InfoScope in Falcon

NetGeo, Inc., announced that HNC Software has implemented NetGeo’s flagship product, InfoScope, as a critical component of HNC’s eFalcon, the leading real-time Internet fraud detection service for e-commerce merchants and their service providers. InfoScope will augment eFalcon’s Internet Protocol Address Identification (IP-ID) system, which identifies the country of origin of purchasers on an e-merchant’s web site, providing e-merchants with enhanced fraud protection and allowing them to optimize strategies with which to interact with international customers.

![][1] “NetGeo continues its momentum as the preferred choice for companies looking to make customer intelligence technology an important part of their total web solution,” said Mark Cramer, President and CEO of NetGeo, Inc. “Infoscope will give companies like HNC Software the competitive advantage critical to preventing fraud online, a major source of concern for online commerce.” eFalcon is an intelligent fraud detection and risk management service available to online merchants. This advanced solution uses sophisticated neural networks, scores, and rules to distinguish between legitimate shoppers and fraudulent purchasers. It provides strategy management and customer service tools to help merchants save legitimate transactions that appear risky, as well as set policies for accepting and rejecting transactions. eFalcon is based on HNC’s Falcon payment card fraud detection technology, developed over a ten-year period and currently used to protect more than 300 million payment card accounts worldwide.

“These days, successful e-commerce firms must anticipate the needs of their customers, expand into new business lines and geographic markets, and deliver fast, consistent, and locally-relevant content on a global scale,” said Walter Lee, Vice President of Risk Management for HNC Software. “By implementing InfoScope, we can offer merchants not only a best-of-breed Internet fraud detection system, but also the ability to find out exactly where their customers are coming from and create a site or offering that is perfectly matched to their target market.”

About NetGeo’s InfoScope(SM)

NetGeo’s Internet customer intelligence solution is a revolutionary breakthrough that allows businesses to determine the geographic location of their web customers as well as the companies and organizations to which they belong. The system is designed to integrate easily and is scalable, maintainable, and fast. Customers and partners are up and running within days. NetGeo’s InfoScope enables many different types of Internet applications:

— Online Credit Fraud Detection – Companies use NetGeo’s information to “score” or screen online transactions in order to combat fraud.

— Digital Rights Management – Media companies protect their digital media and respect various regional restrictions and distribution agreements by filtering out users from certain geographic areas.

— Web Analytics – Businesses gather essential information about their web consumers to maximize their Internet content and commerce initiatives. Companies may also discover which corporations and organizations are visiting their web sites.

— Geo-Targeted Marketing- Marketers can deliver customized content and advertisements based on the location of web visitors.

About HNC Software

HNC Software (Nasdaq:HNCS) is a leading provider of Intelligent Response, decision management, and customer analytics software that enables companies in the financial, telecommunications, e-commerce, and insurance industries to acquire, manage, and retain customers. For more information, visit [][2] or contact Melinda Bateman at 858/799-8370.

About NetGeo, Inc.

Founded in February 2000 by’s former President and CEO, Michael Yang, NetGeo(TM), Inc. is a leading provider of Internet business intelligence solutions aimed at enabling companies to better serve their customers. The company offers a patent-pending technology in their premier product, InfoScope(SM). Based solely on a user’s Internet protocol (IP) address, NetGeo’s InfoScope determines the Internet user’s geographic location and the company or organization to which the user belongs. The company combines streams of data from more than 24 sources using a complex system of proprietary heuristics and algorithms in order to generate the results. As such, NetGeo’s technology does not require cookies or user registration to determine online user information. NetGeo, Inc. is a privately held company and is funded by LG Venture Capital and Alps Investment Research. The company is located at 2483 Old Middlefield Way, Suite 210, Mountain View, Calif., 94043, and can be reached by phone at 650/318-8000, or on the Web at [][3].

[1]: /graphic/netgeo/netgeo.gif


MyPoints & MC Expand, Inc., a leading provider of Internet direct marketing and membership services, announced an expansion of its existing strategic relationship with MasterCard International, a global payments association. The expanded agreement will allow for the joint development and marketing of debit and pre-paid solutions through 2005. The current agreement covered the last two years and yielded the introduction of the MyPoints MasterCard card and the announcement of MasterCard as the preferred payment provider on the MyPoints Shopping! network.

“MyPoints recognizes the enormous potential in our longstanding relationship with MasterCard,” said John H. Fullmer, chairman and CEO, “We are delighted to have the opportunity to take this relationship to another level. The ability to leverage MasterCard’s strong brand to provide MasterCard debit programs to our members will uniquely benefit all parties including the consumer.”

“MasterCard continues to see great value in its alliance with and we look forward to developing exciting and innovative new solutions that offer consumers more choice and value,” said Dan Tuccillo, senior vice president, North America Deposit Access, MasterCard International. and MasterCard already co-promote several innovative debit programs, powered by Ecount(TM) technology. The first of these debit programs is the MyPoints Webcertificate(TM), a re-loadable MasterCard debit gift card that can be used at the 21 million locations at which MasterCard is accepted worldwide. MyPoints(R) Program members earn rewards for purchasing the gift card for friends and family as well as for themselves. Leveraging Ecount’s stored value technology, the gift card will also be included as a redemption option furthering the universality of the MyPoints(R) Program. Program members will now be able to redeem points for a gift card, which can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

MyPoints(R) Program members are already eligible to earn points for a wide variety of online and offline activities including reading and responding to targeted email and Web-based offers, visiting Web sites, shopping, dining out and other everyday transactions. Members earn an additional point for purchases made with their MyPoints MasterCard card.

About is a leading provider of Internet direct marketing and membership services. The Company’s flagship MyPoints(R) Program features a True Opt-in(R) database of members and provides advertisers with an integrated suite of targeted media products to market to them-including HTML-enhanced email and dynamically-served Web offers. The Company has sales offices in cities nationwide. For detailed product information please call 800-890-9351, 212-699-8050, ext. 7702 from outside North America, or visit at [][1].

About MasterCard

MasterCard International has the most comprehensive portfolio of payment brands in the world. More than 1.7 billion MasterCard(R), Cirrus(R) and Maestro(R) logos are present on credit, charge and debit cards in circulation today. An association comprised of more than 20,000 member financial institutions, MasterCard serves consumers and businesses, both large and small, in 210 countries and territories. MasterCard is the leader in quality and innovation, offering a wide range of payment solutions in the virtual and traditional worlds. MasterCard’s award-winning Priceless(R) advertising campaign is now seen in 81 countries and in more than 36 languages, giving the MasterCard brand reach and scope unrivaled by any competitor in the industry. With more than 21 million acceptance locations, no card is accepted in more places and by more merchants than the MasterCard Card. In 2000, gross dollar volume exceeded US$857 billion. MasterCard can be reached through its World Wide Web site at



VeriFone Acquired

Hewlett-Packard is unloading its VeriFone electronic-payment systems unit to a privately held international acquisition and management company. Gores Technology Group signed a definitive agreement late Thursday to acquire VeriFone for an undisclosed amount of cash. Hewlett-Packard acquired Verifone during April 1997 in a stock swap deal valued at $1.18 billion. The news to sell VeriFone follows on the heels of Hewlett-Packard’s projection of reduced revenues due to the rapid deterioration in consumer IT spending around the world. HP said it is taking action to manage expenses, including maintaining tight control of discretionary spending, requiring employees to take incremental days off and reducing management cost structures by improving span of control through the elimination of up to 3,000 management positions. HP reported first quarter revenues of $11.9 billion, compared to $11.7 billion in last year’s first quarter. Gores Technology Group, which specializes in acquiring high-tech organizations, has, to date, acquired approximately 35 companies with annual revenues in the aggregate of over $2 billion. VeriFone says both parties are working to ensure that the acquisition by GTG would not result in any disruptions of service, product shipments, or changes in the business relationships with VeriFone’s partners and customers. VF says it plans to keep all of its existing employees in its current ongoing operations. HP says it wants to put greater focus on core competencies related to service-centric computing and providing solutions for an always-on internet infrastructure. (CF Library 4/24/97)


1Q/01 Performance

Only two of the top eleven bank credit card issuers have experienced an uptick in both delinquency and chargeoffs during the first quarter compared to the first quarter of 1999. Three issuers reported declines in both delinquency and chargeoffs compared to 1Q/99 data. Citigroup and Providian reported increases in both delinquency and chargeoffs while MBNA, Discover and Fleet reported decreases in both delinquency and chargeoffs. As an average, chargeoffs have declined from 5.99% to 5.42% among the top issuers over the past 24 months. While delinquency and chargeoff figures have been rising for the past four quarters they remain well below historical industry highs.

ISSUER 1Q/01 1Q/99 1Q/01 1Q/99
Citigroup* 2.00% 1.46% 4.84% 4.72%
MBNA** 4.60% 4.65% 4.35% 4.36%
Banc One 4.33% 4.51% 5.81% 4.89%
Discover** 6.34% 7.08% 4.79% 6.28%
Chase* 1.99% 1.95% 5.05% 6.11%
BofA NA NA 4.37% 6.01%
Cap One** 4.72% 4.56% 3.75% 3.93%
Fleet 4.75% 5.12% 5.55% 7.36%
Providian** 7.64% 4.91% 9.34% 7.62%
Wells Fargo NA 2.13% 5.54% 6.99%
Household 3.68% 3.61% 6.27% 7.59%
AVG NM NM 5.42% 5.99%

*90 day delinquency ** includes other consumer receivables
Source: Standard & Poor’s; CardData (


Smart Card PKI

Oberthur Card Systems will announce today the launch a software package, smart card and a reader, that gives end-users and corporations smart card PKI authentication to secure network access and payment for online goods through any Internet-enabled PC, PDA, dual-slot mobile phone or set-top box. The ‘AuthentIC Web Pack’ uses an open-platform-based smart card. It is being implemented by GlobalPlatform, whose members include Infineon, Motorola, NEC, Sun and VISA. For PC-based transactions, the ‘AuthentIC Web Pack’ enables users to securely access corporate and private networks as well as the Internet, securely purchase or access online services by accessing an e-wallet and encrypt e-mails and protect online content.



In an effort to help pass House Bill No. 175, which would add features such as
biometrics and smart card technology to drivers’ licenses, Senior Business
Development Manager Frank Barbalace and Jim Curran, President of CIS, Inc.
testify on behalf of ORGA Card Systems in front the General Assembly of

The Public Hearing on Identity Theft will begin on Wednesday, May 9, 2001.
ORGA Card Systems is currently one of the world’s leaders and specialists in
microprocessor-based Smart Card solutions and systems. ORGA has pioneered in
the area of Smart Card Technology and has played a major role in defining the
Smart Card environment in Europe since 1985.

Frank Barbalace and Jim Curran will demonstrate the effectiveness of smart
cards for identification purposes, using the smart card and biometrics-based
Indian State of Gujarat as a reference.

“It’s not a question of if we will have a smart card driver’s license in the
United States,” stated Frank Barbalace, “but rather when will we have one.”
House Bill 175 would require the use of smart card technology and biometric
imaging on all Pennsylvania commercial and noncommercial driver’s licenses and
state identification cards. Smart Cards, which contain an embedded chip, and
the use of biometrics could decrease identity theft.

Stored information on the chipcard will include the following license number,
the driver’s name, date of birth, address, physical description, digital
signature, fingerprint image, license expiration date, class of vehicle the
driver is authorized to drive, and any restrictions or endorsements. The
of the license would remain the same, except for the addition of the chip.
The driver’s license issuance project in the Indian State of Gujarat
demonstrates the use of cutting edge biometrics and chip cards. The smart card
license stores the cardholder’s fingerprint and digital signature, as well as
personal information. Gujarat is the first authority in the world to introduce
a smart card driver’s license project that uses fingerprint biometrics.
ORGA Smart Card Issuance stations provide a one-stop location that allows for
the entire process to be completed in one trip. The issuance stations consist
of smart card personalization equipment, which consists of a PC, smart card
printer, video camera, fingerprint capture device, and a signature tablet, as
well as customized software.
At the project’s completion, approximately 10 million smart card licenses will
be issued.

ORGA USA is the North American subsidiary of ORGA Kartensysteme GmbH
Germany, a
pioneer and global leader in smart card technology since 1985. Application
areas include telecommunications, health care, retail/loyalty, banking,
personal ID, and other emerging markets.
ORGA has established subsidiaries, branch offices, and joint ventures in
Brazil, China, Denmark, France, United Kingdom, Russia, Singapore, South
Africa, and the United States. Visit our Web Site at
Curran Information Systems, Inc. provides marketing and information and
database management for the insurance and financial service industry. As part
of CFG, Inc., the company has provided consulting and management services to
providers of insurance and benefits for individuals and companies.


Juniper Bank

The Federal Reserve Board this week approved the application of Juniper Financial Corp. to become a bank holding company by acquiring First Bank CBC, Maryville, MO. Juniper is in the process of closing its third round of funding in the range of $50 to $100 million. The latest round of funding, which is expected to close by the end of May, is contingent upon the approval of the acquisition of the Missouri bank. First Bank has $106.3 million in assets. Juniper intends to merge First Bank with and into DE-based Juniper Bank, a de novo bank that is not yet open for business. After the merger, Juniper will sell the assets and liabilities of First Bank back to Citizens Bancshares, the current owner of First Bank. Juniper will then purchase the assets and assume the liabilities of the credit card division it currently operates with Columbus Bank & Trust. Juniper specializes in online and wireless banking services and launched a MasterCard in October. Juniper was founded by Richard Vague, co-founder of First USA and Jim Stewart, former CEO of and EVP at First USA. (See CF Library 5/25/00; 7/31/00; 10/25/00)



SCM Microsystems, Inc. has shipped the E-25, the first
personal multi-functional smart card reader aimed at broadening the use of
smart cards. SCM developed the E-25 reader to match the new generation of
smart cards that offer several different applications on a single card. As
previously announced, Dalmatinska Bank Zadar in Croatia will use more than
100,000 E-25 readers for their Secure Internet Banking implementation based on
public key infrastructure (PKI).

Slightly bigger than a smart card, the E-25 reader can be kept around a
person’s neck as a corporate badge or simply attached to a belt. The reader
features a keypad for secure PIN code entry and an LCD to read data from the
card. It also features a Radio Frequency transmitter to open doors, access
courses for students or facilitate “on the spot” payment in cafeterias or on
public transportation.

The E-25 can also be connected to a computer via USB or RS-232 serial
ports for conventional smart card applications such as secure authentication
to networks, Internet payment or e-couponing downloads and loyalty

“The E-25 makes smart card usage more secure, more convenient for
multi-application situations and also more cost effective,” said
Mladen Filipan, executive vice-president of PC security at SCM Microsystems.
“This one device will literally permit secure access to any service, from
anywhere in the world. For instance, whether at home or when traveling, users
can securely access bank accounts or sensitive corporate data on the Internet,
by plugging the E-25 into the USB port of any PC. The E-25 reader is
absolutely unique in the market and firmly shows SCM’s commitment to
developing new technology for secure, multifunctional smart card deployments.”

The E-25 reader offers a cost effective solution for OEMs building systems
in corporate security, higher education and business-to-consumer fields
involving e-commerce and loyalty applications. The reader features a tamper
evident casing, has been tested with all the major smart cards on the market
and is available in different plastic casing and colors. SCM has direct
relationships with the world’s leading smart card manufacturers, to ensure
corporations and OEMs have strong reasons to buy the E-25 for their smart card

For more information on the E-25 reader, please visit http//

About SCM Microsystems

SCM Microsystems is a leading supplier of solutions that open the Digital
World by enabling people to conveniently access digital content and services.
SCM’s advanced silicon, hardware and software solutions enable secure exchange
of electronic information for digital applications from e-commerce to
broadband content delivery by providing controlled access points to platforms
such as PCs, digital cameras and digital television set-top boxes. Known as a
premier supplier to OEM companies around the world, SCM also serves the retail
market through its Dazzle, Microtech and FAST product brands. Global
headquarters are in Fremont, Calif., with European headquarters in
Pfaffenhofen, Germany. For additional information, visit the SCM Microsystems
Website at http//



Orlandi Valuta, a subsidiary of First Data
Corp., Banco Nacional de México, S.A. (Banamex) and California
Commerce Bank announced that they have entered into an agreement
that will facilitate consumer money transfers to and from Mexico.
Banamex and CCB, both subsidiaries of Grupo Financiero Banamex-Accival
(Banacci), will become a principal agent in Mexico for Orlandi Valuta consumer
money transfers. As Mexico’s leading bank, Banamex will offer Orlandi Valuta
money transfer services at its approximately 1,700 bank branch and sub-agent
locations within the next few days, strengthening the Orlandi Valuta agent
network in Mexico, which currently includes more than 900 locations throughout
Mexico. With Banamex, Orlandi Valuta will now offer customers the added
convenience of receiving their money transfers in the form of a cash pay-out,
improving upon the company’s current check-based disbursement.
“We are very pleased to establish this alliance with Orlandi Valuta,” said
Manuel Medina Mora, chief executive officer for Banacci. “The new services
offered under our agreement will provide even greater value to consumers
sending money to and receiving money in Mexico. The simplified process backed
by Banamex’s ability to pay cash throughout Mexico will ensure a safe,
and convenient way for consumers to send their hard earned money home.”
“The simplicity and confidence offered to consumers as a result of our
agreement between Banamex and Orlandi Valuta greatly improves the ability for
Orlandi Valuta customers to send their money home quickly and safely,” said
Charles T. Fote, president and chief operating officer for First Data Corp.
“Orlandi Valuta has been a leader in providing a simple and secure money
transfer service to Mexico, this agreement with Banamex extends that
position to the benefit of our customers.”

About Banacci
Grupo Financiero Banamex-Accival is Mexico’s leading financial group.
a universal banking strategy, the Group offers a variety of financial services
to companies and individuals, which include commercial and investment banking,
insurance, and fund management. Banamex, founded in 1884, is Mexico’s leading
commercial bank in terms of equity.The Bank has an extensive distribution
network of more than 1,300 branches and 3,000 ATM’s located throughout the

About California Commerce Bank California Commerce Bank provides full banking
services for companies and individuals that do business in Mexico and the
United States. As part of Grupo Financiero Banamex-Accival, CCB is the U.S.
banking arm of Banco Nacional de Mexico (Banamex), Mexico’s leading bank. As
such, CCB is the gateway to and from Mexican financial markets. With over $2.1
billion in assets and advanced international information technology systems,
CCB is a valued resource for customers with interests, which cross national
boundaries. For more information, visit California Commerce Bank at

About Orlandi Valuta

Orlandi Valuta, a subsidiary of First Data Corp. (NYSE FDC) provides same day
and next day electronic money transfer service from the United States to
locations in El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and all 32 states in Mexico. In
operation since 1986, Orlandi Valuta has established a safe and reliable agent
network with more than 4,500 locations.
About First Data Corp.

Atlanta-based First Data Corp. (NYSE FDC) powers the global economy. Serving
nearly 2.5 million merchant locations, more than 1,400 card issuers and
millions of consumers, First Data makes it easier, faster and more secure for
people and businesses to buy goods and services, using virtually any form of
payment credit, debit, stored-value card or check at the point-of-sale, over
the Internet or by money transfer. For more information, please visit the
company’s Web site at



Sungold Entertainment Corp. announces that an agreement has been completed for
the acquisition of the entire world wide right, title and interest to the
internet payment system technology of SafeSpending Services Inc. The internet
payment system business is a growing multi billion dollar market.

The acquisition agreement with SafeSpending includes all copyrights,
trademarks, source codes and SafeSpendings’ intellectual property. Under the
terms of the agreement Sungold has agreed to pay a 7.5 percent royalty of net
revenue relating to the technology and 330,000 common shares in the capital of
Sungold Entertainment Corp. upon Sungold or it’s subsidiary Horsepower
Broadcasting Network Inc. receiving $1,000,000 in net revenue from the sale or
license of the technology. The SafeSpending internet payment system is a
pre-paid spending system that uses cards with a unique PIN number which can be
used to make purchases online from merchants or individuals.
A survey by Odyssey Online found that 83 percent of respondents said that
payment security concerns prevented them from shopping online.
The alternatives to credit and debit cards being offered as more secure
alternatives, such as Smart Cards, fail to address consumer concerns about

SafeSpending has developed a system which allows consumers to pre- purchase
spending cards of a certain value that will enable the consumer to purchase
online without divulging any personal, confidential information as would be
necessary if one used a credit card or any other traceable transaction

The pre-paid cards will be of a certain value (e.g. the cards value will come
in $25.00, $50.00, $75.00 and $100.00 increments), allowing the consumer to
choose which card best suits their purchasing needs. The cards will be
available behind the counter at most major retailers.

Online merchants can be assured of almost immediate payment, and pay a smaller
fee to the Company for use of the SafeSpending payment system than they would
usually pay to a credit card company. Merchants accepting prepaid spending
cards would be immune from fraud. Music and media outlets, looking for ways to
tap into the vast teen market online, may find prepaid spending cards a
solution to their current marketing dilemma. Individuals selling on auction
sites could receive payment from bidders by providing SafeSpending with an
account number. Conversely, auction sites are looking for solutions to the
fraud for which their sites are becoming infamous. Online gamblers can monitor
their wagering by using age restricted SafeSpending cards instead of credit


FDC Denver

First Data Corp. confirmed yesterday it is moving its global corporate headquarters from Atlanta to Denver. President and COO Charlie Fote will relocate to Denver upon completion of a new building in mid-2002. Fote has been based in the Denver area for more than 17 years. He will assume the CEO post at First Data in January, succeeding Ric Duques, who will remain Chairman of the Board. FDC has about 2,600 employees and a core team of senior managers based in the Denver area. In April, FDC broke ground on a new 166,000-square-foot Douglas County office complex in the Meridian International Business Center just outside of Denver. Several First Data business units are already headquartered in Colorado, including Integrated Payment Systems; SkyTeller; govONE Solutions; First Data Payment Services; and Western Union Financial Services. First Data has more than 27,000 employees globally.



Old news is shunned in the newspaper business, but now it might mean new
Cold North Wind Inc. and microCreditCard Inc. announced today a strategic
alliance designed to bring searchable images of newspapers in their original
published form and the power of online content sales to the newspaper

Cold North Wind generates new revenue from old news by digitizing newspaper
archives on microfilm and then publishing and selling those images on the
Internet. Together with microCreditCard, the Internet’s leading
credit-card-based micro-payment facilitator and alternative billing provider,
they will tour North America, educating publishers on ways to turn old news
into real profits.

“We are excited about this partnership with microCreditCard. They are the best
online payment solution around – it will be a powerful relationship,” said Bob
Huggins, CEO of Cold North Wind. “Newspapers on microfilm provide us with a
remarkable view of the past. Unfortunately, access to this material is limited
by the locality of both microfilm readers and microform collections. Today,
users want to get this information on the Internet. But digitizing these
archives and then marketing them over the web can be arduous and expensive for
a newspaper to undertake on its own. Together with microCreditCard, we offer
newspapers a painless, quick method for converting archives and realizing
profits from them.”

Cold North Wind’s process creates and publishes searchable digital images of
every page in a newspaper — not just selected stories. Currently, most
newspapers provide a limited number of online articles in ASCII form from the
past five to ten years only. As a result, the sole method of searching
newspaper archives is through microfilm, a time-consuming process.
In February, New York Post and Cold North Wind Corp. announced a letter of
intent to digitize and publish the microfilm archives of the New York Post
newspaper and make it available on the Internet. Readers will be able to
and view the original printed format from the paper’s almost 200 year-old

“We want to help publishers get past the online content sales hurdle,” said
Leslie Poole, CEO of microCreditCard. “The Internet has great potential to act
as a record keeper and revenue generator, but that potential has not yet been
realized. microCreditCard eliminates a myriad of technical, administrative and
financial obstacles, so that Web sites can realize revenue from content within
hours. The best part is that our technology is applicable to an array of
content formats, from music, to movies to articles. Our solution comes at a
critical time when content providers are searching for revenue sources –
microCreditCard and Cold North Wind are here to help.”
microCreditCard’s products were created in response to content providers’
frustration with the difficulties and cost involved in developing a payment
process. microCreditCard is one of the first companies to offer a
solution and its services suite is the only same-day solution enabling credit
card transactions.
Cold North Wind was attracted to the company’s ability to accommodate multiple
currency management, subscription management, digital content management, and
the ability to sell digital content either via subscription or in “unbundled”
individual units, such as a single archived page.

About microCreditCard

Headquartered in Arlington, Va., microCreditCard, Inc., is the Internet’s
leading credit card-based micro-payment facilitator and alternative billing
provider. Founded in 1999, microCreditCard’s robust solution, which
consists of
a Content Gateway(TM), a Payment Gateway(TM), and an Aggregation
Engine(TM), is
easy to set up and allows transactions for 10(cent) and higher.
microCreditCard offers three tiers of service – microCreditCard Managed,
Managed Plus, and Premium – depending on the needs of the merchant. For more
information about microCreditCard, visit its Web site at

About Cold North Wind

Founded in 1999, Cold North Wind is creating a worldwide online newspaper
archive. The company turns newspaper archives on microfilm into
high-resolution, searchable, digital images on the Internet. Cold North Wind
provides revenue-producing solutions to organizations that hold valuable
microform archives, as well as to distributors of online content.
Through partnerships with newspapers, media corporations, micropublishers and
content distributors, Cold North Wind is providing business solutions to
publishers to create new revenue streams from archived materials. Cold North
Wind Corp. is based in Framingham, Massachusetts. Its parent company, Cold
North Wind Inc. is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada.
For further information, please visit