ACI Worldwide, a leading international provider of enterprise e-payment
solutions, and Wincor Nixdorf, one of the leading providers of IT solutions
products for retailers and banks, announce that they are working together to
advance and support Web-enabled device technology. The two industry leaders
have joined forces to promote ACI’s XML-based message format for Web-enabled
devices called the Device Manager Gateway interface.
Developed by ACI through its relationships with customers and vendors, the DMG
interface defines the messages used to process transactions between ATMs, POS
devices and host systems.

In addition to common functionalities such as cash withdrawal, the DMG
interface supports cash acceptance, cash recycling, check processing and other
innovative services. Since the interface supports Web-enabled devices, ATM
deployers can use standard tools to personalize the touch and feel of ATM
screens. The DMG interface also supports enhanced security features such as
triple DES and is EMV compliant. Additionally, the interface can be positioned
to support dial-up devices.

“We’ve developed DMG in response to requests from customers in Europe and
America,” said Mark Vipond, president of ACI Worldwide. “DMG contributes to
customers’ multi-vendor strategy since it is based on a standard,
multi-platform XML architecture. Standardization helps reduce development
efforts for new functions and lower costs for tests and rollout.”
By now providing solutions that support the DMG interface, ACI and Wincor
Nixdorf are following a strategy of promoting standardization for self-service

“We consider the DMG interface a natural successor to current device
and a catalyst to speed the conversion from proprietary message formats to an
open standard. This is an important development from a point of view of our
customers’ multivendor strategies,” said Javier Lopez-Bartolome, senior vice
president of Wincor Nixdorf, head of banking division.
It is ACI’s intention to propose the DMG interface to a standardization body
such as ANSI, CEN or ISO.

About Wincor Nixdorf

Wincor Nixdorf is one of the leading providers of IT solutions and products
retailers and banks, and offers the associated services and consulting. For
financial institutions, Wincor Nixdorf has a complete range of self-service
equipment for payment handling. They also have modular self-service
equipment –
such as statement printers, multimedia information and service terminals – for
different service providers. Their portfolio also includes software solutions
such as ProClassic, an approach to self-service in banking that is unique
throughout the world. With their Financial Enterprise Solutions, Wincor
has continued building and expanding the range of solutions and consulting
services. Here, they are focusing on customer relationship management,
eCommerce and infrastructures, document embedding solutions and financial
operating solutions.
The Services Division provides product-related services such as installation
and maintenance of hardware and software products, regular routine checks,
software upgrades and the management of market rollouts.

About ACI Worldwide

Every second of every day, consumers are initiating electronic payment
transactions–getting cash at ATMs, using debit and credit cards to make
purchases in stores and on the Internet, banking by phone and PC, paying bills
online. Twenty billion times a year, ACI software is used to process these
transactions, powering the world’s online payment systems. ACI was founded in
1975 and pioneered the development of applications and networking software for
online transaction processing. Today more than 530 customers in 79 countries
use ACI supplied software. Visit ACI Worldwide on the Internet at


P3 Completes Functionality

Thales e-Security, the market leading e-business security solutions provider, has completed its Personalization Preparation Process Family of systems. The family, P3 Desktop, P3 Advance and P3 Server, brings new levels of performance and flexibility to the world of application data generation for smart cards. The P3 Family of products provides a cost-effective solution whether personalizing 30 cards per day, 30,000 plus cards per day or adding new applications to an issued smart card base.

Launching the latest enhancements to the P3 Product Family, Cindy Provin, Thales e-Security’s President, said: “Our P3 products now provide card issuing banks and bureaus with a simple, future proof personalization path to smart cards by easily integrating with legacy systems. Offering them a complete solution for the generation of all the cryptographic data needed to be written to a smart card as well as the additional data required for Europay, MasterCard and Visa (EMV) compliance standards, P3 is specifically developed for financial smart card payments.” Cindy Provin concluded by adding: “With P3 no matter how or where you produce your smart cards, the flexibility and scalability of P3 now enables users to make sure customer data generation is kept secure in-house regardless of quantities.”

In future P3 users’, such as card issuers (financial institutions) and card personalization providers (independent bureaus), will be able to pay only for the performance they need.

With the virtually unlimited ability to expand the hardware and software capability as the need grows, Thales e-Security’s new P3 Family now offers complete flexibility of scaleable performance providing a clear choice for card issuers and an upgrade path for growth when required.

The P3 Desktop has been designed for low-volume card issuing banks, for those banks wishing to offer distributed or instant card issuance to their customer base or for running a pilot scheme. P3 Advance, designed for medium volume card issuing banks, small bureaus or banks acting as a bureau, offers an easy upgrade path to P3 Server which is aimed at high-volume card issuing banks or large bureau personalizing cards on behalf of multiple card issuing banks or any issuer offering post issuance application load services to its customer base, in conjunction with a compatible smart card management systems (SCMS). Ideal for in-line batch processing systems as well as post-issuance applications, where data is required to be generated and loaded onto cards dynamically after issuing to cardholders, P3 Server offers a choice of interfacing methodologies to complement today’s sophisticated SCMS.


independent, P3 Server allows data for new applications to be generated using the scripts supplied by the application developers. Thus, no additional software development is necessary to be able to issue cards containing the new applications.

The P3 Product Family as a whole supports a wide range of single and multi-application chip cards with the flexibility to offer a range of different products and solutions to suit a variety of customer’s needs. P3 is designed to meet the requirements of existing card issuers moving to smart cards, operators of card personalization systems and system integrators requiring smart card data generation capability within their products. Supporting existing and developing International standards, the P3 Product Family adheres to the EMV standards for data generation, including EMV style certificates and data authentication schemes. Visit Thales e-Security’s new web site at [][1]




Whitehill Technologies, a leading provider
of Business Infrastructure Software is pleased to announce that Clear, the
UK’s leading provider of Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment Consolidation
has purchased a server license of Whitehill xml Transport.

“The rapid deployment and mobility of the software combined with its
inherent value convinced us this was the correct choice for us,” says Bill
Sproul, Head of Integration & Alliance Partnerships for Clear. “Whitehill xml
Transport, measured against competitive software, easily and quickly converted
the files our clients need for their EBPP program. It’s a very effective piece
of software.”

Clear allows UK billers such as utility companies and mobile phone
service providers, as well as banks, to present summary bills and receive
payments online alongside other UK billers. Research carried out by Clear has
shown that over 50% of households want to pay their bills online, and of those
80% would prefer to use a consolidated site. This service is available at
Clear’s neutrally branded consolidation site as well as at the UK’s number one
web destination, MSN.

Whitehill’s technology turns legacy data into XML and turns XML into
dynamic content for delivery across a number of formats and platforms,
including the Web. Clear’s application for Whitehill xml Transport is in the
conversion of metacode files to XML for all of their client’s EBPP needs.

“Clear represents a significant milestone for Whitehill Technologies,
Inc.,” said Paul McSpurren, CEO of Whitehill Technologies. “We have once again
demonstrated our ability to give clients competitive advantage with cost
effective solutions to their data transformation needs. As Clear grows we will
be there to support them.”

About Clear

( is the UK’s leading
provider of Electronic Bill
Presentment and Payment Consolidation (EBPPC) services. Clear provides UK
billers such as utility companies, mobile phone operators and credit card
issuers, as well as banks, to present summary bill information and receive
payments online. The Clear service delivers an enhanced customer communication
channel, cost savings for billing and payments, improved risk management and
opportunities for customer retention and cross-selling additional services.

To offer consumers convenience when accessing the service, Clear is
partnering with banks, commercial portals and biller sites to provide access
to the Clear service.

Founded in 1999, Clear has invested heavily in technological support to
enable billers to implement its system to their customers. Already established
in North America, Australia and other parts of Asia and Europe, EBPPC is
allowing more and more consumers to manage their finances via their PC, mobile
phone or interactive TV.

Clear has accreditation from the Government endorsed Trust UK, the
approval scheme for trade associations whose members are bound by an online
code of practice and is an IBM e-business solutions partner.

About Whitehill Technologies Inc.

Whitehill Technologies Inc. is a leading provider of Business
Infrastructure Software for the capture and transformation of legacy data
into e-enabled business information. Whitehill products enable companies of
all sizes to complete E-Business solutions with unprecedented speed. More than
300 companies in 32 countries currently use Whitehill products as part of
their e-commerce strategy. Customers rely on Whitehill Document Transformation
and E-Business Solutions to significantly improve their back office processes
and Web enable their legacy systems.

Whitehill Technologies provides software solutions, professional services
and technical support to customers around the world. More information about
Whitehill Technologies and their products is available through the company’s
Web site located at


Triton 9700

MS-based Triton Systems has made an audio port for visually impaired ATM users a standard feature on its ‘Triton 9700’ ATM. The audio port performs private audio transactions using text-to-speech synthesis. The ‘9700 Series’ is ‘Triton Connect’ compatible to allow remote terminal monitoring, as well as downloading of graphics for transaction screen advertising and receipt printing. The ‘9700’ also features options such as four extra built-in serial ports for in-the-field expansion, 2MB of memory and a 256-color transaction screen that support both text and graphics. Triton says its ATMs will be fully compliant with the new ADA regulations to be published by the DOJ.



Gemplus International S.A., the
world’s number one provider of solutions empowered by smart cards,
announced it has delivered 10 million of its Java Card technology-based
GemXpresso smart cards to the financial services market, clearly demonstrating
its market leadership in the development and deployment of the Java Card
The proliferation of Java Card technology has accelerated significantly in the
last 18 months, most notably in the U.S. financial services market, with
enormous potential for future growth. Worldwide, significant expansion is also
expected in Asia.

“Java Card technology has gained increasing momentum in the past few years
across multiple industries in wireless telecommunications, government and
military identification and most recently in the financial services arena. The
financial services industry represents an enormous expansion opportunity for
Java Card technology as the future for growth resides in the multi-application
capability of the Java Card platform,” said Shalini Chowdhary, senior industry
analyst for Frost & Sullivan. “Markedly, with its recent rollout of smart Visa
among other implementations of Java Card technology around the world, Gemplus
has proved considerable leadership in this market.”

Visa U.S.A. has played a pivotal role in promoting Java Card technology in the
financial services sector by adopting the Open Platform standard as the
backbone upon which its successful smart Visa program is built. Gemplus, with
an overwhelming majority of the share of Java Card technology-based cards
deployed in this program, has worked closely with the payment association as a
global partner and in providing key components to the smart Visa Technology

Java Card technology provides a platform for the rapid development and
deployment of smart card applications while meeting the security requirements
of issuers, including wireless operators, government agencies, financial
service providers and others. The technology’s open architecture speeds
time to
market and encourages interoperability among cards and devices.
Java Card technology is also a key facilitator in the convergence of offline,
online, and mobile services. The flexibility of the technology combined with
the smart card’s multi-channel interface creates a powerful vehicle for the
next generation of services to be available to consumers anytime, anywhere,
any device.

“As the market continues to mature, card issuers will reap the benefits of the
ability to dynamically add and change applications on Java Card
technology-based smart cards already in the field,” said Luc Astier,
product line manager with Gemplus. “For the issuers, one card can be the
solution to meeting consumers’ extensive payment and service needs throughout
their life stages.” The success of these smart credit cards has resulted in
existence of a large deployed base of Java Card technology that can be
leveraged by the issuers and their partners to deploy additional
consumer-driven applications such as coalition marketing, online/offline
loyalty, and ticketing.

Gemplus’ commitment to open platform solutions has resulted in a full range of
multi-application cards, from low cost products for banking and retail, to
powerful, high-memory cards that support Public Key Infrastructure. The
also continues to invest heavily in Java Card technology research and
development, and participate in cross-industry organizations to support and
develop the Java Card platform, such as the Java Card Forum, Liberty Alliance
Project, Global Platform, and Open Card Consortium.

About Gemplus

GEMPLUS: the world’s number one provider of solutions empowered by Smart Cards
(Gartner Dataquest 2001). Gemplus helps its clients offer an exceptional range
of portable, personalized solutions that bring security and convenience to
people’s lives. These include mobile Internet access, inter-operable banking
facilities, e-commerce and a wealth of other applications. Gemplus is the only
completely dedicated, truly global player in the Smart Card industry, with the
largest R&D team, unrivalled experience, and an outstanding track record of
technological innovation. Gemplus trades its shares on Euronext Paris S.A.
First Market and on the Nasdaq Stock Market as GEMP in the form of ADSs. Its
revenue in 2000 was 1.205 Billion Euros. It employs 6800 people in 37
throughout the world.


Fair Isaac CRM Acquisition

In a move to expand and enhance its already significant presence in the $13 billion customer relationship management industry, Fair, Isaac and Company, Inc. announced its acquisition of Nykamp Consulting Group, Inc., a company widely recognized as a leader in CRM strategy and implementation services. Terms of the sale for the privately held company were not disclosed.

Based in Oakbrook Terrace, IL, Nykamp Consulting Group, Inc. was founded by Melinda Nykamp in 1996, with the goal of turning customer information into business direction. In addition to its Chicago-area headquarters, the firm has offices in Denver, Los Angeles, Boston and Dallas. As a division of Fair, Isaac and Company, employees will continue to operate from their current locations. Fair, Isaac’s acquisition of Nykamp — and their 80-client roster of nationally recognized brands including H&R Block, Philips Electronics, Saks, Sprint and Hilton — is further evidence of Fair, Isaac’s commitment to CRM, an arena in which Fair, Isaac’s decisioning analytics have already had significant impact, particularly within top financial services organizations. The addition of Nykamp’s employees, services and blue-chip client base — including leading technology, telecommunications, retail, financial services, publishing, utilities and travel companies — will create new opportunities for customers to leverage and integrate the complementary capabilities and intellectual capital that Fair, Isaac will now offer.

“Our customers often demand a solutions orientation to the delivery of our enterprise-wide Strategy Machines, like MarketSmart,” said Tom Grudnowski, Fair, Isaac CEO. “As such, our intent is to increasingly provide consulting services as the vehicle for implementing these leveraged analytic solutions. Our sophisticated analytic offerings tend to require consulting expertise rather than simply product-level instruction. Nykamp has demonstrated the ability to blend the right mix of customer service with analytic solutions and should help us grow in the marketing services arena.”

Melinda Nykamp commented, “Fair, Isaac offers an expanded toolkit of sophisticated analytics and technology — together we will drive new means of truly ‘making CRM work’ for our clients. This is an opportunity that is tremendously exciting to me and to everyone at Nykamp. It’s an opportunity to define the next major CRM movement, and to be able to immediately and completely deliver on that definition,” she said.

Melinda Nykamp is a highly respected and familiar figure in the world of CRM. As author of the best-selling book on CRM: “The Customer Differential; The Complete Guide to Implementing Customer Relationship Management,” Nykamp offers step-by-step guidelines for putting CRM into practice. As an active and vocal thought leader on the effective practice of CRM, Nykamp is a much sought-after speaker in the U.S. and internationally, and contributes to leading industry publications including Direct, DM News, DM Review, and Catalog Age.

About Fair, Isaac

Fair, Isaac and Company is the preeminent provider of creative analytics that unlock value for people, businesses and industries. The company’s predictive modeling, decision analysis, intelligence management and decision engine systems power more than 14 billion decisions a year. Founded in 1956, Fair, Isaac helps thousands of companies in over 60 countries acquire customers more efficiently, increase customer value, reduce risk and credit losses, lower operating expenses and enter new markets more profitably. Most leading banks and credit card issuers rely on Fair, Isaac’s analytic solutions, as do insurers, retailers, telecommunications providers and other customer-oriented companies. Through the [][1] Web site, consumers use the company’s FICO(R) scores, the standard measure of credit risk, to manage their financial health.




Fincentric Corporation, a leading global
provider of wealth management and next generation banking software,
announced that Island Savings Credit Union has licensed Fincentric’s
i-Wealthview Banking for its core banking system. The credit union will
complete the conversion to i-Wealthview during the second half of 2002.

Based in Duncan, BC, Island Savings is one of the ten largest credit unions in
BC and is the largest Vancouver Island-based credit union. Island Savings has
been providing personalized financial, investment and insurance advice,
products and services to its members for over 50 years.

i-Wealthview Banking provides Island Savings with a complete front-to-back
office banking solution that supports its many delivery channels such as
branch, ATM, POS, IVR and Internet. It provides a single view to a customer’s
total financial picture. The system has built-in Customer Value Management™
capabilities, allowing the credit union to evaluate its members’ financial
picture, analyze profitability, and pro-actively provide services based on
knowledge of its member relationships.

“Fincentric offers us leading-edge banking software that will help us
strengthen and build our member relations,” says Island Saving CEO, Pam
Marchant. “i-Wealthview is highly flexible system that can rapidly adapt to
future growth strategies. By implementing Customer Value Management we can
increase customer profitability, customer acquisition, and retention.
Fincentric is a company that has delivered comprehensive and highly reliable
solutions. We look forward to continuing our long-term relationship with

Mike Cardiff, President and CEO of Fincentric Corporation, said “We are
to see an established credit union such as Island Savings adopting our
technology platform, for Customer Value Management.

“As the financial industry continues its convergence, wide-ranging products
must now be offered over both traditional and electronic delivery channels.
Island Savings will have a competitive advantage by converting to this leading
edge technology, now and in the future.”

About Fincentric

Fincentric is a leading developer of wealth management software solutions for
the global banking industry. Fincentric’s wealth management software products
include ‘next generation’ core banking, Customer Value Management™/CRM, data
aggregation, Internet & wireless financial portals and full multi-channel
support. Its revolutionary Customer Value Management™ capabilities provide
profitability and relationship analysis that allow financial institutions to
recognize the value of each customer, and maximize their profitability.
Fincentric products enable financial institutions to quickly deploy solutions
for their converging financial service offerings, while also supporting
capabilities for increasing customer profitability, customer acquisition, and
retention. Fincentric has more than 300 customers in over 30 countries. For
more information, visit Fincentric’s home page at, or call
(604) 278-6470.


Dining VISA

MS-based The Dinnerguest Company yesterday unveiled a new prepaid new consumer and corporate VISA gift card. The ‘Dinnerguest Card’ is available online and in denominations ranging from $25 to $500. The company is charging a $5 user fee and a $17 fee for two-day rush processing. The ‘Dinnerguest Card’ contains the gift recipient’s name and an expiration date. The new card is the innovation of life-long restaurateur Bill Latham, owner of Amerigo Restaurants, an Italian restaurant concept in the southeastern United States.



Worldwide, Inc., a leading provider of secure electronic
financial transaction solutions, announced the sale of a comprehensive
credit card software solution to ABC Professional Services, a Greece
credit and debit card processing company which is wholly owned by Piraeus
one of the largest commercial and retail banks in Greece. The credit card
solution includes Euronet’s Integrated Transaction Management (ITM), Goldnet,
Credit Card, Debit Card, POS and Merchant Management Systems.
ABC will use Euronet’s solution to launch a “best-of-breed” credit and debit
card processing company to serve banks and credit card issuing retail
in Greece and the surrounding region.

“Euronet’s integrated credit card solution will help us meet our goals,
and efficiently,” said Nikos Fountas, General Manager of ABC. “With Euronet’s
solution, ABC will provide an end-to-end payment card outsourcing solution
is superior to any offering in the region. We selected Euronet Worldwide
because of its high-quality products and its favorable reputation for
delivering superior professional services to customers.”

ABC has already contracted with its first and anchor credit card outsourcing
customer, Piraeus Bank, ABC’s parent company. Piraeus Bank has approximately
210 branches, more than 1 million active customers and more than 400,000
cards. The credit cards will be migrated to ABC, which will process them for
the Bank upon completion of Euronet’s credit card processing installation.
“Piraeus Bank is excited about the installation of Euronet’s solution at ABC
because Euronet’s ITM middleware integrates well with our AS/400-based MKI
Equation software and the IT architecture of the bank,” said Jannis Delis, IT
Director of Piraeus Bank. “This solution will enable us to improve the
we provide to our customers through faster and more efficient services, as
as through more modern and sophisticated product lines.”

ABC and Piraeus Bank represent two strategic partners for Euronet in Greece
the surrounding region. “ABC and Piraeus Bank are both acutely aware of the
benefits from fully integrated solutions, and their selection of Euronet’s
integrated transaction solution increases the competitive pressure on other
banks in the region to adopt similar solutions,” said Michael Brown, Euronet
Worldwide CEO and Chairman. “This partnership is a clear indication that
Euronet is quickly becoming the preeminent software and outsource solution for
banks and processors in developing and fully developed markets.”
As part of this software purchase and installation agreement, ABC and Euronet
will co-develop customized components for credit card processing to meet the
business requirements of the sophisticated Greek market, including flexible
installment payment services and interest rate calculators.
“The Euronet and ABC partnership will demonstrate the scalability and
feature-rich functionality of Euronet’s credit card solution required by
high-volume credit card processors,” said Jim Jerome, Managing Director and
Vice President of Euronet’s software division. “This agreement will ultimately
position ABC as the preferred credit card processor in Greece.”

About Euronet Worldwide

Euronet Worldwide is a global provider of secure electronic financial
transaction solutions. Euronet’s financial payment middleware, financial
network gateways, outsourcing and consulting services enable its customer
banks, financial institutions, and mobile operators to provide their clientele
access to personal financial information and to perform secure financial
transactions — any time, any place. Euronet’s Integrated Transaction
Management (ITM) secure payment technology, powers financial transaction
solutions for more than 200 clients in 60 countries as well as the company’s
processing centers located in the United States, Europe and Indonesia. The
company owns and operates the largest independent ATM network in Europe with
corporate headquarters in Leawood, Kansas, U.S.A., and European
headquarters in
Budapest, Hungary.

About ABC Professional Services

ABC has been providing integrated banking and treasury solutions as well as
commercial and financial applications and system integration services
state-of-the-art technologies such as Oracle, Java and AS 400 in the Greek and
international market since 1982.
ABC intends to provide the preferred credit and debit card outsourcing
to banks and loyalty-affinity and smart card issuing retailers in the region.


MasterCard P2P

On the eve of PayPal’s IPO, MasterCard and CertaPay announced they have signed an agreement to offer a platform that facilitates person-to-person payments between MasterCard cardholders. MasterCard recently introduced support for a new payment transaction in its authorization and clearing systems to enable its members to clearly identify P2P transactions, which had not been possible prior to April 2001. Through this alliance with CertaPay, MasterCard’s members may implement CertaPay’s P2P offering, designed to support MasterCard payment cards and to seamlessly integrate into a financial institution’s online banking infrastructure. The platform leverages the financial institution’s own security and brand strategies. CertaPay’s P2P E-mail ‘Money Transfer’ application enables consumers to send and receive money, in real time, using only an e-mail address, from their own financial institution’s online banking or online account management services. PayPal, with more than ten million registered users and a 90% market share of the P2P payment market, announced its IPO in late September. To-date PayPal has racked up more than $230 million in losses since it was launched in early 1999. It expects to raise about $80 million in the upcoming IPO. (CF Library 10/01/01)



Cards Middle East
3rd Annual Conference & Exhibition
Crowne Plaza, Dubai
13th – 15th May 2002

The Middle Eastern cards market is booming and there is only one place where
banks, telcos, enterprises and the cards industry meet to do business….Cards
Middle East!
A three-day conference featuring local, regional and international case
is currently being finalised. Confirmed speakers include Hada Shoukry, Manager
Cards Markets, Banque Misr Abdelraouf Taha, Advisor to the Chair, Banque Du
Caire Steve Lobb, Managing Director, Air Miles Middle East Mark
Mortimer-Davies, Retail Manager, Spinneys Dubai Gareth Abel, Head of SIM Card,
Orange Evald Persson, Marketing and Strategic Development Manager, Sweden Post
Sameer Gammoh, General Manager, Nathealth Richard Crookston, Head of Solutions
Marketing EMEA, ACI Worldwide For more information, please visit:
A two-day exhibition will be running alongside the conference. Confirmed
exhibitors include ACI Worldwide, Card Tech Ltd, Narboni, IOCard, Prism,
Omnipay, First Data and many more. Book your stand today by contacting Stefan
Nilsson, Project Director, tel: +44 20 7827 5997,