ePODS System

Los Angeles-based PayPoint Electronic Payment Systems has launched a new online gift card ordering, delivery, and tracking tool. Linking retailers with PayPoint’s Deployment Center, ‘ePODS’ (PayPoint Ordering & Distribution System) allows retailers to electronically order gift cards and track the status of their orders. PayPoint started developing ‘ePODS’ about six months ago to support a retailer launching a large gift card program. After pilot testing, ‘ePODS’ recently went online. ‘ePODS’ also allows both retailers and PayPoint to check the activation status of gift cards.


Affina Upgrade

Datacard Group this week released the latest version of its ‘Affina Smart Card Management System’ which provides the ability to host different card issuers on a single ‘Affina’ system. The multi-issuer ‘Affina’ version offers card issuers the support to effectively manage their strategic business partnerships and the subsequent set of applications they have selected to provide to their cardholder base. The multi-issuer capability allows logical data separation of both configuration and cardholder data. Access to client specific data can be restricted to such a secure level that one entity cannot see any data associated with, or have any knowledge of, another entity – i.e. the ‘owner’ of the system can see the partner’s cardholder details; however, the partner cannot see the ‘owner’s’ cardholder details.



NOVA Information Systems has signed a multi-year agreement with the Commonwealth of Virginia to provide merchant payment services for the Commonwealth’s more than 900 merchant locations. NOVA — the nation’s third largest payment processor — will begin implementation of its merchant-processing contract, valued at $350 million in charge volume, with the Commonwealth of Virginia during the fourth quarter of 2001. In the next year, the Commonwealth plans to expand the use of additional NOVA products and services as they implement its current merchant-processing contract.

“Working with NOVA provides a number of opportunities for Virginia and its merchants,” said Barbara Layman, procurement officer for the Department of the Treasury of the Commonwealth of Virginia. “Taking advantage of NOVA’s merchant-processing experience and services will allow our merchants to better serve their customers.”

The Commonwealth of the Virginia’s new partnership with NOVA allows it to move forward with more convenient payment options for the citizens of the Commonwealth. “Winning the Commonwealth of Virginia account means a great deal to NOVA,” said Pamela Joseph, senior executive vice president of business development at NOVA. “We are confident that our merchant-payment offerings will further strengthen the quality service that the Commonwealth’s merchant locations provide its customers.”

Atlanta-based NOVA Information Systems manages and transports payment and other business information on behalf of retailers, community banks and regional financial institutions. NOVA specializes in providing integrated credit and debit card payment processing services, related software application products and value-added services to more than 650,000 merchant locations in the United States. For more information on the company, visit [http://www.novainfo.com][1].

[1]: http://www.novainfo.com/


Phone Card Record

AT&T recently shattered the company’s all-time record for one-day sales of AT&T PrePaid Phone Cards by selling more than 50 million minutes’ worth in one day — the day after Thanksgiving.

That’s enough to enable one person to talk continuously for more than 95 years. “It’s not surprising that consumers are scooping up the handy cards,” said Mark Evans, AT&T Consumer Services vice president. “AT&T PrePaid Phone Cards are the perfect gift to tuck in a holiday card or use as a stocking stuffer. They offer a convenient, reliable way to make calls all year and a great way to stay connected for the holidays.” When you’re away from home, AT&T PrePaid Phone Cards are a great way to budget your communication expenses or to have on hand for an emergency.


Comerica Voyager

Corillian Corp., a leading global provider of eFinance solutions for the Internet, announced it is teaming up with Comerica Incorporated, a $50 billion bank holding company headquartered in Detroit, Mich., as the bank’s new solution in providing Comerica Web Banking customers with real-time access to online banking services.

Comerica has licensed Corillian’s Voyager platform to replace its current Internet banking platform and be deployed in-house at Comerica. Using Corillian’s Voyager platform, Comerica customers can continue to handle all of their banking needs, including paying bills, reviewing statements and current balances and transferring funds between accounts. The Voyager platform also enables Comerica to enhance its Web banking service more frequently and to support its future growth.

“Our new alliance with Corillian will enable us to further expand the services we provide to our online banking customers,” said Donovan Shand, vice president, Online Banking. “Streamlined enrollment, expanded funds transfer capabilities, account access options for small business owners and online stop payments are a few examples of the services we’re planning to add in the future through the Voyager platform.”

“We are pleased to announce this relationship with Comerica, our 17th top 100 U.S. bank,” said Ted Spooner, chief executive officer of Corillian. “This relationship again shows Corillian’s ability to provide a proven, scalable and fully-functional eFinance platform to large financial institutions that are looking to provide next generation financial services via the Web to their customers. With Corillian Voyager, Comerica’s customers will continue to have access to the latest and most innovative financial services available.”

Corillian Voyager – The Operating System for eFinance(TM) – is a high-performance platform that allows for the delivery of financial services to customers over the Internet. Voyager provides a link between a financial institution’s legacy host system and its consumers, using Internet browsers, personal financial management software and Internet-ready wireless devices. Voyager’s open architecture design allows an institution to quickly integrate emerging technologies, deploy the platform in-house or in a secure data center, and customize the entire Internet banking presentation to its customers. Built on Microsoft’s Windows 2000 and SQL Server platform, Voyager provides financial institutions with a scalable, robust enterprise solution that meets the growing demands of the eFinance industry.

About Corillian Corporation

Based in Oregon, and with international offices in Europe and Asia, Corillian Corporation is an award-winning provider of eFinance-enabling software for the financial services industry. Built on the Microsoft Windows 2000 platform, Corillian applications support Internet banking, bill delivery and payment, brokerage, customer relationship management, enhanced data aggregation, and small business transactions. Voyager can be deployed on-site at the financial firm or at a secure data center. Corillian technology also enables Open Financial Exchange (OFX) access by finance management software packages such as Quicken®, QuickBooks® and Microsoft® Money. For more information about Corillian Corporation, visit the company’s Web site at [http://www.corillian.com][1].

About Comerica

Comerica Incorporated (NYSE: CMA) is a multi-state financial services provider headquartered in Detroit with banking subsidiaries in Michigan, California and Texas; banking operations in Florida; and, businesses in several other states. Comerica also has an investment services affiliate, Munder Capital Management, commercial banking operations in Canada and a commercial subsidiary in Mexico. Comerica reported total assets of $50 billion at September 30, 2001. Comerica Web Banking can be accessed through the bank’s Web site at [http://www.comerica.com][2].

[1]: http://www.corillian.com/
[2]: http://www.comerica.com/


Moneris Authorize.Net

Moneris Solutions, Inc., a leading merchant processing technology company and North America’s sixth largest merchant payment solutions provider, is pleased to announce that Moneris is now offering its merchant customers robust and secure payment solutions built on InfoSpace’s Authorize.Net( payments platform.

InfoSpace, Inc. is a provider of wireless and Internet software and application services. The Authorize.Net transaction-processing gateway allows merchants to authorize, process and manage credit card and electronic check payments over the Internet directly from their Web site or by using an Internet-enabled personal computer or handheld wireless device.

“Moneris is committed to supplying merchants with payment service solutions that can help them grow their business, and this includes an e-commerce solution,” said Andrea Goldstein, senior vice president and general manager, Moneris Solutions Inc. “By offering the Authorize.Net solution, merchants can now streamline and process their e-commerce transactions quickly, securely, and with ease.”

“We are seeing strong demand for our secure, reliable IP-based payment processing solutions and are pleased that Moneris Solutions selected us to enhance their merchant services offering,” said Prakash Kondepudi, executive vice president of merchant services for InfoSpace. “Together, we are helping merchants to succeed through leveraging advanced technologies to grow their business.”

InfoSpace’s Authorize.Net has been pioneering online payment processing solutions since 1996, providing server-based payment solutions that enable merchants to process transactions in a secure, real-time environment 24 hours a day. Over 120,000 merchants have signed up for Authorize.Net, which enables merchants to authorize, process, and manage credit card and electronic check transactions on Internet-enabled mobile devices and personal computers.

About Moneris Solutions Inc.

Moneris Solutions is a leading North American technology and merchant processing company that was formed in December 2000 as a result of a joint investment between the merchant services divisions of the Royal Bank of Canada Financial Group, Bank of Montreal and Harris

Bank. In less than a year, Moneris has over 300,000 North American customers; 18 ISO’s; a staff of 900 employees; and offices in Buffalo Grove, Illinois; Toronto, Ontario; and Montreal, Quebec. For more information, visit [www.monerischargeit.com][1].

About InfoSpace, Inc.

InfoSpace, Inc. provides wireless and Internet software and application services. The company develops software technologies that enable customers to efficiently offer a broad array of network-based services under their own brand to any device.

[1]: http://www.monerischargeit.com/


OPC Signs RI

Official Payments Corporation announced a new business award from the State of Rhode Island.

With this agreement, Rhode Island becomes the firm’s 20th state client. The agreement authorizes Official Payments to provide a service enabling Rhode Island’s individual and business taxpayers to make balance-due, estimated, sales and use, withholding, corporate income, and delinquent tax payments by credit card. Last year, the state collected approximately $1 billion in these tax categories. The credit card payments can be made via the Internet at [www.officialpayments.com][1] or over the telephone by calling (800) 2PAY-TAX. The company’s Rhode Island service is scheduled to go live in January 2002. A listing of Rhode Island’s tax filing deadlines is available on the Internet at . Official Payments also provides a variety of credit card tax payment services to the IRS, 19 other state governments, the District of Columbia, and more than 1,000 county and municipal clients in all 50 states.

“These new electronic payment options will help us provide superior service to our taxpayers,” said Rhode Island Tax Administrator R. Gary Clark. “Rhode Island has seen impressive growth in electronic tax filing, which grew 36% last year. The addition of electronic payments makes the process even more convenient for business and personal taxpayers, while helping us streamline our operations.” “We are delighted that Rhode Island has joined our 19 other state partners in providing Official Payments’ services to their taxpayers,” said Thomas R. Evans, Chairman & CEO of Official Payments. “Our state partners benefit from the efficiency, cost savings and error reduction of our electronic payment systems. In turn, their citizens appreciate the convenience, cash management, and rewards benefits of credit card payment. It’s a win-win situation,” Mr. Evans added.

For the coming tax season, Official Payments will charge Rhode Island taxpayers a convenience fee of 2.5% for processing their credit card transactions. For example, a taxpayer who owed Rhode Island $900 and charged taxes would find a total of $922.50 on their credit card statement: $900 for the tax bill and $22.50 for the convenience fee. American Express, Discover Card, and MasterCard are the credit cards accepted by the program. Taxpayers using credit cards with bonus rewards programs can, depending on their card’s program, earn rewards, points, and airline frequent flyer miles or cash back for paying their taxes.

About Official Payments Corporation

Founded in 1996, Official Payments Corporation (Nasdaq: OPAY) is the leading provider of electronic payment options to more than 1,000 government entities in all 50 states. The company’s principal business is enabling consumers to pay their government taxes, fees, fines, and utility bills by credit card, via Internet and telephone. Official Payments has agreements to collect and process credit card payments with the Internal Revenue Service, 20 state governments, the District of Columbia, and over 1,000 county and municipal governments across the United States. In 2000, Official Payments collected and processed over $925 million in federal, state and local government payments. Thomas R. Evans, the former President & CEO of the Internet company GeoCities, became Chairman & CEO of Official Payments in the summer of 1999. Mr. Evans brought Official Payments public in November of 1999, raising $80 million in its IPO on the NASDAQ national market.

[1]: http://www.officialpayments.com/



SureFire Commerce (U.K.) Ltd., a subsidiary of
Montreal-based SureFire Commerce Inc., announced the signing
of a strategic partnership agreement with Actinic Software Ltd.
(http://www.actinic.co.uk), a leading developer of B2B and
B2C software solutions in
Europe. Actinic will integrate SureFire Commerce’s online payment solutions
into their two main products, Actinic Catalog and Actinic Business, which are
available through over 1600 value-added resellers in Europe.

“Actinic is the best-known e-commerce company in its category, has a
presence in all major European countries, and is the market leader in the
small- and medium-sized enterprise sector,” said Rory Olson, President and CEO
of SureFire Commerce. “We expect Actinic’s large customer base and network of
resellers to contribute significantly to our total transaction processing

SureFire Commerce’s secure, real-time transaction processing engine will
enable users of Actinic’s software solutions to accept VISA, MasterCard, and
the FirePay Personal Account solution without the headaches of obtaining
merchant credit card accounts, physical swipe machines, dedicated telephone
lines, and the other requirements of traditional credit card processing.
European merchants often wait 12-18 weeks for banks to process and approve an
ordinary merchant account, and even longer for Internet merchant accounts.
With SureFire Commerce’s solution, companies can start accepting online
payments in just a matter of days.

In Europe, Actinic’s e-commerce software solutions are marketed to
merchants through resellers in the U.K., France, Benelux, Germany, Denmark,
Scandinavia, Spain, Italy, and Ireland. Actinic has 5,500 live merchants and
boasts clients such as the London Symphony Orchestra, the Royal Opera House,
Sony Europe, and many more, making them the No. 1 e-commerce software
developer in Europe.

“SureFire Commerce’s private-labelled payment solution will give our
clients the ability to accept online credit card payments in a fraction of the
time it normally takes through traditional banking channels,” said Nick
Kington, Actinic’s U.K. Marketing Director. “In addition, they will benefit
from SureFire Commerce’s multi-currency processing capability, which is
obviously a necessity when selling online in the U.K. and the rest of Europe.
When combined with our award-winning e-commerce solutions, SureFire Commerce’s
transaction processing engine gives our clients an outstanding way to improve
customer service and increase revenue.”

About Actinic

Founded in July 1996 and floated in May 2000 on the London Stock
Exchange, Actinic is a company focused on developing e-commerce software for
small and medium enterprises (SMEs) who want to sell online. The software is
sold through channel partners including Web designers and developers, Internet
service providers, Web hosts, and traditional IT VARs. Actinic Catalog is a
boxed software solution for setting up and managing a secure, online B2C Web
store. Actinic Business is a more sophisticated solution for selling business-
to-business. Actinic has sales and marketing bases in Weybridge (Surrey), New
Jersey (U.S.) and Paris, with a technical centre in Birmingham.

About SureFire Commerce Inc.

SureFire Commerce Inc. is a global provider of secure online payment
solutions and e-commerce support, processing over $1.2 billion of online
transactions annually. The Company specializes in payment solutions in three
core areas: Internet payment processing for online merchants, bill presentment
and payment processing for physical businesses, and corporate billing
solutions. SureFire Commerce’s online payment solutions are marketed to
consumers and merchants through strategic partnership agreements with
companies that have significant brand recognition and distribution channels.
SureFire Commerce is headquartered in Montreal (Quebec) with offices in Hull
(Quebec) and London (England).


Fiserv Acquisition

Fiserv announced Thursday afternoon that its Fiserv Colombia Limitada subsidiary has acquired the ‘FACT 400’ credit card solution and related intellectual property assets. ‘FACT 400’, used extensively in Latin America, was developed by Columbian-based Compania Latinoamericana de Software. ‘FACT 400’ has been deployed in 19 financial institutions and credit providers in Latin America. The most common types of programs offered by the ‘FACT 400’ client base are MasterCard, VISA, American Express and private label. The acquisition marks the 12th acquisition by Fiserv this year, for combined revenues of more than $380 million. Through the acquisitions Fiserv has gained over 4,000 employees, bringing its total employee base worldwide to nearly 18,000.



Fair, Isaac and Company, Inc., the leading global provider of creative
analytics and decision technology, announced that Banco Santander Brasil SA,
one of the largest private banks in Brazil and a subsidiary of Spain-based
Santander Central Hispano Group, completed implementation of Fair, Isaac’s
advanced StrategyWare decision engine for seamless, automated decision-making
in its account origination operations.

Banco Santander also acquired Fair, Isaac Decision System(TM) software for
improved account management decisions in its Risk unit — in areas such as
credit limit increase, customer pre-approval, and collection strategy
implementation — as well as for use in the Database Marketing and Product
unit. By implementing Decision System, Santander Brasil expects to attain a
technology infrastructure level that will complete the risk evaluation cycle
not only in its account origination operations, but also in portfolio

“StrategyWare and Decision System will greatly expand Banco Santander’s
to leverage advanced decision engine technology and boost the profitability of
their portfolios and customers in the highly competitive Brazilian financial
community,” said Robert Duque-Ribeiro, vice president, Latin America &
Caribbean Market, at Fair, Isaac. “Banco Santander is sending a strong message
regarding its commitment to provide high-quality customer service in
applying a
leading account origination solution and sophisticated banking strategy.”
“Fair, Isaac’s experience and reputation in the global financial services
industry as well as the ease and speed with which StrategyWare could
already be
integrated into our business systems made this a clear-cut choice for us,”
Marcelo Villaca, Head of Consumer Credit for Santander Brasil. “These new risk
management solutions will provide us with the critical tools to succeed in
complex, challenging environment and offer the support needed to optimize our
customer-level business decisions.”

StrategyWare and Decision System are two of Fair, Isaac’s Strategy Machine(TM)
solutions that automate and improve business strategies, infusing smarter
decisions throughout the enterprise. StrategyWare is a comprehensive and
flexible decision strategy management system that gives credit analysts and
other business users a sophisticated ability to design, test and execute
complex decision strategies, without relying on programming support. It
processes decision requests by applying user-defined decision strategies and
generates responses including decisions and actions. These can be used by the
client’s credit application processing system to speed responses to
match products to applicants more effectively and control risk. Fair, Isaac
Decision System is a powerful system that allows businesses to quickly design
and implement analytically driven decision engines that can be executed in
time to consistently and automatically make decisions that lead to improved
business performance.

Banco Santander’s parent group, SCH, has taken steps to streamline and
standardize credit application and account management processes throughout its
multi-country lending network operations. This includes implementation of
Isaac’s StrategyWare and TRIAD(TM) adaptive control system as an
enterprise-wide standard platform.

Brazil, with a population of 165 million and a rapidly growing consumer and
commercial credit industry, is a catalyst for growth in Latin America, making
this country a key market for Fair, Isaac. Currently, the company counts seven
out of the ten largest private Brazilian banks as its customers.

About Fair, Isaac

Fair, Isaac and Company is the preeminent provider of creative analytics that
unlock value for people, businesses and industries. The company’s predictive
modeling, decision analysis, intelligence management and decision engine
systems power more than 14 billion decisions a year. Founded in 1956, Fair,
Isaac helps thousands of companies in over 60 countries acquire customers more
efficiently, increase customer value, reduce risk and credit losses, lower
operating expenses and enter new markets more profitably. Most leading banks
and credit card issuers rely on Fair, Isaac’s analytic solutions, as do
insurers, retailers, telecommunications providers and other customer-oriented
companies. Through the www.myfico.com Web site,
consumers use the company’s FICO(R) scores, the standard measure of credit
risk, to manage their financial health. For more information, visit

About Banco Santander Brasil

Banco Santander is a fast-growing financial institution with a solid position
in the Brazilian marketplace. The bank has adopted a universal,
customer-centric quality model designed to maintain high-quality, personalized
customer service through optimization of its distribution network and
development of new distribution channels.
Banco Santander Central Hispano’s Corporate Quality unit implemented an annual
process of auto-diagnosis throughout its Latin American branches. Based on the
evaluation of the “Premio Iberoamericano da Qualidade,” this auto-diagnosis
aims at evaluating the evolution of each bank in its different levels of
management. In 2001, Santander Brasil was awarded a “reference of excellence”
for consumer risk management in Latin America. The implementation of a new
decisioning process using Fair, Isaac’s StrategyWare greatly contributed to
this achievement.

About SCH

Banco Santander Central Hispano is the leading financial group in Spain and
Latin America, the third largest bank in the Euro zone and one of leading 15
banks in the world by market capitalization. The Group is present in 42
countries with over 125,000 employees and 10,800 branches to serve its more
than 35 million customers, and as of December 31, 2000, its total volume of
managed funds exceeded 437,500 million euros.


Unemployment Impact

The government’s employment report, released this morning, shows the nation’s unemployment rate jumped to 5.7% in November from 5.4% in October, and 4.9% in September. The news may spell higher than expected delinquency and chargeoffs for credit card issuers during the fourth quarter. The November unemployment rate is the highest level in six years. The change between September and October was the highest one-month jump in 21 years. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistic, the number of unemployed persons increased by 419,000 to 8.2 million in November. Since October 2000 unemployment has risen by 2.6 million and the unemployment rate has increased by 1.8 percentage points, of which 1.4 percentage points have come since the beginning of the recession in March. According to the latest issue of RAM Research Group’s ‘Bankcard Barometer’, 30+ day delinquency hit 5.29% during October, the highest level since April 1998. Chargeoffs hit 6.33% in October, the highest level in 11 years.



SLMsoft.com Inc., a leading global provider of e-financial solutions,
a $500,000 software
license contract with the Mashreqbank of the United Arab Emirates.

Under the terms of the agreement, SLMsoft.com will provide its FTS
software to manage the Bank’s point-of-sale transactions for more than 5,000
merchants located throughout the UAE. This transaction was made in conjunction
with Al Ghurair Enterprises for Computers, SLMsoft.com’s exclusive
distributor in the UAE, which also helped SLMsoft.com conclude a sale to the
Central Bank UAE in August of this year.

“Mashreqbank is one of the largest retail banking operations in the Gulf
Region and a welcome addition to our growing list of clients in the Middle
East,” said Govin Misir, Chairman & CEO, SLMsoft.com. “Our recent sale to the
Central Bank of the UAE helped to raise our profile in the region by
demonstrating first-hand the strength and flexibility of our software
products. For the Mashreqbank, our FTS software can ultimately serve as a
platform technology for the Bank to manage their entire transaction management
network. We look forward to expanding our relationship with them in the

“This contract will allow the Mashreqbank to enhance its position as the
premier retail bank in the UAE and will strengthen our lead in the area of
providing the most efficient and cost-effective point-of-sale technology to
our local merchants,” said Mohamed Fouz, Vice President and Head of
Technology, Mashreqbank. “We selected SLMsoft.com’s solution after a thorough
search for a new provider. SLMsoft.com’s superior technology provides our
network with faster response times that are secure, reliable and ultimately
the most cost effective. Furthermore, SLMsoft.com’s FTS solution can serve as
a foundation to upgrade our entire end-to-end transaction management network.”

About FTS Software

FTS enables efficient transactions from any end-user delivery channel and
exchanges them securely and seamlessly with any destination. SLMsoft.com’s FTS
switching technology is installed throughout the world and is acknowledged as
the leading edge technology in its field. FTS is capable of providing
scaleable transaction management solutions to meet the needs for small
financial institutions and for such world leading global banks as the Bank of
China. SLMsoft.com’s open system FTS technology is replacing the Bank’s
previous proprietary national switch providing the Bank with the inherent
flexibility of open system technology. Linked with SLMsoft.com’s java based
MCF architecture, the FTS solution provides significant value to its customers
through managing the customer information for all applications.

About SLMsoft.com

Founded in 1986, SLMsoft.com is a leading developer of electronic payment
systems and transaction processing solutions, including e-commerce
applications with a focus on the financial services industry. SLMsoft.com
provides real-time end-to-end e-banking solutions that include Internet
banking, interactive voice recognition (IVR), debit and credit card issuing,
automated teller machines and point-of-sale network management, retail branch
management, and e-CRM enabling technology. SLMsoft.com also provides
investment brokerage client and portfolio management applications for the
brokerage industry; e-health solutions which enable health insurance claims to
be evaluated at the point of service, processed and settled in real time; and
e-government solutions which enable consumers to pay fees for government
services in person, at kiosks, through IVR systems or the Internet. For more
information, please visit the Company’s website at