Bankruptcy Reform

The U.S. Senate will begin three hours of debate this morning and then vote on whether or not to invoke cloture on a procedural motion that would allow a conference committee to be convened on bankruptcy reform legislation. The motion is expected to pass by an significant majority at noon today. Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle (D-S.D.) indicated Monday he plans to name conferences later today. The U.S. House is expected to name its conferees after the Senate approves the motion to go to conference. Reportedly, House Judiciary Chairman James Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.) is expected to chair the bankruptcy conference committee. President Bush has previously indicated he will most likely sign the bankruptcy reform legislation although he is firmly opposed to limits on the homestead exemption.


Golden 1 Online

Corillian Corp., a leading global provider of eFinance solutions, announced that The Golden 1 Credit Union, a $3.4 billion credit union based in Sacramento, Calif., has signed up for Corillian’s Voyager Special Edition as the platform for its “Golden 1 Online” Internet banking service.

Voyager SE, which will be hosted in Corillian’s state-of-the-art data center, will replace the existing Digital Insight platform and will provide The Golden 1’s more than 400,000 members with enhanced Internet banking and bill payment capabilities. Voyager SE will also provide members with real-time access to their financial information through personal financial management software programs like Microsoft(R) Money and Intuit’s Quicken(R). Voyager SE’s implementation will provide The Golden 1 with hardware and software specifically dedicated to their needs. These dedicated servers provide The Golden 1 with a built-in “path to control,” which means that as technical expertise, product offerings and the member-base grow, The Golden 1 will have the ability to migrate the Voyager platform from the Corillian data center and manage their Internet finance solution in-house. Voyager SE services include Internet banking, bill payment, customer relationship management functions, and integration with the Open Financial Exchange (OFX) data standard to allow customers real-time access to their financial information through personal finance management software. Hosted in Corillian’s state-of-the-art data center, Corillian’s trained staff of technical support professionals perform daily monitoring and maintenance of the Voyager SE platform, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

“Corillian is committed to providing innovative solutions to financial institutions looking for next-generation eFinance applications,” said Alex Hart, president of Corillian. “Our Voyager SE service is a prime example of the need for financial institutions to have flexibility and control over the strategic investments they are making in the Internet.”

About Corillian

Based in Oregon, and with international offices in Europe, Asia and Australia, Corillian Corporation is an award-winning provider of eFinance-enabling software for the financial services industry. Built on the Microsoft Windows 2000 platform, Corillian applications support Internet banking, bill delivery and payment, brokerage, customer relationship management, enhanced data aggregation, and small business transactions. Voyager can be deployed on-site at the financial firm or in the state-of-the-art Corillian Data Center. Corillian technology also enables Open Financial Exchange (OFX) access by finance management software packages such as Quicken(R), QuickBooks(R) and Microsoft(R) Money. For more information about Corillian Corporation, visit our Web site at [][1].



Billserv Growth

Billserv, Inc. has sealed a deal to provide EBPP services for seven Time Warner Cable operating divisions through a national preferred electronic billing provider contract. The multi-year contracts involve Time Warner affiliates representing a combined base of approximately 2,750,000 subscribers. Billserv enables each company to custom select a billing model, including giving customers the ability to view and pay their bills directly on the company’s Web site, at a variety of front-ends such as banks, portals and billing aggregation sites, or a combination of the two. Billserv now has 42 biller relationships contracted representing 84 billers. Of the 84 billers, 60 are in a production environment stage with the remaining 24 in various stages of implementation.


NCR 2Q/01

NCR Corporation reported this morning that 2Q/01 revenue increased 4% from the year-ago quarter to $1.50 billion. Retail Store Automation operational improvement was driven by 8% revenue growth, revenues from new products and a heightened focus on operational efficiency while the Financial Self Service unit achieved revenue growth of 8% with broad-based geographic growth, particularly in the Americas. NCR notes that its Teradata Data Warehousing business posted the second-highest revenue quarter in its history due to solid growth from other industries. For complete current and historical details on the NCR visit CardData ([][1]).



MoneyGram IPN

MoneyGram Payment Systems, Inc., has developed a new online service, Internet Payment Notification, that allows companies to view bill payment transactions online and receive real-time notification that a payment has been made.

Internet Payment Notification is a browser-based application that was developed in an effort to provide increased collection efficiencies for MoneyGram’s ExpressPayment customers.

The initial reaction to the new technology has been very positive. Triad Financial Corporation, a leading provider of non-prime auto lending, believes the application will enhance their collection efficiencies. “The service has exceeded our expectations,” said Jeanne Nagy, portfolio project manager. “Beyond its real-time reporting capabilities, we are delighted with the program’s simple navigation and ease of use. We’ve found that, in the marketplace today, there’s no comparison to this particular application.”

Internet Payment Notification has several features that enable clients to increase their collection efficiencies:

— Immediate access to payment information;

— Customized search capabilities that save valuable research time;

— Multiple reporting options, including real-time, ad-hoc, daily, weekly and monthly summary reports;

— The flexibility to download reports to multiple programs and tailor reports to meet specific business needs.

“These features are a result of our commitment to provide clients with innovative online services that improve their collection efficiencies,” said Richard Leurig, chief information officer at MoneyGram. “Internet Payment Notification was designed to incorporate advanced Web technologies with user-friendly navigation. In my opinion, it’s already the leading application in the industry.”

About MoneyGram

MoneyGram Payment Systems, Inc., a subsidiary of Travelers Express Company, is a leading money transfer services company with more than 37,000 locations in more than 150 countries around the world. Travelers Express is a subsidiary of Viad Corp (NYSE:VVI) and provides payment services in the financial, retail and money transfer areas.

To find a MoneyGram agent or more information on Travelers Express on the Internet, go to [][1].



Click2Gov Deal

HTE Inc., a leading provider of enterprise-wide software, Internet, and wireless solutions for public sector organizations and utilities, announced utility customers in Murray City, Utah can now pay their bills online using HTE’s Click2Gov.

Click2Gov works with existing HTE software to allow citizens to conduct basic government business on the Internet. In Murray City, located in the Salt Lake Valley, Click2Gov interfaces with the Customer Information System, HTE’s utilities management solution, to let customers go online to view utility usage and billing, and to use credit cards to make payments.

With a module introduced last year, Click2Gov for Building Permits, users can apply for permits, schedule inspections, and check the status of applications online. The next Click2Gov product, Business Licenses, is scheduled to roll out by the end of July. Planning & Zoning will enter testing next. “We have a very progressive community, and citizens who require up-to-date technology,” said David Larsen, Murray City’s director of information technology. “Click2Gov gives our citizens an easier, quicker, more convenient way to deal with us.”

Larsen said his city went live with utility payments in late May, and was the subject of widespread interest at last month’s HTE Users Group (HUG) Conference in Las Vegas.

“The mission of cities is to provide service, and I think everyone realizes citizens want to be able to use the Internet to conduct government business. We’ve invested heavily in Internet technology, and it is a transition that requires some flexibility and patience. But if you ask me if I’d do it again, I’d say, `you bet’. For us, Click2Gov turned out to be the perfect solution,” Larsen said.

One of the most important features in the product, Larsen believes, is the universal interface that allows cities or utility companies to use any bank or payment clearinghouse. Many cities already accept credit card payments by phone, and have existing relationships with financial institutions.

For municipalities new to credit card processing, the HTE product offers built-in payment processing capabilities. “Click2Gov continues to attract growing interest from HTE customers and other government agencies who are searching for an integrated Internet enabled solution,” said Gil Santos, HTE’s vice president of business development and strategy. “The universal payment interface is one of the enhancements we made in response to our customers’ emerging needs. Now customers can use either the built-in Click2Gov payment engine or the payment solution of their choice while maintaining the full transaction interface to HTE’s back-office suite of products.”

HTE Inc.

HTE Inc., a proven leader in government information technologies, provides a broad range of innovative software solutions to more than 2,100 government offices, agencies and utility companies throughout North America. The company’s products address the wireless computing requirements of a rapidly changing public sector market and support the end-to-end delivery of e-government access to citizens and businesses. Founded in 1981, the company is headquartered near Orlando, Florida. Additional information about HTE’s products is available at or by calling HTE Marketing Services at 1.800.727.8088.



Hypercom and IDLogix introduced an age verification application for use on Hypercom’s touch-screen based ‘ICE’ card payment terminals. The news follows VeriFone’s annoucement last month of its ‘Easy ID’ solution used in conjunction with ‘Omni 3300′ terminals. The Hypercom application provides secure age verification based on drivers’ license magnetic stripes and barcodes. IDLogix will immediately rollout the application on Hypercom ICE terminals and make it available to banks, processors and merchants nationwide. The IDLogix application supports electronic check conversion with digital imaging, EBT and credit card processing using Hypercom’s Visual HDT C++-based developer’s software platform. (CF Library 6/20/01)



Euronet Worldwide, a leading provider of secure electronic financial transaction solutions, is driving ATMs and providing other value-added ATM services for Western Island Networks, LLC., headquartered in Tamuning, Guam.

WIN, the first independent ATM operator in Guam, is targeting locations in high-traffic tourist areas. Euronet is providing WIN with ATM processing services, including ATM monitoring, dispatch, maintenance, telecommunications, authorization and customer support. These services are provided by Dash(R), Euronet’s network services division based in Little Rock, Arkansas, and are available through dial-up processing over telephone lines. Future ATM services include the ability to sell tickets and prepaid mobile phone airtime, advertise and issue coupons.

“WIN is very excited about breaking new ground in Guam by providing their customers with convenience ATMs in high-traffic areas,” said Michael A. Tougher III, Managing Member of Western Island Networks, LLC. “We are forecasting placing approximately 120 ATMs across Guam and neighbor island retail and transportation locations in the next couple of years. We are happy we found an ATM service provider with the requisite experience and total commitment to customer service and the ability to provide additional value-added ATM services.”

“We enjoy working with start-up companies like WIN that see the benefit in investing in transaction-based projects like supplying convenience ATMs for local merchants in Guam,” said Michael Brown, Euronet Worldwide CEO and Chairman. “This outsourcing agreement will help increase our transaction volume in our U.S.-based processing center, in addition to expanding our global reach to new geographic markets. This agreement is yet another example of the secure financial transaction flexibility our company provides to retail businesses, financial institutions and mobile operators on a global basis.”

As a global provider of secure financial transactions, Euronet continues to expand its geographic and marketplace presence throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Americas and Asia/Pacific. This expansion enables Euronet customers to provide their consumers a wide array of transaction touchpoints, and it provides Euronet continued growth in transaction volumes.

About Euronet Worldwide

Euronet Worldwide is an industry leader in providing secure electronic financial transaction solutions. The company offers financial payment middleware, financial network gateways, outsourcing and consulting services to financial institutions and mobile operators. These solutions enable their customers to access personal financial information and perform secure financial transactions — any time, any place. The company has processing centers located in the United States, Europe and Asia, including owning and operating the largest independent ATM network in Europe. Euronet was recently ranked number two on the Deloitte & Touche Technical Fast 500, a ranking of the fastest-growing technology companies in North America. With corporate headquarters in Leawood, Kansas, USA, and European headquarters in Budapest, Hungary, Euronet serves more than 200 clients in 60 countries.


VISA Check Service

Electronic Clearing House announced it has been certified as a third-party, acquiring processor for a new POS check service that is being piloted by VISA. The ‘VISA POS Check Service’ process allows financial institutions participating in the pilot to offer merchants the ability to convert checks from any financial institution into electronic funds transfer items at the point of sale. If the check writer’s financial institution has chosen to participate in the ‘VISA POS Check Service’ pilot, the account balance is immediately authorized for the merchant by the participating bank. Under the terms of the agreement, checks from financial institutions that have chosen ECHO as their third-party processor will be routed to ECHO’s ACH processing system and the NCN database. The ‘POS Check Service’ represents a major new initiative by VISA to enable merchants to receive direct online authorization for checks written against consumer demand deposit accounts, similar to the authorizations provided for credit and debit card transactions. Last year, consumers wrote approximately 19 billion personal checks at the point of sale, costing merchants an estimated $23 billion in check handling, fraud costs and losses.


FI Gets Wood

Aggressively moving to secure its Fair, Isaac MarketSmart Decision System as the CRM platform of choice for a wide range of industries, Fair, Isaac and Company, Inc. announced that JC Wood — one of the most highly regarded senior executives in the technology industry — has joined the company as vice president to lead the MarketSmart business development effort.

Wood comes to Fair, Isaac with more than 25 years executive management experience, most recently at Acxiom, Inc. where he led business development in the financial services industry. Earlier, he spent 17 years at TransUnion LLC, one of the top three U.S. credit reporting agencies, holding a number of senior management roles including CEO of one of TransUnion’s service bureaus. At Fair, Isaac, Wood’s initial mandate will be to expand MarketSmart’s presence in the financial services, insurance, telecommunications, and retail industries.

Tom Grudnowski, CEO of Fair, Isaac, said of Wood’s appointment, “I have great admiration for JC’s ability to build strong market presence for the companies where he has worked. JC has a unique capacity to see the full-scale potential of technology and then get people really enthused about how it can help their business. I am delighted that JC is here with us and have great confidence that he will provide real leadership and vision to the MarketSmart team,” Grudnowski said.

In discussing his decision to join Fair, Isaac, Wood said he was attracted to the company’s approach to its markets. “On an overall solutions basis, Fair, Isaac has an extremely well-rounded approach to both the marketing and risk sides of its business. My goal is to work with all of Fair, Isaac’s business marketing units to successfully implement MarketSmart across industries and customer usage.”

MarketSmart Decision System is the most comprehensive solution for multi-channel marketing available today. MarketSmart ties together the most critical aspects of CRM — including data warehousing, analytics, multi-channel marketing, campaign management, data mining and decision technology — to deliver customer-centric, channel-optimized campaigns that can be executed in hours instead of days. Fair, Isaac has developed specific versions of MarketSmart for the financial services, insurance, telecommunications, and retail industries.

MarketSmart helps companies execute strategic marketing campaigns across multiple channels, integrating the Internet with existing sales and marketing channels. Information collected at both push and pull touchpoints — including email, direct mail, inbound and outbound telemarketing, Web sites and kiosks — is transformed into real-time, customer-specific marketing actions.

Wood recently relocated to Minneapolis from Little Rock. He is based in Fair, Isaac’s Arden Hills, Minnesota, facility.

About Fair, Isaac

Fair, Isaac and Company is a global provider of customer analytics and decision technology. Widely recognized for its pioneering work in credit scoring, Fair, Isaac revolutionized the way lending decisions are made. Today the company helps clients in multiple industries increase the value of customer relationships. Fair, Isaac has made the Forbes list of the top 200 U.S. small companies eight times in the last nine years. Headquartered in San Rafael, California, Fair, Isaac reported revenues of $298 million in fiscal 2000.

For more information, visit the company’s Web site at .



Toppan Forms Co. has launched a B2C direct mail piece that uses a paper IC card. The new paper smart cards are about half the price of inserting plastic smart cards into direct mail pieces. The paper cards are geared towards event operators such as exhibitions. The cost is 300 yen for a card inserted into an envelope or 270 yen to have one attached to a postcard. Toppan says it expects to sell about 300 million yen worth of new paper IC cards.