All In The Family

Wal-Mart announced yesterday it has launched a new program in which Wal-Mart and SAM’S CLUB will accept each other’s private-label credit cards. The giant retailer says nine out of every 10 SAM’S CLUB credit card holders already shop at Wal-Mart. As an added benefit, some four million Wal-Mart credit card holders are receiving SAM’S CLUB one-day passes. GE Card Services is the credit provider for all Wal-Mart Stores private-label credit card programs. Wal-Mart Stores operates more than 2,700 discount stores, Supercenters and Neighborhood Markets, and more than 490 SAM’S CLUBS in the United States.


Vital Approves Apriva Readers

APRIVA Inc., an innovator in wireless solutions for businesses, Monday announced its Class B certification with Vital Processing Services. With the certification of APRIVA’s full line of point-of-sale magnetic card readers and POS service, APRIVA’s customers can now process credit card sales through Vital’s POS network.

The APRIVA POS system is a device-independent infrastructure for securely connecting wireless terminals and personal digital assistants (PDAs) to major card processors. With the Vital Processing Services Class B certification, APRIVA’s network can be used across the nation, enabling users of the APRIVA system the ability to process credit card transactions on Vital’s leading system.

Arizona-based Vital Processing Services is a leader in technology-based commerce enabling services. Vital’s clients include acquirers and merchant service providers that offer electronic payment processing and related services to merchants.

Vital provides leading point-of-sale (POS) products and services, electronic authorization and data capture; clearing, settlement and exception processing; accounting, billing and reporting; risk management; and merchant support services.

Vital also provides POS equipment management services through its subsidiary Vital Merchant Services and a full suite of Information Services in conjunction with Vital’s wholly owned subsidiary GRS. Vital is a merchant processing joint venture of Visa U.S.A. and TSYS(R) (NYSE: TSS), a global leader in payments processing.

“The Vital Class B certification is an important part of the APRIVA infrastructure and service,” said Kevin Hickey, chief executive officer and president, APRIVA Inc. “By offering our customers the Vital processing system, APRIVA is able to quickly and securely process credit-card transactions no matter the device, network or infrastructure.”

“We are pleased to Class B certify APRIVA’s magnetic card readers and POS Service to our network to enable APRIVA’s customer base to process mobile transactions reliably, securely and efficiently,” said Denise Lewis, executive vice president of Products and Marketing for Vital Processing Services. APRIVA Inc. ([][1]) provides a wireless solution network infrastructure, as well as the software and hardware required to develop and deploy high-performance mobile applications. Its unique and flexible offering provides an end-to-end, reliable framework for handling wireless applications for any business from anywhere at any time. APRIVA’s system is device and network agnostic, enabling it to work with virtually any device or any network, with an infrastructure that provides point-of-sale, magnetic card, barcode scanning and Smart Card capabilities to wireless devices.

APRIVA’s product offerings include: the APRIVA Point-of-Sale (POS) system, a device-independent infrastructure for securely connecting wireless terminals and personal digital assistants (PDAs) to most major card processors; the APRIVA Magcard Reader for scanning data on three-track, magnetic-stripe credit and identification cards; and the APRIVA Wireless Barcode Scanner system for automatic tracking of products, pricing and inventory. Additional information on Vital can be found at [][2].



Minneapolis Air Miles

The Minneapolis Downtown Council announced a new program in which downtown Minneapolis shoppers can earn free Northwest Airlines WorldPerks miles during the holiday season. Under the “FLYBUY” program shoppers will earn 100 miles for every $100 they spend at participating stores.

“The Downtown Council has created this unprecedented offer to encourage people to shop downtown and to return travelers to the air which will help Northwest Airlines, an important partner in our regional economy,” said Sam Grabarski, president and CEO of the Minneapolis Downtown Council.

Shoppers will earn one hundred miles for every $100 purchase, up to 2,000 miles. Shoppers can combine these miles with the miles they earn for purchases made using their WorldPerks Visa(R) and earn a free trip even faster.

To receive the miles, shoppers must make their purchases during the FLYBUY promotion (Nov. 23 – Dec. 26) and bring their receipts from participating stores to the Downtown Council booth located on the main floor of City Center, next to the customer service center. The receipts will be totaled and the purchaser will be given a 100-mile voucher for every $100 spent, up to 2,000 miles. The Downtown Council booth is open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through Saturday, and noon to 7 p.m. on Sunday.

For more information on “FLYBUY”, visit [][1] or call 612-338-3807.

Participating Stores

Department Stores All Gaviidae Stores Other Stores
Neiman Marcus Ann Taylor2nd Wind Exercise
Saks 5th Avenue Aveda Lifestyle Store Bergstrom Jewelers
Betlach Crate and Barrel
All City Center Stores Cole – Haan Empty Vase
B. Dalton Franklin Covey Haskell’s Big Cheese
The Body Shop Gaviidae Convenience JB Hudson Jewelers
CCI Wireless Gaviidae Pendleton Nick’s Sports World
Champs Sports Jessica McClintock Open Book
Christmas Corner jv & Company Polo Ralph Lauren
City Convenience Lin Co. Schmitt Music
Claire’s Boutiques Masters of Light Gallery Shinder’s
Elite Fragrances The Museum Company Walgreen Company
Eunice Children’s Paradise Naturalizer Witt’s Liquor
Fanny Farmer Presence
Foot Locker S. Vincent Jewelry Design
General Nutrition Center St. Croix Shop
GMCVA info. Center Talbots
Goodfellows Talbots Women
Hallmark URBAN Traveler
Jennico Van Haveren’s Flowerworks
KB Toys Vitamin World
Lady Foot Locker
Marshalls All IDS Crystal Court Stores
Minnesota Mania Afterthoughts
Office Depot Badiner Jewelers
Paper Post Banana Republic
Payless Kids Gap
Payless ShoeSource Gap Kids
Planet Games Godiva Chocolatier
Princess Jewelry Hubert White
Radio Shack Love From Minnesota
Ritz Camera Ritz Camera
Sam Goody Sterling Optical
Twinstown TJ Maxx
Wilcock Gallery ValuPlus
Wilson’s Leather VoiceStream Wireless
William Sonoma



CIBC eShops

CIBC launched CIBC eShops, the first
online shopping community offered by a financial institution in Canada that
combines simple, one-stop access to dozens of great merchants with valuable
rewards for CIBC cardholders.

CIBC eShops
( is an online
shopping mall bringing
dozens of trusted Canadian merchants together in one virtual location. CIBC
eShops combines the security and peace-of-mind of online shopping through a
trusted financial institution and the convenience of one-stop shopping in a
virtual shopping mall. It is also the only online shopping mall that rewards
shoppers who use their CIBC-branded credit cards with valuable bonus rewards

“CIBC eShops is a unique shopping experience with the latest online
advancements: simplicity, security, and value,” said Christine Croucher,
executive vice-president, CIBC card products division. “CIBC cardholders can
now shop for gifts, fashion, or electronics easily and securely from the
comfort of their home or office. And CIBC VISA shoppers benefit from great
rewards, exclusive coupons, and special offers.”

CIBC eShops features Canadian merchants, which eliminates the typical
additional costs associated with duty and exchange rate impacts of
international online shopping. Shoppers will be able to buy from any of the
participating merchants and pay at one final checkout point. Returning or
exchanging products will also be easy, as participating stores will have a
thirty-day return guarantee.

CIBC eShops also offers CIBC cardholders rewards – above and beyond the
normal card rewards – for purchases made within the site. For example,
shoppers who purchase using their CIBC Aerogold card will earn double Aeroplan
miles for their purchases and shoppers who use their CIBC VISA HBC Rewards
Card can earn double HBC Rewards points.

CIBC eShops will also benefit participating Canadian merchants. CIBC
eShops will enable merchants to build and conduct business in a virtual store
with secure, real-time transaction processing which includes automatic order
notification, billing and shipping as well as secure and reliable hosting. In
addition, a series of marketing tools and programs are being provided to
online merchants to assist them in driving additional traffic and delivering
increased sales.

Global Payments Inc. is providing the payment processing service to CIBC
eShops, while SureFire Commerce is providing the Internet technology,
infrastructure, online transaction processing and support services to the

“This initiative underscores Global Payments commitment to Canadian
businesses,” said Barry W. Lawson, Executive Vice President and CIO, Global
Payments Inc. “We are pleased to provide our payment processing services to
CIBC eShops, where online merchants can benefit from our processing solutions

“This will be the most complete, online merchant enabling and shopping
initiative Canada has ever seen,” said Rory Olson, president and CEO of
SureFire Commerce. “SureFire and CIBC’s goal is to create a truly supportive
environment where merchants can succeed in growing their business while also
enhancing the cardholder’s confidence in Internet shopping. With CIBC eShops
we are confident that we have succeeded in this goal.”

CIBC is a leading North American financial institution offering more than
eight million personal banking and business customers a full range of products
and services through its comprehensive electronic banking network, branches
and offices across Canada, in the United States and around the world. CIBC is
Canada’s number one credit card issuer with 30 per cent market share, 43 per
cent of the premium card market, and over four million accounts. To find other
news releases and information about CIBC, visit our Media Centre at

Global Payments Inc. is a leading provider of electronic transaction
processing services to merchants, Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs),
financial institutions, government agencies and multi-national corporations
located throughout the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Global
Payments offers a comprehensive line of payment solutions, including credit,
debit and EBT cards, business-to-business purchasing cards, gift cards, check
guarantee, check verification and recovery, terminal management and funds
transfer services.

SureFire Commerce Inc. is a global business-to-business provider of
online payment solutions and e-commerce support, processing over $1.2 billion
of online transactions annually. The company offers a diverse range of payment
solutions to both online and offline merchants. The company has many strategic
marketing agreements with companies such as AOL Canada, Canadian Imperial Bank
of Commerce (CIBC), Infopia, Intuit Canada, InQuent, Network Commerce,
National Bank of Canada,, RedBrigade and Webraska. SureFire
Commerce is headquartered in Montreal (Quebec) with offices in Hull (Quebec)
and London (England).


Cap One Outlook

Fitch revised its ‘Rating Outlook’ for Capital One to “Negative” from “Stable” citing concerns over the company’s torrid growth rate during the last two years. Fitch believes the strong growth rate could mask some level of portfolio weakness, particularly as the economy turns negative. While credit losses at Cap One are expected to rise in coming quarters, reflective of a rise in 12-month lagged charge-off ratios to 6.30% at Sept. 30 from 4.82% the prior year, losses should be tempered by the higher level of superprime accounts in Cap One’s loan portfolio. Fitch also noted, that bolstered by strong account growth, Cap One has been able to supplement spread-based income through increased fee-based revenue throughout its entire customer base. During an economic downturn, Fitch believes that Cap One could offset a portion of an expected rise in credit losses through reduced marketing expenditures, selective account repricing, and additional late and over-limit fees.



Visa Canada released today the results of a
national business-to-business selling study showing that e-commerce B2B
selling will increase by 22 percent by 2005 introducing significant new
challenges for B2B sales professionals.

The study entitled How Business Sells, conducted by Market Probe for Visa
Canada, includes responses from 514 mid to large-scale businesses across the
country. The study shows that 72 percent of B2B selling professionals prefer
selling through traditional channels, in-person and over the phone, rather
than electronically because traditional channels enable sellers to build and
maintain personal relationships with customers.

Despite the preference for traditional channels, the amount of in-person
and phone selling will decline from 70 percent to 57 percent of total B2B
sales by 2005. During the same period, the use of e-commerce sales channels
will almost quadruple from eight percent to 30 percent creating a significant
hurdle for sellers by complicating their ability to establish personal contact
with customers. In addition, rather than displacing direct, person-to-person
selling, e-commerce will create additional channels for sales professionals to

The findings also indicate that the transition to electronics is, in
part, driven by pressure from the B2B buying side. A previous Visa study (How
Business Buys) indicates that the Canadian purchasing industry anticipates
placing 37 percent of their orders through e-commerce channels by 2005
compared to nine percent today. The study also shows that buyers expect
in-person and phone ordering to decline, accounting for 39 percent of their
ordering activity by 2005 compared to 53 percent today.

Sales professionals’ preference for in-person selling is best reflected
in their use of web sites. Only six percent of the companies surveyed sell
through web sites and 22 percent of sellers do not even have a web site. The
balance of the respondents explain their limited use of web sites by pointing
to the need for personal contact and by citing the difficulties of customized
selling and discussing complex products online. In this regard, sellers are
out of step with purchasers, 22 percent of whom buy through web sites.

“The findings point to some interesting challenges for both sides of the
B2B market in Canada,” said Jacqui Hurd, Senior Manager, Commercial Card
Products, Visa Canada. “Clearly sellers have to adjust to the fact that their
customers are pushing for the efficiencies that electronic ordering provides
them while finding ways to maintain the personal contact that underpins
successful selling. Buyers on the other hand, will have to be sensitive to the
ability and willingness of the sell side to mesh with the internal electronic
purchasing systems they are planning to introduce.”

The study indicates that B2B sellers are partially addressing the
limitations inherent in e-commerce-based sales channels by turning to
extranets, proprietary electronic systems that provide the ability to post and
control access to information about customized product- and service solutions,
customized price lists and tailored product descriptions. The findings show
that 23 percent of the respondents expect to be using corporate extranets as
B2B sales channels by 2005 compared to five percent today.

“The Visa survey indicates that B2B sales professionals prefer to sell in
person,” said Terry Ruffell, President, Canadian Professional Sales
Association. “There’s no question the sales process is changing. Many sales
professionals are beginning to integrate e-commerce into their sales strategy,
but it is clear that to effectively meet the needs of the buying community, a
solid understanding of e-commerce will be required by all sales

As the “World’s Best Way to Pay”, Visa is a leading provider of consumer
and commercial credit card products in Canada and around the world. There are
more than 500,000 Visa-branded commercial cards in Canada accounting for more
than $3 billion of Visa Canada’s total annual sales volume in 2000. Visa
Canada offers three commercial card products including Visa Purchasing, Visa
Corporate, and Visa Business. The Internet address for Visa is


MPS Signs Another

Fifth Third Bank’s Midwest Payment Systems has signed a contract to provide electronic funds transfer and ATM processing services to United Community Bank of Lisle, Illinois.

United Community Bank has $95 million in assets and one ATM.

“MPS’ innovating processing services and the products that support them fit both our long- and short-term goals for our company,” said Nick Mustafa, Vice President, United Community Bank of Lisle. “In MPS we have found a partner in business and not merely a vendor for services.”

“Forging mutually-beneficial partnerships with our clients is a cornerstone of MPS’ business strategy,” said Barry L. Boerstler, Executive Vice President, Fifth Third Bank. “As a highly-regarded processor, we work hard to maintain our reputation as a deliverer of value-added services to financial institutions and merchants.”

Since 1973, MPS has been providing top-quality electronic banking solutions to banks, thrifts, credit unions and merchants. Currently, MPS partners with more than 90,000 financial institutions and merchant locations nationwide for reliable, cost-effective products and services. MPS, a subsidiary of Fifth Third Bank, processes more than six billion ATM, POS and e-commerce transactions per year and drives more than 10,000 ATMs.

MPS’ reputation and corporate stability have earned the company many distinctions, including a #1 ranking among EFT processors. MPS’ product offerings include transaction processing, network gateway access, card support, terminal support, as well as many other value-added services. MPS’ flexible services are unparalleled and its in-house authorization and settlement system help make the company one of just a few full-service processors in the U.S. For more information, call 1-800-375-1744 or email at .

Fifth Third Bancorp (Nasdaq: FITB) is a diversified financial services company headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Company has $70 billion in assets, operates 17 affiliate banks with 939 full-service Banking Centers including 144 Bank Mart(R) locations open seven days a week inside select grocery stores and 1,830 Jeanie(R) ATMs in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois and Florida. Fifth Third’s financial strength continues to be recognized by rating agencies with deposit ratings of AA- and Aa2 and commercial paper ratings of A1+ and P1 from Standard and Poor’s and Moody’s, respectively. Fifth Third operates four main businesses: Retail, Commercial, investment Advisors and Midwest Payment Systems, the Bank’s data processing subsidiary. Investor information and press releases can be viewed at [][1].

The company’s common stock is traded in the over-the-counter market through the NASDAQ National Market System under the symbol “FITB.”



Best Buy Deal

Household has signed a seven-year, exclusive private-label credit card agreement with Best Buy. Early next year, Household will become the sole provider of private-label credit cards to all Best Buy stores nationwide and As a result, Household will manage Best Buy’s six million accounts that represent more than $2 billion in receivables. Household has managed part of Best Buy’s branded retail credit card program for nearly eight years. In addition, Household provides Best Buy customers with a number of complementary credit management services. Household manages the financing portion of the site, where customers can apply for the Best Buy card and immediately make purchases using the card. A program introduced last year allows customers to apply for the Best Buy card and a Household Bank MasterCard simultaneously. Best Buy Co. operates retail stores under the names: Best Buy, Magnolia Hi-Fi, Media Play, On Cue, Sam Goody, and Suncoast. Best Buy has more than 1,800 retail stores nationwide.


NPC Hires DM Execs

In a move to accelerate its expansion into the direct marketing segment, National Processing Company, a leading provider of merchant credit card processing and a wholly owned subsidiary of National Processing, Inc., announced the addition of two strategic hires in its Direct Marketing or ‘Card Not Present’ business channel – Beth P. Griffin and Lawrence ‘Larry’ R. Vickery.

Beth Griffin joins NPC as Vice President, Merchant Services, with primary focus on the direct marketing industry. A seasoned executive, Griffin has held a series of positions of escalating importance in the processing industry, where her leadership and direction significantly increased opportunities in the ‘Card Not Present’ area. Ms. Griffin will report to Larry Bouchard, senior vice president of Direct Marketing for NPC, and will be instrumental in the expansion of NPC’s Direct Marketing merchant portfolio.

Larry Vickery joins NPC as Vice President, Direct Marketing Product Development. As an experienced developer of direct marketing strategies for financial services firms, Mr. Vickery will be responsible for enhancing NPC’s direct marketing product line, identification of emerging technologies for the B2B environment and integration into a fully-featured, next generation product offering. Vickery brings to NPC fourteen plus years experience in the industry. He will report to Mike McEvoy, Chief Information Officer for NPC.

“NPC is well positioned to become a formidable player in the direct marketing arena,” said Larry Bouchard, senior vice president – Direct Marketing for NPC. “Both Beth and Larry will be instrumental in assisting NPC to gain a competitive advantage in the ‘Card Not Present’ segment.”

“We are committed to expanding our direct marketing customer base,” said Mark D. Pyke, chief operating officer for NPC. “Very few merchant processors compete in this segment, as such, margins in this vertical market are among the highest in the industry. With our scale, our focus on interchange management, our award winning chargeback processing expertise and our recently acquired authorization platform, NPC intends to offer direct marketing merchants superior value by moving their processing volumes to NPC. Both Beth and Larry have the expertise needed to help NPC move to the next level in the direct marketing segment.”

About National Processing, Inc.

National Processing, Inc. through its wholly owned operating subsidiary, National Processing Company (NPC(R)) is a leading provider of merchant credit card processing. National Processing is 86 percent owned by National City Corporation (NYSE: NCC) ( [][1]), a Cleveland based $96 billion financial holding company. NPC supports over 600,000 merchant locations, representing nearly one out of every five Visa(R) and MasterCard(R) transactions processed nationally. NPC’s card processing solutions offer superior levels of service and performance and assist merchants in lowering their total cost of card acceptance through our world-class people, technology and service. Additional information regarding National Processing can be obtained at [][2].



Global Spending

While consumer spending has been impacted significantly in the USA, on a global basis consumer spending has rebounded to levels higher than those prior to the beginning of September. Europe’s Bibit Payment Services found that following the Sept 11th attacks, transactions across all categories fell by 31% for the week of Sept 9-15. However, the weeks of Sept 16- Oct 7 show a continual increase in spending. The week of Sept 30, global transactions rebounded to top pre-September 11 levels by 11%. The same period shows that the travel industry was the most severely affected by the events of September 11, but also experienced the sharpest rebound; by the week of Sept 30, spending on travel was 11% higher than prior to Sept 11. At the same time, the book category was the only industry to see a sustained increase in spending, with an 8% jump immediately following the Sept 11 events.


CardPlus Signs Greenland Deal

Greenland Corporation announced that Colorado-based CardPlus International, Inc., has entered into a three-year, $500,000 source code license agreement for Greenland’s Check Central Solutions-Network transaction processing software. As a direct result of the recently announced settlement agreement between Seren Systems and Greenland, CardPlus now has direct access to and a specific license for both the previous and current versions of the Check Central Solutions source code and back-office operating systems.

Mr. T. A. “Kip” Hyde, Jr., President and CEO of Greenland, stated, “As announced in July 2001, CardPlus initially purchased six MAXcash(TM) Automated Banking Machine kiosks, to be processed by their Denver-based merchant services center. We successfully installed these terminals this summer and have continuously supported their efforts to provide self-service check-cashing for their business customers, including several area hospitals and large oil companies.”

Hyde continued, “Due to their unique corporate relationships, CardPlus requires the ability to manage their own source code. We are pleased that they have chosen to enter into this important software and ABM purchase agreement with Greenland. We will continue to assist CardPlus towards their goal of becoming the largest minority-owned, non-bank owner-operator of self-service banking machines in the country, potentially encompassing thousands of locations nationwide.”

George Brantley, Director of CardPlus International said, “We believe that the Check Central Solutions-Network back-office software and Greenland’s continued technical collaboration is critical as we expand our ABM sites and processing center capabilities. The ongoing support we have received from the Greenland team has been exceptional, and we look forward to new system upgrades and capabilities being developed by Greenland and its technology partner, Trilicom Data Solutions as we move forward.”

About Greenland Corporation

Greenland Corporation is an information technology holding company, with equity interests in data storage and systems integration, and whose wholly owned subsidiary, Check Central, is the developer of the Check Central Solutions(TM) transaction processing system software and related MAXcash(TM) Automated Banking Machine(TM) (ABM(TM)) kiosk designed to provide self-service check cashing and ATM-banking functionality, as well as open platform capability for future products and services. The Company’s common stock trades on the OTC Bulletin Board under the symbol “GLCP.” Visit Greenland Corporation on the Internet at [][1] .

About CardPlus International, Inc.

As the only National Minority Council certified electronic payments processor, CardPlus is a comprehensive services provider offering “one-stop shopping” for credit and debit card processing and collection, check verification, check guarantee, recovery services, settlement and other point-of-sale services. CardPlus is a single provider of electronic payment processing services, equipment and customer support. The CardPlus product offering spans from simple electronic “swipe” POS terminals, ATM functionality, phone payment, self-service banking processing and high-speed computer-to-computer transmission, to advanced wireless systems. CardPlus focuses its efforts and expertise towards providing data processing, collections and delivery, electronic fund processing and collections, information transmission, payment services and value-added network services.

For further information, please contact Ed Sano, Investor Relations, Greenland Corporation, +1-760-804-2770,



OPC & Wisconsin

Official Payments Corporation, the leading provider of electronic payment options, announced that the state of Wisconsin has expanded its service agreement with the company.

Commencing in mid-December, the state of Wisconsin will be accepting credit card payments for income tax billing.

When a taxpayer underpays their income tax to the state of Wisconsin, the state issues a bill to the taxpayer that must be paid by the due date. Taxpayers will be able to make their bill payments by visiting [][1] on the Internet or by calling 1-800-2PAY-TAX(SM). American Express, Discover Card and MasterCard are the cards accepted by the programs. Official Payments Corp. provides services for more than 1,000 government entities in all 50 states, the Internal Revenue Service, 19 state governments and the District of Columbia. “We are pleased to expand our services to the citizens of the state of Wisconsin,” stated Thomas R. Evans, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Official Payments Corp. “With the addition of this new payment category, income tax billing, along with existing categories, creates an incremental market opportunity of over $1.7 billion in the state of Wisconsin,” Evans added. Official Payments charges taxpayers a 2.5% convenience fee for processing these credit card transactions. Official Payments charges taxpayers a convenience fee for processing these credit card transactions. The fee schedule can be found on the Internet at [][2].

For example, a taxpayer who owed an additional $500 in taxes and charged their taxes would find a total of $512.50 on their credit card statement: $500 for the tax bill and $12.50 for the convenience fee. Depending on their credit card program, taxpayers using credit cards with bonus rewards programs may be eligible to earn rewards points, cash-back or airline frequent flyer miles in return for paying their taxes.

About Official Payments Corporation

Founded in 1996, Official Payments Corporation (Nasdaq: OPAY) is the leading provider of electronic payment options to more than 1,000 government entities in all 50 states. The company’s principal business is enabling consumers to pay their government taxes, fees, fines, and utility bills by credit card, via Internet and telephone. Official Payments has agreements to collect and process credit card payments with the Internal Revenue Service, 19 state governments, the District of Columbia, and over 1,000 county and municipal governments across the United States. In 2000, Official Payments collected and processed over $925 million in federal, state and local government payments. Thomas R. Evans, the former President & CEO of the Internet company GeoCities, became Chairman & CEO of Official Payments in the summer of 1999. Mr. Evans brought Official Payments public in November of 1999, raising $80 million in its IPO on the NASDAQ national market.