Scotiabank has launched the “Scotia Momentum Visa card” that provides 2% cash back on gas station, grocery store, drug store and recurring-payment purchases. The “Scotia Momentum Visa” replaces the discontinued Scotia Moneyback Visa product. As a special three-month introductory offer, Scotiabank is offering new and existing customers a full two per cent cash back reward on all items purchased with the card. Other key features of the new “Scotia Momentum Visa” card includes full cash back rewards, as opposed to a tiered system of rewards; 2% cash back can be earned at any merchant classified by Visa as a gas station, a grocery store, a drug store, or as a recurring payment merchant; purchase security and extended warranty protection applies to all purchases made with the card; interest free grace period of up to 21 days when you pay in full for the current and previous month; no inactive fee; and cash back reward payouts every November. Almost 48% of Canadians would use a credit card more if a 2% cash back incentive was available, according to the Harris/Decima poll.


Canada’s Vancity Visa Pioneers ecoEnvelopes

Canada’s Vancity Visa is piloting the use of “ecoEnvelopes”, two-way
envelopes that enable mailers to use one reusable envelope instead of
two traditional envelopes, eliminating the need for business reply
envelopes. To use, Vancity members open the envelope by tearing along a
tab on the back flap. Addressees can then simply turn around the
business reply insert so that the reply address and postal permit appear
in the envelope window. A wider flap enables the envelope to be sealed
once again, eliminating the need to use a second envelope.
This new initiative supports Vancity Visa’s environmental commitment. In
2007 alone, 37 million business reply mail items were used in Canada.
The new “ecoEnvelopes” eliminate these business reply envelopes in
mailings, making a significant contribution to reducing the number of
envelopes that are discarded each year.


Card Activation Settles More Lawsuits

Prepaid card technology provider Card Activation Technologies has
settled its patent infringement lawsuits against Casual Male Retail
Group and Pot Belly Sandwich Works. IL-based Card Activation
Technologies owns
proprietary patented payment transaction technology used for processing
gift cards, phone cards and other debit purchase transactions. The
company is actively seeking to license its technology to the thousands
of current users and believes that many retailers, gas stations, phone
companies and others that utilize those stored value cards, such as gift
and debit, infringe its patent. As a result, the company is aggressively
pursuing litigation against these infringements.


Allpoint Offers iPhone and Android Apps

Surcharge-free Allpoint Network has launched iPhone and Android apps to
locate ATMs in the network. Allpoint utilized LocatorSearch LLC, the
electronic services partner that powers the Allpoint website, to develop
and launch the application. The new applications join
a suite of other services including a 24 hour speech phone system,
mobile web friendly locator, and GPS download functionality for Allpoint
website searches to provide a higher level of cardholder convenience and
member value. The locator is complimentary to Allpoint cardholders and
can be found on the iTunes store as well as


Hypercom’s Optimum T4200 Invades Eastern Europe

Hungary’s GIRO Bankkártya, a subsidiary of SIA-SSB, has selected
Hypercom’s “Optimum T4200” card payment terminals to expand electronic
payments in Hungary and other Central and Eastern European countries
including Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.
Hypercom’s “Optimum T4200” product family consists of six
multi-application devices that share the same platform, user interface
and software toolkit to maximize efficiency, application portability and
offer customers a broad range of options to serve any market. GBC
(SIA-SSB Group) manages a network of 1,550 ATM terminals and 17,000 POS
terminals, and performing authorization services for 2 million
bankcards, GBC processes approximately 96 million transactions annually.



Carrefour’s S2P subsidiary has opted for an Oberthur dual interface contactless payment card. The new “Chrysalis Fly” dual interface payment card is part of S2P’s new “Universal Payment Card” project, the first of its kind in France and one of Europe’s largest contactless projects to-date. The “Chrysalis Fly” product is the latest addition to Oberthur Technologies’ “Chrysalis” EMV smart card product range. As the sole supplier for the project with S2P, Oberthur Technologies leveraged its broad experience engineering contactless cards to provide several key advantages. Oberthur Technologies’ dedicated investment in the production process, from chip, antenna and card shape evolution as well as in the manufacture and personalization of contactless cards providing S2P with a key partner in the development of a contactless device that would meet their specifications.


Delta Embraces Intersections’ Identity Guard

Intersections signed a new relationship with Delta Air Lines to offer
5,000 miles to “SkyMiles” members who sign up for an annual subscription
to Intersections’ “Identity Guard Total Protection” service. Once
enrolled, “SkyMiles” members will receive Identity Guard free for the
first 30 days with 15 percent off an annual subscription.
“Identity Guard” covers public records like licenses, utilities, and
court records not covered by fraud alerts. Intersections, founded in
1996, has protected more than 20 million consumers since 2000, is PC
World’s top rated identity theft protection service (2008), and enjoys
an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.


Intersections’ Q4 Revenue Rise 14% Y/Y

Identity risk management specialist Intersections reported revenue for the fourth quarter of $88.1 million, a 14% gain on 4Q/07/
However, the net loss for the quarter was $26.5 million, compared to net income of $3.3 million for the year ago quarter. Total subscribers decreased to approximately 4.7 million as of year-end 2008, compared to approximately 5.3 million subscribers as of December 31, 2007, as a result of the loss of Discover wholesale subscriber base in the third quarter of 2008. Subscription revenue, net of marketing and commissions associated with subscription revenue, was $43.1 million for the fourth quarter of 2008, compared to $41.1 million for the fourth quarter of 2007, and $49.2 million for the third quarter of 2008, an increase of 4.8% and a decrease of 12.4%, respectively. For complete details about Intersections’ latest results visit CardData ([](

4Q/07: $77.0 million
1Q/08: $85.9 million
2Q/08: $94.2 million
3Q/08: $93.4 million
4Q/08: $88.1 million
Source: CardData (



QSR franchisor Minor Food Group has signed an agreement with Radiant Systems to
deploy the “Aloha Point-of-Sale” and “MenuLink Labor and Inventory” back
office hosted application in 600 sites over a three-year period.
The solution for Minor Food Group extends beyond Radiant’s core point of
sale and back office applications and includes “Radiant P1220 POS”
terminals, the “Aloha Insight” above store reporting system, “Aloha
Configuration Center” and integration with a centralized home-delivery
solution developed by Professional Solutions Co. Ltd., a Bahrain-based
company with a long and successful relationship with Radiant in the
hospitality industry. The complete solution integrates all
restaurant-system functionality and will help Minor Food Group analyze
results from its operations, manage inventory, control labor costs and
automatically alert management to operational issues that require attention.
The Minor Food Group is one of the largest hospitality and leisure
companies in Asia Pacific with plans to grow aggressively in Thailand
through organic expansion of company-owned brands, partnering with
franchisees and acquiring other successful restaurant companies. Minor
also has multiple sites in China and the Middle East with plans to
continue expanding its presence in these emerging markets.

Details Adds Credit Bureau Alerts

Credit management solution provider has launched
“ScoreTracker”, a free service designed to rapidly alert subscribers to
changes in their credit score. “ScoreTracker” credit score reporting
service is designed to provide a real-time tool for consumers to stay on
top of their credit score. When “ScoreTracker” is activated, a baseline
credit score is set and the member’s new credit scores are tracked daily
against this baseline credit score. As a consumer’s credit score is
tracked daily, changes to the score trigger an alert and the new score
becomes the new baseline to track changes. Consumers are provided with
the top four reasons the score changed including the new score. So if a
new credit card account was opened as a result of an identity theft
situation, “ScoreTracker” will identify where the account came from and
other services
make it easy to dispute the new account and get a corrected score. It is
up to subscribers to correct errors in their credit
score prior to activating ScoreTracker to get the best baseline score
available. ScoreTracker is available free for new subscribers of’s 3-bureau monitoring service and for subscribers who
use single-bureau credit monitoring who upgrade to 3-bureau monitoring.