China Payment Gateway

MICROS-Fidelio Asia/Pacific, a subsidiary of MICROS Systems, Inc., has formed an alliance with Bank of China, headquartered in Beijing, People’s Republic of China, to jointly develop an e-commerce solution to provide a Credit Card Processing System-Payment Gateway, known as Bank of China’s Bank Merchant POS . Bank of China is the oldest bank in China and is the first and only Chinese bank that has an international presence, with 15,228 domestic and more than 530 overseas branches.

The newly formed, strategic alliance will provide value-added service to hotels and merchants through a B2B, e-commerce environment. PG/BMP enhances guests’ check-in/check-out times and dramatically streamlines hotels and merchant operations, thus resulting in significant cost savings.

Peter Zhang, General Manager, Bank of China, Retail Banking Department, stated, “Bank of China, the pioneer in the credit card industry in China, has been creating a customer-driven corporate culture which is in conformity with our mission statement to meet the needs of our clients. In line with this, Bank of China and MICROS-Fidelio have worked together and developed a BMP System, which will integrate the MICROS-Fidelio system into the credit card processing system of Bank of China. BMP System, a technological enhancement of the hotel’s system and the bank’s credit card processing system, will increase the usage rate of the previous EDC system, streamline the hotel’s current procedure of accepting credit cards, and greatly simplify the check-out time for customers, which embodies our customer-driven corporate culture. This effort between Bank of China and MICROS-Fidelio, a cooperation between two leaders in different industries, will be of great significance in promoting the development of credit card business in China.”

Stefan M. Piringer, President, MICROS-Fidelio Asia/Pacific added, “MICROS- Fidelio Asia/Pacific is very pleased to enhance its presence in China by entering into a strategic alliance with Bank of China. It rewards our efforts over the past years to establish MICROS-Fidelio in China not only as a global but also as a local leader in providing advanced hospitality automation solutions. MICROS-Fidelio is diversifying its business portfolio in line with the emerging ‘New Economy’ or e-business to assist its customers to meet the challenges ahead and to enhance guest service while reducing operating cost. The BMP system is a perfect example of taking traditional methods of processing credit cards to the next level in terms of guest service and user- friendliness combined with substantial cost savings. This strategic alliance with Bank of China also illustrates that leading organizations in China are on the forefront of utilizing new technologies in order to develop advanced e- business solutions for local and international deployment. Hence, we will offer this solution initially in China but plan to expand throughout the Asia Pacific region in the near future.”

About Bank of China

Bank of China, one of Fortune magazine’s global 500 enterprises for 11 years, with 88 years of history, has been playing an important role in China’s economic, financial and social development, in particular in the growth of China’s foreign trade and the exchanges with international financial circle. Bank of China is the first bank in China to introduce credit cards. Great Wall Credit Card, the first credit card issued in China by Bank of China, now has more than 17.7 million cardholders, more than 71,900 merchants and with more than RMB10.4 billion annual direct-consuming volumes. Bank of China is the only bank in China that has the Green Grade treatment for both Visa(R) International and MasterCard(R) International as well as the only bank in China that can provide cash withdrawal service for all cardholders of Cirrus(R), Maestro(R), Plus(R), American Express(R) and JCB(R) cards from the Bank of China’s ATM machines.

For more information about Bank of China and its services, please visit the Bank of China’s website at>

About MICROS Systems

MICROS Systems, Inc. provides enterprise applications for the hospitality industry worldwide. Over 120,000 MICROS systems are currently installed in table and quick service restaurants, hotels, motels, casinos, and leisure and entertainment operations in more than 130 countries. MICROS provides property management systems and central reservation and customer information solutions under the brand MICROS-Fidelio for more than 10,000 hotels worldwide. MICROS stock is traded through NASDAQ under the symbol MCRS.

For more information on MICROS and its advanced information technology solutions for the hospitality industry, please contact Louise J. Casamento, Manager, Marketing Communications at 443-285-8144 or 800-638-0985 (US and Canada only), Kevin King, Country Manager, China. At 86-21-6354-5838. You can also visit the MICROS website at


Smart Watches

In the not too distant future you may pay from your wrist instead of your hip pocket. IBM, Philips Semiconductors and Junghans have created an new wristwatch that is super smart. The Junghans radio-controlled, solar ceramic watch uses an integrated contact-less OpenPlatform/JavaCard-enabled smart card controller IC to extend functionality into the area of open, multi-application IT use with contactless operation for users. Applications that may be loaded on demand to the watch are electronic tickets, door keys, electronic purses, and ID information. The ‘MIFARE PRO’ dual interface smart card controller IC bearing the IBM OpenPlatform/JavaCard implementation makes the functionality of such a device possible, while the Junghans ceramic radio-controlled watch provides the carrier for this technology. A solar cell provides the energy required for operation of the watch. Even in complete darkness the watch has enough power reserve to run for up to 6 months.


NetBank Funding

Atlanta-based NetBank announced Tuesday that customers may fund new checking or money market accounts by moving funds online from an existing checking account at another financial institution or by using a VISA or MasterCard credit card or debit card. Under the new program, funds are transferred to a new NetBank account over a web-based application developed in collaboration with E-commerce Group, whose ‘Speedpay’ software, the basis for NetBank’s system, is used by more than half the companies in the Fortune 500 for bill payment processing. Once a new account is opened, NetBank sends an e-mail message to the customer providing a link to an account status page. From there, the customer may fund the new account by completing and submitting a secure form. The customer either enters the relevant credit or debit card information or fills out a check-like form that serves as an electronic stand-in for one of the customer’s actual checks from another financial institution. NetBank’s instant funding service is currently available only one time per new account. Deposits can be made in any amount between $50 and $200.


ATM Franchising

Diebold has announced the implementation of the first-ever ATM franchise program. Retailers lease space to Diebold for the installation and operation of a Diebold cash dispenser that allows retailers to recycle their own cash by depositing money directly into the unit. In return, the merchant pays Diebold a monthly fee. The program provides retailers with an avenue to help build their customer traffic and provide an additional way to increase revenue within their business.


UMB Card Solutions

Home Account announced that UMB Bank, n.a. of Kansas City, MO. has selected Home Account’s Card Solutions service to enhance its credit card offering to customers. The new offering, scheduled to launch this month, will provide UMB customers real-time access to credit card statement history, cycle-to-date information, and gives them the ability to pay their credit card bills online.

![][1] “This gives our customers the convenience of easily viewing current credit card activity and statement history, with the option of paying their balances right from the web site,” said Mark Volkmer, UMB Bank Vice President. “It allows us to provide them with better access to account information than any of our competitors. We have offered Internet banking for some time, and this service rounds out our range of online banking capabilities.”

“We chose Home Account to implement this offering because the company’s service offering integrates well with our other online services and the company is quite knowledgeable about both our industry and our bank’s technology,” Volkmer added.

Home Account’s Card Solutions will allow UMB Bank’s customers to enroll, view current account activity and account history online, review and modify personal information such as address and phone numbers, initiate customer service inquiries, pay their credit card bill and request additional cards. In addition, users have the ability to manage their credit line and download transaction details all from the convenience of their computers. With the addition of Web Based Card Activation users can now utilize the power of the Internet to safely and securely activate new and reissued cards.

“The majority of UMB’s competitors do not have the level of product functionality that UMB has acquired with the implementation of our Card Solutions service,” said Charles A. White, President and CEO of Home Account. “This gives them a distinct advantage in satisfying their growing customer demands for online services.”

About Home Account

Home Account, based in Emeryville, Calif., delivers patent protected Internet banking, financial management, and electronic commerce solutions to financial services organizations and their customers. The Home Account Card Solutions suite of products helps issuers promote, acquire and service cardholders on line. Home Account was formed in July 1999 through the merger of Home Account Network Inc. and the First Data Direct Banking business of First Data Corp. (NYSE: FDC). This relationship provides the unique Card Solutions(TM) service, an innovative program for credit card issuers that enables Internet account management. For additional information, please go to

About UMB Bank

UMB Bank, n.a., with $6.7 billion in assets, is a wholly owned subsidiary of UMB Financial Corporation (Nasdaq: UMBF). The multi-bank holding company, with $8.1 billion in assets, is headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, and operates more than 161 locations throughout Missouri, Illinois, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska and Oklahoma.

[1]: /graphic/umbbank/umbbank.gif



Gemplus, the worlds number one provider of smart card based-solutions, announced that it has joined the Visa Smart Partner Program and created a special package that will boost Visa member banks’ migration to chip-based debit and credit cards.

The special package offered by Gemplus combines consulting services, a PC-based personalization tool and GemVision cards, Gemplus’ debit and credit cards. The package, called GemVision Pack, is available at a reduced price for the first ten banks that sign up in the next six months.

The GemVision pack enables banks to better understand and to implement EMV migration programs. Gemplus is providing banks with this turn-key solution in order to make the migration faster and easier.

This special offer supports the Visa Smart Partner alliance between Visa and Gemplus. This program is intended to offer a complete EMV migration solution at the lowest possible cost. Visa has been negotiating a number of special deals for its member banks with smart card and terminal manufacturers and systems providers. Gemplus has been selected as one of the major global chip card enablers for Visa member banks.

“This special alliance with Gemplus will help serve Visa member banks as they start to implement smart card program,” said Bernard Morvant, vice president, Debit/Credit Products, Visa International. “Gemplus, as a dedicated bank partner, is putting its extensive knowledge of smart cards at their disposal.” “The GemVision Pack is an essential tool in the migration from magnetic stripe to smart card technology and banks will find many advantages in this solution.”

“With this specific offer, Gemplus once again demonstrates its commitment to support banks willing to go for EMV migration, not only with smart cards, but also with the support that will make the migration easier and faster, said Hubert Coyne, Banking and Retail director, Visa International.

About Gemplus

Gemplus ( is the world’s number one provider of smart card based solutions for security, wireless and e-business applications. Offering consulting services, design, software, hardware, personalization and full implementation, Gemplus works with its customers around the world to deliver comprehensive, integrated and tailor-made smart card based systems.

The Group’s customers use Gemplus memory and microprocessor smart cards, smart contactless cards, electronic tags, smart objects and magnetic stripe cards to simplify and secure a wide range of applications. From Web based and mobile commerce to financial transactions, loyalty, transportation, education healthcare, identity, pay TV and physical and logical access control, Gemplus provides intelligent end-to-end solutions that bring security, convenience and ease-of-use to millions of people worldwide.

Founded in 1988, Gemplus had sales of over 767 millions of Euro ($US 817 millions) in 1999, and employs almost 6,300 people in 17 manufacturing facilities, 7 R&D centers and 44 sales and marketing offices located in more than 37 countries.

About Visa International

As the “World’s Best Way to Pay,” Visa is the world’s leading payment brand and the largest payment system worldwide with more volume than all other major payment cards combined. Visa plays a pivotal role in advancing new payment products and technologies to benefit its 21,000 member financial institutions and their cardholders. Visa has more than 80 smart card programs in 35 countries and on the Internet, with 23 million Visa chip cards, including eight million Visa Cash cards. Visa is pioneering SET Secure Electronic Transaction(TM) programs to enable and advance Internet commerce. There are over one billion Visa, Visa Electron, Interlink, PLUS and Visa Cash cards, which generate more than US$1.6 trillion in annual volume. Visa-branded cards are accepted at over 19 million worldwide locations, including at more than 627,000 ATMs in the Visa Global ATM Network. Visa’s Internet address is



First, Inc., a global provider of electronic payment processing solutions, and uniView Technologies Corp. , a world leader in innovative Internet communication solutions, announced plans to jointly develop and market Internet credit card payment solutions for the uniView digital set top box deployments using First Ecom’s payment processing solutions.

Through this agreement, the uniView STB can be configured to work with First Ecom’s payment gateway, meaning all types of e-payment transactions conducted through the enabled STBs will be completed utilizing First Ecom’s processing solutions to provide real-time authorization and settlement. These First Ecom Enabled STBs will be available to all of uniView’s existing and future clients, making First Ecom uniView’s transactional provider of choice.

STBs can be equipped with a smart card / credit card slot, into which the consumer will insert the card when payment is required. This feature further reduces consumer fraud since the card will actually be “read” by the merchant. As a result, banks will be able to offer merchants a lower discount rate for transactions conducted using STBs. This attribute, in addition to First Ecom’s extended security features, will facilitate safe and reliable e-commerce transactions through STBs.

“The addition of First Ecom’s e-payment solution to our set top boxes further strengthens our commitment to make advanced Internet technologies and online shopping / e-commerce accessible to everyone,” said Patrick Custer, President and CEO of uniView Technologies. “The availability of e-payment enabled STBs will facilitate the growth of e-commerce by offering the convenience of at-home shopping without the need for a computer, creating an alternative channel of communication for store-based shopping.”

“We are very excited about this agreement with uniView and the chance to expand our service offering to include STB consumers,” said Harold Hutton, President and CEO of First Ecom. “This partnership further fulfills our commitment to provide safe and reliable e-commerce transactions and offers us the means to introduce our solution to the U.S. market.”

About uniView Technologies

Dallas based uniView Technologies Corp. is recognized as a global leader in digital set top box technology focusing on broadband connectivity, such as DSL. It has aggregated a unique architecture of key companies offering competencies and expertise in video on demand, set top solutions, computer telephony integration software, innovative customer care applications, e-business solutions, consulting services and interactive broadband connectivity. The companies market their products and services both domestically and internationally focusing on multi-level marketing, hospitality, utilities, banking, telecommunications and fortune 1,000 companies. uniView’s four companies include Advanced Systems Group, Network America, uniView Softgen and the Products Group. More information on uniView is available at

About First Ecom

As a global provider of electronic payment processing, First Ecom provides secure, easy-to-implement and low-cost online payment processing services to banks and their merchants worldwide. Through strategic partnerships with banks, ISPs, e-commerce product suppliers, system integrators and storefront solution providers, First Ecom will process credit card transactions made over the Internet in multiple currencies, either domestically or offshore in a tax-neutral jurisdiction.

For more information, visit


MasterCard EMDRS

MasterCard announced Tuesday the MasterCard ‘Enhanced Merchant Data Reporting System’. The new MasterCard system closes a longstanding gap by enabling merchant data from small, minority- and women-owned businesses to be thorough, current and accurate for government agencies. The technology can be accessed through the Internet, on CD or in customized reports and will be available in the fall of 2000. The technology will allow government agencies to track and obtain credit for spending with small and disadvantaged businesses.


Verza System

Verza, Inc., a Dutch-American Internet payment services provider, announced a new solution yesterday that enables merchants on four continents to open their online businesses in just five minutes. The latest version of Verza’s ‘Risk Management Solutions’ integrates shopping and payment processing, fraud protection and marketing services for merchants in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Verza says its service is targeted at tiny online merchants who find it expensive, and sometimes impossible, to set up a credit card merchant account. The company says the key ingredient to its solution is its anti-fraud infrastructure that can trace an IP address against the address information the buyer is required to provide and confirm that the actual card owner made the purchase. While there is no charge to sign up for the service, Verza charges merchants a 99-cent processing fee plus 4.9% of the purchase transaction.


PULSE Counsel

David R. Schneider, a nationally recognized and widely respected attorney practicing in the financial services industry, has been named executive vice president and general counsel of the PULSE EFT Association.

A former partner in the Houston office of the prominent international law firm of Fulbright & Jaworksi L.L.P., Schneider will join the PULSE executive management team September 1.

The announcement was made by Stan Paur, president and CEO of PULSE, who said that the association’s board of directors has charted a carefully planned, long-range program of strategic growth for the Houston-based not-for-profit corporation, and bringing Schneider on board full-time is a key element of the plan.

“PULSE has benefited from Dave Schneider’s counsel for a number of years, and the addition of his expertise to the executive staff will be an invaluable asset as the association continues to expand its membership and services to meet the needs of financial institutions and the evolving electronic funds transfer marketplace,” Paur said.

In addition to his 15 years experience with electronic funds transfer networks and payments systems issues, Schneider is an acknowledged expert in federal and state regulation of financial institutions, and corporate and project finance. He is an honor graduate of both Tulane University and the Georgetown University School of Law.

“After working with PULSE for a number of years and watching the network distinguish itself as a truly unique leader in the financial industry, I am proud to join such a remarkable organization,” Schneider said. “I look forward to being part of an exciting future.”

PULSE is one of the nation’s leading shared electronic funds transfer networks, serving more than 2,000 banks, credit unions and savings and loans. The system links an estimated 45 million cardholders with more than 46,000 ATMs and 271,000 point-of-sale terminals throughout the United States.