iSimplify Card Award

The third annual Advanced Card Award, in London 21st February 2001, has selected the iSimplify! Card, developed by Bull CP8 and announced at the Paris-based Cartes’1999 fair, as the most innovative product of the year.

The iSimplify! card is based on an innovative technology which transforms a smart card into a true node of the Internet network and is the first smart card to integrate this concept.

The card is designed to simplify and secure personal access to the Internet by integrating Internet protocol (IP) communications within the smart card. The iSimplify! card stores each user Internet ID, enabling secure, hardware-independent access to personal data such as bookmarks and e-mail address books. The Oversoft technology used in the iSimplify! card is a communication architecture that adds a new function to the smart card. The card “talks IP”, is proactive and can achieve operations requested via the Internet.

iSimplify! selected by Dataquest

Dataquest highlighted the iSimplify! card as particularly relevant to network security applications and as one of the most innovative developments in the smart card industry in 1999. Dataquest identifies secure network access as the fastest-growing smart card application, particularly in North America, which will retain more than 56 percent of worldwide share throughout 1999-2004 period.

Schlumberger, for its part, has been selected for the “Best loyalty implementation” and “Best Communications Implementation” awards.

The Advanced Card Awards play a critical role in the advanced card industry, by supporting the quest for excellence in the development and implementation of advanced card technology and applications across a wide range of market sectors.

About Bull CP8 ([][1]) Since 1998, under the direction of CEO David Levy, Bull CP8 has been focusing its strategy on the development and marketing of software for microprocessor cards, more popularly known as smart cards, integrating a high level of security.

Bull CP8 is the undisputed leader in smart card technology since its first patent in 1977 until the realization of the first 32-bit smart card.

Bull CP8 is the worldwide leader in the banking sector: debit-credit and e.purse, with a 30%.worldwide market share.

In 1999, the company ventured into the GSM market and is now at the leading edge in the development of UMTS, the third generation of SIM cards. The company is also promoting the world’s first “Internet” smart card.




MasterCard Remote Payment and Presentment Service and the Interactive Financial Exchange Forum announced that the forum has formally adopted a MasterCard RPPS proposal that will enable transmission of IFX messages through the MasterCard RPPS system. The IFX Forum is an open membership organization committed to the development of a specification for an open and interoperable online financial services marketplace. The solution gives IFX participants access to MasterCard’s superior bill payment connectivity and will help accelerate industry acceptance of the IFX specification, providing greatly enhanced messaging capabilities.

“The IFX Forum builds on its members’ experience with advanced messaging capabilities. MasterCard RPPS is very happy to be able to provide a comprehensive solution to a difficult challenge,” said Cathleen Conforti, vice president, MasterCard RPPS. “The MasterCard solution gives IFX participants an efficient, high-performance connectivity tool and immediate access to approximately 95 percent of the EBPP industry’s biller service providers through a single connection. Organizations already connected to MasterCard RPPS will be able to leverage their existing infrastructure, greatly reducing development costs and speeding implementation.”

The MasterCard RPPS solution provides the leading method now available in the electronic bill payment and presentment (EBPP) industry for breaking down a single payment file into multiple payment instructions a functionality central to the IFX proposition.

“MasterCard’s RPPS solution is a fine example of the productive synergy prevalent in the IFX Forum,” said IFX Forum Chair Mark Tiggas. “Our collective expertise provides a universal solution that is being implemented by financial service industry leaders around the world.”

Currently, MasterCard RPPS payment files include standard payment information, such as an amount, a name, and an account number. With IFX addenda capability, more information can be included in the file to break the payment down further.

“IFX will provide a powerful tool for capitalizing on the capabilities of electronic delivery channels,” said Conforti. “Down the road, MasterCard RPPS members will see many benefits. We’re proud to lead the development of this system.”

To learn more about MasterCard Remote Payment and Presentment Service (RPPS), please visit [ /rps/][1].

About MasterCard International

About MasterCard

MasterCard International has the most comprehensive portfolio of payment brands in the world. More than 1 billion MasterCard, Cirrus and Maestro logos are present on credit, charge and debit cards in circulation today. An association comprised of 22,000 member financial institutions, MasterCard serves consumers and businesses, both large and small, in 210 countries and territories. MasterCard is the leader in quality and innovation, offering a wide range of payment solutions in the virtual and traditional worlds. With more than 19 million acceptance locations, no card is accepted in more places and by more merchants than the MasterCard Card. In 1999, gross dollar volume exceeded US$727 billion. MasterCard can be reached through its World Wide Web site at [][2].

About the IFX Forum

The IFX Forum, open for worldwide participation, was founded to provide a variety of benefits for financial services companies and their customers. IFX Forum members develop open and interoperable specifications that meet the financial services industry business requirements for serving consumer and corporate customers. The mission of the IFX Forum’s open membership is to expedite the development and implementation of the IFX specification, which defines the business message format for the electronic exchange of data.

To learn more about the benefits of IFX Forum membership, please visit , or contact Lee Waggoner at (703) 837-6153 or



VISA Deadbolt

VISA is picking up the pace to assist online merchants to meet a May deadline for compliance of 12 security guidelines. VISA is providing e-merchants with training sessions, interactive reviews, compliance and monitoring consultation, and information on third-party firms specializing in testing and compliance. VISA developed the new Internet guidelines last fall to protect cardholder data from hackers. Each of the twelve guidelines, which contain comprehensive specifications, is part of VISA’s ‘Cardholder Information Security Program’. The ‘CISP’ guidelines include required activities such as installing firewalls, keeping security systems up-to-date, encrypting stored data and using anti-virus software. VISA continues to develop new technologies to combat emerging forms of fraud. Its latest development is ‘Verified by VISA’, a new system that enables a bank to verify a cardholder’s identity during an online purchase using a variety of authentication methods, including a password, ‘smart VISA’ card or digital certificate, and provide the results to the merchant during the checkout process. (CF Library 9/28/00; 11/02/00)



Philips Semiconductors sets up new smart card module assembly facility
New assembly line added to Bangkok assembly plant can produce 100 million
pieces per year
Philips Semiconductors, a division of Royal Philips Electronics , has set
up a new assembly capability at its Bangkok semiconductor assembly plant.
The new line will enable Philips to assemble smart card chip module
packages meeting the requirements of its smart card manufacturing customers.

This new chip card module assembly centre is part of one of Philips
Semiconductors’ largest assembly centres and benefits from Philips
Semiconductors’ long experience and tradition in semiconductor packaging,
and its mature and effective international infrastructure. Providing a
production volume of 100 million modules per year, the centre will produce
modules embedding Philips Semiconductors’ smart card microcontroller chips,
including advanced security and crypto controller ICs, as well as modules
for MIFARE® dual interface controller ICs.

“This additional chip card IC module assembly line adds an important
milestone to Philips Semiconductors’ commitment to growth in the chip card
IC market. The line incorporates the latest technology advances to deliver
leading edge packaged products for contact and dual interface controllers
to our customers,” said Karsten Ottenberg, General Manager of the
Identification Business Line at Philips Semiconductors.

So-called chip card modules include the smart card IC and associated
packaging ready to be embedded in a plastic card. The new facility
incorporates the latest packaging technology, including automated
reel-to-reel production, dam and fill chip encapsulation technology
(including advanced inspection), and sophisticated testing techniques.

Being ramped up in spring 2001, the new line will operate at the highest
level of security, required for cards in financial and identification
applications, and will use total quality management (TQM) techniques to
ensure that output is of the highest quality.

Philips Semiconductors, which had annual revenues of approximately US$6.3
billion in 2000, designs and manufactures semiconductors and silicon
systems platforms. Philips Semiconductors is spearheading the emerging
field of systems on silicon solutions with the innovative Nexperia™
platform and VLSI Velocity™ tool set. The company’s Sea-of-IP™ design
methodology allows plug and play intellectual property blocks for easily
customizable products. The company is a leader in communications, consumer,
PC peripherals and automotive semiconductors, which are key applications
for convergence in end-user products. Philips Semiconductors is
headquartered in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, and has operations throughout
the world. For more information


Sears Card is Capstoned

Sears, Roebuck and Co. is successfully using Capstone Decision Manager to decision of all of its new applications for the Sears Card, Sears Charge Plus, Sears Home Improvement Card, and Sears Gold Cards, HNC Financial Solutions, a division of HNC Software Inc. announced Wednesday. With more than 60 million credit card account holders and a card loan portfolio of nearly $27 billion, Sears is the largest issuer of private-label cards.

“We needed to upgrade our application decisioning system to one that more efficiently provides instant real-time responses to our in-store points of sale, and more flexibly processes the sheer volume of credit applications generated by them — up to 25,000 per hour,” said Ron Lischwe, Sears director of credit policy. “Recently implemented Capstone Decision Manager is meeting our strict technical requirements pertaining to the AlphaServer port and is performing well, just as the other HNC solutions employed by Sears Credit Services are doing.”

Among Sears’ technical requirements in implementing a new decision management system was the use of Compaq’s AlphaServers running Tru64 UNIX, which employ one of the industry’s most powerful CPU chip (Alpha) and 64-bit architecture, making it ideally suited for real time applications and business-critical server workloads. HNC worked with Compaq (NYSE:CPQ) to successfully port Capstone Decision Manger to the ultra-fast server, a new platform for Capstone Decision Manager software.

“Sears’ implementation of Capstone Decision Manager is significant in regards to the hardware requirements and the nature and number of the applications involved,” said Michael Chiappetta, group vice president of risk management solutions for HNC Financial Solutions. “We’re glad that the system is performing well for Sears, and that we can offer the AlphaServer capabilities to other potential Capstone Decision Manager customers who employ Compaq servers.”

“Sears is one of Compaq’s most valued customers and sets a high standard for performance,” said Keith Morkel, partner manager of Compaq’s Finance Solutions Marketing Group. “Our AlphaServer team worked closely with HNC to ensure that Sears Capstone Decision Manager System performs optimally on our equipment.”

Designed with a scalable, high-performance architecture capable of processing thousands of applications per hour, Capstone Decision Manager allows for the comprehensive definition of rules, policies, and decision flow and can incorporate predictive software and traditional scorecards to automate as much of the decision process as desired. By automating the decisioning process and managing the workflow for processing applications, Capstone Decision Manager enhances decisioning efficiency, accuracy, and consistency.

About Sears, Roebuck and Co.

Sears, Roebuck and Co. is a leading U.S. retailer of apparel, home, and automotive products and services with annual revenue of more than $40 billion. The company serves families throughout the U.S. through approximately 860 department stores, more than 2,100 specialized retail locations, and a variety of online offerings, accessible through the company’s Web site at [][1].

About Compaq Computer Corp.

Compaq Computer Corp., a Fortune Global 100 company, is the largest supplier of computing systems in the world. Compaq designs, develops, manufactures, and markets hardware, software, solutions, and services, including industry-leading enterprise computing solutions, fault-tolerant business-critical solutions, and communications products, commercial desktop and portable products, and consumer PCs. Compaq products and services are sold in more than 200 countries directly to businesses, through a network of authorized Compaq marketing partners, and directly to businesses and consumers through Compaq’s e-commerce Web site at [][2]. Compaq markets its products and services primarily to customers from the business, home, government, and education sectors. Customer support and information about Compaq and its products and services are available at [][3].

About HNC Financial Solutions

HNC Financial Solutions is a leader in the development of intelligent customer value management software solutions for the financial services and e-commerce industries. Its powerful suite of real-time decision platforms and predictive business solutions allows firms to automate new account decisioning, optimize marketing efforts, detect fraud, predict profitability, and manage the customer lifecycle. HNC Financial Solutions supports this suite of solutions with a full range of consulting services.

About HNC Software Inc.

San Diego-based HNC Software (Nasdaq:HNCS) is a leading provider of Intelligent Response, decision management and customer analytics software that enables companies in the financial, telecommunications, e-commerce and insurance industries to acquire, manage and retain customers. For more information, visit [][4] or contact Melinda Bateman at 858/799-8370.



Bolt Card

San Francisco-based Zowi Corp. has signed its first co-branding deal for its American Express ‘Cobaltcard’, a stored value card for teenagers. NY-based Bolt, a communications platform for 15- to 24-year olds, is introducing the Bolt-branded ‘Cobaltcard from American Express’ to its three million U.S.-based members. Bolt members can sign up for the new card online and can load money onto their ‘Cobaltcard’ by transferring funds from their own personal checking account, or by having their parents transfer funds from a checking account or other major credit card. ‘Cobaltcard’ members will also receive special, exclusive incentives and promotions for music and movies. Bolt and Zowi will support the launch of the Bolt-branded ‘Cobaltcard’ with special promotions and benefits exclusive to Bolt members and with an integrated marketing campaign that includes promotions, sweepstakes, contests, sponsorships at, targeted email and grassroots promotions at live concerts and sporting events. American Express adopted the ‘Cobaltcard’ stored value card in October as an answer to VISA’s ‘Buxx’ teen card. The card was first introduced in April 2000. (CF Library 4/20/00; 10/12/00)


New PCIA Members

American Express, MasterCard International, and PacketVideo are the latest in a string of companies to sign on with the Personal Communications Industry Association to more fully understand the market potential in the estimated one billion people around the globe soon to be linked through mobile technologies.

![][1] American Express, MasterCard International and PacketVideo recently became members of the PCIA Global Initiative, a combination of products and services designed to help members understand and navigate the fast-changing m-convergence global marketplace.

“The global market will help shape the future for these highly respected companies,” said Jay Kitchen, PCIA president and CEO. “They seek to understand the mobile consumer in key markets around the world, because no single industry sector, no single technology, and no single country or regulatory environment will determine their success,” he added.

The PCIA Global Initiative provides its members with tools and in-depth information about consumer attitudes and preferences, marketplace characteristics, technological issues, and regulatory topics in markets worldwide.

Membership has more than doubled since its launch in the fall of last year in response to the need for leadership in the increasingly cluttered and competitive m-convergence market.

“Worldwide mobile convergence–the collision of technology, commerce, and content in pursuit of the mobile customer–holds enormous opportunities,” said Kitchen. “But it’s confusing and fast-paced. The PCIA Global Initiative offers participating companies the tools and contacts to help them win in what amounts to a market revolution.”

“We will be best positioned to succeed if we understand how to meet the needs of the mobile consumer, and how those needs change from market to market and country to country,” said Elizabeth Hurvitz, Senior Vice President of Interactive Enterprise Development at American Express. “We believe the PCIA Global Initiative can help us increase our understanding of the global mobile market so we can deliver valuable products and services to our customers.”

“The single most important trend we see for the card market in 2001 is technology integration, which will give consumers ubiquitous access to their MasterCard payment accounts wherever they are. Utilizing new technologies such as digital wallets, smart cards, and wireless devices, MasterCard member financial institutions will ultimately deliver payment services at whatever point-of-interaction is closest and most convenient to their customer,” said Art Kranzley, senior vice president of Global e-Business at MasterCard International. “The PCIA Global Initiative will provide us additional insight into what consumers are looking for, and with it, a critical edge as we move forward with our e-Business strategy.”

PCIA has created additional products and services to help its members gain greater understanding of the m-convergence marketplace, notably the PCIA Global Market Monitor, which was unveiled to members last month. This online resource, exclusive for PCIA Global Initiative members, provides vital market and regulatory information, as well as an overview of the technical issues facing the industry.

“Membership in the PCIA Global Initiative will provide us with important consumer research to help us better understand which multimedia applications will be compelling in the different regions of the world,” said Fernando Corona, senior vice president of marketing for PacketVideo. “This information will provide direction for the ongoing development of our technology platform that will in turn enable our wireless carrier customers to create loyal subscribers.”

The PCIA Global Initiative membership is comprised of the interdependent mix of industries that comprise m-convergence: payment solution companies, content providers, carriers, network computing vendors, Internet service providers, software developers, device and semiconductor manufacturers and application service providers. Member companies to date are: ADC,, AeroComm, agentGO, Air2Web, American Express, Citibank, Clickservices, DMC Stratex Networks, Envoy Networks, fusionOne, Gwcom, Inc., Halfdome Systems, Idetic, Littlefeet, Inc., MasterCard International, MeshNetworks, MobileSys, Inc., OnMobile, Inc., PacketVideo Corporation, PCS Innovations, Psion, Sonera,, TD Waterhouse Group, Inc., Ticketmaster, VISA International, and

About PCIA

PCIA is an association of companies seeking to compete in the global m-convergence marketplace. With roots in the wireless communications industry, the association is now dedicated to advancing seamless global communications through its strategic marketing, public policy expertise, events and educational programs. PCIA members include a broad base of interdependent mobile convergence players. PCIA is devoted to the rapid, cost effective deployment of mobile consumer-driven strategic products and services around the world.

About American Express

American Express Company is a diversified worldwide travel, financial and network services company founded in 1850. It is a leader in charge and credit cards, Travelers Cheques, travel, financial planning, investment products, insurance and international banking. For more information, visit [][2].

About MasterCard International

MasterCard International has the most comprehensive portfolio of payment brands in the world. More than 1 billion MasterCard, Cirrus and Maestro logos are present on credit, charge and debit cards in circulation today.

An association comprised of more than 20,000 member financial institutions, MasterCard serves consumers and businesses, both large and small, in 210 countries and territories. MasterCard is the leader in quality and innovation, offering a wide range of payment solutions in the virtual and traditional worlds.

With more than 19 million acceptance locations, no card is accepted in more places and by more merchants than the MasterCard Card. In 1999, gross dollar volume exceeded US$725 billion. MasterCard can be reached through its World Wide Web site at [][3].

About PacketVideo

PacketVideo, the global leader in wireless multimedia, develops MPEG-4 compliant software that enables the delivery, management and viewing of video and audio over current wireless networks to mobile information devices such as cellular telephones and personal digital assistants.

The company markets its software to wireless operators to ultimately enable mobile consumers to access a variety of applications, including news and financial stories, sports highlights, music videos, weather and traffic reports, and home or work security cameras, from any location.

PacketVideo’s investors include Credit Suisse First Boston, Intel Capital (NASDAQ:INTC), Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT), Nexus Group LLC, Philips (NYSE: PHG), QUALCOMM Incorporated (NASDAQ:QCOM), Reuters Group PLC (NASDAQ:RTRSY), members of the Rockefeller family, Siemens Mustang Ventures, Sonera (HEX: SRA, NASDAQ:SNRA), Sony Corporation of America (NYSE: SNE), Sun Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ:SUNW), Texas Instruments (NYSE: TXN), Time Warner (NYSE: TWX), and others. To learn more, visit [][4].

[1]: /graphic/mastercard/mastercard.gif



Sears Canada announced a new partnership
with Pharmasave, Canada’s fastest growing independent retail drugstore chain.
Now, Sears Cardholders can use their card for their health and beauty
essentials while earning valuable Sears Club points.

“At Sears Canada, we are constantly seeking new alliances to benefit our
customers and better address their daily needs,” announced Ray Bird, Senior
Vice-President, Credit, Sears Canada. “This exciting new partnership offers
increased value and convenience for our more than 9.1 million Cardholders, and
gives Pharmasave customers another payment option for their prescriptions and
other health and beauty purchases.”

“Pharmasave is deeply committed to the communities it serves,” said Brad
Bond, CEO, Pharmasave Drugs (National) Ltd. “We are proud to have forged an
alliance with Sears, a company that shares our philosophy of community
stewardship and we welcome Sears Cardholders.”

Sears Cardholders will earn one Sears Club point for almost every dollar
they spend on their Sears Card at Pharmasave locations across Canada. Sears
Club members can redeem their points and use them toward products offered
through all Sears stores and catalogues and Sears services including travel.
They can even donate their points to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada.

The Sears Card is the number one credit card in Canada with more card-
carrying customers than any other single retail, bank or specialty card issuer
in the country. More than 80 per cent of Canadian households are Sears Club

Since its inception in 1986, Sears Club has rapidly expanded its range of
earning opportunities and rewards through alliances with Bell World,
Ticketmaster Canada Ltd., Sympatico, Shell Canada, Choice Hotels Canada, AMJ
Campbell Van Lines, and All-Purpose Realty, Roots and IBM.

Sears is a multi-channel retailer with a network that encompasses 118
Sears department stores, seven urban Eatons department stores and 33 furniture
and appliances stores. The Company publishes Canada’s only general merchandise
catalogue and has over 2,000 catalogue selling locations. Additionally, Sears
has 128 dealer stores, 15 outlet stores, 34 floor covering centres, 66 auto
centres and 107 Sears Travel branches and offers shopping online at

Pharmasave Drugs (National) Ltd. was started in 1981 when a visionary
group of pharmacists formed a new association with a dream of independence
under a strong new banner. Now celebrating 20 years of growth Pharmasave has
approximately 290 drug stores in Canada – a vibrant independent family that
stretches proudly from British Columbia to Nova Scotia. Pharmasave is a member-
governed organization.


PNC Offers ECA

TeleCheck Services announced that PNC Merchant Services will offer the TeleCheck Electronic Check Acceptance service and the Eclipse payment authorization terminal to its merchant customers. PNC Merchant Services is an alliance between PNC Bank and First Data Merchant Services that offers merchants a wide variety of card payment processing options and platforms for the authorization, settlement, and funding of credit and debit card transactions.

TeleCheck’s ECA service converts a consumer’s paper check into an electronic check at the point-of-sale and delivers guaranteed funds directly to the merchant’s account, improving cash flow. Since its introduction in June 1998, TeleCheck has processed more than $5 billion dollars in electronic transactions. The company’s Eclipse(TM) integrated payment terminal processes checks, credit cards and debit cards, and is the first such terminal to securely, conveniently and economically image name and address information from a check.

![][1] “TeleCheck’s ECA(R) service will provide PNC Merchant Services’ clients the benefits of checks with the safety, speed and convenience of electronic processing,” said Donald Pysola, co-general manager, PNC Merchant Services. “It will help PNC Merchant Services’ clients simplify balancing and deposit preparation, improve cash management and lower the net cost of checks. ECA will help improve customer relationships between our merchant clients and their customers because it has the same float time as the consumer’s paper checks, reduces risk of personal information being used fraudulently and provides a complete transaction record on bank statements.”

“PNC Merchant Services is committed to providing convenient payment processing services to the merchants it serves, who in turn can give better service to their customers,” added Charles Gaston, co-general manager, PNC Merchant Services. “PNC Merchant Services has offered check guarantee and verification services from TeleCheck for a number of years. The ECA(R) service is a natural next step in providing our clients the latest in check acceptance.”

By offering its products to PNC Merchant Services, TeleCheck strengthens its expansion as an electronic check processor. Utilizing this strategic distribution channel, TeleCheck likewise strengthens the relationships PNC Merchant Services has with its merchant clients.

“TeleCheck is delighted to provide the Electronic Check Acceptance(R) (ECA(R)) service and the Eclipse(TM) payment terminal to PNC Merchant Services,” stated Jerry Mosbacher, senior vice president of strategic distribution for TeleCheck. “PNC Merchant Services is now able to market a complete electronic payment solution package to its merchant clients and TeleCheck extends its presence into merchant markets.”

About The PNC Financial Services Group

PNC Bank is a member of The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. (NYSE: PNC), which is headquartered in Pittsburgh and is one of the nation’s largest diversified financial services organizations, providing regional banking, corporate banking, real estate finance, wealth management, asset- based lending, asset management and global fund processing services. Visit The PNC Financial Services Group online at [][2].

About PNC Merchant Services

PNC Merchant Services, an alliance between PNC Bank and First Data Merchant Services, offers merchants a wide variety of card payment processing options and platforms for the authorization, settlement, and funding of credit and debit card transactions. With the largest merchant base in the Middle Atlantic region, PNCMS currently provides services to over 50,000 merchant locations in virtually all industries. PNCMS is at the forefront of the card payment industry with its support of the latest in cardholder and merchant acceptance needs. Visit PNC Merchant Services online at [][3].

About TeleCheck Services, Inc.

TeleCheck is the world’s leading provider of paper and electronic check services, helping over 228,000 retail, financial institution, grocery and other industry clients to increase their profitability, reduce risk and streamline operations. TeleCheck’s check acceptance and electronic commerce solutions help businesses safely and efficiently accept payment at the point of sale, by telephone, over the Internet, and through timed or recurring ACH payments. TeleCheck services are offered through a sales and service network in more than 90 cities in the United States and in Puerto Rico, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. In 1999, TeleCheck authorized more than $155 billion in checks, representing 3.1 billion transactions. For more information about TeleCheck, please visit the Internet site at [][4].

About First Data Corp.

Atlanta-based First Data Corp. is a global leader in electronic commerce and payment services. Serving more than two million merchant locations, more than 1,400 card issuers and millions of consumers, First Data makes it easier, faster and more secure for people and businesses to buy goods and services, using virtually any form of payment: credit, debit, stored-value card or check at the point-of-sale, over the Internet or by money transfer. For more information, please visit the company’s Web site at [][5].

[1]: /graphic/pncbank/pncmerchant.gif



IFS International, Inc. announced that its distributor, The GET Group, has
sold its first TPII
system to be a central resource based in Dubai for the UAE and GCC states.

Initially, this will be a central transaction processing switch and
settlement system with basic card generation and production facilities.
Products and services are to be offered via the switch to third parties, and
future e-commerce and m-commerce processing is planned.

This inaugural TPII implementation is a first step in a long-term GET
regional program, which is expected to result in considerable network
expansion over the next two years. Delivery and commissioning is expected
within the next six months.

Salim Abdullah, General Manager, GET Group, Dubai, said, “Since signing
the distributor agreement with IFS, we’ve had an extremely busy and productive
period, resulting in this first system in Dubai. Currently, we have a number
of proposals outstanding to provide TPII and TP-CMS systems in a number of
countries throughout the region. GET is expanding its support base for this
range of products with comprehensive training of staff to ensure banks,
financial institutions and other commercial customers will receive total end-
to-end systems and support for the IFS and complementary products that we

The GET Group of companies is also a supplier of cards, including chip
cards, card production, ATMs and POS systems working with companies such as
Data Card, Toppan, NBS, Oberthur, Nisca and Orga.

Alistair Clarke, Regional Director, EMEA, IFS International, added, “IFS
is delighted to have a new customer in Dubai and shows that the strategic
partnership between IFS and GET is already reaping rewards. Our partnership
aims to offer financial institutions exactly what is required to meet their
evolving business objectives and this new contract is an exciting start.
Looking at the number of proposals we have outstanding in the Middle East
region, we are extremely optimistic that we will soon have other new customers
to announce.”

About IFS International Holdings, Inc.

IFS International, Inc. and Network Controls International, Inc. are
subsidiaries of IFS International Holdings, Inc., which has headquarters in
the USA and subsidiary offices in the U.S.A., U.K., Singapore and Australia.
IFS International, Inc. develops, markets and supports software products
for the electronic financial market. IFS International’s TPII and TP-CMS
products provide support for ATMs, Point of Sale devices, network switches,
smart cards and card management. IFS International’s subsidiary, Global
Insight Group, is a supplier of strategic business and technical
implementation support services to the Retail Finance Industry.
NCI, Inc. develops innovative retail delivery applications like NCI
Business Centre(TM), which combines network centric and browser-based
technologies in “One Application” to automate all delivery channels such as
branch teller, platform service, call center, Internet banking and customer
relationship management.



First Data announced yesterday that its card issuing services subsidiary and San Diego-based ieWild Inc. are teaming to offer card issuers technology that provides insight into cardholder purchasing preferences with the opportunity for better retention and increased card usage. FDC has acquired the license and maintenance rights to provide ieWild’s patent-pending software solution exclusively to more than 1,400 card issuing clients worldwide under the First Data brand ‘FirstInsight’. ‘FirstInsight’ is a sophisticated data mining, analysis and reporting solution that merges merchant data with bankcard transactional data to give the card issuer better opportunities for one-to-one value offers.