The teen payment card bandwagon picked up another competitor this morning. San Francisco-based has teamed-up with to launch the first ATM card designed specifically for teens that enables them to withdraw money directly from their own personal online bank accounts. Under the program teens can access their money on the Internet through as well as off the Internet through cash withdrawals at Cirrus, Plus, Mac, Most and Honor ATMs. With a $1 opening deposit and a parent or guardian’s co-signature, young adults can now go to and open a joint bank account offering an optional ATM card specially designed for members. The no-fee ATM card option limits withdrawals to $40 daily and refunds five ATM service fees (up to $10) monthly. In addition, will donate $5 for every online donation of $10 or more a member makes to one of’s nine featured nonprofits. will match the $5 donation for a minimum total donation of $20 to the member’s chosen nonprofit. launched online banking directly connected to online shopping in August 1999.


VISA Canada

Canada’s newest trust company has become the eleventh ‘General Member’ financial institution authorized to offer VISA cards in Canada. Home Trust Company recently received its federal charter to operate as a trust company across Canada. The company specializes in sub-prime lending. General Members of VISA Canada are: Bank of America Canada; Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce; Citibank Canada; Citizens Bank of Canada; Home Trust Company; Laurentian Bank of Canada; La Confederation des Caisses Populaires et d’economie Desjardins du Quebec; Royal Bank of Canada; The Bank of Nova Scotia; Toronto Dominion Bank; and Vancouver City Savings Credit Union. According to Card2000 ( there are now more than 23 million VISA cards in Canada.


Top Banners

Capital One’s “0% Intro . . . Not Just Another Pretty Card” Internet credit card banner ad ranked as the second most viewed banner ad for the week ending May 21. A complementary Capital One banner ad also ranked as #9 according to the latest Nielsen/NetRatings survey. Providian’s ‘Aria’ and ‘Get Smart’ banner ads also earned top view levels by Web surfers. In fact credit card banner ads dominated Internet advertising. Nielsen/NerRatings said the average click rate for top banners is 0.32% for at-home surfers and 0.20% for at-work surfers. CardWeb’s consumer ad slots continue to deliver unprecedented response click rates above 5.0%. The current Internet universe is estimated at 134.7 million.

Top 10 Ad Banners Viewed At-Home

Rank/Advertiser Reach % Creative
1. Bonzi Software 6.4% “Warning: Your Internet Connection Is Not Optimized”
2. Capital One 6.0% “0% Intro — 9.9% Fixed — Not Just Another Pretty Card”
5. Aria 5.3 % “Instant Approval — Instant Savings — 0% Intro APR”
7. GetSmart 5.0% “Find a mortgage. On your terms”
8. GetSmart 4.5% “New Home Loans — Refinance – Debt Consolidation”
9. Capital One 4.4% “9.9% Fixed Rate — Not Just Another Pretty Card”

Top 10 Ad Banners Viewed At-Work

Rank/Advertiser Reach % Creative
1. Bonzi Software 12.6% “Warning: Your Internet Connection Is Not Optimized”
2. Capital One 10.0% “0% Intro — 9.9% Fixed — Not Just Another Pretty Card”
4. GetSmart 9.0% “Find a mortgage. On your terms”
6. GetSmart 7.5% “New Home Loans — Refinance — Debt Consolidation”
8. GetSmart 7.0% “Find: Loans for Me Refinancing — Debt Consolidation”
9. Aria 6.5% “Instant Approval — Instant Savings — 0% Intro APR”
10. Capital One 6.4% “9.9% Fixed Rate — Not Just Another Pretty Card”

Source: Nielsen/NetRatings May 15-21, 2000


Bates to PaylinX

PaylinX Corporation, the recognized leader in payment solutions for Internet businesses, call centers and large enterprises, announced the appointment of Brian Bates as president and chief operations officer.

Bates assumes leadership for U.S. business operations, with direct responsibility for development, sales, marketing, information systems, and customer support. Legal, finance, mergers and acquisitions, will remain under the supervision of John (Jack) J. McDonnell, PaylinX CEO and chairman of the board.

“We’re building a solid infrastructure through integrations, sales, marketing programs, and alliances,” says Bates. “This base will result in not only meeting, but exceeding, our 2000 financial goals.”

“Our customers confirm for us every day that our solutions add ongoing value by streamlining processes and reducing costs,” continues Bates. “Capitalizing on this, I see PaylinX becoming the global leader of enterprise payments.”

Most recently, Bates was executive vice president and general manager at Transaction Network Services (TNS), a PSINet company, and was responsible for the North American e-commerce division. His role included responsibility for sales, marketing and customer care. During Bates’ tenure, TNS grew from a start up phase to a $180 million company, which was sold to PSINet for $800 million in November 1999. Under Bates’ direction, TNS captured more than 90% of the dial-up ATM (automated teller machine) transaction market, and became the dominant carrier of EBT (electronic benefits transactions).

“Brian has great leadership, focus and drive,” says McDonnell. “This, combined with his understanding of the payment industry and experience in managing a high-growth company, will help PaylinX continue to grow market awareness and market share.”

About PaylinX

PaylinX(R) Corporation is the recognized leader in payment solutions for Internet businesses, call centers and large enterprises. In 1996, PaylinX pioneered a new approach to enterprise-wide payment processing, a payment server. The PaylinX payment server is a robust transaction processing platform that operates behind the scenes to authorize and settle credit card and other payment transactions in real-time through built-in connections with third-party processors and merchant banks, all in seamless integration with legacy front-end, customer relationship and financial management systems. The fully scalable PaylinX payment solution enables organizations to accept and process payment transactions across multiple channels – Web storefronts, call centers, interactive voice response (IVR) systems, in-store point-of-sale systems and kiosks – all through a single, uniform payment architecture. PaylinX may be reached at 314/692-0929 or .



Sprint Canada, wholly owned subsidiary of Call- Net Enterprises Inc., announced the launch of its new FONCARD Plus enhanced calling card service for business utilizing state-of-the-art swipe technology and incorporating additional security features.

The FONCARD Plus calling card allows Sprint Canada customers to place long distance calls from a touch-tone telephone or by swiping the card at any card-reader capable phone in Canada. Calling card users can self-select their four-digit PIN and multilingual voice prompts can be selected to guide the cardholder through the process. Prompts are offered in English, French or Chinese.

“Sprint Canada’s enhanced calling card service greatly improves the business person’s efficiency and makes it easier for a mobile workforce to do business around the world,” said Ken F. Wilson, president, Enterprise Communications Solutions. “This year, we will be launching a record number of products and services such as this, that help Canadian businesses improve their efficiency and effectiveness in the new economy.”

By activating one of the International Class of Service options offered with the FONCARD(TM) Plus calling card, business customers can expand their calling capabilities worldwide to suit specific communications needs. A single toll-free number can be used to call from more than 22 countries. Individual toll-free numbers are available for those countries not currently following the Universal International Freephone Number (UIFN) protocols.

Additional FONCARD(TM) Plus calling card benefits include:

– Full interactive voice response with prompting throughout the call process

– Automatic language preference

– The customer’s 10-digit calling card number can be the cardholder’s business phone number if the number is a unique, universally recognized number

– Self-selectable four digit PIN used in conjunction with the 10-digit calling card number

– Default Class of Service only allows calls to and from anywhere within North America

– International Class of Service including termination to locations outside of North America that are considered high fraud areas as determined by SCI network security

– A single UIFN which is a toll-free access number which can be used from over 22 countries

– Re-origination of sequential calls during the same dialing session

– Real time fraud control with 24 x 7 security.

Call-Net Enterprises and Sprint Canada

Call-Net Enterprises Inc. is a leading Canadian integrated communications solutions provider for data, e-business and voice services to businesses and households primarily through Sprint Canada Inc. In 1999, the company achieved revenues of $1.3 billion. Headquartered in Toronto, the company owns and operates an extensive national network with operations in the United States and the United Kingdom.


Credit Scores

The disclosure of FICO® scores may be required if a California bill becomes law. ‘SB 1607’ was approved yesterday by a vote of 31 to 1 and will now move over to be considered by the California State Assembly. The proposed legislation would require lenders to provide consumers with their specific credit score, the credit information used to compile the score, and an explanation of how credit scores work in the loan approval process. ‘SB 1607’ also will allow consumers to receive a copy of their credit score when they request copies of their credit file for a fee less than $4.00; compel reporting agencies to correct inaccurate information in a timely manner; and provide consumers additional legal recourse when credit-reporting agencies continue to report inaccuracies. Among organizations supporting the passage of ‘SB 1607’ are: E-Loan, the California Association of Mortgage Brokers, Consumer Federation of California, and Consumer Action.


VeriFone Distributes ServerWallet

Globeset, the leading global supplier of secure ePayments infrastructure services and products for buyers, sellers, and financial-service providers, announced that VeriFone, a division of Hewlett-Packard Company, has joined Globeset’s channel partner program. HP will distribute Globeset’s ServerWallet to credit card issuers worldwide through its VeriFone Division.

“Globeset’s ServerWallet software is a strong addition to our suite of Internet commerce payment solutions,” said Ross Bardwell, general manager of HP’s VeriFone E-Commerce Software Division. “Globeset’s ServerWallet combines best-of-class financial transaction security in a re-brandable, user-friendly package.”

Globeset’s partner program allows companies to integrate Globeset services and products into their existing eCommerce solution packages.

VeriFone will market Globeset’s ServerWallet to its international customers requiring a wallet solution that uses the Secure Electronic Transaction (SET) protocol. ServerWallet offers retailers, communication companies, Internet providers and financial institutions an automated, secure payment process to help attract and retain customers.

“The ServerWallet product family revolutionizes online purchasing. It enables cardholders to conveniently participate in the security of using SET for payment transactions,” said Tony Reed, Globeset’s Chief Operating Officer. “The addition of VeriFone is an important strategic alliance, and additional verification of the Globeset family of services and products.”

About ServerWallet

Globeset’s ServerWallet is a server based ultra-secure electronic commerce solution for both consumers and financial institutions. Compatible with both Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator, consumers gain easy access to their credit card accounts via a simple, private password recovery system. The ServerWallet allows consumers to purchase online with confidence that their transactions will remain secure. Banks benefit by being able to offer a re- brandable centralized online purchasing solution that creates significant cost savings in technical support, administration and maintenance.

About VeriFone

VeriFone (, a division of Hewlett-Packard Company, is the leading global provider of secure electronic-payment solutions for financial institutions, merchants and consumers. The division has shipped more than seven million electronic-payment systems, which are used in more than 100 countries.

About Globeset

Globeset is the leading global supplier of secure ePayments infrastructure services and products for buyers, sellers, and financial-service providers.

Globeset delivers services and products directly and through resellers and system integration partners that supply financial-service providers, corporations and electronic marketplaces. Globeset supports its partners and customers with application hosting services, consulting, education, customization, maintenance and support.

Globeset’s ePayments infrastructure provides a globally consistent and secure connection — anytime, anywhere — among financial-service providers, electronic exchanges, buyers and sellers. This infrastructure simplifies process flows and reduces costs associated with ePayments.

Globeset was the first software provider to be awarded SET Mark for its Global Payment System by the SET Secure Electronic Transaction LLC, or SETCo. Globeset’s ServerPOS is the only client server-based virtual POS and the only company to have received the SetCo SETMark(TM).

For more information, visit the company’s Web site at:


Recurring VISA

VISA and Wausau Insurance have teamed up to enable cardholders to pay their insurance premiums on the insurance company’s Web site using VISA payment cards. Under the program VISA cardholders can access the Wausau Web site, enter their data, and receive an insurance quote within one business day and choose the option to use Wausau’s new ‘Autopay’ function. ‘Autopay’ permits cardholders to use their VISA card to pay the entire premium or be automatically billed monthly. VISA reported in March that recurring payments is one of the hottest growing segments of card volume. VISA said recurring utility payments grew 22% last year while cable/pay TV exploded by 76%. In fact, card use for cable TV bills has doubled since 1994, as $1 billion was transacted on VISA last year. (See CF Library 3/13/00)


Olympics Contest Extended

Visa International, Worldwide Olympic Partner and the official payment system of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, announced the extension of the U.S. program of its global children’s art competition, Visa Olympics of the Imagination, by a week to June 15 to allow U.S. children the same guidelines as other participating countries.

The Visa Olympics of the Imagination (VOI) challenges children, ages 9-13, to use their imaginations to create an original piece of art that represents what the Olympic motto of “Citius, Altius, Fortius” (Faster, Higher, Stronger) means to them. All children, ages 9-13, can enter the program individually and are not required to be a part of any school program to compete.

“Because of the extraordinary number of entries the program worldwide is receiving and the deadlines of other countries, we saw the need to revise the U.S. program deadline from May 31 to June 15 to allow the U.S. children the extra two weeks to be competitive with the rest of the world,” said Michael T. Sherman, Visa International’s Vice President, Global Corporate Relations.

Contest Information

The winners of the program and a parent or guardian will attend the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games as the guests of Visa in Sydney, Australia, from September 14-19, 2000. While at the XXVII Olympiad, they will attend a number of Olympic events and activities, and will participate in special Australian-themed activities. Contest entry information is available through The site features all rules and regulations and lists dates and deadlines as well as where to submit the artwork for judging. The contest information also can be accessed by clicking on VOI promotional banners or simply by searching for the keyword “visakids” on Yahoo! Web guides. The banners and search results provide direct links to the VOI Web site (


MBNA & Ameritrade

MBNA America Bank, N.A., and Ameritrade Holding Corporation, one of America’s leading online brokerage firms, announced an innovative strategic alliance that will provide reciprocating services to the Customers of both organizations. MBNA’s credit card services will be provided to Ameritrade’s brokerage Customers and Ameritrade will offer its online brokerage services to MBNA’s cardholders. It is the first time a bank and an online broker will offer such a reciprocal relationship to their Customers.

Under the multi-year contract, MBNA will be the exclusive issuer of credit cards to Ameritrade’s more than 1 million brokerage Customers. Ameritrade will offer a preferred on-line brokerage service with special features for MBNA. Linkages will connect the web sites of the two companies to provide joint marketing opportunities. Enhanced services and features will continue to be developed.

“This strategic alliance between Ameritrade and MBNA is beneficial to customers of both companies,” said Tom Lewis, chief executive officer of Ameritrade, Inc. “Ameritrade’s customers will now have access to a high quality Ameritrade branded credit card. MBNA’s Customers will be able to invest with the speed provided by one of the fastest websites on the Internet, and will have the confidence that comes with 24 hour 7 day a week customer service.”

“Ameritrade is a dynamic, fast growing, Customer oriented company and we are glad to be working with them,” said John Cochran, chief marketing officer of MBNA. “This agreement allows MBNA to market to a group of people with characteristics similar to those of our existing Customers.”

Ameritrade Holding Corporation ( is a pioneer in the discount and online brokerage industry. The Company provides brokerage services and clearing services to self-directed individual consumer investors and to financial institutions through its subsidiaries. Subsidiaries of Ameritrade Holding include: Ameritrade, Inc. (, a leading online deep discount brokerage firm; Accutrade, Inc. (, a discount brokerage delivering superior levels of personal service and support to its clients; AmeriVest, Inc. (, a provider of third-party discount brokerage services and other financial services to commercial banks, credit unions and thrift institutions; Advanced Clearing, Inc. (, a securities clearing firm providing clearing services to each subsidiary as well as other financial institutions; as well as OnMoney (, which provides financial information aggregation for investors.

MBNA Corporation, a bank holding company and parent of MBNA America Bank, N.A., a national bank, has $73 billion in managed loans. MBNA, the largest independent credit card lender in the world, also provides retail deposit, consumer loan, and insurance products. ( provides credit card, consumer loan, retail deposit, travel, and shopping services.


USPS Fleet Card

U.S. Bancorp has snagged one of the largest fleet card programs in the US. The U.S. Postal Service confirmed this morning it has awarded U.S. Bancorp’s Payment Systems division a two-year task order, with two one year options, to provide a comprehensive national fleet card program for its fleet of 170,000 vehicles. The task order was awarded under the ‘GSA SmartPay’ contract. The USPS anticipates about $170 million in fleet card charge volume annually. The cards will be issued and serviced by U.S. Bank Voyager Fleet Systems. U.S. Bancorp acquired Voyager last September. U.S. Bank will provide card issuance, billing, payment processing and customer service, as well as detailed transaction reports. The cards will capture all the details of the transactions including date, time, location, product type, grade, quantity, driver ID, vehicle identification number, account number, taxes and odometer reading. The data is compiled and provided in transaction reports that can be used to negotiate discounts and monitor card usage.