CIBC, together with Advantex Marketing
International Inc. announced the launch of the CIBC Aerogold
ADVANTEX Benefit Online, an innovative Internet-based shopping rewards program
developed by Advantex for CIBC.

CIBC Aerogold cardholders will register online for the ADVANTEX Benefit
Online program at, and thereafter earn Aeroplan Bonus
Miles on their purchases at dozens affiliated leading e-retailers, including,,, and Bonus
miles earned are in addition to the one Aeroplan Mile per dollar cardholders
receive when making purchases with their CIBC Aerogold card.

“We are very pleased to launch the CIBC Aerogold ADVANTEX Benefit Online
program, the first of our major Internet cardholder benefit initiatives,” said
Christine Croucher, executive vice president, CIBC card products division.
“This exciting new program demonstrates our ongoing commitment to enhancing
cardholder value through expanded reward opportunities.”

“This represents a significant long-term opportunity for Advantex,” said
G. Randall Munger, chairman of Advantex. “Our programs turn frequent flyers
into frequent buyers at participating merchants.”

The program features the handy CIBC Aerogold SmartBar, an online shopping
guide to more merchants, more miles, more often.

CIBC Aerogold SmartBar feature – Never Miss a Mile(TM)

The CIBC Aerogold SmartBar online shopping guide travels with cardholders
as they navigate the Web, delivering valuable site-specific shopping alerts on
where they earn Aeroplan Bonus Miles online. CIBC Aerogold cardholders never
miss a mile(TM) with their SmartBar online shopping guide. The guide also
features quick access infolinkx(TM) to participating e-retailers, CIBC
services, Advantex Benefit dining, golf and hospitality directories, as well
as a range of other travel, business and lifestyle information web sites. The
built-in Aeroplan Miles Meter displays a running total of the bonus miles
earned through the program.

The CIBC Aerogold Visa Card is the number one premium credit card in
Canada with more than 500,000 cardholders. The Aerogold Visa, celebrating its
10th anniversary in 2001, was the first Aeroplan co-branded financial product
introduced by CIBC. Three other products are also offered as part of the
CIBC’s Aeroplan family of products. CIBC’s alliance with Aeroplan allows
cardholders to earn additional Aeroplan miles, redeemable for free flights on
Air Canada and its partner airlines.

About CIBC

CIBC is a leading North American financial institution offering more than
eight million personal banking and business customers a full range of products
and services through its comprehensive electronic banking network, branches
and offices across Canada, in the United States and around the world. CIBC is
a leader in electronic banking, with more than three million e-banking
customers accessing Telephone and Internet banking. CIBC is also Canada’s
leading credit card issuer and offers the broadest range of choice and value.
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About Advantex Marketing International Inc.

Advantex Marketing International Inc. is a leading consumer marketing
firm, specializing in private label customer relationship marketing programs.
Advantex programs strengthen the relationships between major organizations and
their valued customers, while building new and ongoing relationships between
those customers and networks of affiliated merchants. Advantex partners
include The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Air Canada, US Airways, The
Bank of Nova Scotia, The New York Times, and other major North American
corporations, as well as an extensive list of retailers, restaurants, golf
courses, and resorts. Advantex is a public company, traded on the Toronto
Stock Exchange under the symbol “ADX”. For additional information on Advantex,
please visit


Online Biz Banking

Speer & Associates, Inc., a leading financial services consulting firm, released the findings of its first study on the effectiveness of banks in serving the small business segment needs through Internet banking services. Based on an analysis of 100 sample commercial bank web sites, S&A found most banks lack a compelling online small business banking offering that has a clear focus on targeted marketing and commitment to execution. As a result, the ability to form deeper partnerships with small business customers on a value-added basis is not being optimized.

Richard N. Speer, Jr., S&A’s Chief Executive Officer, commented, “While some of the largest banks in North and Latin America demonstrate a commitment to the small business banking segment, on balance there is a wide range of opportunities that have yet to be leveraged.”

S&A’s Survey focused on six categories most critical to small businesses based on their heavy adoption and use of personal computing and telecommunications technologies. The Survey measured the percentage of banks within the sample that “delivered” on core banking needs of the small business segment. The percentage of banks in the sample offering online services based on S&A’s six key evaluation categories were:

* Cash/Investment Management (33%)

* Access to Credit (32%)

* Advisory Services (19%)

* Revenue Enhancing Services (14%)

* Bill Payment & Expense Reduction Services (36%)

* Administration & Operational Assistance (21%)

For many institutions in the Survey, S&A found the Internet was used to display “brochure-ware,” relying on traditional channels such as the branch, telephone or calling officer for fulfillment. Speer continued, “Given the increasing adoption of the Internet by the small business segment, many mid- size and some large banks are leaving themselves threatened by larger and non- bank competitors.”

Survey Findings by Banking Segment

* The Major Diversified Segment, banks with asset size over $100 million, had the most compelling sites, with a full array of financial and value-added services and are well ahead of the U.S. and Canadian banks in delivering to the small business segment. Fleet Bank, Wells Fargo, Citigroup and Bank One are examples of leading sites that position the banks as integrated partners to the small business segment.

* Large U.S. Regional Bank small business online offerings have transactional functionality that is well behind the overall sample banking segment. Their offerings are centered on marketing financial services, rather than broader value-added features and functionality. Most noticeably, S&A observed only 25% of the banks in this group offered key credit products on a transactional basis.

* Although the mid-size institutions, ($9 to $40 billion in assets) claim a more traditional banking approach toward small businesses, this segment is delivering online services to the segments less frequently than the North American sample in all six areas reviewed. The mid-size banks are keeping up in traditional services such as account access, online customer service and online lockbox services. The widest gaps in offerings are found in the non-retail features such as online investments, merchant processing or escrow accounts.

* Canadian banks demonstrated an overall strong commitment to small business web offerings. They provide either online loan applications or online loan transactional capabilities for small business customers in greater frequency than observed in the overall North American sample.

* The 20 Major Latin American bank sites reviewed offered transactional functionality similar to their North American counterparts with a less brochure-ware orientation. Many banks focused on the value-added services by offering access to vertical procurement portals, account aggregation and access to business exchanges and portals.

Compared to the development of retail web sites, Speer estimates most banks are 12 to 18 months behind in the development of online offerings to small businesses. “This is a risky position for banks considering their non- bank competitors and the generally profitable nature of the small business customer.”

Mr. Speer concluded, “This first S&A Small Business Internet Banking Survey reveals the wide range of online offerings available to the small business customer in today’s environment. The winners will be those banks that understand the needs of their small business customer and fashion online offerings that are responsive. S&A’s next Survey in June will further explore their progress.”

For more information, contact Laura Lloyd at 770.396.2528.



A large majority of online shoppers give their
credit card number out over the Internet, despite concerns about this
practice, suggests an annual Credit Card Tracking Study conducted by CF Group

The study found that six in ten Internet users, and one-third of recent
online buyers, are “very concerned” about giving their credit card number over
the Internet. However, three-quarters of online buyers paid for their most
recent purchase this way.

“Paying for goods online by credit card is often the only payment method
that is offered by retailers on their Web sites, forcing shoppers to put aside
any anxiety they feel about this practice,” says Rhonda Grunier, vice-
president of CF Group. “However, new developments in online payment, such as
single use credit card numbers and person-to-person e-mail payments should
help to overcome the security concerns of many Internet users.”

The study also found that personal credit card ownership has grown over
the past year and is now at its highest level since CF Group began tracking it
in 1994. Currently, 77 per cent of Canadians 18 and older hold at least one
credit card issued by a financial institution, retailer or gas company, up
from 73 per cent a year ago. And Canadians are using their cards more often
45 per cent of cardholders report using a credit card at least once a week, up
from 41 per cent a year ago. The average cardholder charged $6,010 on all
credit cards in 2000, up from $5,040 in 1999.

“One of the strongest motivators for Canadians to use their credit cards
more often is the ability to earn loyalty rewards, such as airline points,
discounts on merchandise and rebates. Overall, 43 per cent of Canadians report
using a credit card to accumulate rewards, up from 34 per cent last year. And
a growing proportion of Canadians claim to maximize their card usage so that
they can rack up as many points or rewards as possible,” says Grunier.
The study also reveals that half of all cardholders surveyed admit to
carrying over a balance on their credit cards at least once in the past 12
months, while 15 per cent admit to carrying over a balance in every month over
the past year. These figures have not changed much over the past few years.
Credit card use is not the only payment method that has increased over
the past year. Debit card payments are also on the rise. Currently, 69 per
cent of Canadian adults claim to have made a debit card payment in the month
prior to the survey, up from 66 per cent one year ago and 61 per cent in
January, 1999.

“Debit cards have surpassed cash as the most popular mode of payment at
department stores and supermarkets,” says Grunier.

For its annual Credit Card Tracking study, CF Group interviewed 2,032
Canadian adults by telephone between January 29 and February 12, 2001. The
sample is nationally representative of Canadian adults 18 years of age and
older. A survey sample this size is considered accurate to within 2.2
percentage points, 19 times out of 20.

CF Group Inc. is Canada’s first – and one of the largest – full-service
marketing, opinion and social research organization. It is a member of the NFO
WorldGroup family of companies.

NFO WorldGroup is one of the world’s leading providers of research-based
marketing information and counsel and is a worldwide leader in Internet-based



More than a quarter of all Internet users (26.9 per cent) earn less than (pound)600 per month, according to new figures from Internet monitoring company NetValue.

Those who earn (pound)4000 or more per month make up 8.3 per cent of all Internet users.

“The Internet is not reserved for a rich elite,” NetValue’s Alki Manias said. “These figures show that the web is being welcomed by low income earners. Online businesses have to recognise that the Internet market is every bit as diverse as the high street market, and not limited to big earners.”

The UK gained 800,000 new home Internet users in April, taking the national total to more than 13,500,000 home users. More than 2,300,000 have gone online at home since the beginning of the year.

The total number of people who accessed the Internet anywhere in the UK in April (home, work, school, university, Internet cafe etc) was just under 18,000,000. Of these, 45.5 per cent connected only from home and 18.2 per cent connected both from home and work. 12.6 per cent of users connected only from work.

Men make up 59.1 percent of users and almost one in five users (19.2 per cent) is aged over 50.


Three quarters of Internet users (10,220,000) visited an e-commerce site in April. Of these, 46 per cent (4,746,000 users) went to a secure section of the site, where customers hand over their credit card details. continues to be the top retail website in the UK, attracting 1.6 million visitors. More than a quarter (28.9 per cent) of visitors entered the secure section of the site. During April, 39.8 per cent of Internet users visited a music and literature site.


Dell was the most active advertiser for the second month running, reaching 40.3 per cent of all Internet users, with the next most active. More than five million home users (5,084,000) clicked on a banner ad during the month, 37.4 per cent of the total home online audience. The average user saw 97.3 ads, seeing each one on average 2.5 times.

Top domains continues to be the most visited website in the UK, attracting 56.1 per cent of all Internet users. The number of users visiting has increased from 6 million in January (53.5 per cent of all Internet users) to 7.6 million in April.

April 2001

About NetValue

NetValue, a global leader in Internet intelligence, delivers unprecedented insight into online user behaviour, e-business, Internet trends and activity, by incorporating its superior technology and pristine research methodology.

NetValue’s technology provides us with the unparalleled flexibility and scalability to customise our offerings and tailor our products to meet clients’ specific business needs. It delivers the greatest depth and breadth of protocol measurement, capturing all Internet protocol activity including web, email, chat, audio, video, games, instant messaging, FTP, etc. NetValue’s aggregation and categorisation technologies provide the most concise panel-based service providing real-time intelligence about Internet activity.

Founded in France in 1998, NetValue has operations in the UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Denmark, Norway, US, Mexico, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, China and Taiwan. NetValue clients include AOL, MSN, T-Online, Wanadoo, Mastercard, Procter & Gamble, Danone, Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley, SG Cowen, Qualcomm and Harvard Business School. NetValue can be reached at http//

Panels are recruited by Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS) globally and Central Viewer Survey and Consulting Centre (CVSC) in China, and are fully representative of the Internet universe in each country. The process for implementing and managing the user panels is consistent globally, thereby ensuring comparability between each market. An establishment survey quantifies and profiles the number of Internet users in each country. The survey gathers both Internet related data (e.g. level of Internet penetration, main ISP used, how long the household has been connected etc.), as well as demographic and socio-economic data. TNS determines the characteristics of the Internet user population through weekly telephone interviews.

Base Representative sample of UK population aged 15 and above. Omnibus telephone survey carried out by Taylor Nelson Sofres between April 1st to 30st on 1990 persons. Total Household population in the UK 24,290,000



Are defined as a group of Web pages under the same name (i.e. comprises one domain).


Length of time (in minutes or hours) spent by an Internet user on pages from a domain or property.


Very low less than(pound)600 Low (pound)600-(pound)999 Middle(pound)1000-(pound)1999 High (pound)2000-(pound)3999 Very high(pound)4000+

Internet user

A NetValue Internet user is an individual who has connected to the Internet at least once during the reference period.


Reach is the percentage of unique visitors who visited a particular site at least once in the month.

Secure connections

Secure connections, such as SSL, are used to ensure the confidentiality of information exchanged, in particular

— when entering and transmitting credit card information

— when accessing online bank accounts

— when trading online



American Express Canada announced that Alitalia, British Airways and
Cathay Pacific Airways will provide Platinum Cardmembers with a free companion
ticket with the purchase of a full-fare ticket in specified classes and routes
on each airline.

The Platinum Card International Airline Program (IAP) is the only benefit
of its kind in Canada and provides unmatched value to Cardmembers. The offer
is available year-round, with no blackout periods and no limits to the number
of times Cardmembers can take advantage of a complimentary companion ticket.

“This is one of the most exciting and exclusive travel programs ever
designed for our Cardmembers,” said Alan Stark, President and Chief Executive
Officer of Amex Bank of Canada. “Our customers can literally save thousands of
dollars in travel costs. This new program reinforces the value of the Platinum
Card and Amex’s position as the ultimate brand in the premium card market.”

Through the new program, the participating airlines offer Cardmembers
regular flights from major Canadian cities to their destinations in Europe,
the United Kingdom, Asia and beyond in first, business and premium economy
classes on British Airways, and in business class on Alitalia and Cathay

The airlines say the arrangement provides an opportunity to build
relationships with Amex’s affluent Cardmembers and grow their businesses in
the Canadian market. Amex expects new carriers to join in the program in the
coming year.

American Express revolutionized the premium card industry in Canada by
becoming the first to introduce a Platinum Card in 1984. Since then, Amex has
added innovative benefits like the International Airline Program as well as
automatic access to a host of other privileged services and features

– Membership Rewards – earn 50% more Membership Rewards points for
virtually every dollar spent and redeem for a wide array of rewards

– Fine Dining Program – provides preferential access to tables at some
of the most sought after restaurants in North America

– Fine Hotels, Resorts and Spas Program – receive special treatment at
some of the world’s finest properties

– Platinum Card Concierge – assists Cardmembers with virtually any
request, anywhere at any hour with a toll-free telephone call

– Personalized Travel Service – a full-service travel agency exclusively
for Platinum Cardmembers

– Front Of The Line Entertainment- provides preferential ticket access
to some of the hottest events in Canada

Typically, the Platinum Cardmember is a well educated executive or
entrepreneur who dines out at least once a week and travels extensively on
business, spending about two months every year away from home. They also take
several personal trips each year, with almost half travelling to destinations

To book travel and a free companion ticket using this new benefit,
Platinum Cardmembers can use Amex’s Personalized Travel Service – a full-
service travel agency specifically for Platinum Cardmembers – at 1-800-668-
9147 or can book through any American Express Travel Services office in Canada
by calling 1-888-414-8747 to be connected to the nearest location. Some terms,
conditions and restrictions apply.

About American Express

American Express in Canada operates as Amex Canada Inc. and Amex Bank of
Canada. Both are wholly owned subsidiaries of the New York based American
Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc., the largest operating unit of
the American Express Company, which provides a range of financial and travel
related services for consumers and companies. Amex Bank of Canada is the
issuer of American Express Cards in Canada. Amex Canada Inc. operates the
Travel Services Network, Corporate Travel and Travellers Cheque divisions in
Canada. American Express opened its first offices in Toronto and Hamilton in
1853 and now employs over 3,000 Canadians.


UniCard ICE

Hypercom and Las Vegas-based have teamed up to offer a prepaid, stored value card for online and offline use. The program offers consumers the ‘UniCache’ online payment system and the ‘UniCard’, which can be used with any brick & mortar merchant equipped with Hypercom’s ‘ICE’ touch screen-based card payment terminals.With ‘UniCache’, consumers can completely manage their account online, checking balances, viewing transaction history, adding funds as desired, and even tracking delivery of shipped products. The ‘UniCard’ can also be used at any ATM machine using the STAR, PLUS or INTERLINK network. The ‘UniCache’ system with Hypercom ‘ICE’ card payment terminals will be rolled out throughout the U.S. in July.



Visa International, the leading payment service, and Yahoo!, a leading global Internet communications, commerce and media company, have signed a global agreement that leverages the companies’ brands and extensive global networks to promote the ease and benefits of making online purchases.

This relationship complements an agreement made between Visa USA and Yahoo! last year, which promoted and helped create a more convenient and secure shopping experience for consumers in the United States.

Under the agreement, Visa will serve as the default payment option within international versions of Yahoo! Shopping, Yahoo! Travel and Yahoo! Wallet covered in the relationship. Visa will also be the preferred brand of any co-branded credit or debit card offered by Yahoo! in participating regions.

To support and promote the agreement, Visa will develop and execute co-branded Yahoo! and Visa offline-marketing initiatives, which may include television advertising, regional print advertising and select statement insert programs, outdoor posters and airport signage by region. Visa International will showcase special Yahoo! offers on its Web site,, in the Offers & Promotions section and will also feature Yahoo! on its regional sites and in its “World’s Best Offers Program” catalog. In addition, participating international Yahoo! properties will host Visa-Yahoo! co-branded content pages.

Visa Regions included under the new agreement are Visa Asia Pacific, Visa Canada, Visa Latin America/Caribbean, and Visa Central Europe, Middle East and Africa. Yahoo!’s international properties covered in the relationship include Yahoo! Japan, Yahoo! Korea, Yahoo! Hong Kong, Yahoo! Kimo (Taiwan), Yahoo! Singapore, Yahoo! Canada, Yahoo! Australia & New Zealand, Yahoo! Argentina, Yahoo! Brazil, Yahoo! Mexico, and Yahoo! en espanol.

“Visa’s strategic global relationship with Yahoo! helps enhance customer and merchant benefits on all sides, and further expands two prominent international brands within the global marketplace,” commented Tom Shepard, executive vice president, Global Marketing Partnerships for Visa International. “By working with leading Internet players such as Yahoo!, Visa continues to be a major player in Internet-based payments and the pioneer of u-commerce – or universal commerce.”

U-commerce is Visa’s vision of the future in which cardholders can conduct commerce conveniently and securely, anywhere, anytime, and over any type of device.

“By further expanding our global relationships, Yahoo! continues to build the Internet’s leading consumer and business services company by delivering programs, content and services that meet the needs of our broad audience,” said Jasmine Kim, vice president, international marketing, Yahoo!. “In working together with Visa, we are helping to increase consumer confidence in making online purchases and provide a more convenient experience for shoppers around the world.”

About Visa International

Visa is the world’s leading payments brand and the largest payments system worldwide. Visa-branded cards generate more than US$1.8trillion in annual volume and are accepted at over 22 million locations around the world. The Visa organization plays a pivotal role in advancing new payment products and technologies to benefit its 21,000 member financial institutions and their cardholders. Visa is a leader in Internet based payments and is pioneering the creation of u-commerce, or universal commerce – the ability to conduct commerce anytime, anywhere, over any type of device. Visit Visa at Visa, Latin America and Caribbean Region’s Internet address is

About Yahoo!

Yahoo! Inc. is a global Internet communications, commerce and media company that offers a comprehensive branded network of services to more than 192 million individuals each month worldwide. As the first online navigational guide to the Web, is the leading guide in terms of traffic, advertising, household and business user reach. Yahoo! is the No. 1 Internet brand globally and reaches the largest audience worldwide. The company also provides online business and enterprise services designed to enhance the productivity and Web presence of Yahoo!’s clients. These services include Corporate Yahoo!, a popular customized enterprise portal solution; audio and video streaming; store hosting and management; and Web site tools and services. The company’s global Web network includes 24 World properties. Yahoo! has offices in Europe, Asia, Latin America, Canada and the United States, and is headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif.



First American Payment Systems announced that it has selected eConnect, manufacturers of the eCashPad, as an integral part of its MMEC (Member Money Exchange Center).

MMEC (Member Money Exchange Center) is a jointly developed venture of FAPS and the Sygenics Corp.,

FAPS is purchasing an initial 10,000 eCashPads to correspond with eConnect’s rollout. In addition, FAPS will aggressively market the eCashPads to their existing merchants and consumers in the ensuing months according to Anthony Varvaro, president of FAPS.

Varvaro further stated “As a leader in Internet payment solutions, we are proud to integrate eConnect’s technology into our system. The ability of the MMEC consumer to send real cash payments by ATM card with PIN entry, combined with the total security and ease of use of the eCashPad, will benefit all of our merchants and give peace of mind to our customers.”

eConnect will drive the Canadian MMEC eCashPad originated transactions to FAPS and will generate a transaction fee per eCashPad usage as MMEC customers use their eCashPads for a variety of transactions ranging from bill payment to online gaming. MMEC is a full-service online cash transfer system specializing in online gaming.

MMEC has targeted the launch date for public access in July 2001. MMEC expects to have 15,000 registered users within the first 6 months of operations. The MMEC system will allow customers to track all of their online gaming transactions as well as transfer funds directly to or from their personal bank accounts.

FAPS is a leading payment facilitator in the online gaming market with offices in Montreal; Las Vegas; Birmingham, Ala.; and Margarita, Venezuela. In 2000, FAPS processed over $25,000,000 in transactions for its customers.



Trintech Group plc a leading provider of
secure electronic payment infrastructure solutions, announced that it
has signed a deal for the implementation of its Acquirer Chargeback System
(PayWare Resolve) with GZS, Germany’s only full service acquiring processor
who has a significant market share for EuroCard issuing processing. PayWare
Resolve, a dispute management system for acquirers and processors, will
improve the way GZS manages disputed transactions (chargebacks) — allowing
them to process disputes more efficiently and cost-effectively, while reducing
staff training time and simultaneously improving customer service.

In determining the need for an automated solution, GZS cited increased
card usage driven by the growth in eCommerce coupled with GZS’s move to
duality in 1999 and increasing globalization of the processing industry, which
have all led to above-average growth in the volumes of transactions being
processed by GZS and inevitably an increase in the volume of chargebacks.

At the announcement of the contract signing, John Harte, Trintech’s
Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing commented that, “Like all
acquirers GZS is under pressure to reduce their processing costs. At the same
time they wish to constantly improve their customer service and strengthen
their relationships with their customers. Chargebacks are a key reason for
customer attrition especially in the acquiring business and through our
PayWare Resolve product we were able to offer GZS a solution that will allow
them to reduce cost and add value to their customer service offering.”

“We are continually striving to refine and improve our systems to better
fulfill our clients’ needs. We believe that Trintech’s chargeback solution
PayWare Resolve, addressed and exceeded our requirements for an exception
management solution,” said Stefanie Fischer, Team Manager Chargeback
& Compliance for GZS. “It was absolutely essential that we employed a system
that would drastically reduce processing times while also reducing the time to
train new staff into the chargeback area.”

The essential difference between PayWare Resolve and other exception
management systems is its built-in knowledge of national and international
chargeback regulations. The chargeback regulations for VISA and
MasterCard/Europay have been encoded into the application so that the system
can recommend the appropriate action and chargeback reason codes for each
case, replacing the need to navigate a series of intricate paper trails and
complex and changing regulations. Combined with the solutions ease of use,
this dramatically reduces the average training time for new staff to be fully

About Trintech

Trintech is a leading provider of secure electronic payment infrastructure
solutions for real world, Internet and wireless transactions. The company,
founded in 1987, offers a complete range of payment software products for
credit, debit, commercial and procurement card applications. Trintech’s
secure product range is deployed in over 35 countries worldwide and covers the
payment requirements of consumers, card issuing banks, merchant acquiring
institutions, merchants, eMerchants, telcos, wireless operators, ISPs/CSPs,
Portals and large corporations. The Group’s range of scalable, open systems
architecture solutions for UNIX(R) and Windows NT(TM) platforms covers
consumer, merchant and financial institution requirements for all card-based
payments, including eCommerce and the emerging world of mCommerce. Trintech
can be contacted in the U.S. at 2755 Campus Drive, San Mateo, CA 94403
(Tel 650-227-7000) and in Ireland at Trintech Building, South County
Business Park, Leopardstown, Dublin 18 (Tel 353-1-207-4000). Trintech can
be reached on the Web at http// . Investor information can
be found at http//

PayWare Resolve Product Overview

Trintech’s Acquirer Chargeback System (PayWare Resolve) automates the
exception management process from end-to-end, increasing processing efficiency
and creating more opportunities for greater customer care.
PayWare Resolve combines a powerful decision-support environment with
compliant dispute regulations to enable optimum management of the entire
chargeback process using an easily understood graphical user interface, for
swift and informed decision-making.

The essential difference between PayWare Resolve and other exception
management systems is its built-in knowledge of national and international
chargeback regulations. The chargeback regulations for VISA and
MasterCard/Europay have been encoded into the application so that the system
can recommend the appropriate action and chargeback reason codes for each
case, replacing the need to navigate a series of intricate paper trails and
complex and changing regulations. Combined with the solutions ease of use,
this dramatically reduces the average training time for new staff to be fully

About GZS

Gesellschaft fur Zahlungssysteme (hereinafter called GZS) is situated in
Bad Vilbel, Germany, not far from Frankfurt am Main. Its business activities
involve the professional processing of cashless and card-based payments, as
well as the development on new, electronic payment systems. GZS’ clients are
banks, savings banks, acquirers, merchants and retail companies. GZS offers
it’s affiliated banks issuing processing for the EUROCARD and VISA brands. In
Germany, it has a market share of over 65 percent for EUROCARD issuing
processing. In addition to this, GZS also processes cross-border eurocheque
transactions and offers a wide range of point-of-sale services these include
the processing of EUROCARD and VISA transactions generated by companies
accepting these cards, the settlement of all popular electronic payment
systems and the sale of innovative card terminals. With credit card
transactions effected in the Internet being encrypted using the SET standard,
GZS is also an active proponent of secure electronic commerce.


Employee Rewards VISA

Clarity Incentive Systems, Inc., the leading provider of customized marketing and incentive programs, announced that it has entered into an agreement with Motivano, the market leader in employee benefits, human resource services and reward and recognition programs, to enhance Motivano’s employee incentive program infrastructure. Clarity will install its debit-based payment platform, which will enable Motivano and its clients to deposit rewards into employee accounts in real-time. Employees can then redeem rewards wherever Visa is accepted, including the Motivano discount marketplace.

Clarity will also provide Motivano with a suite of sophisticated program administration tools including communication, tracking and CRM capabilities that are available entirely online – making implementation and modification of employee incentive programs quick and easy for both Motivano and its clients. These tools enable Motivano and its clients to perform modifications such as adding participants and increasing their available funds – all in real-time.

“Clarity’s platform has completely transformed our employee incentives programs, offering us significant flexibilities and efficiencies in servicing our clients,” said Mark Keck, executive vice president at Motivano. “Clarity’s innovative combination of Internet-enabled technologies with their incentive and marketing programs, give us the ability to deliver instant rewards, hosted in a company branded website and managed by Motivano.”

The Motivano program exemplifies the wide scope of initiatives that Clarity can create for its clients. Employing scalable technologies, Clarity creates a full range of marketing and incentive programs to help businesses boost the acquisition, retention and loyalty of their customers, employees and business partners. Clarity manages every aspect of these programs including development, account creation, reporting, administration, evaluation and participant support services.

“Clarity’s partnership with Motivano demonstrates the tremendous power and innovation behind our payment technology, as well as the scalable nature of our marketing and incentives programs,” said Blake Chandlee, senior vice president of sales and business development at Clarity Incentive Systems. “We are delighted to provide Motivano the tools and infrastructure necessary to offer their clients comprehensive employee incentive programs that are efficient, customizable and cost effective.”

About Clarity Incentive Systems

Founded in August 1999, Clarity Incentive Systems ([][1]) provides a full suite of payment and incentive technologies customized to help businesses enhance the acquisition, retention and loyalty of customers, employees and business partners. Through issuing and processing relationships with leading financial institutions, the Company combines Internet-enabled technologies with a proprietary payment platform that allows rewards to be redeemed through the Visa network. Clarity Incentive Systems is funded by the Espirito Santo Financial Group and Allfirst Financial, Inc. The Company is headquartered in New York City with an office in Lisbon, Portugal.

About Motivano

With over 3,000 corporate clients and their 800,000 employees utilizing it’s services, Motivano is one of the leading providers of on-line and off-line Employee Benefits & Human Resource Services. Motivano offers a broad portfolio of products and services to clients ranging in size from 50 to over 200,000 employees. Motivano’s products and services, which help companies save time and money as well as attract, retain and motivate their employees, include web-based HR and employee communication tools, innovative smart card incentive and flexible spending account programs and a savings marketplace.

Motivano has offices in New York, Tampa and London and is available through [][2].




North American merchants can now take full advantage of
advances in network communications to improve operating efficiency and lower
costs. Moneris Solutions, a North American leader in electronic payment
processing, announced a new solution, which connects retail payment
terminals to IP networks.

This solution, which uses IP enabling technology developed by Precidia
Technologies, connects retailer’s existing debit and credit payment terminals
to either a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or to their internal company
intranets. Precidia’s Ether3201 and IP3201 devices perform protocol conversion,
providing the bridge between existing processing equipment and newer, more
advanced IP networks. This joint solution is not only cost effective, but is
quick and easy to install.

“Retailers can now take advantage of the phenomenal advances made in IP
networking over the past 10 years,” said Brian Green, Vice President, North
American Marketing for Moneris Solutions. “Today’s merchants oversee large
amounts of data, from loyalty programs to inventory and purchase pattern data;
however, accessing and managing that information from the front line has often
been difficult. By offering this solution, Moneris is allowing retailers to
access this vital information, in a manner that is cost-effective and requires
no changes to current systems. This offering is yet another example of Moneris’
commitment to meeting the changing needs of their North American retail

For retailers, the key benefits of this solution are compatibility with
existing point of sale hardware, ease of deployment and cost savings. The
system is simply and quickly implemented in any retail environment, whether
connecting to the Carrier’s VPN or internal company intranets. It is compatible
with existing point of sale systems, without any changes to either the terminal
or host infrastructure. Merchants may reduce their network communications costs
by eliminating costly dedicated leased lines. Implementing this solution today
opens up the possibility for numerous new services, including better
transaction management and customer retention services.

About precidia Technologies

Precidia Technologies is a leader in the design and manufacture of IP enabling technologies. Precidia’s advanced IP technology seamlessly migrates debit and credit payment terminals onto more sophisticated IP networks. Precidia’s unique product line consists of cost-effective access devices and chip technology. For more information, visit Precidia on the web at

About Moneris Solutions

Moneris Solutions is a joint investment between Royal Bank and Bank of Montreal. Moneris provides small, medium and large businesses with the widest range of technologically advanced point-of-sale solutions designed to electronically process credit and debit card transactions, help improve business efficiency and manage point-of-sale information. Moneris offers a single point of access into the technologically sophisticated, constantly changing world of payment card acceptance at point-of-sale. Created in December 2000, Moneris is one of North America’s largest merchant processing companies.


Preferred Line

While most VISA/MasterCard business credit cards carry no annual fee, Capital One has come up with an innovative way to charge a $99 annual fee. This month, Capital One is soliciting small business owners for a “Business Line of Credit” of up to $10,000. The credit line is linked to the ‘Preferred Line VISA’ and carries a $99 annual fee, which is waived for the first year, according to CardWatch ([][1]). Unlike other business card programs, the Cap One Preferred Line VISA does not charge cash advance fees. The program is available in three levels, similar to Cap One’s other business card offerings. The levels are based on the credit risk developed by the business credit report and the personal credit report of the signatory or guarantor. The first level offers a prime +1.4% APR, the second level carries a prime +8.4% rate, and the third level has a prime +11.25% interest rate. All levels offer a 5.9% introductory rate through Nov 2001.