2GO Card Ads

Discover said yesterday it will begin to air a new television ad highlighting the new Discover 2GO Card in late June. Discover also started airing new Cashback Bonus award spots this week in a new advertising campaign, created by San Francisco-based Goodby, Silverstein & Partners. Discover says it recently redesigned its Cashback Bonus program to give cardholders more options over how they use their award. Cardholders can now redeem their award in $20 increments at any time, once they’ve accrued $20 or more. They can also build their award over time, and can double their award with participating merchants. The new advertising campaign plays off the”It Pays to Discover” tagline. The ads will continue to air on the NBA finals on NBC, Primetime, Early Morning News, Cable Networks and Syndication for the balance of 2002. In addition to its new television advertising, Discover Card’s magazine print campaign, which now features more than 30 merchants, now promotes the Cashback Bonus award program. The print campaign now carries the “It Pays to Discover” tagline and is featuring merchant partners where cardholders can double their Cashback Bonus award. (CF Library 3/21/02)

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** Advertiser: Discover Title: Discover “Four Boys”**

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Future Outlook

MasterCard said yesterday that even though acceptance grew 149% in the fast food segment last year, consumers overwhelmingly prefer cash for a quick meal. It believes the key to developing this emerging market is transponder technology, which is no longer limited to gas and tolls. MasterCard also sees huge potential in online bill payment. Ruth Ann Marshall, president, North America, MasterCard International says that U.S. consumers receive 18 billion statements every year and billers must lay out more than $1.00 per invoice. When paid electronically, the cost drops to $.40, saving processors approximately $8 billion. MasterCard says another emerging payment market is the payroll card which is targeted at the “unbanked” customer. Increasingly, these consumers are finding it difficult to afford the fees associated with maintaining checking/savings account balances or in check-cashing establishments.


Genpass Nabs Davidson

Genpass Inc. has named Peter Davidson, formerly president of Speer & Associates, as president of Genpass Card Solutions. Davidson has more than 30 years of experience in the EFT and banking industry. At S&A, he managed consulting services that encompassed all phases of consumer e-commerce, including credit card issuing and acquiring, debit card issuing and acquiring, ATM / POS, card and ATM management. Prior to his joining S&A, Davidson held senior and executive-level positions with major U.S. and international banking organizations including HSBC, CoreStates Financial, and Beneficial Finance Co.


TELMEX Phone Cards

San Diego-based TELMEX USA issued a warning this week to the Mexican-American community to avoid prepaid telephone cards which carry the TELMEX logo and issued by Atlanta-based Mactel Communications Corporation. The calling card purports to permit telephone calls to be made from the United States to Mexico using a telecommunications carrier that is variously identified on the cards as either “Televia Communications” or “Televiva.” However, TELMEX USA never licensed Mactel or anyone else to create prepaid calling cards for calling from the United States to Mexico. The company does offer a prepaid card only valid for calls from Mexico to the US and has agreements with Norte Direct and Planet Telecom.


CardReady Signs NARTS

Single Source Financial Services and its affiliate, CardReady International, has become the official debit and credit card processor for the National Association of Resale & Thrift Shops member stores. NARTS, with more than 1,000 members, is the resale industry’s only trade association. NARTS serves thrift, resale, and consignment shops of all types ranging from multi-outlet chains to single stores. The company expects in excess of $12,000,000 in annual processing volume from these retail locations within the next year.



MobiFon (Connex) and Banca Comerciala Romana have signed agreements for Euronet Worldwide’s ATM Recharge Services. The deal will cover Romania’s Connex prepaid airtime subscribers via the ATM network owned and operated by BCR. Customers of Connex’s prepay service are the first users in Romania to have an electronic method for adding airtime minutes to their mobile phone accounts. Euronet ATM Recharge enables Connex to distribute airtime at any one of 483 BCR-branded ATMs across Romania. Connex is the country’s largest mobile operator, with more than 2.1 million subscribers, and BCR is its largest bank, with 275 branches across the country and 3 million customers. BCR already enables Connex subscribers to access their bank accounts and receive financial messages via Euronet Mobile Banking.



Hitachi Capital and Japan’s largest travel agency, JTB, have joined with MasterCard International to introduce the Maestro global debit card program to Japan this week. The cards can be used at over 2,300 JTB-affiliated hotels and inns that have CREX debit/credit card terminals installed. The service was made possible by integrating the global debit networks of Hitachi Capital and MasterCard International. According to Hitachi Capital, which supplies the terminals, the number of facilities that offer the service will be increased to 18,000 in two years. The Maestro brand mark now appears on over 433 million cards worldwide and is accepted for purchases at over 5.7 million merchant terminals in 83 countries and territories and at more than 760,000 MasterCard/Maestro/Cirrus ATMs worldwide.



U.S. Bank Voyager Fleet Systems said Monday it is now offering a new fuel management tool powered by Multiforce Systems. FuelForce authorizes and controls the dispensing of products to fleet vehicles from any number of sites while collecting accurate, valuable fuel usage and vehicle data for fleet management. The partnership between U.S. Bank Voyager and Multiforce integrates the Voyager Universal Fleet Credit Card program with the FuelForce automated fuel management system. The system uses a U.S. Bank Voyager fleet card or keypad entry to authorize fuel at any in-house dispenser, and eliminates the need for multiple sets of cards and/or keys. The FuelForce island controller can accept a U.S. Bank Voyager Universal Fleet Card from a pre-authorized “third-party” without dialing a network for authorization. A list of U.S. Bank Voyager account numbers, drivers, vehicles, and a current valid vehicle odometer reading reside in a distributed database at each fuel island controller. Voyager Fleet Systems provides universal fleet fueling and maintenance cards for more than 1.3 million vehicles.



SK Telecom is reportedly pursuing the acquisition of Jeonbuk Bank’s credit card operations. The Maeil Business Newspaper says Jeonbuk plans to establish a new credit card company after spinning off its card operations in July. Jeonbuk Bank is in talks to sell about 50% of its credit card company for about KRW75 billion. The newspaper says SK Telecom is currently conducting due diligence on Jeonbuk’s credit card operations.