WorldPay & RSA Supports Cardholder Verification

WorldPay payment service providers is collaborating with RSA to support the cardholder verification processes in the US and UK when RSA provides RSA Adaptive Authentication for eCommerce authentication services for major card associations. RSA is planning to incorporate technology from WorldPay to help verify hundreds of thousands of online payment card transactions on a daily basis. RSA now incorporates the WorldPay Risk Guardian platform, one of the leading ecommerce platforms in the industry, to help it process card owner verification checks. The WorldPay Risk Guardian platform is also assisting RSA during registration of cardholders in the Adaptive Authentication for eCommerce Secure program, allowing consumers to register their payment card details in a secure environment before cardholder identity is checked with the individual’s bank.


Ground Labs Launches Cardholder Data Discovery

Ground Labs security and auditing software for PCI introduced native support for “FreeBSD” within its cardholder data discovery products for PCI compliance. Ground Labs’ “Card Recon” and “Enterprise Recon” previously supported only Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX and HPUX. But “Card Recon” can now be used on “FreeBSD” systems to perform accurate cardholder data discovery scans while “Enterprise Recon” users will also benefit now that “Enterprise Recon Node Agents” can be deployed on remote “FreeBSD” systems within larger environments. This provides centralised monitoring and visibility of PCI compliant cardholder data storage practices.


Micropross Launches Testing Tools for VHBR Contactless

Micropross has made available testing tools to support the latest VHBR (Very High Bit Rates) contactless technology for smart cards. Its latest generation of contactless testers is able to communicate and spy a VHBR communication, at speeds up to 6.8 Mbit/s (maximum bit rate specified according to ISO/IEC 14443 today is 848 kbit/s). Micropross used contactless high-security controllers of the semiconductor manufacturer Infineon Technologies to demonstrate the 6.8Mbit/s capabilities of its readers. Micropross specializes in supporting innovation in the smartcard industry with its test equipment.


Broadridge Provides Bank Smart Fund Facts

Broadridge Financial Solutions has started a multi-year initiative to use its “Smart Fund Facts” solution for the automated creation of regulatory POS “Fund Facts” documents. The “Smart Fund Facts” solution will create Fund Facts documents for mutual funds through an automated document creation process, for which customized templates will be utilized to create black-lined and final version documents suitable for print, web-viewing and e-delivery. The “Smart Fund Facts” will be integrated into Broadridge’s Smart Prospectus service which will then provide an end-to-end fulfillment solution.


Visa Responds to Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

Visa announced a commitment to help the people of Japan following the devastating earthquake and tsunami and will subsequently waive interchange fees on donations made through April 30, 2011 to a select group of major U.S.- and Canada-based charities that are providing support to relief efforts. In addition to its own charitable efforts, Visa designated the following fligible charities:

United States

American Red Cross
Habitat for Humanity
Mercy Corps
Oxfam America
Save the Children
US Fund for UNICEF
World Vision

Canadian Red Cross
CARE Canada
Oxfam Canada
Save the Children Canada
World Vision Canada


Citi Official Sponsor of 2012 U.S. Olympics & Paralympics

Citi, the U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC) and NBC Olympics announced Citi has become an official sponsor of the 2012 U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Teams and the U.S. Olympic Committee. Citi is the official bank sponsor of the USOC through 2012. This is part of an innovative, new collaboration between NBC Olympics and the USOC, through which the organizations have brought forth an integrated marketing and media package to the Olympic Games. Citi’s agreement includes television and digital advertising, events and promotional opportunities.

Details Appoints Credit Expert to Team

Tom Quinn has been appointed to the consumer education expert team, bringing with him more than 20 years’ experience with the likes of FICO, Experian and Citibank. He spent the last 15 years at FICO creating and delivering scoring educational initiatives and was later appointed to develop, launch and grow to give consumers direct access to their FICO scores. He was subsequently appointed VP of the division. For what is now FICO, he acted as Product Manager of the MDS Bankruptcy Scores and spent several years in Citibank’s Credit Card division.