Dao Heng Bank Group Limited announces the public launch of its Dao Heng Visa
Platinum card, a premium credit card product that offers a wide range of
exclusive privileges to high net-worth individuals with an annual income of
HK$600,000 (US$77,000) or above.

The Dao Heng Visa Platinum card was soft-launched last November. Private
invitations were extended to the Card Centre’s Gold cardholders who are
eligible for Platinum status.

Mr. Vincent Chiang Wai-sam, General Manager – Card Centre, Dao Heng Bank
Limited, said, “We are greatly encouraged by the response of the private
launch. In just two months, we have already issued a few thousand of the
Platinum cards even before any advertising or promotion of the product. We
are confident that we can capture 10 percent of the Platinum card market this

“This is the first time that Dao Heng has partnered with Visa
International to issue the Visa Platinum card. We aim to target quality and
high net-worth clientele. Industry benchmark shows that Platinum cardholders
normally spend three to five times more than general cardholders, and have a
lower rate of bad debt and delinquency. The existing Gold and general card
products cannot reflect their superior status or fulfill their requirements.
Therefore, we believe that there is definitely a market niche for Platinum
cards,” continued Mr. Chiang.

To cater to the special needs of Dao Heng Visa Platinum card target
customers, who are mainly well-heeled professionals and senior executives
leading a modish lifestyle, the product offers unsurpassed travel and
lifestyle related benefits such as Priority Pass membership. Cardholders also
enjoy “Superior Financial Services” which includes high credit limit, lower
annualized interest rate and a “Call-a-Loan” feature. Dao Heng Visa Platinum
card at the same time offers a comprehensive protection package, including
Golfers Protection, Pet Loss Protection, “$0” Lost Card Total Protection and
Immediate Dispute Resolution service.



The Smart Card Alliance, the largest smart card oriented, non-profit entity in the world, announced it will hold its first industry conference for 2001, “Smart Cards and Consumers Security and Convenience” with pre-conference events beginning February 26th, 2001 and the actual conference taking place on February 28 – March 1, 2001 in Salt Lake City, Utah at the Sheraton City Centre.

The event will start off with the Educational Institute, a comprehensive smart card education program presented by top industry executives, beginning Monday 26th. A Pre-conference tutorial on Tuesday focuses on the subject of Personalization and Card Issuance and features speakers from Gemplus, Schlumberger, and Datacard. For those participants interested in learning more about Public Key Infrastructure technology, the highly regarded PKI 101 Tutorial will be offered again on Tuesday as well.

The featured conference agenda will begin on Wednesday, February 28th and end on Thursday, March 1st. The feature keynote for the Conference will be Austin Hill, President of Zero Knowledge Systems. In addition, industry leaders and representatives of government, financial, and consumer organizations that are issuing millions of smart cards in North America will share successful experiences of smart card applications as well as some disappointments from their respective industries, which have used smart card technology. The conference always draws attendees from a range of sectors, including financial institutions, issuers, consumers, technology, card manufacturers, government agencies and universities, offering opportunities to network with the drivers of the smart card industry.

At this meeting, the newly organized Alliance board, consisting of the combined leadership of the former Smart Card Industry Association and Smart Card Forum boards will present the new vision and mission of the Smart Card Alliance. It will also introduce some of the member-driven committees such as the Alliance’s Smart Card Network Security Initiative, Market Survey Committee, Marketing Committee, Stable Points Initiative, and Educational Institute Committee that will help shape the industry in the future. Those committees will be recruiting participants and may hold some individual sessions during the conference to discuss their goals.

“The Alliance represents the go-to place for producers and users of the technology alike,” said Allen Gilstrap, Vice President, Global Network Services for American Express and Chairman of the Smart Card Alliance. “The renewed emphasis on working committees and the continued support from our diverse membership will allow us to expand our outreach and education efforts.”

The entire industry as well as anyone interested is invited to celebrate this first Alliance meeting. To register, please call The Alliance office at (212) 837-7713 or visit the Alliance website at [http://www.smartcardalliance.org][1].

About The Smart Card Alliance

The Smart Card Alliance is a not-for-profit, multi-industry association of over 175 members working to accelerate the widespread acceptance of multiple application smart card technology by bringing together, in an open forum, leading users and technologists from both the public and private sectors. The Smart Card Alliance is the leading organization for education and awareness of topical issues associated with the use and adoption of smart card systems. For more information about The Smart Card Alliance, log on to the organization’s Web site at [http://www.smartcardalliance.org][2].

[1]: http://www.smartcardalliance.org/
[2]: http://www.smartcardalliance.org/



MDC Corporation of Toronto announced that its card services unit Metaca Corp.,
has acquired
100% ownership of NBS Canada, the Canadian card services unit of Mist Inc.,
and the third largest card services provider based in Canada. NBS Canada is a
supplier of plastic cards and personalization services to financial
institutions and retailers in Canada and the United States.

The transaction is expected to add $10 million in annual revenues to
Metaca and will position Metaca as the largest card services provider based in
Canada, offering an increasing range of card related services to major
magnetic stripe and smart card issuers.

“The purchase of NBS Canada is a strategically important move for Metaca.
It will substantially advance our stated plan to widen and deepen our scope of
customer relationships within the financial institution, loyalty and
commercial segments,” said Greg McKenzie, President and Chief Operating
Officer of Metaca. “The other strategic advantage is NBS Canada’s smart card
personalization platform and innovative in-house card design and pre-press
capabilities. I think these will greatly enhance our service offering and
customer service.”

“This acquisition is consistent with MDC’s ongoing strategic plan of
expanding card services, which was initiated by the 1996 purchase of Davis +
Henderson, Canada’s leading cheque manufacturer,” added Miles S. Nadal,
Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer of MDC.

“Our focus on the continued development of our card services business
reflects our commitment and desire to develop products and services that meet
progressive customer needs and complement our paper payment systems business,”
he said.

“We’re delighted to be joining Metaca, it’s a good fit,” said Dan
Pelletier, President of NBS Card Services Canada. “Our combined organization
will deliver increased value to customers and increased delivery
efficiencies.” Pelletier will continue as General Manager of the combined
business reporting to McKenzie.

McKenzie noted that the acquisition will add Desjardins, Laurentian Bank,
Alberta Treasury Branch, Firstar, Shoppers Drug Mart, Petro-Canada, Sears and
BCE Emergis – additional critical mass to the ongoing relationships of its
already impressive line-up of existing customers, including Royal Bank, CIBC,
National Bank, Bell Canada, Telus, Loyalty Management Group (Air Miles) and
Barnes and Noble.

About Metaca

Metaca Corporation is Canada’s leading Cardprogram Management(TM) Company
with a blue chip customer portfolio, which includes financial services,
telecommunications, retail, loyalty, insurance and utility industries. Metaca
supports this customer portfolio from operations in Canada and in Australia
where it operates under the Placard name. Metaca is owned 85% by MDC and 15%
by Symcor Services Inc.

About Symcor

Symcor is a leading North American customer communication, information
delivery and item processing services provider, with customers in the retail
and corporate banking, mutual fund, investment banking, insurance, retail,
telecom and utility industries across the country. Symcor’s services include
Web development, cheque processing, credit card and payment processing, and a
full range of customer bill and statement advisory, design and presentment
capabilities. Symcor is a joint venture established by Bank of Montreal, Royal
Bank Financial Group and TD Bank Financial Group, combining the “best of the
best” practices from these complex organizations.

About MDC Corporation Inc. (“MDC”)

MDC is a publicly traded international business services organization
with operating units in Canada, the United States, United Kingdom and
Australia. MDC offers security sensitive transaction products and services in
four primary areas: Personalized Transaction Products such as personal and
business cheques; Electronic Transaction Products such as credit, debit,
telephone and smart cards; Secure Ticketing Products, such as airline, transit
and event tickets; Stamps, both postal and excise. In addition, MDC is
majority owner of Maxxcom Inc., which is the largest full service marketing
communications organization based in Canada. MDC shares are traded on the
Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol MDZ.A and on NASDAQ National Market
Systems under the symbol MDCA.



Marconi Online Systems and a primary European Coca-Cola bottler announced an
important new pilot for
‘Dial-a-Coke’ with a possible future deployment to over 6,000 machines.
This pilot potentially transforms the way consumers will buy drinks from
vending machines.
Eddie King, TCCC Europe, Manager Retail Equipment Innovation, is keen to
understand the improved choice that m-commerce may offer to its customers.
program is very important to both Coca-Cola Europe and Marconi, and has the
full backing of The Coca-Cola Company.
Selected machines will be specially upgraded to become ‘Dial-a-Coke’ outlets
using Marconi’s Intelligent Vending(TM) technology – an innovative ‘future
today’ solution which allows a consumer to pay for their drink using a GSM
cellular phone. ‘Dial-a-Coke’ means that people may no longer worry about
having the right change in their pockets to make a purchase. The system is
designed to be quick and very easy to use, and because it will work alongside
existing coin systems, customers will always be able to buy what they want.

The machines will also use Marconi’s world leading Intelligent Vending
solutions to deliver `Online Vending’. The system allows vending machines to
call in overnight, making sure that the very latest sales and operational
reports arrive at the bottler’s depot every morning.

This innovative concept of making each machine an intelligent part of a
proactive system has already delivered proven benefits to other drink bottlers
around the world. By combining the `Dial-a-Coke’ facility with on-line vending
machines, the bottler will be able to easily track the success of the new
scheme, reporting the number of cash and Dial-a-Coke transactions for each
machine together with the date and time each product was sold.

“In addition, keeping out-of-stocks to a minimum and improving customer
confidence that machines are always clean, filled and working are other
benefits from the Intelligent Vending solution” said Peter Short, Vice
President – Marconi Online Systems. “And because operators are able to
streamline delivery routes, fully account for cash and stock and reduce the
impact of machine faults such as coin jams by prioritizing maintenance visits,
significant operational savings have also been seen.”

“Marconi is serious about providing the most advanced m-commerce and
innovations to vending, fuel dispenser and retail consumers. We are
focusing on
increased sales, improved customer convenience and reduced overheads.” said
Short. “Along with new payment techniques, we are constantly looking for other
ways that retailers can raise vending machine revenues – the current Marconi
solution includes interactive media screens, loyalty and promotion services
which dramatically increase machine sales and develop valuable consumer

About Marconi Online Systems

Marconi Online Systems is a dedicated division of the Marconi Group which has
evolved from Marconi Communications and Marconi Commerce Systems businesses,
bringing an innovative approach to the provision of products and services for
remote points-of-sale, including intelligent vending applications. Marconi
Online Systems has offices in the USA, the United Kingdom and in New Zealand.

About Marconi’s Intelligent Vending(tm) Solutions

Developed over 8 years and now the only complete solution that is fully
approved by The Coca-Cola Company, Marconi’s Intelligent Vending makes vending
management easier and more accurate. Marconi’s technology is already being
by two of the largest Coca-Cola bottling companies in North America to improve
profitability through increased sales and reductions in distribution costs. In
fact, Coca-Cola bottlers already have 65,000 machines online with Marconi
around the world.

About Marconi Commerce Systems

Marconi Commerce Systems is the global leader in offering end-to-end
solutions that provide retailers with ways to offer more convenience and value
to their customers. The company has three business lines that work together to
create a network of technologies through integrated point-of-sale systems,
backoffice/home office software, service and consulting solutions (Retail
Solutions), wireless information management (Online), and state-of-the-art
dispensers (Service Station Equipment). Headquartered in Greensboro, NC, the
company has operations in the USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, UK, Argentina,
China, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand. Parent company, Marconi plc is a
global communications and IT company, with 49,000 employees worldwide and
in over 100 countries. It supplies advanced communications solutions and the
key technologies and services for the Internet. Marconi plc is listed on the
London Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ under the symbol MONI.



Utimaco Safeware is the first
security company worldwide to present smartcard-based security solutions for
authentication, encryption and digital signatures using a biometric key. A
new method developed in co-operation with the Swedish company Precise
Biometrics AB and the Finnish company Miotec Oy allows to unlock smartcards by
fingerprints. The smartcard can then be used for authentication,
single-sign-on (SSO), encryption or digital signatures. The integration of
the biometric fingerprint method into Utimaco Safeware’s professional security
applications combines high security with greater convenience for the user.

In contrast to biometric methods of the first generation, which allowed
to compare biometric characteristics to digital patterns but not offering
encryption functions, biometry can now be integrated for the first time into
complex security applications. This “first” confirms Utimaco Safeware’s
leading position in the area of smartcard-based security solutions.

SafeGuard(R) Biometrics is the base module of Utimaco Safeware’s new
biometric security technology. It provides smartcard-based access control for
PC operating systems, including single-sign-on and desktop lock. Instead of a
PIN, the smartcard authenticates its legitimate user by a fingerprint using
the innovative “match on card” technology, which verifies the fingerprint
directly on the card. In combination with other SafeGuard(R) products,
SafeGuard(R) Biometrics forms a security suite allowing to use the
biometry-enabled smartcards for such complex security applications as file
encryption, certificate-based digital signatures, strong authentication and

As a consequence, the users of SafeGuard(R) Biometrics do not have to
remember a PIN, the support costs and time losses caused by forgotten PINs are
eliminated. The simple sign-on by fingerprint also greatly facilitates the
day-to-day use of security applications for users. What is more, SafeGuard(R)
Biometrics makes it impossible for users to pass on their cards and PINs to
other persons (e.g. so that a colleague can substitute for them). Although
this might seem convenient in some cases, it should not be possible for
digital signatures that have to be unambiguously assigned to their original
user. SafeGuard(R) Biometrics has been developed in co-operation with the
Swedish company Precise Biometrics, the technological leader in the area of
fingerprint technology, and the Finnish security house, Miotec.

Precise Biometrics, a strategic partner of Utimaco Safeware in the area of
biometrics, contributed the combined fingerprint/smartcard reader and the
innovative “Mach On Card”-technology. This new technology allows to replace
the PIN code on smartcards by fingerprints. The PC/SC-compatible reader
requires no separate power supply and is connected to the PC via the parallel
port or the USB port. A new fingerprint verification method developed by
Precise (Precise Pattern Matching) enables the efficient and accurate checking
of fingerprints. Miotec contributed the new MioCOS card operating system,
which enables advanced authentication like biometrics. Several fingerprints
can be stored on a card and can be used like a PIN. The user can be
authenticated by any combination of PINs and fingerprints. The card features
a 1024 bit RSA co-processor and on-card key generation and enables the use of
the smartcards for digital signatures.

SafeGuard(R) Biometrics will be available in the second quarter of 2001.
Utimaco Safeware AG is the leading European manufacturer of certified IT
security solutions for professional use. Utimaco Safeware develops and sells
integrated security solutions based on established standards for the following
areas: mobile/desktop security and Internet security.

Precise Biometrics AB is the leading European provider of biometric
solutions. The Swedish company develops and markets products for
fingerprint-based biometric identification. Its solutions replace passwords,
PIN codes, ID cards and keys in IT, telecom and physical access systems.
http://www.precisebiometrics.com Miotec Oy
specializes in the development and
marketing of PKI solutions (public key infrastructure), card operating systems
and hightechnology cards. http://www.miotec.fi



Schlumberger Limited announced that its Test &
Transactions business segment has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Bull
CP8, a subsidiary of Groupe Bull, based in
Louveciennes, France, for approximately $325 million.

Bull CP8 is a leading provider of highly secured microprocessor-based cards
and associated applications systems for the
banking, mobile communications and network security industries. The scope of
the transaction comprises Bull CP8 and its
operating subsidiaries (Mexico, Netherlands, Sweden, United Kingdom, and the
US) as well as its equity interest in several
subsidiaries including Cardsoft, Cyber-COMM, SPOM, Trusted Logic and Xiring.

This acquisition will provide Schlumberger with complementary R&D and smart
card technology capabilities, especially in the
banking segment where Bull CP8 holds a worldwide position.

“The acquisition of Bull CP8 will expand the Schlumberger portfolio of
advanced smart card and security solutions, extending
their offering through our global solutions team,” said Irwin Pfister,
executive vice president Schlumberger Test & Transactions.
“Schlumberger will gain further time-to-market advantage in new-generation
mobile telecommunications smart card applications
and reinforce its presence in the banking and network security segments. Bull
CP8’s highly qualified people, innovative
technological culture and international network of partners will contribute to
further accelerate our growth. Smart card customers
will benefit from a wider range of products and applications and an expanded
support organization.”

David Levy, Bull CP8 chief executive officer added, “Bull CP8 has always
been at the forefront of smart card technology since
its invention in 1977 to the first 32 bit operating system in 2000. Private,
convenient and secure identification of the subscriber is
key to the internet and mobile communication service providers. Schlumberger
and Bull CP8 together will be the leading provider
of software for personal chips. They are the ultimate identification tool and
are fundamental to personal privacy.”


Schlumberger Limited also announced it has reached agreement with the board of
directors of Sema plc on the
terms of a recommended offer for the entire issued and to be
issued share capital of Sema.

The Offer will be made on the basis of approximately $8.09 (560 UK pence) in
cash for each Sema share and approximately $16.18 (1120 UK pence) in cash
for each Sema ADS (each ADS represents 2 Sema shares).

The Offer values the transaction at approximately $5.2 billion
(approximately 3.6 billion UK pounds) fully diluted for the exercise of all
outstanding options.

The Sema Board intends unanimously to recommend the Offer.
Euan Baird, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Schlumberger, explained
the importance of this transaction to Schlumberger:

“The acquisition of Sema will enable us to accelerate significantly our
existing information technology strategy. It will enhance our capabilities
and critical mass in systems integration, widen our IT skills and create
revenue synergies in many of our core competencies.

I am confident that the excellent personal relationships which we have
developed with senior Sema management and strong cultural fit between our
organizations will facilitate the integration and subsequent growth of Sema
within the Schlumberger group.

We believe that Sema is the catalyst that will help us approach the
five-year goals for growth and profitability that I set out two years ago.”

Baird further stated:

“For several years, we have been actively exploiting IT to improve our
internal business processes and efficiencies, to grow our existing
businesses and to develop new IT-based revenue generation opportunities.
This focus on leveraging IT has taken the form of extensions of existing
Schlumberger business groups and also the creation of new businesses which
leverage Schlumberger’s long term expertise in network development and
management, IP based applications, backed by a strong culture of global

Such initiatives have been ongoing in all three of the Schlumberger core
vertical markets: oilfield services, wireless telecom and utilities.

We believe that it has become increasingly clear that the winners in the
Internet age will be companies with excellent products and market shares in
specific verticals that are able to substantially enhance their business
models with these new technologies.

Consequently, we have concluded that we need to continue to add strong IT
technology, systems integration and consulting competencies on a global
scale to both accelerate the growth in our core vertical markets and to
establish ourselves as a leading information solutions provider in those
core vertical markets. Sema provides those competencies to us.”

Schlumberger expects to complete this transaction in the second quarter of

About Schlumberger

Schlumberger Limited is a global leader in technical services spanning the
oil and gas, utility, semiconductor testing, smart
cards, network and Internet solutions industries. Schlumberger revenue was
$9.61 billion in 2000. Additional information is
available from Realtime (www.slb.com), the Schlumberger
corporate website.

Schlumberger Test & Transactions provides consulting, systems integration
and products for smart card-based transactions,
IP (Internet Protocol) network security and wireless services, and testing and
measurement of semiconductor devices.



Auckland-based card technology company Visible Results has acquired Kansas
City-based Graphicard for US$14.4 million. The deal will make Visible Results
the world’s largest provider of rewritable loyalty card programmes and earn the
company US$30 million (NZ$67.8 million) a year for business done in the United
States alone. Nearly 80% of the Company’s revenues will come from overseas.
Visible Results is well known in New Zealand for the Mobil Max cards.



Three major Canadian banks, CIBC, Scotiabank and TD Bank Financial
Group have signed a letter of intent with CertaPay Inc. to offer their
customers the latest in
payment innovation and convenience the ability to make secure payments using
CertaPay Inc. is a leader developing state of the art software that lets bank
customers send
money securely via e-mail.

This agreement is about taking the speed and convenience of e-mail and applying
it to
payments, said David Marshall, Vice-Chairman, Electronic Commerce, Technology
and Operations,
CIBC. We believe Canadians will take to e-mail payments the same way they ve
taken to e-mail.
It s convenient, fast and secure. IDC Canada research predicts almost one
million Canadians
will e-mail $2.2 billion in payments within the first 12 months of

CertaPay will enable banks to integrate a P2P payment capability into their
existing online
services. To make a payment, bank customers will access their accounts online
and specify the
recipient s name and e-mail address. The recipient will receive an e-mail
instantly with directions on how to collect the payment securely and in

Canada s financial institutions are world leaders in offering our customers the
innovations to make it easier and more convenient to do their banking, says
Albert Wahbe,
CEO of e-Scotia and Scotiabank s Executive Vice-President of Electronic
Banking. At
Scotiabank, we see this new e-mail service as marking a significant step
forward in
encouraging more Canadians than ever before to go online and try out the
convenience of
sending money securely using

CertaPay s service offers the best way to offer P2P payments because it works
within the
banks existing secure infrastructure. Most U.S. e-mail payment services
operate outside the
banking system so consumers need extra accounts, passwords and IDs to send and
receive money.

E-mail payments expand what Web banking customers can do online, says Chuck
Hounsell, Senior
Vice President, TD Canada Trust. Right now, consumers can view their accounts,
funds between accounts at the same bank and pay bills to businesses. With
CertaPay, consumers
can send money to and receive money from anyone with an e-mail address. It
will be the
service that encourages more Canadians to bank online.

Millions worldwide will make P2P payments over the next few years, says Michael
CertaPay s President and CEO. A number of international banks have expressed
interest in
CertaPay, and we intend to take our payment technology to markets outside of
North America.
Scott W. Appleby, an analyst from Robertson Stephens, predicts 42 million
people worldwide
will e-mail P2P payments by 2005.


CertaPay Inc. specializes in Internet-based payment solutions for financial
designed to open new markets and retain customers. Senior executives
responsible for
developing world-first e-commerce and financial industry initiatives (such as
FundSERV Inc.,
Trimark Investment Management Inc., Bayshore Trust and i|money) comprise its
CertaPay Inc. was formed in 2000 as a privately held Person-to-Person (P2P)
payment provider.
CertaPay s Web site is located at: www.certapay.com.



ZeitControl cardsystems GmbH has introduced a new smart card reader that can be
controlled via an ISO 7816 compatible command. The new Balance Reader is
equipped with a 10 character display and can display sums of money, loyalty
points, or a PIN. Most smart cards are capable of learning the ISO 7816
commands and the new Balance Reader can simplify the integration of a smart
card and portable reader.



Euronet Worldwide and Sila Communications announced the signing of a strategic
alliance whereby Sila Communications will market and deliver Euronet
Worldwide’s suite of wireless banking solutions to its
customer base across Europe and Asia.

Headquartered in London and employing a team of more than 200 dedicated
people, Sila currently has offices and data center
facilities throughout Europe, Singapore and South Africa. Leveraging its
parenthood with Reuters, Sila quickly became the
preferred wireless solutions provider for most brokerage and financial
institutions throughout Europe.

Targeting financial institutions such as banks, brokerage firms and credit
unions, Sila Communications will offer Account
Access and Event Messaging as a wireless ASP solution (Application Service
Provider) in Europe and throughout Asia/Pacific.
With these products, bank customers can conduct secure, real-time transactions
and access personal account information via
their mobile phone. They also can establish and maintain alerts to track their
personal accounts or brokerage accounts.

Account Access enables a customer to make a balance inquiry, retrieve a
mini-statement, perform an intra-bank transfer,
change a password, report a lost or stolen debit card, pay bills, forward
information requests and add or delete alerts right from
the palm of the hand.

The wireless Event Messaging capability is driven by the individual
customer’s preferences as established through their financial
institution’s website. Once activated, the program immediately notifies
customers with invaluable information, such as account
balances, confirmation of direct deposit to accounts, status of checks or loan
rates reaching specified targets.

The products, created by Euronet, are immediately available and financial
institutions interested in these services can be
operational within 90 days. Working together, Sila and Euronet will manage
every aspect of the integration between the financial
institution’s back-end and wireless devices, including secure, reliable,
high-performance connectivity to all mobile operators.

“Sila recognized the advantages of offering a reliable and secure wireless
solution that would allow customers to access their
personal financial information and execute banking transactions any time, any
place, simply by using their wireless phones,” said
Bo Kroll, CEO Sila Communications. “We believe Euronet’s wireless banking
products are some of the most advanced we have
seen in the marketplace. By teaming with Euronet, Sila now have a new reliable
and powerful wireless offering to add to the
portfolio of services we provide to banks and financial institutions throughout
Europe and Asia Pacific.”

“With wireless penetration expected to grow past 70% of the population
throughout Europe in the next two years, wireless
communications is an exciting and dynamic arena to be in,” said Michael Brown,
Euronet Worldwide CEO and Chairman. “We
are very pleased to partner with Sila Communications given their position as
Europe’s biggest provider of wireless data for
financial markets.”

Brown continued: “Our strategy is to expand sales channels and distribution
of our products by collaborating with dynamic
companies around the world. Euronet’s wireless partners — including Aether
Systems, Inc., Gemplus and now Sila
Communications — will help us reach our goal to be a dominant provider of
secure wireless payment transaction solutions.”

As a global provider of secure financial transactions, Euronet continues to
expand its geographic and marketplace presence
throughout Europe, Middle East, Africa, the Americas and Asia/Pacific. This
expansion allows our customers to provide their
consumers a wide array of additional transaction touchpoints and provides
Euronet continued transaction volume growth.

About Sila Communications

Sila is owned 60% by Aether Systems (Nasdaq: AETH), a leading provider of
mobile wireless delivery systems in the U.S.,
and 40% by Reuters Group (LSE: RTR). Sila provides end-to-end wireless software
solutions and services to corporations and
wireless carriers across Europe and Asia. Headquartered in London, Sila
currently has offices and data center facilities
throughout Europe, as well as in Singapore, and South Africa. Visit the web
site at www.silacom.com.

About Euronet Worldwide

Euronet Worldwide is a global provider of secure electronic financial
transaction solutions. The company provides financial
payment middleware, financial network gateways, outsourcing, and consulting
services to financial institutions, brokerages, and
mobile operators, in turn enabling their customers access to their personal
financial information and perform secure financial
transactions — any time, any place. The company’s proprietary transaction
management system powers financial transaction
solutions for over 200 clients in 60 countries as well as the company’s
processing centers located in the United States, Europe
and Asia. Euronet was recently ranked number two on the Deloitte & Touche
Technical Fast 500, a ranking of the
fastest-growing technology companies in North America. The company owns and
operates the largest independent ATM
network in Europe with corporate headquarters in Leawood, Kansas, USA, and
European headquarters in Budapest, Hungary.
Visit the web site at www.euronetworldwide.com.



A strategic
partnership formed last July between Fair, Isaac and Company, Inc.
and Fujitsu FIP Corporation is about to pay off for Japan’s
800+ consumer lending organizations as the first Web-enabled credit
decisioning solution is brought to market by the two companies.

The new service integrates LiquidCredit, Fair, Isaac’s
Web-based credit decisioning solution, into Japan’s largest network
service, which is provided by Fujitsu FIP. The service is now in
full-scale use at one of Japan’s largest financial institutions for
consumer loan application risk management.

LiquidCredit was launched last year in the U.S. by Fair, Isaac to
extend the power of its “gold standard” analytics to the Web. The
service has been widely adopted by lenders who seek instant,
cost-effective and highly reliable decisioning for a range of consumer
credit products. Fair, Isaac’s strategic partnership with Fujitsu FIP
in Japan represents the first international introduction of

“Our success in the U.S. with LiquidCredit is now creating demand
from other dynamic consumer credit markets throughout the world,” said
Tom Grudnowski, CEO of Fair, Isaac. “Japan is one of the world’s most
active consumer credit markets — second only to the U.S. in card
issuing. We expect this new Web-enabled service to provide significant
value to Japanese lenders who seek more precise, real-time decisioning
support. Fujitsu’s partnership in this venture has provided
immeasurable help to us in taking this service from idea to deployment
in less than five months,” Grudnowski said.

The Fair, Isaac/Fujitsu FIP partnership combines the world’s
leading pioneer in decision technology and credit scoring with Japan’s
largest network service provider. The partnership’s resulting Web
service was created to give Japan’s banks and other financial
institutions a more profitable means to extend credit into consumer
markets. The service offers Japan’s 800+ consumer credit grantors
instant, cost-effective credit decision support for a variety of
consumer credit and loan products.

Fair, Isaac Decision System(TM) provides the software and scoring
models to deliver the decisioning within the Web-based solution. The
components, which are marketed under Fair, Isaac’s LiquidCredit brand,
are integrated into Fujitsu FIP’s netsourced offering, allowing
clients to access the service via the Internet to gain instant support
in making decisions for credit card, retail card or installment loan

“We are not at all surprised that many of Japan’s major lenders
have expressed interest in our new service,” said Takao Ikeda,
president of Fujitsu FIP. “The need to determine credit decisions
instantly, both on the Web and in traditional channels, makes the
service we are offering with Fair, Isaac that much more important to
lenders,” Ikeda explained. He added that the two companies intend to
enhance the service even further to provide other broad risk
management solutions to new and existing clients.

Grudnowski said he believes the new service will enable Japanese
lenders to process more than one million credit applications in Japan
over the next three years. “While many of Japan’s regional financial
institutions want to expand their consumer lending business, they have
not, until now, had access to a Web-based solution that would enable
them to effectively and efficiently process consumer credit
applications. LiquidCredit will enable them to do just that.”

The new service will enable smart credit decisions within seconds
and allow lenders to avoid costly up-front implementation and
maintenance, since it is provided via the Internet. As part of its
agreement with Fujitsu FIP, Fair, Isaac is providing four product and
service components to Japanese financial institutions, including
analytic consulting, underwriting strategy and operations consulting,
scoring services and an automated decision-support software system.

About Fujitsu FIP

Fujitsu FIP Corporation, founded in 1977, ranks among Japan’s
largest system integrators and total solutions providers based on
their value-added network, the largest in Japan. Their main areas of
services are processing, outsourcing, Internet, system development,
system integration and equipment services. FIP serves the banking,
insurance, education, telecommunications, healthcare and government
sectors. With 30 years as a system developer and processor for the
credit industry, FIP-built credit systems, banking systems, securities
systems and insurance systems form much of Japan’s information
technology infrastructure.

About Fair, Isaac

Fair, Isaac is a global provider of customer analytics and
decision technology. Widely recognized for its pioneering work in
credit scoring, Fair, Isaac revolutionized the way lending decisions
are made. Today the company helps clients in multiple industries
increase the value of customer relationships. Fair, Isaac has made the
Forbes list of the top 200 U.S. small companies eight times in the
last nine years. Headquartered in San Rafael, Calif., Fair, Isaac has
21 offices worldwide. For more information, visit