smile, the Internet bank, has redesigned its website and won instant approval from hundreds of customers and Gomez, the respected, independent, Internet assessment house set up to assess the service offered by on-line banks.

The new look site enables smile’s 350,000 plus account holders to go straight to their account details if they wish while those visiting the site for the first time are still made to feel at home.

Ed Bowie, of Gomez wrote on its website http//www.uk.gomez.com “Early indications suggest that smile’s new look site offers a greater range of features and furthermore downloads more quickly.

“In addition to these performance improvements the appearance of the site has been modified. The garish colours have been toned down and the Cheshire cat and friends have been removed to create a more functional look and feel. Roll-over html is employed to assist navigation and additional features include the new DIY area containing savings and budget calculators and other tools.”

smile’s Chief Executive Bob Head said “Changing anything is a risky business. Being human we do not like change. I always thought that people are more likely to complain than praise but we are currently getting overwhelmingly positive comments.

“The changes have been made for a number of reasons. We wanted the site to faster, be easier to navigate, have more help and be fun and provocative. We appreciate that fun and banking aren’t traditionally associated with each other but we want to change all that.”

The changes don’t affect smile’s accreditation to BS7799 – the British Standard for Information Security Management. And customer details are still protected by 128-bit encryption and many other security features.

Mr Head said “In many ways the website is the bank so any changes are only made following very careful thought and after listening to customer comments.

“When we launched smile 18 months ago everyone visiting us was a first time visitor. However, since then we have attracted more than 350,000 account holders who come to the site on a regular basis to do their everyday banking. Therefore, it must be easy for them to navigate while still acting as a brochure for people new to smile.”

smile, from The Co-operative Bank, is a purpose-built Internet bank, which offers customers a comprehensive range of banking products. If smile customers are temporarily unable to access the Internet for any reason, they can use smile’s dedicated 24-hour a day, seven day a week, service centre, which is staffed by the bank’s own fully-trained people.

Last July, Gomez chose smile as the best on-line bank in the UK. In the two subsequent quarters (October 2000 and February 2001) smile has maintained its number one position, despite increased competition

smile remains the only on-line bank in the world to have been awarded the British Standard BS7799 for Internet security.

In addition to a very competitive interest rate on their current account – 4.07 per cent gross AER on all credit balances – other benefits smile customers are grinning about include

· an automatic, no-fee, £500 authorised overdraft, with a market-leading rate of just 9.9 per cent.

· a special current account for students, with a totally free overdraft of up to £2,000, and 4.07 per cent gross AER on all credit balances.

· current account holders taking out a credit card pay a standard rate of just 9.9 per cent APR, and also enjoy up to 46 days’ free credit.

· personal loans with a typical APR of just 9.5 per cent.

· a cash mini ISA paying 6.00 per cent per annum – guaranteed to remain 0.75 above Base Rate until at least New Year 2002, and it fully meets the CAT standards.

· current account holders opening a smile no-notice savings account receive 5.25 per cent gross on every pound in their account.



Visa Canada announced that it will join
forces with Canadian financial institutions in a national pilot of its new
online Authenticated Payment Program providing the next level of security for
Internet consumer payment transactions. Participants in the pilot include
CIBC, La Confédération des caisses populaires et d’économie Desjardins du
Québec, Royal Bank of Canada, Scotiabank, TD Bank Financial Group, Vancouver
City Savings Credit Union and a number of Canadian e-merchants including Dell
Canada, DVD Box Office, Grocery Gateway, RadioShack Canada, and Sony of Canada

The Visa Authenticated Payment Program will reduce disputes related to
online consumer payment transactions. It will increase online business volume
and profit margins for merchants by providing a fully reliable means of
verifying the identity of online customers no matter where they are located.
Building on existing security measures, the Authenticated Payment Program
pilots will be rolled out in stages over the next year. Each financial
institution is determining the scope of the pilot and will target select
merchants and customers during the pilot phase.

“Canadian merchants and consumers want additional security and protection
for online shopping transactions,” said Derek Fry, President, Visa Canada.
“Once fully implemented, consumers can feel more confident with enhanced
security while merchants will know they are doing business with cardholders
who have been verified.”

The technology behind the Visa Authenticated Payment Program allows the
cardholder’s financial institution to authenticate cardholders online, while
protecting the privacy of transmissions and ensuring that data in transmission
remains unchanged. Merchants and financial institutions in the U.S. and in
other markets around the world are piloting the program.

“The Visa Authenticated Payment Program was designed to be safe and
simple. To verify the authenticity of the cardholder, online shoppers simply
input their password or other form of identification while making an online
transaction,” explained Susan MacKeown, Director, e-Visa Canada. “Cardholders
can feel as confident using a password online as they do using a signature or
Personal Identification Number (PIN) in the physical world.”

Over the last few years, Visa and its members have introduced a variety
of measures to enhance the security of e-commerce transactions and build
consumer confidence. The new Authenticated Payment Program complements these
initiatives and builds on the 2000 Visa Canada launch of Zero Cardholder
Liability, a policy eliminating cardholder liability for fraudulent use of
their credit card both in the physical and virtual world.

“E-merchants are looking for ways to verify the authenticity of
cardholders during online transactions,” said Michael Eubanks, Vice President,
Information Technology and E-commerce, Retail Council of Canada. “We are
committed to working with Visa Canada to introduce this program to Canadian e-

Visa has worked with more than 50 leading Internet solution providers to
facilitate the deployment of Visa Authenticated Payment. To ensure successful
implementation of vendors’ authentication products, Visa is providing
certification testing at its Interoperability Validation Facilities.
Visa Authenticated Payment and the Account Information Security Program
are complementary programs within Visa’s Global Secure E-Commerce Initiative.
The Account Information Security Program was recently introduced to establish
global standards and Best Business Practices for e-commerce merchants helping
them better protect the privacy and integrity of cardholder data on their Web
sites. Visa’s Best Business Practices and standards are accessible to
merchants on the Visa Web site at www.visa.com/secured.

As the “World’s Best Way To Pay”, Visa is the leading credit card payment
brand in Canada with more than 23.6 million Visa cards accepted at more than
574,000 merchant locations across the country. Visa Canada plays a pivotal
role in advancing new payment products and technologies to benefit its 26
Member financial institutions and their cardholders. Canadians will put $100
billion of volume on their Visa cards in 2001 and Visa-branded cards are
accepted at over 16,800 ATMs in Canada.



Payphones using ‘Al Multaga’ smart cards are being deployed in Muscat
Governorate with approximately 220,000 cards, available in denominations of
RO 1.500, RO 3 and RO 5, being issued by Omantel. The 7,000 payphone
network being built at a cost of RO 6.1 million and equips payphones with a
credit card reader that supports bank credit cards. Following deployment in
the Muscat Governorate, the Dhofar Governorate will follow. By the end of
2001, the Smart payphone network will be expanded to Musandam Governorate,
Dakhiliya, Sharqiya, Wusta, Dhahirah and Batinah. The ‘Al Multaga’ cards
are available from Debt Recovery Services, Al Nahal, National Telephone
Services Co and Al Ghaseena Company. The cards are also available from
supermarkets. Omantel’s prepaid ‘Jibreen Card’ can also be used with the
new Smart payphone network.


Premier Issue

Midwest Payment Systems has introduced a national stored value gift card program. ‘Premier Issue’is currently being piloted at Galyan’s, a national sporting goods retail outlet headquartered in Indianapolis. Galyan’s has 22 stores in 18 states. With ‘Premier Issue’, Fifth Third’s merchant clients have access to a toll-free interactive voice response unit and a dedicated Web site where account information is available 24 hours daily. Premier Issue also allows stores to track and display gift card balances as well as retrieve daily reporting on card use.


Smart Card PC

The first integrated smart card and reader solution in a PC is about to hit the U.S. market as the result of a collaboration between Fleet and Compaq. Under terms of the deal, the new Fleet ‘Red Fusion smart VISA’ credit card will be integrated with Compaq’s new ‘Presario 5000’ and ‘7000’ series desktop PCs, which feature a smart credit card Internet keyboard. Consumers who purchase a new Compaq ‘Presario PC’ will be able to apply for the ‘Fusion’ card by pressing a dedicated hot button on the keyboard that takes them to the ‘Smart Credit Card Zone’, a portal where an online application for the card and ‘smart VISA’ online merchants can be found. Fleet recently upgraded its ‘Fusion’ card to a 32K microprocessor chip and has pre-loaded it with three applications, payment, secure access and loyalty programs. Fleet also offers smart VISA cardholders the option of the ‘Fusion Rewards Program’ which offers up to 15% cash back from major participating online merchants. The new, red ‘Fusion’ card will be available beginning July 15. Compaq is the first to be approved for the ‘smart VISA Ready’ mark and uses the Gemplus ‘GemCore’ reader technology. (CF Library 9/13/00; 5/17/01)



As of May 2001, 42% of households in Korea are wired, which is the second highest in Asia following Singapore (52.1%). This is a mediocre record in the international stage set for 12 major countries, lower than that of Sweden (57.6%), Denmark (55.5%), Singapore (52.1%), U.S.A.(50.6%), and Norway (44.7%). However, Korea holds the highest wired rate in terms of individual connection rate. Compared with 11.9 hours for U.S.A., 9.4 hours for Spain, and 7.2 hours for Britain, Korean netizens stayed on the web for 19 hours on the average, 3.9 hours longer than the previous month, indicating active involvement on web activities. Korea maintains the leader’s position on the Internet with its netizens spending twice as much time as those in other countries.

With more than 2/3 of the Korean households connected with super high-speed network, Korea gets the first prize for being most wired with super high-speed network and its ratio continues to increase from 64.9% in April, and 68.5% in May and this trend is likely to continue for a while. In terms of the place of using Internet, 75.3% used at home (74.9% in April), while 22.7% in PC room (24.9% in April) and 18.5% at office (16.1% in April), indicating that more and more people are leaving PC Room in favor of home and office.

As for the age groups ratio for Internet users, the number of users in the age group of older than 15 and younger than 24 (the leading group), declined from 35.1 down to 4.1% in the previous month while that of the users in the age band of older than 25 and younger than 34 years increased to 27.7% (1.8% up from April). Users in the age group of older than 35 and younger than 49 rose by 0.9% to 25%, indicating that the Internet will soon be more evenly enjoyed by people in all age bands and will no longer be dominated by teens and those in their 20’s. Most outstanding is the fact that 3.4 % of the Internet users are those in the age group of 50 to 64. The number of Internet users in this old age group is gradually increasing.

Gender ratio for Internet use remains almost same from the previous month to record 52.2% for men (53% in April) and 47.8% for women (47% in April). The gender gap has continued to shrink.

2) Activity type analysis Use of web, audio-video, chat, news on the continuous increase

Web activities finally recorded 100% in May breaking the long-time record of 90 something %. This implies that all the netizens use the Web now. The once strong instant messaging protocol declined to 40.2 % while the usage rate of games started to recover to the level before April with the use of audio and video on the steady increase. Usage rate of chatting also continued to rise.

3) Property and domain analysis naver.com took the second place replacing yahoo.co.kr

The top 10 properties rankings remained same from April. EasyNara, who newly joined the top 10 rankings just one month ago, maintained its 10th position.

Based on the overall NetValue ranking, naver.com took the second position, replacing yahoo.co.kr, who had maintained the place for a long time. naver.com beat yahoo.co.kr in terms of duration as well as the revisit ratio, which indicates customers’ loyalty to the site while yahoo.co.kr beat naver.com in terms of the reach rate (number of visitors). yahoo.co.kr was the second leader in terms of reach rate alone. sayclub.com and hangame.com were included among the top 10 rankings in the overall NetValue rankings but failed to join top 10 rank in terms of reach rate. hangame.com and sayclub.com took the 22nd and 23rd position respectively in terms of the reach however they managed to join the overall top 10 rankings due to their excellent records in other aspects such as duration on site, number of pages viewed, revisit ratio, etc.

4) Korea boasts the highest e-commerce site usage in the world but the actual purchase rate is low

In May, Korea grabbed the top position in the world in terms of e-commerce site access with 78.2% of its Internet users visiting e-commerce sites. But the secured connection rate, representing the actual purchase, was quite low. (Secure connections, such as SSL, are used to ensure the confidentiality of information exchanged, in particular – when entering and transmitting credit card information, when accessing online bank accounts, and when trading online) In the case of Norway, 68.6% of its Internet users accessed e-commerce sites and 45.1% actually made secure connections in May, showing highest e-commerce site use rate, while in Korea higher proportion of Internet users visited e-commerce sites but only 28.3% of them made secure connections. This indicates that even though access rate to e-commerce is higher in Korea, the actual usage rate reflecting purchase is still lower than that of western countries.

78.7% of male Internet users visited e-commerce sites while 77.7% of women did so. 30.3% of the male visitors made secure connections there compared with only 26.1% of female visitors.

Meanwhile, in Korea the highest actual purchase on e-commerce sites was made on auction site, game site, shopping mall, music/literature, movies and stock/finance site in order.

Figures can be published with specific mention “NetValue copyright” or “Source NetValue”.

For guidelines of how to use NetValue data, please visit www.netvalue.com/corp/guide.htm

Terms used in this release

Audience Market Share Audience data represents the time spent by all Internet users in a specific domain relative to total time spent in a sector

Domains Are defined as a group of Web pages under the same name (i.e. Yahoo.co.uk comprises one domain)

GDisP (Gross Display Points) Reach (%) of Internet users multiplied by the number of web pages displayed per Internet user during the reference period

GDurP (Gross Duration Points) This indicator defines the average time spent in a sector or domain, thus indicating the market share or “stickiness” to a domain or sector in terms of duration

GDP (Gross Day Points) Reach of Internet users multiplied by the number of days connected per Internet user during the reference period

GPP (Gross Page Points) Reach (%) of Internet users multiplied by the number of unique web pages displayed per Internet user during the reference period

GSesP (Gross Session Points) Reach (%) of Internet users multiplied by the number of web sessions per Internet user during the reference period

Overall Rankings Determined by mathematical average of reach, number of days connected to site per Internet user, unique & total pages viewed, time spent & user-sessions per Internet user. Sessions include all Web connections of more than 10 minutes

Property A group of domains operated by a company (Example Yahoo is composed of all the domains of Yahoo such as yahoo.com, yahoo.co.uk, yahoo.de, etc.)

Reach Represents percentage of unique Internet users who connected at least once during the reference period

About NetValue

NetValue, a global Internet measurement company, provides the most comprehensive picture of consumer behaviour online. NetValue recruits and operates meticulously structured user panels to yield unique and detailed Internet usage (and audience) reports.

NetValue’s technology delivers insightful information on Internet behaviour, capturing all Internet activity including web, email, chat, audio, video, games, instant messaging and more.

Founded in France in 1998, NetValue S.A. currently owns panels in Denmark, France, Germany, Mexico, Norway, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States. NetValue Limited, a subsidiary headquartered in Hong Kong, owns panels in Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore and Taiwan. NetValue clients include Engage, Kimo, Lycos, MSN, Modem Media, Morgan Stanley, Salomon Smith Barney, Sohu, tom.com, Yahoo! and Zenith Media.


NetValue panels are recruited by market research firm Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS) globally and are fully representative of the Internet universe in each country. An establishment survey quantifies and profiles the number of Internet users in each country, gathering both Internet related data (e.g. level of Internet penetration, main ISP used, how long the household has been connected) and demographic and socio-economic data. The most current characteristics of the Internet user population are determined through monthly random digit dialing telephone interviews. Once recruited, panelists download NetValue’s technology, NetMeterTM, onto their home computers, enabling NetValue to track the most up-to-date Internet behaviours.


GPN Canada

Global Payments will soon become the largest publicly traded, independent MasterCard and VISA acquirer in Canada. The company Wednesday it has agreed to acquire National Bank of Canada’s merchant services business and form a ten-year alliance for marketing merchant payment-related products and services to National Bank’s customers. National Bank of Canada processes over 225 million transactions per year for over 73,000 merchant locations throughout Canada with referrals from National Bank’s 600 branch locations. With this transaction, Global Payments has now expanded its Canadian distribution channel to over 1,700 bank branches nationwide.


Visa VAP

Continuing its leadership role in Internet payments, VISA International announced that more than 60 of the world’s top Internet solutions providers — companies focused on payment software, security, fraud detection, and customer management — have been working together with Visa for over one year to speed the global deployment of Visa Authenticated Payment, a comprehensive e-commerce program designed to ensure safe and secure online payment transactions.

Visa Authenticated Payment, which builds upon the company’s Global Secure E-Commerce initiative launched in June 2000, will enhance the security of Internet-based payments on a global scale and vastly improve the payment service for merchants, consumers and Visa Members. Implementation of the program is already underway in many countries within each Visa region, including Asia Pacific, Canada, CEMEA (Central Europe, Middle East, Africa), the European Union, Latin America and Caribbean, and the United States.

Visa has been working with a number of vendors for more than a year to develop and test Visa Authenticated Payment. More recently, Visa has established partnerships with a number of global firms to promote and support adoption by bank Issuers and merchants. These include Accenture, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, IBM, Microsoft, and Sun Microsystems. Together, the vendor partners (a partial list of partners participating in this program is attached) will provide the necessary products and services to support a fast uptake in the market.

“Having worked closely with Visa for many years, we are pleased to support this global payments leader and its member banks as they increase their ability to provide secure Internet transactions and market new u-commerce capabilities,” said Richard Cornelius, an Accenture partner. “We welcome the Visa Authenticated Payment Program which supports highly flexible yet scalable secure e-payments and have developed a portfolio of services to ensure that banks can rapidly implement to meet the specific needs of their business,” said Michael Gordon, global head of transaction banking for Cap Gemini Ernst & Young.

“Visa International’s global initiative to authenticate Visa card purchases on the Internet demonstrates its commitment to preserve the online free marketplace, and Sun Microsystems stands ready to help execute the Visa Authenticated Payment Program with our proven, reliable, scalable and secure technology,” said David Littlewood, director, Sun Microsystems world wide financial services global sales operation. “On the Internet, even more than in other areas of our lives, trust is the real currency.” Visa Authenticated Payment supports 3-D Secure as a new authentication technology, in addition to 3-D SET. Visa has worked closely with the vendors in the program to gather important feedback in developing this authentication solution that’s both easy to implement and quick to market. The resulting 3-D Secure 1.0 specification has been released and is currently being deployed in the marketplace. “Our Members and merchants have given us very positive feedback on the Visa Authenticated Payment program and we anticipate a significant demand for products and services to support their implementation plans,” said Philip Yen, executive vice-president of e-Visa International. “We’re pleased that key vendor partners will be in a position to meet the demand, giving our Members quality and choice. Together, we can help to ensure a safe and secure shopping experience for consumers and merchants by adding extra security protections and preventing fraud.”

Consumers, e-Merchants Benefit From Visa Authenticated Payment

With Visa Authenticated Payment, Visa is providing the same level of security in the virtual world as Visa has in the physical world. The global program is integral to Visa’s continuing efforts to realize universal commerce (u-commerce), the ability to conduct commerce securely and conveniently, anywhere, anytime, and over any kind of device. Consumers will have greater confidence knowing that Visa, their financial institutions and merchants are incorporating a variety of measures to protect their transactions when they shop online. When a cardholder enrolls in Visa Authenticated Payment, the cardholder and their financial institution validate the online transaction, just as they do at the check-out stand in the physical world when they sign the sales receipt. Visa Authenticated Payment is just one example of Visa’s continuing efforts to develop, enhance and advance payments around the world through the development of standards. Other examples include: Open Platform; Common Electronic Purse Specification (CEPS); the EMV (Europay, MasterCard, Visa) standard for chip, credit and debit cards; and the new Visa Global Invoice Specification based on XML.

About Visa

Visa is the world’s leading payments brand and the largest payments system worldwide. Visa-branded cards generate almost US$2 trillion in annual volume and are accepted at over 22 million locations around the world. The Visa organization plays a pivotal role in advancing new payment products and technologies to benefit its 21,000 member financial institutions and their cardholders. Visa is a leader in Internet based payments and is pioneering the creation of u-commerce, or universal commerce — the ability to conduct commerce anytime, anywhere, over any type of device.

VISA Authenticated Payment

Vendor Participation List


Joe Krakoviak
Media & Analyst Relations, Banking & Capital Markets
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Matthew Helber
Financial Services, Solution Engineering
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ACI Worldwide

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Visa USA, Visa Canada and Visa Latin America
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South Carolina, USA
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Visa EU and Visa CEMEA
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London, England
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Visa Asia-Pacific
Mark Cullimore, VP
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Brokat Technologies

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Camtech (A division of Keycorp Limited)

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Keycorp Limited
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Cap Gemini Ernst Young

Michelle Perkins
Global PR Manager
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David A. Schutzman
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Steven Smeltzer
US Practice Leader for “Transaction Banking”
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Table Pay

Hypercom Corporation reported a successful 90-day restaurant test of its ICE 4000 portable terminal. The high performance, hand-held, touch-screen consumer-activated card payment terminal allows waiters to process credit and debit card transactions and print receipts right at the restaurant table.

The test at Tadpole’s Restaurant, in Brandon, Florida, gave more than 1,000 customers the fast, convenient and easy ability to pay at their table, without delay, while retaining control of their credit or debit card. The test was conducted by the Orion Commerce Group, a Florida-based business solutions provider and affiliate of Merchant Services Incorporated, Plainview, NY.

In addition to speed and convenience, consumer-activated, tamper-resistant terminals combat credit card “skimming,” an alarmingly escalating form of fraud that is victimizing consumers, causing havoc with merchants, and costing the industry hundreds of millions of dollars every year.

“This has been a terrific experience for us. Letting our customers pay at their table with a credit or debit card is fast, convenient, easy and fun. Using Hypercom’s wireless ICE terminals, our waiters don’t have to run back and forth to the cash register and our customers don’t have to wait for the bill and the receipt. The amount of the bill appears on the terminal’s touch-screen. The consumer checks it, enters the amount of the tip, signs their name, swipes their card, and out comes the receipt. It’s easy, fast and highly secure. Our customers and staff are delighted. The terminals help us increase customer service and satisfaction. They are even saving us hundreds of dollars in transaction fees every month because the customer has the option of using his or her debit card,” said Tadpole restaurant owner Terry Haley. “Hypercom’s customer-activated ICE 4000 is a remarkably compact, durable and robust device with a high-definition, easy-to-use touch-screen and simple, intuitive prompts. It is ideal for restaurants, retail stores, hotels, stadiums, car rental companies and service providers that want to bring the payment function to the consumer,” said Rick Stroud, CEO, Orion Commerce Group. “Everyone is absolutely delighted with the terminal and with the results of this test.”

“Consumers and merchants are demanding faster, more secure and virtually ‘anytime, anywhere’ payment capabilities and services, and the epic ICE 4000 squarely addresses these needs,” said Jairo E. Gonzalez, president, Hypercom Transaction Systems Group. “The ePic(TM) ICE 4000 was designed to be easy-to-use, making it suitable to be customer-operated. It delivers an array of features and services, not the least of which is vastly improved security. It’s no secret that credit card skimming is becoming a major crime affecting thousands of consumers and retailers, and that Florida has the second highest record of credit card fraud in the U.S/a. The ICE 4000 stops that skimming in its tracks, because the card never leaves the consumer’s possession.”

Six ICE 4000 wireless terminals and one ICE 5500 base terminal were installed in the restaurant. The highly secure handheld ICE 4000 card payment terminal is a high performance, touch screen device. It is an Internet-enabled card payment terminal that supports the entire range of Hypercom’s ePOS-infocommerce(TM) (ePic) functionality. It incorporates a firewall-protected multi-application operating system, EMV chip card capability, secure PIN pad, built-in HTML/HTTP web browser and integrated receipt printer. In addition to the embedded applications, the ICE 4000 supports a range of value-added applications and services including: electronic signature and receipt capture, e-mail, on-screen advertising, interactive electronic coupons, and cash management reporting through a standard browser — as well as secure credit, debit and smart card functions.

The ICE 4000 can be battery powered and worn or carried by service providers, or it can be wall-powered for stationary use. It packs the same full functionality and revenue-generating features of Hypercom’s popular epic ICE family of web-enabled appliances, including an easy-to-use touch-screen pen entry capability, graphics thermal printer, automatic paper cutter, magnetic stripe and smart card reader and built-in lithium ion battery.

The ICE 4000 offers a choice of communications options, with models supporting a variety of wireless WAN technologies (GSM, CDPD, Mobitex), 900 MHz wireless LAN technologies, and a wireline modem that incorporates Hypercom 9600 FastPOS(TM) technology, and a LAN interface. Options and add-ons include an adapter for use in autos and memory options of 1.0 to 1.5 MB. Merchant Services Incorporated, Plainview, NY, is one of the fastest growing credit card processors and service providers in the US.

Hypercom Corporation (NYSE:HYC) is a leading global provider of electronic payment solutions that add value at the point-of-sale for consumers, merchants, and acquirers. Hypercom’s products include secure card payment terminals and web appliances, networking equipment, and software applications for e-commerce, m-commerce, smart cards, and traditional payment applications.

Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, Hypercom maintains an installed base of more than 4 million card payment terminals, which operate seamlessly with the products of its Network Systems Division. These solutions are installed in over 100 countries and conduct more than 2.85 billion transactions annually. Hypercom’s Internet address is [www.hypercom.com][1]

[1]: http://www.hypercom.com/


Upromise iDine

Transmedia Network Inc., the leading provider of transaction-based dining rewards programs, and Upromise, Inc., the company that is bringing together America’s leading corporations to help families save more for college, announced the addition of Upromise Dining to the Upromise service. Upromise Dining allows a Upromise member to dine at more than 7,000 restaurants nationwide that participate in Transmedia’s iDine dining rewards program. When a Upromise member dines in one of iDine’s participating restaurants, that member earns a college contribution typically equal to 10 percent of the total dining bill. The contribution is credited to the member’s Upromise college savings account, and those funds can then be deposited into a tax-advantaged 529 college savings plan managed by Fidelity Investments(R) or Salomon Smith Barney for a child’s, grandchild’s or family friend’s benefit. “Transmedia is excited to partner with Upromise in the creation of a unique dining program that assists families in saving for college,” said Gerald J. Hughes, senior vice president of business development, Transmedia. “With Upromise Dining, Transmedia has expanded the type of reward opportunities made available to our nearly six million members beyond the categories of cash savings and frequent traveler rewards. Both Upromise members and our participating restaurants are excited about this opportunity to aid families and friends in realizing their college savings goals.”

Earning savings in Upromise Dining is easy and discreet. Upromise members simply register their major credit cards (Visa(R), MasterCard(R), American Express(R) or Discover(R)) with Upromise (www.upromise.com), then use their registered credit card to settle the bill at participating restaurants. Upromise Dining benefits are automatically credited to the member’s Upromise college savings account. To find participating restaurants, Upromise members simply visit www.upromise.com, where they can search for restaurants by metro area, neighborhood, restaurant name or cuisine.

“Our partnership with Transmedia creates a tremendous opportunity for Upromise members to realize their dream of a college education for their children,” said June Blocklin, president of partner services, Upromise. “This partnership represents an important step for Upromise, providing a crucial, local presence that brings the power of our college savings network more directly into families’ lives.”

About Transmedia Network Inc.

Transmedia Network Inc. (AMEX: TMN) presently offers its 5.9 million members a variety of savings and rewards programs at more than 7,500 restaurants throughout the United States via means of a registered credit card. The dining savings are offered through the Company’s programs, either branded under the name iDine or provided through private label partnerships, such as airline frequent flyer programs, club memberships, or other affinity organizations. iDine members can access personalized, real-time restaurant listings, special dining incentives and more via their newly re-launched web site, [www.idine.com][1].

About Upromise, Inc.

Upromise, Inc. makes it easy for parents to create their own college savings network with trusted companies and their extended family and friends. Upromise’s contributing companies include America Online, AT&T, Citibank(R), The Coca-Cola Company, CVS/pharmacy, ExxonMobil, General Motors, McDonald’s, Toys”R”Us, Borders Books and Music, Century 21(R), Coldwell Banker(R), Countrywide Home Loans, ERA(R), Staples, Starwood Hotels, Waldenbooks, more than 70 online shopping sites, and more than 7,000 restaurants through Transmedia Network’s iDine program. The free Upromise service also makes it easy for families to invest their savings in tax-advantaged 529 college savings accounts managed by Salomon Smith Barney or Fidelity Investments. The Upromise Education Foundation, an affiliated non-profit entity, will help lower-income students make it to college, realize their potential and earn a degree. Brokerage services are provided through Upromise Investments, Inc., member NASD/SIPC. Upromise is located in Brookline, Mass. For more information, visit [www.upromise.com][2] or call 617/582-1400.

[1]: http://www.idine.com/
[2]: http://www.upromise.com/


Free Credit Scores

E-LOAN, Inc. announced that effective July 1, 2001, its California customers will benefit from the new California credit score disclosure law, which E-LOAN began advocating in February 2000. The new law requires E-LOAN and other lenders to provide all Californian mortgage and home equity applicants with the credit score(s) used to determine whether they’re approved for a loan and at what interest rate. Nationwide, the most common credit scores used in mortgage, home equity and auto lending decisions are FICO(SM) scores.

As a staunch advocate of full disclosure, including consumer access to credit scores, E-LOAN started providing FICO(SM) credit scores in February 2000 free of charge to consumers via its website. It was the first time consumers ever had ready access to these scores. More than 25,000 borrowers logged onto the site to access their scores before credit reporting agencies — under intense pressure from the creator of the scores — forced an end to the practice.

“The passage of this law is a giant step forward for California consumers, but there’s still more that needs to be done,” said Chris Larsen, E-LOAN’s Chairman and CEO. “This is information that should be readily and freely available to consumers nationwide. There should be very little difference between getting information about a stock or mutual fund and finding out your credit score. Just like consumers can research an investment before they commit their money to it, consumers should have free access to information about their credit score before they apply for a loan.”

Because credit scores have become so profoundly important in determining a consumer’s participation in the credit markets, E-LOAN has actively lobbied and testified at the national and state level in favor of guaranteeing consumers’ right to access credit scores used for lending, employment and insurance decisions. While E-LOAN’s efforts helped pass the Figueroa bill in California, the company continues to advocate legislation at the national level.

“We also believe that consumers have the right to know the positive and negative factors impacting their score, as well as specific actions they can take to improve their score,” added Mr. Larsen. “Simply providing consumers with generic information to interpret their score does not go far enough to help them understand this key component of their overall financial picture. We’ve done our best to arm consumers with this breadth of information through our existing CreditXpert Credit Score(TM) offering, which is available for free to consumers nationwide.”

Consumers nationwide seeking to better understand their credit standing and profile before they apply for a loan can take advantage of E-LOAN’s free CreditXpert Credit Score(TM) offering. By logging onto http://www.eloan.com, clicking on the “Free Credit Scores” link and answering a brief series of questions, consumers can access their CreditXpert Credit Score(TM) and analysis online.

The confidentiality and security of all personal information is protected through advanced encryption technology, password protection, and E-LOAN’s stringent privacy policy and practices, which are independently audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers. E-LOAN does not sell consumer data to any third parties and will not share consumer data with any third parties without their consent except for the express purpose of completing a loan transaction or obtaining credit score information.

About E-LOAN, Inc.

E-LOAN, Inc., a leading online lending company, offers consumer loans and debt management services online at [www.eloan.com][1]. E-LOAN has reinvented the consumer loan process by offering a broad choice of products from many lenders for mortgages, home equity loans, auto loans, credit cards and small business loans in a secure online environment, combined with comprehensive personal service from dedicated loan consultants. Through the first quarter of 2001, E-LOAN originated over $4.6 billion in consumer loans. The company’s loan processing centers are located in Dublin, CA and Jacksonville, FL. E-LOAN, Inc. is publicly traded on the Nasdaq system under the symbol EELN.

[1]: http://www.eloan.com/