31, 1999. Creditrust expects that it will be in a position to announce a potentially favorable material corporate development at that time.

The Company has rescheduled its earnings conference call until 11 a.m. on Monday, February 28, 2000.

Founded in 1991, Creditrust Corporation acquires, manages and collects delinquent consumer receivables utilizing an information-driven strategy. The Company uses proprietary technology to acquire receivables primarily consisting of charged-off Visa(R), MasterCard(R), and private label credit card accounts issued by major banks and merchants. Creditrust was added to the Russell 2000 Index(R) in July of this year.


US Central CU E-Bill

Princeton eCom, a leading application service provider in electronic bill presentment and payment, announced an agreement with U.S. Central Credit Union’s subsidiary, Corporate Network eCom, LLC, to provide its members with electronic bill payment services. U.S. Central, the nation’s wholesale corporate credit union with assets of $26.5 billion, is owned by 35 member corporate credit unions. Collectively, U.S. Central’s members can provide financial services to approximately 11,000 credit unions nationally, reaching a combined customer base of nearly 76 million.

Princeton eCom’s ePayment solutions will offer U.S. Central members the most advanced technology for accurate electronic payments based on a per-transaction pricing model. This pricing model only charges a fee for each ePayment transaction. It does not charge subscriptions or enrollment fees, reducing the overall cost of an electronic payment program by more than 40 percent.

Through this strategic alliance, all 11,000 credit unions have the opportunity to resell Princeton eCom’s eLockbox technology under their own brand name. This capability, available exclusively through Princeton eCom, provides financial institutions new business opportunities in their local community by enabling them to offer electronic payment connectivity to their local business base. eLockbox delivers the most accurate electronic payment processing by eliminating exception items, so often associated with electronic payment processing. eLockbox connects directly into a company’s accounts receivable system for immediate and accurate posting and settlement. Through the use of eLockbox technology, credit unions can now enable their regional billers with electronic payment connectivity that will seamlessly integrate into whatever legacy system they used.

“We did exhaustive research and due diligence to find the best electronic payment partner for our member corporates’ 11,000 credit unions,” said Dan Kampen, president and CEO of U.S. Central and CEO of Corporate Network eCom. “We felt our members would benefit from PrincetoneCom’s sixteen years of experience in electronic payment processing. Its state-of-the-art electronic links enable credit unions to offer their members the best electronic payment connectivity available today. Princeton eCom’s technology, pricing model, private label reseller capabilities and quality expands the services that we can offer our members and their credit unions.”

Steve Greenwood, senior vice president of marketing and strategic alliances at Princeton eCom, said, “The decision of Corporate Network eCom to partner with Princeton eCom is indicative of our capacity to provide complete and convenient electronic bill payment to an expanding number of financial institutions. Corporate Network eCom is as committed as we are in providing customers with access to the best quality bill payment service online. With the expansion of the Internet as the preferred e-commerce platform, Princeton eCom has positioned itself as a leader in electronic payment solutions, and our ePayment services are now used by more than 400 major financial institutions nationwide.”

About Princeton eCom

Princeton eCom is an innovator and technical leader in electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) by Internet and the telephone. It was the first company to present an e-bill on the Internet and continues to set the pace for EBPP today. Princeton eCom offers EBPP solutions for business-to-business and business-to-consumer billing applications. The company customizes solutions for the total management of the billing process — expediting payment, minimizing billing costs and integrating with existing financial accounting systems. Committed to increasing adoption of electronic home banking, the company is a champion of open standards for the electronic presentment and payment industry. Using OFX technology, Princeton eCom can access all points of distribution allowing customers to use their financial information anytime from anywhere. Visit Princeton eCom at [][1] or for more information call 800-PAYBILL.



Cubic Deal

Cubic Transportation Systems and On Track Innovations announced Monday they have signed a licensing and cooperation agreement aimed at delivering transit authorities flexibility in smart card choices. Under the agreement, Cubic will integrate OTI’s ‘EYECON’ smart card products with Cubic’s ‘Tri-Reader’ multi-protocol contactless smart card reader, the first such device capable of processing three contactless smart card types. OTI’s ‘EYECON’ products utilize the ‘ISO 14443 Type B’ contactless interface. The deal will produce an attractive, cost-effective and secure solution for customers looking to implement secured contact /contactless smart card solutions, while addressing multiple applications such as transit, loyalty, telecommunication and more on a single smart card.


NBS 4Q/99

Toronto-based NBS Technologies reported a net loss of $124,000 for the fourth quarter compared to a loss of $552,000 for 4Q/98. However the firm is strongly positioned for growth in smart card issuance this year. NBS recently completed development of the ‘NBS Freedom I’, a wireless credit card system currently being piloted in the U.S. with GTE and the ‘NBS Freedom II’, a fully integrated wireless debit/credit card system, currently being piloted with Toronto Dominion Bank. The Solutions Group is currently developing a new line of cost effective products to support VISA smart cards that streamlines the entire issuance process. During the fourth quarter the company won a major contract from a supplier to the US government for the purchase of a ‘Horizon’ card issuance system. This system will be used for the issuance of high security identification cards using a variety of technologies. For more 4Q/99 details on NBS visit CardData ([][1]).



Wireless CrediPort

CrediPort Systems Inc. of Syracuse, New York announces the availability of a cellular portable credit card verification system. It is now possible to accept credit cards virtually anywhere a cell phone works.

The patent pending CrediPort which has been in development and testing for over a year, consists of a terminal/printer, a 3 watt phone modem and a powerful rechargeable battery. The terminal is certified. Any place a cell phone works, the system works better, as it is usually five times stronger.

Uses include pizza deliveries and home services, trade shows, fica markets, furniture and appliance deliveries, auctions, taxis, truck deliveries, express services, tow trucks, etc. etc. etc.

The CrediPort measuers 5.5″ x 11″ x 6″ and weighs 6.5 lbs. The case is of ballistic nylon and comes with a detachable shoulder strap. When not in use, an accessory is available for verbel communication.

The system works in a larger area than any other wireless system. While others must wait years for new technologies to have infrastructure dispersed, the analog system is mature and in place now. It covers the widest area in the country. The unit can be used from coast to coast flawlessly.

“Cell more with a CrediPort System System” is the company’s trademark. Philip Anderson, President, states that “the go anywhere analog CrediPort System gives a new meaning to the term COD – it’s now Credit on Delivery”. The company should experience rapid growth with the window of opportunity in the analog system being 3-5 years.

Plans call for the CrediPort to operate on different communication technologies at a future time.

The company has reached agreements with an already certified leading terminal manufacturer and the recognized leader in cellular phones.

When the CrediPort system is delivered to a merchant, it is immediately ready to start accepting credit card payments. Due to its mobility, many merchants will see an increase in business and payback will be rapid. Banks are particularly interested in that they see the advantage to their customers – (payment in real time) – with a system already certified by their bank card processors.

A second model includes a check reader and this also has received wide acceptance. Use with an ATM is now being tested.


Greenland into Wal-Marts

Greenland Corporation, a provider of automated financial services machines that can provide payroll check-cashing, payday advances, ATM functionality, phone card sales, money order dispensing, world wide money transfer and bill paying, announced today that it has been selected by CMG, Inc. and approved by Wal Mart to provide its automated check-cashing machines on a test basis in five of Wal Mart’s stores on the West Coast starting in March, 2000. The Wal Mart tests shall not include ATM, money order, payday advances or phone card services.

More than ten million dollars and five years time have been spent in developing Greenland’s automated banking machines, which, unlike its competition, offers numerous automated financial services features. In the future, the Company anticipates adding Internet sales to complete the process of offering the customer the maximum financial and commodity point of sale services where he or she shops every day. It has been estimated that about 28% of working Americans do not have a formal banking relationship. As a result, check-cashing and payday advance businesses are proliferating throughout the U.S.

Wal Mart has been interested in testing automated check-cashing machines in its stores and it has contracted with CMG, Inc. to provide management support for this project. After diligent review, CMG, Inc. of Sacramento, California, recommended to Wal Mart that the Greenland automated check-cashing machines be deployed.

Commenting on this development, Greenland Corporation’s CEO Louis T. Montulli stated, “We are extremely pleased to have been selected by CMG, Inc. to supply our automated check-cashing machines for the Wal Mart test. We are equally pleased to have formed a strong working relationship with CMG, Inc., a company that has successfully worked with Wal Mart for 12 years. We have spent a significant amount of time and effort in refining our machines and are very confident in their ability to provide broad based automated user-friendly financial services to the customer in convenient locations where our customers shop.”

About Greenland Corporation

Greenland Corporation is a developer and manufacturer of automated payroll check-cashing machines with full ATM functionality, phone card sales, and money order dispensing service. The Company’s user-friendly automated banking machines are being developed to provide dispensing of travelers checks, wire transfers, bill paying, payday advances and electronic benefit transfers in addition to cashing payroll and government checks for users. The company’s common stock trades on the OTC Bulletin Board under the symbol “GLCP”. Visit Greenland on the Internet at [][1]

Except for historical financial information that may be contained herein, the matters set forth in this release are forward-looking statements that are dependent on certain risks and uncertainties including, but not limited to, such factors as market demand, pricing, and changes in worldwide economic conditions.