Heartfelt Cardiac Projects

HeartFeltCardiacProject LogoCardWeb.com is proud to support the Heartfelt Cardiac Projects.

Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD) claims the lives of over 450,000 Americans each year and is the #1 killer in the U.S.  SCD can result in the death of individuals who may or may not know of pre-existing heart conditions.

SCD often occurs in active, seemingly healthy people with no known heart disease or other health problems.  But the truth is that it is not a random event.  Most victims already have heart disease or other health problems of which they are completely unaware.  Fortunately, lives can be saved with early detection.

Join CardWeb.com Inc. and the Heartfelt Cardiac Projects to make a change and help saves lives, particularly young athletes that don’t know they have a condition.  To make a donation, and more importantly make a difference today, Click Here.