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For 25 years® continues to be a leading publisher of information pertaining to the payments industry, including, but not limited to, credit cards, debit cards, smart cards, prepaid cards, ATM cards, loyalty cards, virtual payments, mobile payments and more. We provide timely news and data to financial institutions, merchants, acquirers, processors, manufacturers, consultants, news reporters and other companies affiliated with the payments industry. Our daily news service CardFlash® has over 250,000 paid subscribers.

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CardFlash® reports on all payment and mobile news daily. The website is stacked full with valuable insight and market intelligence including original articles and data comparisons not available anywhere else. News impacting all aspects of the payments industry is posted online throughout the day.
Coverage includes new products, mobile payments, digital payments, virtual currency, chip cards, virtual payments, peer-to-peer, traditional banking services, quarterly financials on industry players, monthly management benchmarks, mergers and acquisitions, legislative updates, strategic alliances, partnerships, legal issues, management changes and much much more. Your subscription includes access to the entire historical archive library of more than 60,000 news articles published since July 1995.

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carddata_300wCardData® is a comprehensive database of payment industry statistics and metrics. Available data ranges from aggregate and individual marketshare, performance benchmarks, quarterly earnings reports as well as propriety industry reports and metrics. Historical data is available back in to the 1980’s

We continue to update data daily with both current and historical numbers that are continuing to be collected. Specialized custom reports are available at a reduced cost for CardFlash subscribers. Complete the data request form for a free quote on data you need for your next project or report.

CardWatch Online
CardWatch® is a monitoring service and research library of payment card marketing materials including direct mail solicitations, “take-one” applications, print advertisements, television spots, cardholder communications, Web banner ads, Mobile ads, Email solicitations and more!

CardWatch’s comprehensive database covers more than 30 years and 400+ card issuers and vendors marketing to consumers from around the world. All items in our system are tagged with a variety of qualifiers allowing us to find offers based on the type of marketing document, advertiser name, pricing features, creation date, etc. Over 101,000 items! Do you need the actual original documents? No problem, we have the original materials available as well. Complete a request form now.

CardExecs Online
Looking for a specific payments industry executives? CardExecs has searched through the CardFlash news archives and researched the ‘Movers and Shakers’ of the card industry. We can provide you with custom reports showing all the places that specific industry executives are featured or mentioned in news articles. To start your custom report, just complete the request and we’ll get started.

CardPixes Online
Have you ever wanted to see a particular payment card design or credit card design but didn’t know where to look? You could try search engines, but you are going to be sorting for days. CardPixes is a unique collection of payment card designs that we have reported on and collected over the years. Access to this service gives you the ability to view thousands 0f card designs from 1970′s to the present! Give it a try, complete a request today and see how we can help your find the card design you’re looking for.

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